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									Dianne Reid
dance & video artist

e: hipsync@va.com.au
m: 0404 379 851
ABN: 36 192 106 768
DOB: 11th March, 1962

Dianne Reid is a performer, choreographer, camera operator, video editor, writer and educator. She works in
both live and screen contexts.

Dianne trained in Adelaide in Communication Studies (Drama), then a BA Dance under David and Simi
Roche (South Australian College of advanced Education). She was a founding member of Outlet Dance in
Adelaide (1987–89), a member of Danceworks from 1990–95 under the direction of Helen Herbertson and
Beth Shelton, and Associate Lecturer in contemporary dance, physical theatre and dance video at Deakin
University (aka Rusden) from 1996–2004. She has choreographed live dance works for Deakin University,
West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Adelaide University, Victorian College of the Arts and
Room2Move Youth Dance Company.

Dianne completed a Master of Arts in Dance on Screen in 2001 and her dance video works have screened
internationally. Since 1993 she has created 25 dance screen works and documented and translated for
screen the live work of many of Melbourne's dance and performance artists. During 2009, Dianne was
filmmaker for "Yours Truly" exhibition in and on Northcote Town Hall as part of the Art of Difference Festival
and in 2010 continued her collaboration with Katrina Rank/Uberdance as part of the Artists in Schools
program. Also in 2010 Dianne worked as choreographer/filmmaker with Weave Movement Theatre on “A
Broken Puzzle” which was presented at The Other Film Festival in August and as a live installation for the
Melbourne Fringe Festival in September. Dianne regularly collaborates as filmmaker/live camera operator
with Hellen Sky's interactive dance media performance work and creates screen translations for many
independent dance artists and companies in Australia.

From 2004-2006 she was Artistic Director of Dancehouse, Melbourne’s centre for independent contemporary
dance. She received an Asialink Performing Arts residency to India in 2006 to collaborate with Darpana
Academy of Performing Arts on the creation of the dance and video work “Unfixed” which was presented as
part of the Vikram Sarabhai Festival in Ahmedabad (Dec 06) and Mumbai (March 07).

In the second half of 2009 Dianne performed in Vargkaffe (Wolfcoffee) created as part of a cultural exchange
at the artists' retreat, Ricklundgarden, in Saxnas, Lappland with Ami Skanberg Dahlstedt (Sweden) and Heidi
Durning (Japan). Dianne then returned to India to teach workshops and work as assistant choreographer for
Mallika Sarabhai at Darpana Academy, Ahmedabad, India and present a performed paper at the World
Dance Alliance (Asia) in Delhi.

Dianne has a broad range of experience as a physical performer extending from dance and physical theatre
work to outdoor/community settings including aerial, acrobatic and stilt-walking skills. She has been engaged
as a motion capture performer for Deakin Mocap Lab/Act 3 Animation and has performed regularly as part of
The Little Con, a monthly improvisation event at Cecil Street Studio.

She is currently presenting/touring the new solo work “Dance Interrogations,” teaching at Australian Dance
Theatre and Ausdance SA, and working on projects with Phunktional Arts (Melb/Mildura), Country Arts SA &
                                                                                                   Dianne Reid …2

Certificate III in Disability (in progress)
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (2010) Box Hill Institute, Melbourne.
Master of Arts—Dance on Screen (conferred 2002) Deakin University, Melbourne.
Bachelor of Performing Arts—Dance (conferred 1987) South Australian College of Advanced Education, Adelaide.
Bachelor of Arts—Communication Studies (conferred 1983) SACAE Magill. Major in Dramatic and Literary Studies

