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									Lake Livingston, Texas Fishing Report

Located on the Trinity River in Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity and Walker counties. Dam is in Polk and San
Jacinto counties, west of Livingston and 50 miles north of Houston. Lake impounded in 1969, is located
on the Trinity River. Lake Pool level is 131 ft mls with a fluctuation average of 1 to 2 ft annually. Normal
Clarity: Moderately to highly turbid. Lake Livingston has a surface area of 90,000 acres, with a maximum
depth of 77 ft.

The lake holds Black Bass, White and Black Crappie, Catfish, and White & hybrid striped bass, with Black
Bass being the most popular to fish.

Here are some good places to fish and best lures to use: Village Creek...use white spinner baits in the
cattails at higher water levels. Palmetto Creek Point...use white deep diving crank baits on the points.
Harmon Creek...use jigs, white rattle traps and chrome blue spinner baits and trolling jigs.

Fishing Guides: Al's Guide Services, Bland's Guide Service, Bill Cannon Guide, Palmetto Guide Service.

Marinas and Campgrounds: Broken Arrow Lodge, Holiday Shores, Harmon Creek Marina.

Lake Livingston Crappie fishing is good just about year around on minnows or jigs. During the spawn,
target shallow water grass areas. At other times Crappie are normally found in deeper water in creek
beds and brush piles.

Known for it's great bass fishing. Fisherman come from far and wide to fish Lake Livingston. In addition
to great Bass fishing, there is an abundance of Crappie which makes Lake Livingston the perfect fishing
trip for children or the whole family.

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