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Apprenticeship Programme Application Form by KitA23


          School of Movement Medicine Apprenticeship
                      Programme 2014/15

More details at:

http:/ /w w w.scho olof mov em ent m edi c ine . c om/ app r ent ic e shi p - p r ogr am me .ph p

The apprenticeship runs for 20 months and will consist of:

       Module 1   August 18-27, 2014 (9 nights)
       Module 2   December 5-14, 2014 (9 nights)
       Module 3   June 12-23, 2015 (11 nights) n.b Apprentices only June 12-15,
        Community Gathering begins evening 15/6 to evening 18/6 and Long Dance runs
       Module 4 October 23-November 1, 2015 (9 nights)


        13 individual telephone coaching/mentoring sessions with Susannah, Ya’Acov and

Commitment to the whole programme above is essential.

(*) The Apprenticeship Community Gathering is open to all Movement Medicine Apprentices,
Practitioners (people who have completed the apprenticeship who wish to continue to study)
and Movement Medicine Teachers. We feel that it will be an important part of the
apprenticeship to meet with this circle.

What do I need to do to prepare myself for this programme?

Our curriculum is set up to support students to Live the Dream they came here to live. For full
details, please go to the curriculum page on our website. The suggested programme below
will give you an idea of how to prepare for the Apprenticeship beginning in 2014:

       Any weekend workshops you want to take. (*)
       At least one Wild Life or E-Motion weekend. ( )
       Any Intensives you want to take. (*)
       Movement Medicine Vision Quest Rill, Devon. June 8th to 15th 2012 (*)
       Re-Creation – an Introduction to Movement Medicine with Ya’Acov.
        Rill, Devon. May 1-5, 2013 (*)
       The Journey of Empowerment 3 modules in the Essentials of Movement Medicine
        practice. March, June & October 2013 Rill, Devon. ( )
       Initiation – A Journey through the 9 Life Cycles with Ya’Acov and Susannah.
        Devon. August 31st to September 9, 2012 ( ) or 27th September to October 6th
        2013. ( )
       The Phoenix Retreat with Susannah and Ya’Acov in the UK.
        March 4th to 11th 2013 ( )
    ( ) Absolute Prerequisite                   (*) Strongly Recommended

Feel free to apply if you are still missing a few courses but plan to complete them before the
programme starts

Tuition Cost:

Tuition and intra-module Coaching. Total: £5250 Plus £95 Application Fee. Total £5345

Payment Structure:
£95-00 Application Fee to be paid with application.
This is a non-returnable fee in all circumstances.

   Once accepted on the programme, if you pay in full, there is a £600-00 discount. You
    will need to pay £4650 by the end of April 2014
   If you wish to pay in two installments, there is a £300 discount. One installment of
    £2475 to be paid by end of April 2014 and one installment of £2475 to be paid by
    end of April 2015
   You can also pay in monthly installments. In this case, you will need to pay £600
    once you are accepted on the programme followed by 15 monthly payments of £310

Food and Accommodation: Approximately £2950 in total.

Application Procedure:
Applications need to be in by the end February 2014 and we will let you know by March
31st 2014.

Professional Training to teach Movement Medicine:
If your apprenticeship leads you to wish to teach Movement Medicine, there will be a
further two modules of teaching training which will be open by application to students
who have completed their apprenticeship. These will take place in 2016.

Whilst on the programme, you will also be entitled to:

50% discount on the full price of weekend workshops & 30% discount on the full tuition fee
for Intensives.

