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					WordPress or Blogger ?

Many of the people get confused which platform to use , to build their
website. Yes it may be for personal or for business purpose .There are
may other platforms to create a website but I think worpress.com and
blogger.com have hit the market since their existence. Lets go to the
concept now.

Blogger is owned by Google and its free. You don’t have to invest a
single penny, while you need something to invest if you want to go
through wordpress.Blogger is the best platform for newbies( new in
blogging) to start with as its free and very easy to use.I can tell you
my personal experience I started with blogger .You don’t need any kind of
website building experience.Don’t take blogger lightly its quite handy
and can make you shine.Blogger also provides templates(themes).

While searching on google you must have noticed many websites with
“blogspot.com” domain on the first page itself . So without any hard SEO
you can make your website to the top because google simply loves blogger
as it is owned by Google itself.You love things that belong to you? Yeah

WordPress is an organisation and it has gained a high reputation due to
its cutomization properties. You need a hosting to start with wordpress
unlike blogger.It has been found through a survey that majority of the
websites use wordpress nearly about 46% . Its only because it has high
cutomization. You need to know something about website building tactics
if you choose wordpress, with some basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

The search engine optimization in wordpress is upto the throat. WordPress
offers many plugin that you can use to make your website fly over
google.This is where blogger falls short. With wordpress you can use some
plugins like ” All is One SEO Pack” and “Keyword tool” which will make
your website look professional.

In reply to wordpress’s plugins blogger has gadgets which is used by
webmasters in building their website.In simple words website integration
is above the mark in wordpress.The Gadgets and plugins really help too
build the core of your website .If you don’ have any idea about HTML and
PHP they are gonna help you to make diminish the factor.

Both wordpress and blogger provide themes and templates to make your
website look eye catchy.But wordpress provides more professional themes
than blogger and some quite awesome theme management options.You can
change both their domain names to top label domain.

What you go for completely depends upon you but I would choose blogger if
I was someone new into blogging , WordPress at the later stage when I get
at least some knowledge about website building .You can fly hing with
both blogger and wordpress but you don’t have to do a lot of hard work
on blogger when compared with wordpress.Google spiders will always hunt a
blogger blog before a wordpress powered blog unless it has some SEO done.

Wodpress: WordPress.org

Blogger: Blogger.com

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