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					                                    Kiwanis Kronicle
                                     Rancho Murieta, California

Published by the Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta, Inc.                               Editor: Thomas E. Turkee
Volume 13 Number 2                                                                  November 2011

         Inside this issue                                                         President’s Corner
Shavings from the board         3         Sees Candy
Sweats for Vets                 3                                              “Semper Fi”
Toys for Tots                   4
Who attends what                4                                               John Holm

Obituary: Corbitt H. Stuart     5

December’s Special Days         6             Got chocolate?                     The Rancho Murieta Women’s Club
                                                                              has invited the Holm household to
Kiwanis Cuisine                 8                                             have on its annual Christmas Tour to
                                                                              be held on Sunday, December 4th.
First Thanksgiving              9                                                Lee Holm, with the help of fellow
                                                                              Kiwanians and friends, has been busy
Kiwanis Calendar              13                                              decorating our home, and as a conse-
                                                                              quence, it was suggested that since
                                                                              our home was decorated for Christ-
                                                                              mas that we host the annual Christ-
                                                                              mas party for Kiwanians in collabora-
                                                                              tion with Susan and John Sozzi.
                                                                                 We, of course agreed, and we will
                                       You want it, we got it!                hold an open house on Friday, De-
                                       Assorted? Nuts & Chews? Milk or        cember 9th, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00
                Dec 14               Dark?                                    p.m. for the members of Kiwanis of
         David L. Haugen               How about lollypops and peanut         Rancho Murieta and guests to enjoy
                Dec. 29              brittle? We have that too.               some Christmas cheer.
                                       It is that time of year again.            On Wednesday, November 9th, our
         Daniel P. Leahy                                                      club held its first quarterly evening
              Dec. 31                Thanksgiving, religious celebrations,
                                     decorations, parties, gifts, good will   meeting. This was a result of the
            John Quiring                                                      membership having expressed their
                                     toward others and of course our
                                                                              wishes in a survey conducted in mid-
                                     third annual See’s Holiday Candy
                                                                              September. This expression was to
        Question box???                                                       schedule quarterly evening meetings
                                       We have already started selling all    that were part social and part busi-
                                     of your favorite chocolates and more     ness.
    Question: What does Bud
                                     are available at the Rancho Murieta          Happily, at our first meeting there
    Light have to do with our
                                     Business Center during the week and      were 58 sign ups who brought bever-
    club’s budget?
                                     in front of Plaza Foods on weekends.     ages of their choice and contributed
                                       Proceeds will benefit local youth      to a delicious potluck coordinated by
                                     programs.                                Jackie Strain. Al and Diann Swan
                                       Kiwanis will again be participating    came early, and assisted by other
                                     in the “See’s for Soldiers” campaign     members, helped Peter Telfer with
                                     which provides free shipping to our      the set up.
                                     deployed troops overseas.                   Later, many hands helped with the
                                       Please consider buying an extra        cleanup which they accomplished in
                                     box for them. For more information,      record time. Perhaps we will see a
                                     including quantity discounts, contact    repeat at future gatherings?
                                     Ron Ruff (916-949-8400), Al Dola-           The highlight of the meeting was
                                                                              Susan Sozzi’ informative presenta-
       Answer: See page 2            ta (916-873-3832), or simply stop
                                                                              tion titled “Budget Light” in which she
                                     by the Rancho Murieta Center.
                                                                                     (Continued on page 2)
      President’s Corner                      Schedule for the next meeting       tip from Jackie Strain, who saw an
                                            will likely be as follows:            advertisement in Walgreens, selling
                                              Set up                 6:00 p.m.   wheelchairs for $ 159.00 each.
   “Semper Fi”                                Start:                 6:30 p.m.      However, with help from the clerk
                                              Close/clean up:        8:30 p.m.   she bought three online for $
          By                                  With the response to the first      89.89@ and they were delivered to
                                            quarterly meeting it just goes to     her home.
    John Holm
                                            prove that the members know              Finally, Calvin Hara, the Boy Scout
   (continued)                                                                                  District Chair (and KFH
                                            what is best for the club!
                                              Something of late has been oc-                    Vice President) who spoke
         (Continued from page 1)            curring in our club that we have                    to our club, heard Clau-
explained the difference between the        been witnessing that deserves                       dia’s comments at the
administrative budget and the founda-       recognition.                                        meeting, and has offered
tion budget, committee responsibilities,                                                        a fourth wheelchair free
                                              Members of our club on their
where the money comes from, how                                                   which he will be delivering to her.
                                            own initiative, having recognized a
                                                                                     Life is good!
funds are raised a year ahead of budg- need and decided to “fill it”! Diann
                                                                                     Happy Holidays.
eting, and what is not in the budget.       Swan, through the VA Northern