Australian Dance Theatre—contemporary dance/company class (2011)
Ausdance—dance improvisation (2011)
Refugee/Recently Arrived Arts Program, AMES and Big West Festival (2010)
Weave Movement Theatre—choreographer/filmmaker (2010)
Artists in Schools program, St Stephens School, Reservoir (2010)
Box Hill Institute—contemporary dance (2010)
Deakin University (1996–2010)—contemporary dance, dance video, physical theatre, production/repertory
Darpana Academy, India (2009)—contemporary dance
Danscentrum Väst, Dans i Västerbotten & Dansalliansen, Sweden (2009)—contemporary dance and dance video
Ministry of Dance (2009)—contemporary dance
Dancehouse—Artistic Director (2004–2006)
The Women's Circus (2007)—acro-dance
Chunky Move (2002–2004)—advanced contemporary technique
West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (2000)—contemporary dance technique & repertory
Victoria University of Technology (1994–95)—contemporary dance technique
Victorian College of the Arts—contemporary technique (1993), dance video, career planning (2008), external assessor
South Australian College of Advanced Education—contemporary dance technique & repertory
Danceworks—contemporary dance technique
Dance Theatre of Ireland, Dublin (1992)—contemporary dance technique
NIDA Open Program—movement for actors
Port Youth Theatre Workshop—movement direction/choreography

Written Publications
'Making things visible' in Screendance Journal Issue 2, 2012. http://journals.library.wisc.edu/index.php/screendance
Reviewer—fringereview.co.uk for Adelaide Fringe 2011 & Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2011.
'A Rakish Angle' (2009) in Re-searching Dance: International Conference on Dance Research–2009, India
International Centre, New Delhi, India, pp.60–63.
'Foreigner unfixed' http://kinesismagazine.com.au/dance/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=77&Itemid=1
'Cutting choreography' in Estelle Barrett & Barbara Bolt (Eds) (2007) Practice as Research: Approaches to
Creative Arts Enquiry London & NY: I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd.
'Scenes from another life—the script' in Writings on Dance, Issue 23 (2006) Melbourne, pp. 8–11.
'Scenes from another life—the paper' (2003) Image, Text & Sound Conference, School of Creative Media,
Melbourne: RMIT Publishing; (2004) Dance Rebooted: re-initializing the grid, Deakin University: Ausdance.
'From choreographer to film-maker' (2003) in French, Lisa (Ed) Womenvision, Melbourne: Damned Publishing, pp.
'Cutting choreography: re-defining dance on screen' (2001) Masters thesis, Deakin University (available online
through Australian Digital Theses Program).
'The Shifting Eye' (1999 ) Double Dialogues Conference, Theatreworks, St.Kilda
                                                                                                Dianne Reid …3

'I perform therefore I am' (1997) in Practice, Deakin University, pp. 39–48.

                   Sambhav Festival, Delhi, India (2011)
                   NICE (National Impro Coaching Exchange), Dancehouse & Deakin Uni (2011)
                   The Little Con, Cecil Street Studio, North Fitzroy (05–10)
                   The Last Tuesday Society, Yah Yahs, Collingwood (09)
                   Explode, Small Block Cafe, East Brunswick (09)
                   Musicircus as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival (07)
                   Dances the size of photographs, Deakin University, Burwood (07)
                   Practice as Research book launch at the McCulloch Gallery, Melbourne (07)
                   Zap, Ruth Zaporah and guests, Dancehouse (06)
                   Conundrum, Cecil Street Studio, North Fitzroy (03)
                   Conundrum, Cecil Street Studio, North Fitzroy (05)
                   The Dance Card, Dancehouse (04)
                   Duo Australis season at Chapel off Chapel, Melbourne & Government House, Sydney (02)

Motion capture performer (07-10)
                 Bedtime Story trailer for Act 3 Animation/Movement Now Media (07)
                 UnMakeable Love for iCinema (08-09)

