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									3C Lotus Panache Unit Resale

3C Lotus Panache Resale Unit Size-988 Tower-8 Unit-706 the best unit searches of these
flots are the tourist attractions that are blended with style and elegance. These residences are
designed to give every possible service to the residents to make them feel content. 3C Lotus
Panache Resale select projects, hold the potential for creating a unique way of living for you the
upgraded standard of living that complements the modern day living. Keeping this in view, the
project is a new height of excellence. Separately from this, the good location and all facialty of
the project holds much relevance in holding the attention of potential investors.3C Lotus
Panache Unit the launch of India's Largest Green Residential Estate Spread over a sprawling
area of 40 acres, largest Green Residential project strategically located in sector 110, Noida
with proposed metro station on Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. Lotus panache offers
housing apartment township with 1110 to 2000 sq ft area. 3C Lotus Panache Resale Noida
available for resale at prop world Call for best 3c resale deal +91-9910007460 3c panache
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About Lotus Panache

3C Company located at Sector 110, Noida. It is spread over a sprawling area of 42 acres and
opposite to Greater Noida Expressway. It showcases a mixture of 2BHK 3BHK and 4BHK
Bedroom apartments with 988 to 2587 sq ft area. The township steps ahead in Green
developments so far. It enjoys faultless connectivity with all the major locations of the city like.
The unrivaled combination of being located far from the hustle and bustle of the thriving
metropolis, yet being ideally situated right next to its heart, is what makes this unique close by.
Last but not the least, there is a provision of Shuttle Bus Service as well. The apartments at 3C
Lotus Panache Resale facilitate sensor-based lighting.External Solar Lighting saves for you as
well as for the planet with the latest in solar lighting systems. All balconies and window have
been specifically intended to present rejuvenating views of at length landscape areas from all
directions. Cost Reduction not only do you save precious water and electrical energy, but also
enjoy huge monetary savings, thanks to our energy well-organized automatic and electrical

3C Lotus Panache Noida Location Lotus Panache is strategically located in Sector 100 of
Noida. This Green residential estate enjoys excellent connectivity with the key locations in
Noida-DND Toll Bridge, Sector-18 Market, upcoming DMRC station, at Sec- 110 Noida and this
lavishness apartment 3C Lotus Panache Unit is approx. 1 km from the Greater Noida Expressway, 30
Minutes from Connaught Place, 10 Minutes from Lotus Valley International School, International
Airport and Metro Station, 10 Minutes from Sector 37 Golf Course and only 05 Minutes from Botanical
Garden hospitals etc.

Lotus Panache is one of the popular built-up developments in Noida neighborhood of Noida. It is
among the Ongoing Projects of is beautiful. These apartments are developed in a green
surroundings, which ensure perfect mixture of loveliness and brightness around you. The surroundings
of these housing apartments in sector- 110 Noida has given it the name of beautiful ‘Green Live’ haven,
which is a dream destination for anyone. These exclusively intended made to ensure proper ventilation
and natural sunlight for ease of residents.

Floor Plan:-
1130 Sq.ft
1330 Sq.ft
1415 Sq.ft
1592 Sq.ft
1935 Sq.ft
1955 Sq.ft
2350 Sq.ft
2587 Sq.ft

About Prop World:-
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About 3C:-

The 3C Company lotus panache is a leader in conceptualizing green buildings in the country and
Noida largest developer of commercial and IT office space. Three C Universal Developers Pvt
Ltd is a pioneer in conceiving and executing Green Developments Delhi/NCR.
Asia which has to its credit two platinum rated the Wipro Technologies in Gurgaon and in
Noida.Everyone dreams of buying a house which is roomy, airy, set amid green acres with
brilliant communications.

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Unit-106,Size-1130 Tower-4 Unit-705,Size-1130 Tower-4 Unit-705,Size-1130 Tower-3 Unit-605,Size-1130
Tower-21 Unit-1305,Size-1130 Tower-20

Unit-2106, Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-905, Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-305,Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-205,Size-
1130 Tower-2 Unit-1805,Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-1706,Size-1130 Tower-2

Unit-1406, Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-1406, Size-1130 Tower-2 Floor-1005,Size-1130 Tower-1 Unit-
405,Size-1130 Tower-1 Unit-1506,Size-1130 Tower-1 Unit-1006, Size-1130 Tower-1

Floor-20th,Size-1130 Tower-1 Floor-1106,Size-1130 T-XX Unit-9XX, Size-1130 T-4 Unit-705, Size-1130T-4
Floor-19th,Size-1130 T-21 Floor-6th,Size-1130 T-2 Floor-10th

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