                                                                                     Semper Fi!
   Editor’s note: She named her presen- California Health Care System
tation after her favorite beer, Bud Light. Skip links at Mather, became
   While we have a busy holiday season aware that many veterans could                 Tournament of Roses
to look forward to we will be planning      use a little help and started the        Extravaganza… last call!
for our next quarterly meeting to be        “Sweats for Vets” project.                    by Roni Stroud
held in February or March. Based upon Through donations from our mem-
comments from members the                   bers and others she has been col-
                                            lecting new sweatpants, shirts,
Kiwanis Kronicle is a monthly newsletter
published by the Kiwanis Club of Ran-       underwear, and socks to be pre-
cho Murieta, Inc. Club was chartered        sented to the Mather facility on
May 21, 1996. The address of the club       December 15th. A representative
is P.O. Box 855 Rancho Murieta, CA          will be a guest at our meeting on
95683-0855 (916) 354-0538                   Thursday, December 15th.
   Club meetings are on the 1st and 3rd       Again, on their own initiative,
Thursdays of every month at the Villas      Dia Utterback and Teresa Field,
Recreation Center 7083 Murieta Park-        both with high school aged chil-
way (Enter North Gate) Rancho               dren, recognized the difficulty              Purchase tickets ($10@) at:
Murieta, CA 95683.                          many students and parents have   
   Boards of Kiwanis Club of Rancho         with applying for the many schol-               Or call 916.501.0169
Murieta Inc. and Kiwanis Club of Ran-       arships available to them.               The first prize is for two seats on
cho Murieta Club Foundation Inc. meet         They arranged for the use of the    the Kiwanis International Float
on the 3rd Thursday of each month           Cosumnes River Elementary             (valued at $4,000) plus an addition-
after the board meeting at the Villas
                                            School multi-purpose room, and        al prize of $1,000 in cash to assist
Recreation Center.
                                            invited two speakers, Gina Wil-       with expenses.
President…………………...……..John S. Holm         liams and Joanne Aguero from              The second prize is for two seats
Imm. Past Pres….……..Paul J. Gumbinger       the Pleasant Grove High School        to watch the Rose Bowl game plus
President Elect………………..Virginia Macko       Career Center, to address those in
Secretary………………………..Beverly Powell                                                $500 to assist with expenses!!
                                            attendance. They provided excel-          The third prize is for two seats
Treasurer………………………….Virginia Wolfe
Director………….…Jarvio Grebious (2013)        lent tips for successfully applying   in the grandstands to watch the pa-
Director…………………Carol Kramer (2012)          for scholarships offered by com-      rade plus $500 to cover expenses.
Director……….………….…Dan Leahy (2013)          munity organizations including Ki-       The drawing will be held Saturday
Director………………….Greg Nelson (2012)          wanis, and the meeting had an         December 3rd at the “Dr. Seuss
Director…………………..…….Al Swan (2012)          excellent turnout.                    Tree Lighting Ceremony.” The Cat-
          Non-Voting Members                  One more? As many of you
Assistant Secretary……………………...Vacant                                              in-the-Hat and the Grinch will be
Assistant Treasurer…..Louise Gumbinger      know Claudia Faeth has taken on       there in person.
                                            overseeing the handling of the           For more information about the
Editor…………….....…………..John W. Seigal
   The editor is solely responsible for the adaptive devices that our club        drawing location and time, con-
content. It is the intent to be 100% accu-  makes available to residents of       tact:
rate. Articles labeled as Editorial repre-  Rancho Murieta through our                         Lorie Deering
sent the opinion of the editor and may not  K.A.N.E. program. Claudia report-
represent the opinion of the Kiwanis Club   ed to us some issues that needed
of Rancho Murieta, Inc. nor Kiwanis Club    to be addressed, such as the dis-
of Rancho Murieta Club Foundation, Inc.     posal of broken or too plentiful an
   The address of the editor is P.O. Box
                                            inventory of some items, and the
1131 Sloughhouse, CA 95683-1131 or
email at:                                   absence of wheelchairs. She did
            some research and located with a                                            2
  Shavings for the                                                                   Kiwanis Kronicle
                                           Sweats for Vets                        Kiwanis Kronicle is emailed
  board meetings                                                                to members who have email
   For the club, all bills have been                                              It is also emailed to some
paid on time.                                                                   Kiwanis Division and District
   Budget was approved for the 2011                                             addresses.
-2012 year.                                                                       If you want a copy emailed to
   The board is considering an initia-                                          you, email editor:
tion fee to cover the new member                                           
costs of badges, pins, etc.
   Board is considering a binder type
membership roster.
                                                                                Dia Utterback double crowned:
   Additional discussion to have a
                                                                                   Queen of pumpkin patch
fund raiser to support the costs of
                                                                                     Queen of snow cones
operating the club.
   For the foundation: All bills have
been paid on time.
   Budget was approved for the 2011        Community Services Chair Diann
-2012 year.                              Swan is seeking “Sweats for Vets”.
   Thank you letters and/or cards          The items will be donated to: VA
were received from Cosumnes River        Northern California Health Care Sys-
Elementary School for the gift cards     tem at Mather Field.
given to each teacher and the office       The Veterans have need for sweat
staff. This is to offset the out of      shirts, sweat pants, underwear, and
pocket expenses starting the new         socks.
school year.                               Places to shop are: Walgreens on
   Also received was a letter from       Sunrise (south of Folsom Boule-
our Kiwanis Family House for the         vard); Target; and Wal-Mart. Costco
surplus Trick-or-Treat candy donat-      and Sam’s Club have good deals on
                                         athletic type socks.                     Dia Utterback was double-
ed.                                                                             crowned recently by our Boy Scout
                                           New clothing only please.
   New wheel chairs have been pur-                                              Troop 633.
                                           Husband Al Swan reports from
chased for K.A.N.E. program.             the VFW, the needs are real, not         She raises money to support the
   Board approved donation to            only for current veterans but those    troop because of her (and her hus-
Ajuney Hora for her Girl Scout Silver    newly returning from Iraq and Af-      band’s) efforts with the annual
Award project.                           ghanistan. Deadline: Dec. 10th.        pumpkin patch and her ability
   Board meetings are mandatory for                                             making/selling snow cones.
board members and open to club
members to sit in.                                                                    Kiwanis Help Line

