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									Texas Land For Sale - The Profit Potential

Texas land for sale is a hot investment market and many investors have been taking advantage of buying
land here and making some big profits, but will these continue and will investors continue to make
healthy profits?

Here we will look at the prospects for Texas land for sale as an investment and also some problems that
could occur in the future, as well as an alternative land for sale investment market that can provide
more profit potential with less risk.

Texas land for sale storm clouds

From Austin to San Antonio to Dallas, Texas land for sale is a booming market and many investors are
looking at land for sale in Texas as a safe and secure investment that can give them long term capital

Rural real estate prices have risen around 10% and over the last couple of years prices have risen faster
than at anytime since 1981.

Of course, land near major cities in prime locations has risen even more, with as much as 50% a year
being made.

So what are the problems that could occur? Well the economy for a start.

Check out the price of oil and unleaded gas, which are near record highs.

What's that got to do with Texas land for sale?
A lot actually!

High fuel prices increase inflation and choke economic growth, when a downturn comes in stocks then
so to will real estate and land prices turn down.

The real boom has already taken already taken place and with a slowing economy over the next few
years' land prices could suffer and the gains we have seen may well disappear as they could in all the
boom states including Florida and Arizona.

Today, the economy is global and many Americans are looking at opportunities overseas. The fact is
many overseas markets offer far bigger land profits than Texas land for sale.

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