Go In The Direction That Your Career Is Taking You

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					         Go In The Direction That Your Career Is Taking You

Are you frustrated in your career? Not where you thought you would be or want to be

Frustration is normal is today's economy. Who can blame anyone for being upset? One
day you got up and went to work, and the next day that job was gone or the office
environment was different. Things around you have changed and you do not like it. You
may be thinking about how frustrated you are on a daily basis. How bad is your career
frustration? Has it taken over your life?

Most people do not like change. They fight it because they don't like what is happening to
them. The problem with fighting is it hurts you. Rather than spending that valuable time
to plan for your future, you are wasting that time with worry, blame, anger, and your
thoughts about the past. Would you like things to be different? Most people would
answer that question with a YES. You can't change what has happened. You can change
what you do from here.

So, How Do You Let Go Of Frustration And Go In The Direction That Life Is Taking
You? Follow These 4 Steps Below.

1. Acknowledge That You Are Frustrated

Have you been feeling frustrated, but you keep telling yourself that you shouldn't feel that
way? Once you acknowledge your frustration, it no longer has power over you. The truth
is out. You might try to talk yourself out of being frustrated, but the truth is you are
frustrated. You want things to be the way they were because you don't like things the way
they are now. It's OK to feel that way; it's not OK to sweep your feelings under the rug.
What you hide or deny, persists. Now that's it out, you can do something about it.

2. Accept Your Changing Circumstances

What thoughts consume you? What you don't have (or have lost) or all the great things
you do have in your life? You are your thoughts, and your thoughts determine how your
day goes, not outside circumstances. When you focus on the good, more good comes.
When you focus on bad, bad comes your way. How do you want your day and your
career to go? Be grateful for what's in your life now and accept the changes that you are
facing. It will help you feel better, and when you feel better, you can do more for your

3. Actively Participate In The Change

Maybe where you are supposed to end up next is better than where you are today. Who
knows? Just because you don't know where you are headed doesn't mean you are not
headed in a better direction. If you perceive change as something that is difficult, you will
resist it. Instead, embrace it, and find a way to make it work for you. Get into action.
Take a class. Call someone you haven't spoken to in years. Make a plan. Do something
that will move your career forward. Complaining and holding onto the past is holding
you back and adding to your frustration. Focus on your future. This will bring your power
and excitement back.

4. Remember That This Blip Is Only One Moment In Time

Your career spans 30, 40, 50 years or more, so this is small piece of a bigger picture.
Your career is more than what is happening to you in the moment. It's made of a many
jobs over a span of many years. Like other moments in your career that have upset you,
they have passed, and so will this one. Your career will have its ups and downs. If this is
your down period, the good news is it's all up from here.

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