     Treats not tricks:

                                                                                      (916) 354-0538
                                              Pun of the Month                             Need help?

                                                                                 Want to know where to
                                                                                     get a wheel chair?

                                                                                 Want meals delivered dur-
                                                                                     ing lunch?
  Our club members answer the
plea for surplus “Trick or Treat
                                                                                 Want to know about how
Candy”.                                                                              to join Kiwanis?
  The candy was donated and tak-
en to our Kiwanis Family House
                                                                                 Want to know about
where it was shared with the                                                         Kiwanis sponsored activi-
                                           If you jumped off the bridge
guests. Thank you!                                                                   ties?
                                            in Paris, you'd be in Seine.

                                              Also participating in the collection
                                           is our Builders Club at Katherine L.        Who attends what?
                                           Albiani Middle School.
                                              Closer to home collection boxes           As a Kiwanian (new or old) think about
                                           are located at:                           who attends what meeting?
                                             Cosumnes River Elementary                 Club meetings (1st and 3rd Thursday
                                                School.                              7:00 am) all members are expected to
                                             From the Heart                         attend. There is a program at each meet-
                                             Local 3 Operating Engineers            ing. Meet at Villas Recreation Center.
                                             Murieta Village Center                    Committee meetings Set by commit-
                                             Plaza Foods                            tee chairs. The committees meet to con-
                                             Prima Spa and Wellness Center          duct business and to prepare proposals to
                                             Rancho Marietta Country Club
                                                                                     the board meetings on the third Thursday
                                                                                     each month.
                                             Rancho Murieta Learning Center
                                                                                        Board meetings Immediately after
                                             Rotary Club of Rancho Murieta
                                                                                     the second club meeting in the Villas Rec-
                                             The Local Bean (formerly Mar-
                                                                                     reation Center. One board is for the Kiwa-
                                                Sha-Tes)                             nis Club and the other is for the Kiwanis
                                             U.S. Post Office, Sloughhouse          Club Foundation. Separate organizations
     Toys for Tots began in 1947, when                                               but the same board members.
  Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR and a                                                     Committee chairs and other club
  group of Marine Reservists in Los          Gilbert Anthony Zimmerman
                                                                                     members are invited to attend board
  Angeles collected and distributed                     R.I. P.
                                                                                     meetings and see how the club and foun-
  5,000 toys to needy children.             Aug. 13, 1920 –Sept. 25, 2011            dation is administered.
     The idea came from Bill’s wife,                                                    Service projects Club members are
  Diane. In the fall of 1947, Diane                                                  expected to participate in the service
  crafted a homemade doll and asked                                                  projects of our club.
  Bill to deliver the doll to an organi-                                                Interclubs These are meetings when
  zation, which would give it to a                                                   four or more attend another Kiwanis Club
  needy child at Christmas.                                                          meeting. Generally it is an eye opening
      When Bill determined that no                                                   experience. You get a chance to see how
  agency existed, Diane told Bill that                                               others do it. Some things you can adopt
  he should start one. He did. The                                                   and use, and some things… well let us
                                                                                     generally leave it unsaid.
  1947 pilot project was so successful
  that the Marine Corps adopted Toys                  Worth sharing:                    Socials Special events just to have fun
                                             At the Mass of Christian Burial,        and socialize.
  for Tots in 1948, and expanded it
                                           this was shared:                             Mid-Year Conference A one-day edu-
  into a nationwide campaign.
                                             A saying from an email that Gib         cational and motivational conference de-
     That year, Marine Corps Reserve
                                           shared with his children last year:       signed for all club officers, committee
  units across the nation conducted                                                  chairmen and members. It is planned so
                                                   I wish you enough:
  Toys for Tots campaigns, in each                                                   Kiwanis members can drive to the confer-
  community in which a Marine Re-           I wish you enough sun to keep
                                                                                     ence together, participate in an Inter-
  serve Center was located. Marines          your attitude bright not matter
                                                                                     Club, attend a few workshops and then be
  have conducted successful nation-          how gray the day may appear.
                                                                                     back home the same day. The conference
  wide campaigns at Christmas each          I wish you enough rain to appreci-      promotes fellowship as well as provides an
  year since 1948.                           ate the sun even more.                  opportunity to learn more about Kiwanis.
     The initial objective that remains     I wish you enough happiness to             A Division Council Meeting (DCM) is
  the hallmark of the program today is       keep your spirit alive and ever-        a meeting in which the clubs within the
  to “bring the joy of Christmas to          lasting.                                Division come together and are given the
