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					Periodic Expense Reports
(PERs) and Supporting

         Section 3
Supporting Documentation
                                                           Travel Expense

    All support
                                                          Summary Form

    attached                                                 Travel Authorization

   Supports                                                         Airline Tickets

    verified                             Approved
                                      Purchased Order
                                                                            Hotel Receipts

   Cross checked                              Vendor Invoice
                                                                               Rental Car Receipts

   Coding verified
                                                           Packing Slip                Gas Receipts
   Required          Approved Timesheet
                        Properly Coded

    Signatures                                                                               Toll Receipts

                              Approved Leave

                                           Status Change
Section A. Personnel Expenses
Supporting Documentation

   Staff timesheets and Personnel Activity
    Reports (PARs) for each Americorp
    grant employee.

   Payroll Register that assigns a number
    beside the employee requesting
PER Cover Sheet
Personnel Expenses
      Section I. Program Operating Costs
      A. Personnel Expenses
                                   CNCS       Grantee
    1.    John Smith               $495.65
    2.    Diane Williams           $495.65
    3.    Andrew Thomas                   0   $350.11

    Total                         $991.30     $350.11
Section B. Benefits
Supporting Documentation


     Paid invoices and receipts for all benefits
      outside of FICA
         Health Care, Worker’s Compensation, Life,
          Dental, etc.
     Cost allocation plan
 Fringe benefits are allowable, provided such costs are
 absorbed by all organization activities in proportion to
  the relative amount of time or effort actually devoted
PER Cover Sheet
Personnel Fringe Benefit Support
        BlueCross Blue Shield-Health
                                        CNCS      Grantee
    1.      John Smith                            $120.00
    2.      Diane Williams              $120.00
    3.      Andrew Thomas
               50% x $120.00           0         $ 60.00
        FICA
    1.      John Smith                  $0        $38.00
    2.      Diane Williams              $38.00    0
    3.      Andrew Thomas
               50% x $38.00            0         $19.00

    Total                               $158.00   $237.00
Personnel Benefit Invoices
   Copy of the insurance invoice numbering
    beside the appropriate staff requesting

   Copy of the payroll ledger numbering the
    staff for whom FICA is being paid for.
Section C. Travel
Supporting Documentation


   Agency Travel Authorization Form
   Agency Travel Reimbursement Form
        Use VF Travel Reimbursement form as a template for what
         components your agency’s form should include.
   Note: You must have written policies and procedures on hand
    on how to authorize and reimburse travel
   Copy of Paid invoices and receipts for expenses such as tolls,
    hotel, flights, rental cars, etc.

     Travel costs must follow State of Florida Guidelines
Section C. Travel
Supporting Documentation (cont.)
   Per diem rates (State of Florida) - do not include
    meal receipts; include per diem rates based on
    traveler’s travel dates and times on Travel
    Reimbursement Form.
   Mileage calculation ( State of Florida) - $0.445 per
    mile maximum allowed
       Include actual mileage claimed or map mileage claimed
       Each employee and member should use a mileage sheet to
        track mileage for trips. Odometer readings required for
        actual mileage claimed.
   Reconciliation of advances to payments
PER Cover Sheet Example
Staff Travel
   Staff Travel
                       CNCS      Grantee
1. Smith Hotel         $100.00
2. Thomas Hotel        $200.00
3. Lightcap Airfare    $375.00
4. Jones Car Rental              $79.00
Monica Jones Mileage
   $150.00 X 50%       0         $75.00
TOTAL                  $675.00   $154.00
PER Cover Sheet Example
Member Travel
   Member Travel
                       CNCS      Grantee
1.Sam Jones Mileage     $44.50
2.Rachel Smith Mileage  $32.75
3.Maggie Thomas Mileage          $53.40

TOTAL                  $77.25    $53.40
    Section C. Equipment
    Section D. Supplies
    Supporting Documentation

       Equipment                 Supplies

   Purchase orders

   Packing slips

   Paid receipts and invoices

   Donated supplies, i.e., in-kind
     PER Cover Sheet
                    CNCS       Grantee
1.   ABC Company     $200.00
2.   ACME Company   $300.00
3.   Office Depot    -0-       $250.00

Total               $500.00    $250.00
Section F. Contractual & Consultant Services
Supporting Documentation

  Contract &

     Purchase orders

     Signed agreements

     Paid invoices and receipts
   Section G. Training
   Supporting Documentation

              Course description and cost

              Agenda

              Sign-in sheet

              Consultant/Trainer agreement
Section G. Training continued
   Paid invoices and receipts
   While the cost of the training, itself, is
    usually allowable, one cannot include
    the value of the time given by the
    attendees to participate.
   Do not include travel costs for training
    in this line item. Travel should be
    allocated in Section C.
PER Cover Sheet Sample
                      CNCS      Grantee
Smith Reg. Fee        $200.00
Member Trainings                $300.00
Trainer Fee (Adams)   $500.00
Total                 $700.00 $300.00
Section H. Evaluation
Supporting Documentation


     Signed Agreements
     Purpose of the Evaluation
     Paid Invoices and receipts
Section I. Other Program Operating Costs
Supporting Documentation

 Other Program
 Operating Costs

   Itemize each cost
   Copy of purchase order, invoice,
    and receipt for each item or service
   Copy of contract, if applicable
PER Cover Sheets
Other Program Operating Costs

                       CNCS      Grantee
1. Phone               $126.95
2. Background Checks   $250.00   $250.00
3. Rent                          $2,500.00
TOTAL                  $376.95   $2,750.00
Section A. Living Allowance
Supporting Documentation

Member Living
     Member Timesheet Summary
         Includes all members and hours worked for the
          specific month pay period.

     Payroll Register

     Indicate which names on payroll registers are
      the members.
PER Cover Sheets
Member Living Allowance
            CNCS      Grantee
Full-Time   $2,695.00 $1,595.00
Half-Time   $965.00   $1,695.00
Total       $3,660    $3,290
Section B. Member Support Costs
Supporting Documentation

   Member Support Cost Spreadsheet
       Includes all members and amounts paid for
        FICA, Health Care and Worker’s Comp for
        each member.
   Copy of Worker’s Comp Invoice
       Indentify the members on the invoice
   Copy of Health Insurance Invoice
       Identify the members on the invoice
PER Cover Sheet
Member Support Costs
                      CNCS      Grantee
1. FICA               $459.00
2. Health Insurance   $400      $800
3. WC                 $150      $150
TOTAL                 $1,009    $950

    Steve Kalifeh, Chief Financial Officer
           Phone: 850-921-5145

Julia E. Cunningham, Grants Contract Manager
             Phone: 850-414-0079


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