; How to Make a Histogram
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How to Make a Histogram


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									                  How to Make a Histogram
How to Make a Histogram

In mathematics, a graph is a part of geometry mathematics which is used to represent
the data values in the pictorial format. The data value in the pictorial form makes the
user able to easily understand the goal of the graph.

Geometry graph theory is a specialized graph theory that studies geometrical graph.
In the simple definition we can say that graph is the pictures or drawing that helps the
user to understand the amounts.

The amounts are known as data values. There are many kinds of graphs each having
special parts like pie charts, bar graphs, histogram and line graph. In the different
types of graph different methodology are used to represent the data.

Like Pie chart is a type of graph in which data are represented in the form of circle. In
the same manner histogram is also a type of graph.

A histogram is a kind of graph which is used to representing the frequency
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It means that frequency of the data can be represented by the means of rectangle
whose widths represent the class interval and whose areas are proportional to the
corresponding data frequencies.

This graph is pretty easy to make and gives us some useful data about the given data
set. In the simple mean we can say that a histogram is a useful graphing tool when
there is a need to analyze the groups of data that are based on the frequency at given

The graphing technique allows us to manage the data into bins so that it can be easily
plotted. This graph looks like a bar graph but the basic difference is that in the bar
graph only y axis contains the scale value in the graph but in the histogram both the
axis means x axis and y axis contains the scale value to represent the data value and
their frequencies.

As previously we describe that histogram works on frequency value. These frequency
values are defined in the x axis side of the graph. In the histogram, graph depends on
the dual value of the given data set.

It means that histogram depended on the scale value of x-axis and y-axis. In the
histogram x- axis contains the range value like 10 to 20 or 20 to 30 and so on. In the
same aspect y- axis contains the simple scale value in the histogram, whose value
depended on the user.

At the time of creating histogram we need to remember various steps that are given
below to show you How to Make a Histogram.

Step a) first analyze the given data set. It means that the available data must be in

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frequency range value format. If in case we contain the data value without frequency
range value then we first need to calculate the frequency of the available data by the
observation table.

Step b) By calculating the frequency of the data set form the observation table, now
we need to calculate the different range value of the data set.

Step c) The label of the histogram should be clear and accurate, which must be able
to specify about the histogram.

Step d) now put the scale value into the y axis. The calculated frequency value
should be put on the x axis of the histogram.

Step e) At last draws the bars according to the scale value and the frequency range
value. There is no need to put the space between the bars.

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