  America’s needy children”.                I wish you enough pain so that          opportunity to network; share experiences
     Become a part of this proud tradi-      even the smallest joys in life may      and best practices; and promote upcom-
                                             appear bigger.                          ing club events.
  tion by donating new unwrapped
  toys.                                                                                 Conventions: The Kiwanis family is too
                                            I wish you enough gain to justify
                                                                                     large to gather at one time. So represent-
     Take them to our Kiwanis Meeting.       your wanting.
                                                                                     atives from the Kiwanis family meet at
     Our Key Clubs at Sheldon High          I wish you enough loss to appreci-      conventions to conduct organizational
  School and Pleasant Grove High             ate all that you possess.               business, elect board members, amend
  School will be participating.             I wish you enough hellos to get         bylaws and conduct leadership training
     Since the Marine Reserve Unit has       you through the final good-bye.         etc. These conventions are generally held
  been deployed the Key Clubbers will                                                annually at the district and International
  be sorting the toys.                                                               levels.                                            4
                     Charter member                                                Interclub Calendar
             Corbitt Henry Stuart 1932-2011
                                          “A really good guy. I feel fortu-
                                       nate to have known him and to
                 to Sacramento Bee
                                       have shared in the development of
                 for some of this
                                       our community service organiza-
                                       tion, the Kiwanis Club, with him.
                 Corbitt Henry
                                          Editor’s comment: “Everyone
                 Stuart died No-
                                       liked Corbitt. He was a hard work-
                 vember 1, 2011 at
                                       er, and I recall he was once our         Report from Interclub Chair
                 his home in Ban-
                                       club’s treasurer.”                              Patty Favero:
don, Oregon of an apparent heart
                                          After his retirement Corbitt split
attack at the age 79.                                                            Please add to calendar and
                                       his time between two homes: his
  Corbitt Stuart was a charter                                                       plan on attending!
                                       Bandon Oregon home where he
member of our club. He lived at                                                DCM Host Club: Citrus Heights
                                       loved and participated in the local
7012 Colina Lane, Rancho Murieta.
                                       Lions Club and his Casa Grande           Oak Ave. Free Methodist Church
  Corbitt Stuart graduated from
                                       Arizona home where he enjoyed            8790 Oak Avenue, Orangevale
Eureka High Class of 1951. After
                                       four-wheeling with his friends and       Monday, December 12, 2011
graduating Corbitt enlisted in the
                                       neighbors.                               5:30 p.m. $10 for dinner.
Air Force and served honorably as
                                          Corbitt lived life to its fullest;    New members: attendance at
an aircraft mechanics instructor
                                       where ever he was peoples' lives         the DCM is a requirement to get
until his discharge in 1955.
                                       were made richer and they blessed        your “gold name tag”.
   Corbitt retired as a supervisor
                                       for knowing him.
with the San Juan Unified School
                                          Corbitt H. Stuart will forever be
District Electronics Department
                                       missed!                                           Think ink!
after 34 years of service in 1991.
                                          Corbitt was preceded in passing
  He and his wife Dee would winter
                                       by his mother Maybell Stuart who                   Recycle your ink/
in Arizona.
                                       gave birth to him on October 8,                    LASER/toner cartridg-
  Corbitt loved working with his
                                       1932, by his father Ray Stuart,                    es. Turn in at Rancho
hands and was a jack of all trades
                                       his son Michael Stuart, his                        Murieta Business Cen-
                                       daughters (through marriage)                       ter or given to Jack
  Susan Sozzi comments: “Corbitt
                                       Lynda Muzzy and Deena Muzzy                        Seigal at meetings.
was a member of our Kiwanis Club
                                       all of California.
for many years before moving to                                                           They will be turned
                                          Corbitt Stuart is survived by his
Oregon and Arizona. He was truly                                                          into our Kiwanis Fami-
                                       wife of 43 years, Dolores “Dee” J.
one of the great guys that helped                                                         ly House.
                                       Stuart of Bandon, Oregon; brother
to build our club.”
                                       William 'Bill' Stuart; sisters            It makes “cents” to recycle for
  Pamela Haines remembers: “It
                                       Edythe Vaissade and Shirley Stu-        the environment and for our Kiwa-
was Corbitt's idea to do the high-
                                       art; his sons Bobby Stuart,             nis Family House income.
way pickup adjacent to our com-
                                       James Stuart, Tom Stuart and
munity. (Caltrans’ Adopt a Highway
                                       Greg Muzzy; his daughters Vickie
                                       Seames and Michelle Marquez,                   Collect labels!
  “Our Kiwanis Club received a
                                       all of California.                                Support
‘Volunteer of the Year"‘ award from
                                          Corbitt Stuart is also survived            Cosumnes River
                                       by 26 grandchildren and 16 or
  “The Seniors Mens Club joined in                                                 Elementary School!
                                       more great-grandchildren.
our efforts in a cooperative effort.
When Corbitt left the community, a
couple of us continued the effort
but we finally turned it over com-
pletely to the Seniors Men's Club.
  “I remember a big guffaw when I
commented in a meeting that Cor-
bitt had the biggest and best tool
(big laugh drowned out the last
word) box.
  “He really did have every tool
imaginable in the big silver box on                                            Deposit items at collec-
his truck and he was always willing
                                                                                 tion boxes at Plaza
to help a neighbor.
                                                                                   Foods and RMA

