All of the following are key steps to successful career planning except

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					  All of the following are key steps to successful career planning except:

       a. be willing to change career goals and plans.
       b. aligning yourself with historical employment trends.
       c. create your career goal and plan.
       d. identifying your values.

2. Your ________ determine(s) the unique approach you take to working with and responding
   to your job requirements, surroundings, and associates.

        a. aptitudes
        b. values
        c. work-style personality
        d. interest inventory

3. To assign monetary values to employee benefits, you can place a market value on the benefit
   or calculate the ________ value of the benefit.

        a. future
        b. present
        c. index
        d. physical

4. Which type of résumé lists your career related experiences?

        a. summary format
        b. chronological format
        c. skills format
        d. functional format

5. A ________ is the most important part of your employment search.

        a. cover letter
        b. job interview
        c. writing a résumé
        d. reference letter

6. ________ are the principles, standards, or qualities considered worthwhile.

        a. Aptitudes
        b. Values
        c. Abilities
        d. Goals

7. A firm specializing in locating employment positions for certain types of employees, such as
   secretaries, salespeople, engineers, managers, and computer personnel is a(n):

        a. employment agency.
        b. career planner.
        c. employer
        d. career fair.

8. Having to decide between working in an urban or suburban setting, working 9 to 5 or a
   flexible schedule, or working near or far from family are examples of:

        a. interest inventories.
        b. values.
        c. your work-style inventory.
        d. life-style trade-offs.

9. A summary record of your education, training, experience and other qualifications is your:

        a. cover letter.
        b. interest inventory.
        c. résumé.
       d. work-style inventory.

10. ________ are forms of remuneration provided by employers to employees that result in the
    employee not having to pay out-of-pocket for certain expenses.

         a. Flexible spending accounts
         b. Non-salary benefits
         c. Bonus accounts
         d. Employer gifts

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