                   The Removalists A danced film by Simon Green & Gerard Veltre (06)—role of mother
                   Feds, Telemovie—extra
                   Absolutes, Theatreworks. Dir: Nicky Smith (98)
                   The Contortionists, La Mama. Dir: Fiona McHugh (94)
                   Vargkaffe (Wolfcoffee) Lappland, Sweden (09) Ch: Reid, Durning, Skanberg-Dahlstedt.
                   Song of Longing, VCA. Choreographer: Anne O'Keeffe (08)
                   Unfixed, Natarani Theatre, Darpana, Ahmedabad, India Ch: Dianne Reid (06)
                   The Joker, Dancehouse/Melbourne International Comedy Festival (05)
                   Places I have been, Dancehouse. Ch: Luke Hockley (04)
                   Scenes from another life, Bodyworks, Dancehouse. Ch: Reid (03)
                   Festival for a Quiet Life, Gasworks Theatre. Ch: Kim Vincs (01)
                   Shaken not Stirred, Blueroom. Ch: Jacqueline Sherren (01)
                   folding on forever, Australian Choreographic Centre. Ch: Luke Hockley (2000)
                   Doppelganger & Lily, Deakin Uni/Dancehouse. Ch: Damien Hinds (2000)
                   Calm, Great Escapes, Dancehouse. Ch: Reid (99)
                   Dearest, Great Escapes, Dancehouse. Collab with Yoni Prior (99)
                   Lay Bare, Mixed Metaphor, Dancehouse. Ch: Reid (97)
                   Tangent, Dancehouse. Ch: Jean Tally (97)
                   Fall Out, Dancehouse. Ch: Luke Hockley (97)
                   Motion sickness, Great Escapes, Gasworks. Ch: Reid (97)
                   Before Your Very Eyes, Dancehouse. Dir: Lisa Nelson (97)
                   Itch, Great Escapes, Dancehouse. Ch: Reid (96)
                   Point of View, Bodyworks, Dancehouse. Ch: Reid (96)
                   Delectatio, VCA, Dance Elixir. Ch: Natalie Cursio (96)
                   Marla’s Dance, Gasworks. Ch: Kim Vincs (95)

         Danceworks (1990–95)
                Vagabonds & High Flyers (1995) Ch: Helen Herbertson
                                                                                                 Dianne Reid …4

                  Physical Business (1992 & 1994) Ch: Herbertson
                  In the Company of Angels (1993) Ch: Herbertson
                  Breaking the Silence (1993) Ch: Herbertson, Collins, Fletcher, Reid, Warby
                  Passage II (1993) Ch: Sandra Parker
                  Human to Human (1992) Ch: Herbertson, Warby, Reid, Fletcher, Daffy, Collins, Bell
                  Common touch—Eve’s Dance (1991) Ch: Beth Shelton
                  Backlash (1991) Ch: Herbertson
                  No Physical Injury (1991) Ch: Herbertson
                  Web (1991) Ch: Shelton
                  Private Lives, Public Places (1991) Ch: Herbertson, Reid
                  Wings of Summer (1990 & 1991) Dir: Shelton & Meme McDonald
                  My Friend the Chocolate Cake (1991) Ch: Ros Warby
                  Famous people I haven’t quite Met Yet (1990) Ch: Bryan Smith
                  Three wings (1990) Ch: Shelton
                  Second sight (1990) Ch: Herbertson
                  Lightly disguised (1990) Ch: Herbertson & Shelton

         Outlet Dance (87-89)
                  Living Art Auction (87); New Works (88); Motor Drive (88);
                  Come Out Youth Festival country tour (89); Really Working (89)

