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These are the books for the children who wants to know about peoples and organizations such as Michael Jackson, Sachin Tendulkar and many more.....also want to know about Wikipedia. and many more

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									Lifetime earnings

Jackson has twice been named as the "#1 Entertainer of the Year" on the
Forbes list based on his earnings.[370] However, Jackson has not appeared
on the Forbes 400. When Forbes editor Peter Newcomb was asked in 2003 to
explain Jackson’s absence from their lists he replied “MJ owes $250 to
$300 million to a consortium of banks”.[371] Forbes never included
Jackson in the list as they only calculate income from musical related
moneys and companies publicly recognized for employers in the case of
artists. Forbes considered Jackson as an artist and not as a businessman,
all the income that is published by Forbes on Michael Jackson are about
music rather than contracts, businesses (except Sony/ATV Music Publishing
preferentially Forbes value is $5 billion, of which $1.3 billion came
from Jackson's own sales as an artist). Jackson's assets are worth around
$4 to $6 billion relating to his businesses such as Sony/ATV Music
Publishing, Jackson International LLC, The Michael Jackson Company LLC,
Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC, MJJ Music while naming only a few.
Jackson has over $200 million related to properties in Los Angeles, Las
Vegas, London and other countries. It is yet unknown of the stake Jackson
owns of Neverland Valley Ranch after the year 2008, when it became
Sycamore Company LLC (a joint venture between Colony Capital LLC and The
Michael Jackson Company). His Neverland Valley Ranch has been valued at
$100 to $150 million.[372]

In the last 25 years of Jackson's lifetime, it is estimated he made more
than $300 million from his own music royaltues and another $400 million
from concerts. In the 1980s, when Jackson became the biggest musical act
in the world with Thriller alone making him $125 million. In 2002,
Jackson stated he had made Sony several billion dollars throughout his
career.[373] Some analysts have speculated that his music catalog
holdings could be worth billions of dollars.[99][374] This speculation
however is contradicted by financial documents obtained by the Associated
Press, which showed that as of March 31, 2007, Jackson's 50 percent stake
in the Sony/ATV Music Publishing catalog (his most prized asset) was
worth $390.6 million and Michael Jackson's net worth was $236
million.[375] This value for Jackson's Sony/ATV Music Publishing catalog
is highly false. The catalog owns and controls many different record
companies and has rights to more than 500,000 songs, including songs by
The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Akon, Shakira, Bjork, Boyz II Men and
Lady Gaga, among hundreds of others. The company is one of the largest
music publishers in the world and is believed to generate up to $2.5
billion a year; The Beatles' hits alone bring in $30 million to $45
million a year. Jackson's other publishing firm, Mijac, which publishes
songs written by Jackson himself and which used to be administered by
competitor Warner/Chappell Music, is valued to be worth at least $450
million. Since 2011 Mijac is administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.
It is reported that if Sony/ATV Music Publishing, acquires EMI Music
Publishing its value would increase to $11 billion.[376][377][378]
Billboard has estimated that Jackson has generated at least $1 billion in
revenue in the year following his death.[379]

In 2012 it was revealed that the net worth of Michael Jackson at the time
of his death was $7.5 billion dollars. Currently the net worth of Jackson
(2012) is $11.5 billion. The liquid cash that Jackson had before he died
was around $1.3 billion. This data was released by Jackson's attorney
Thomas Mesereau, thus making Jackson the richest artist in history and
one of the wealthiest businessmen in the entertainment
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singles discography, and Michael Jackson videography
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    Got to Be There (1972)
    Ben (1972)
    Music & Me (1973)
    Forever, Michael (1975)
    Off the Wall (1979)
    Thriller (1982)
    Bad (1987)
    Dangerous (1991)
    HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I (1995)
    Invincible (2001)

Main article: Michael Jackson videography
Year Film Role Director
1978 The Wiz[381]      Scarecrow Sidney Lumet
1986 Captain EO[382] Captain EO Francis Ford Coppola
1988 Moonwalker[383] Himself       Jerry Kramer
1997 Michael Jackson's Ghosts[384]       Maestro/Mayor/Ghoul/Skeleton
      Stan Winston
2002 Men in Black II[385]    Agent M (cameo) Barry Sonnenfeld
2004 Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls[386]       Agent MJ (cameo)
      Bryan Michael Stoller
2009 Michael Jackson's This Is It[387] Himself      Kenny Ortega
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    Bad World Tour (1987–89)
    Dangerous World Tour (1992–93)
    HIStory World Tour (1996–97)
    This Is It (2009–10) (cancelled)

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