In the 2nd year there will also be opportunities to assist on weekends.
Apprenticeship Programme 2014/2015 Application Form

Name:                                   Date of Birth:


Phone:                             E-Mail:

Prerequis ites:

Please list the relevant workshops that you have already done:

Which workshops do you plan to do to complete the prerequisites
before the start of the programme:

How long have y ou been studying Movement Medicine or other
related work and with whom:

What are your reasons for wanting to take part in the apprenticeship
What impact has your movement practice and related practice had
on your day-to-day life:

If th is apprenticeship worked in the best way pos sible for you, wh at
would be the res ults:

Please tell us about yo ur professional work and skills:

Please tell us how you wish to us e the AP to deepen your
relationship with and con tribution to the bigge r picture:

How is your life now (challenges /resources/joys etc):

What themes are you wanting to work with:

      Personally:

      Relationally:

      Profession ally:
      Creatively:

      Spiritually:

What qualities do others admire in you:

What kind of support and challenge do you want from us and the
Staff during th is appr enticeship:

Do you want to train to teach Movement Medicine:

We expect the course to be demanding and challenging.

  1. Would you k indly tell us what internal resources, such as
     personal strengths, you have to s upport you throu gh the
     apprenticeship ?

  2. Would you k indly tell us what ex ternal resources, such as
     family, fr iends , and professional support, you h ave to support
     you through the appr enticeship ?

  3. Please disclose any illnesses or impa irments that might be
     relevant to your studies, and indicate the adjustments that
     would assist you .

We endeavor to ensure our studies are open to all.
Is there anythin g else you would like us to know about you at this
time in your life:

Have you read and do you accept the booking con ditions pertainin g
to this programme:

Signature:                              Date:
                                  BOOKING CONDITIONS

This agreement is between yourself and Roland Wilkinson (The promoter of this workshop).

Please note our booking conditions as these constitute the contract between us.

1.     Payment Terms

       Payment. Payments should be made in accordance with the attached payment schedule.
       Should any amounts not be paid by the due date, we reserve the right to treat the booking as
       being cancelled and charge a cancellation fee as set out in paragraph 6.

2.     The Contract

       The contract to provide the workshop shall be created upon our acceptance of your booking
       when an invoice will be issued to you.

3.     What is included/excluded?

       Included. Tuition by Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Khan on all the advertised days of the
       workshop and accommodation and food. Excluded. Any room upgrade costs, any fees for
       special diets, and any travel costs.

4.     Alterations

       Where the arrangements and/or facilities such as the venue or the teacher are cancelled by a
       third party, we will use all reasonable endeavors to provide a suitable alternative, but we are
       not obliged and cannot guarantee to do so.

5.     Changes to Arrangement/Cancellation

       Every reasonable effort will be made by us to adhere to the advertised arrangements and
       confirm workshop arrangements, but we reserve the right to alter/omit those arrangements
       should it be found necessary to do so and we shall have no liability whatsoever to you for any
       such changes, save the refund of any monies not expended.

6.        Cancellation
          If any client wishes to cancel arrangements for whatever reason, the following cancellation
          charges shall apply:
         If you offered a place but choose not to accept it you will lose your whole deposit.
         If you are offered a place and do not make your next payment of £515 by either March 14th
          2011 or November 14th 2011 depending on if you have submitted your application form for the
          Jan 1st or Aug 31st deadline you will lose your deposit.
         If you cancel 90 days or more prior to the workshop there is a cancellation charge of £500.
         Within 90 days of the workshop you will be liable for the total cost of the cost of the course
          unless we are able to fill your place in which case there is a cancellation charge of £500.
         You are liable for the total cost of the course once it has begun.

7.        Liability

          We do not accept any liability for any matter beyond our control and we will not in any
          circumstances be responsible for any consequential or indirect loss that you or any third party
          may incur such as travel or accommodation costs if a course is cancelled.

8.        Assignment

          We reserve the right to assign the arrangements between upon giving you notice in writing.

9.        Accident/Injury

          You need to ensure that you are of a sufficient standard of fitness and ability to partake in the
          workshop. Please speak to us if you are unsure about this. We will not be responsible for any
          accident or injury (save where it can be shown it results from our negligence) and you should
          take out your own insurance to cover this.

          We cannot accept any responsibility for loss or theft of property or valuables whilst you attend
          the workshop.

10.       Governing Law

          The contract between us will be governed by the laws of England.

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