         Orpheus & Eurydice (1988) State Opera of South Australia

Choreography (35)
Closer Terror No Sir Nearer (10)              Group work for 6 dancers, Deakin Uni
A Broken Puzzle (10)                          Live dance and video installation with Weave Movement Theatre
Perfectly Imperfect (10)                      Theatre piece for Fusion Theatre/Wheel Women, Dir: Larry Boyd
Vargkaffe (Wolfcoffee) (09)                   Full-length trio dance and video performance, Lappland, Sweden
Magnificent Sadness (08)                      Solo work for Girls on Boys season, Dancehouse
Needing & WantingThings (07)                  Group work for 11 dancers; Victorian College of the Arts
Place between two rivers (07)                 Group work for 6 dancers; Room2Move Youth Dance Co, Geelong
Unfixed (06)                                  Full-length dance/video work for 10 dancers, Darpana Academy, India
Caravan Ride (05)                             Short work for 8 dancers, Geelong Splash Festival
Friends of Yoko (03)                          Group work for 12 dancers, Kin, Deakin Uni
Scenes from another life (03)                 Solo live dance/video, Bodyworks, Dancehouse
Other (02)                                    Dance/theatre work for 24 performers, Deakin Uni
Enough Said (01)                              Group work for 21 dancers, Studio 5, Deakin Uni
Stay Standing (01)                            Solo for Katie Moore, Kings St Arts Centre, Perth
27 Seconds (2000)                             Group work for 17 dancers, Legacy, WAAPA, Perth
Calm (99)                                     Solo, Great Escapes, Dancehouse
Vision Quest (99)                             Group work for 11 dancers, Out There, Deakin Uni
Lerv (98)                                     Group work for 18 dancers, M-Body, Deakin Uni
The 12 stages of adventure (98)               Research through performance, Dancehouse
Lay Bare (97)                                 Solo, SomeBodies & Mixed Metaphor, Dancehouse
Wrecked (97)                                  Collaboration with Daryl Pellizzer & Kim Vincs, Deakin Uni
Motion sickness (97)                          Solo, Great Escapes, Dancehouse
Point of view (96)                            Duet with Jane Mortiss, Bodyworks, Dancehouse
A Deep let Go (96)                            Group work for 22 dancers, True Believers, Deakin Uni
Itch (96)                                     Solo, Great Escapes, Dancehouse
Blue Lake Festival (94/95)                    Opening and Closing ceremonies Mt. Gambier
Whitehorse Festival (94)                      Outdoor Community theatre Event, Box Hill
Betrayal (93)                                 Quartet and 16mm film, Danceworks at the Gasworks
The Eyes Have It (91)                         Off the Cuff, Danceworks, Extensions Studio
                                                                                                   Dianne Reid …5

Excuses (90)                                    Alive and Kicking, Danceworks, Extensions Studio
Clubbing (90)                                   Freestyling, Danceworks, South Melbourne Town Hall
Hanging by a Threat (89)                        Really Working, Outlet Dance, Balcony Theatre, Adelaide
Spice of Life (89)                              Motor Drive, Outlet Dance, Madley Dance Space, Adelaide
Talkback (88)                                   New Works, Outlet Dance, Balcony Theatre, Adelaide
Something Strange on a Street Corner (88)       SA Children's Ballet Company, Adelaide

Film/videography (25)
A Broken Puzzle (2010) video 4:42 A collaboration with Weave Movement Theatre (differently-abled dance
company) Screenings: The Other Film Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2010; ADF Dancing for the Camera 2011;
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Colorado, USA, 2011.
The Weight (2010) video 4:53
Day 1, 2010 (2010) video 2:20
Magnificent Sadness (2009) video 4:29 Screenings: ADF Dancing for the camera, Durham, USA; Intimate
Exposure, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2010; Choreolab, Ausdance SA, 2011.
Yours Truly (2009) video installation for Art of Difference Festival (includes She Sleeps, video 3:47)
Screenings: She Sleeps at ADF Dancing for the camera, Durham, USA 2009; Intimate Exposure, Melbourne Fringe
Festival 2010; Booth: A Dance Fair at Bloomberg Space, London, 2011.
Unheard Voices (2009) video 30 mins. Documentary short.
Travelling (2009) video 3:46 Screenings: some Screendance, Horse Bazaar 2009; Choreolab, Ausdance SA, 2011.
Tony (2007) video 2:55 Screenings: Sydney Festival Dance Screen, 2008; Dance Flicks, Dancehouse, 2008;
Electrofringe, Newcastle, 2008.
Hard Times (2007) video 7:40 Screenings: Vikram Sarabhai Festival, India, 2007; Microdance, Norway, 2007;
www.lineout.org 2008.
Drought (2006) video 6:20 Screenings: Vikram Sarabhai Festival, India, 2007.
44 (1) (2006) video 2:00 Screenings: Microdance, Norway 2007; www.lineout.org 2008.
Tuesday November 14 (2006) video 3:50
Dance Path (2005) video: 7:28 Screenings: Dancehouse, Melbourne, 2005; Bite Size, Channel 31, 2007;
www.lineout.org 2008.
Disclosure (2005) video: 4:10 Screenings: Dance Flicks at Dancehouse, 2005.
Fantasy Movie (2003) from Scenes of Another Life. Screenings: Sweden, 2011.
Neglect (2003) video: 6 min Screenings: Hong Kong Fringe Club, 2004; ADF Dancing for the camera, Durham USA,
2004; Videodance 2004, Athens & Thessaloniki, 2004; Dance Flicks at Dancehouse, 2004; Cinemoves, Sydney Dance
Company, 2005; Microdance, Norway, 2007.
Luke (2002) video: 3 min Screenings: Videodance, Greece, 2002; IMZ Dance Screen, Monaco, 2002; Dance Flicks at
Dancehouse, 2004, Run that Reel, Reeldance, 2010.
In Passing (2002) video: 3 min
Headspace (2001) video: 4 min Collaboration with M. Bergan, S. Ulrich & K. Cullen, for Reel Dance Advanced
Workshop (One Extra Company), Sydney, 2001.
Back & Forth (2000) video: 6:30 Screenings: Sugar/Dance film Screenings, PICA, Perth, 2001; Ausdance
Screening, VCA, Melbourne, 2001.
27 Seconds (2000) video: 18 min (document of stage work)
The 12 stages of adventure (1998) video: 12 min Screenings: Double Dialogues Conference, Theatreworks, St.
Kilda, 1998; Melb Fringe Short film Festival, Revolver, Prahran, 1999; Parallax Dance/Film Event, Pitch Black Studio,
South Melbourne, 2000.
This could be the start of something (1997) video: 6:30 Screenings: Dance Lumiere, Dancehouse, North Carlton,
1997; Melb Fringe Short Film Festival, Revolver, Prahran, 1999.
Chiaroscuro (1995) video: 3 min Screening: Dance Lumiere, Dancehouse, North Carlton, 1997.
Triggered (1994) video: 10 min Screening: Green Mill Dance project, Malthouse, South Melbourne,1995.
Betrayal (1993) 16mm: 3 min Screenings: Danceworks at the Gasworks, South Melbourne, 1993; The Factory at
Dream, Carlton,1993.
                                                                                                Dianne Reid …6

ADF International Screendance Festival, Durham, NC, USA, Certificate of Recognition—2011
Asialink Performing Arts Residency, India—2006
Nomination for Outstanding Teaching, Vice-Chancellor’s Awards, Deakin University—2000
Wild Card Award, Dancehouse Great Escapes season—1999 (for "Dearest" with Yoni Prior)
Green Room Award Nomination—Choreography—1993 (for "Betrayal")
Green Room Award Nomination—Dancer—1991
Teesdale-Smith Award—Playwriting—1981

Presenter with Melinda Smith at AGOSCI conference, Adelaide and SambhavFestival, India, 2011.
Community Support Worker, CARA, Adelaide (2011)
Videographer—Musomagic and Red Dust Role Models, Daly River, Northern Territory (2010)
Writer/Co-Presenter—Comedy Groundswell Radio program, 3CR Radio (1994–95)
Stand-up comedy performance—Gershwin Room; Inkerman Hotel; Prince of Wales (1994–95)
Lead Vocalist/Lyricist—rock/funk band Mid-Life Chrysler (1995–97) & APRA Full member (writer)
Pianoforte and Theory of Music (Grade 3) and Labanotation (Intermediate)


Hellen Sky—dance/media artist, former Artistic Director of Dancehouse
Mob: 0403 218 673
Email: hellen@hellensky.com

Beth Shelton—psychologist, former Artistic Director of Danceworks
0432 628 670

Janice Florence—Artistic Director, Weave Movement Theatre
Mob: 0400 031 418
Email: jflorence@vtown.com.au

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