                                                 ter communities.
           Unofficial                                                                            December’s
                                               To cooperate in creating and
       History of Kiwanis                         maintaining that sound public                  Special Days
                                                  opinion and high idealism which
     The organiza-                                make possible the increase of                    December 8th
  tion originated in                              righteousness, justice, patriotism,        Enlightenment of Buddha
  August of 1914 in                               and goodwill.
  Detroit, Michigan                              By 1927 the organization had
  from a conversation between Allen           more than 100,000 members.
  S. Browne and Joseph G. Prance.                Kiwanis limited its membership to
     Browne's idea was to solicit busi-       the United States and Canada until
  ness and professional men asking            1962, when worldwide expansion
  them if they would be interested in         was approved. Since then, Kiwanis
  organizing a fraternal organization         has spread to all inhabited conti-          In 535 BCE Siddhartha Gautama,
  with a health benefit feature.              nents of the globe.                       reached enlightenment and assumed
     Brown was compensated five dol-             The original purpose of Kiwanis        the title of Buddha, (one who is
  lars per new member that joined for         was to exchange business between          awakened).
  his operating budget.                       members and to serve the poor.
                                                                                                  December 20th
  Browne and Prance set out and re-              The debate as to whether to focus
                                              on networking or service was re-
                                                                                              Hanukkah (Chanukah)
  cruited enough members to apply to                                                         Starts Sundown Dec. 20th
  the state for a not for profit status.      solved in 1919, when Kiwanis adopt-
     The Kiwanis Club of Detroit is the       ed a service-focused mission. Each
  original local club in Kiwanis.             year, clubs sponsor nearly 150,000
     The state approved the application       service projects and raise more than
  on January 21, 1915 and The Su-             $107 million.
  preme Lodge Benevolent Order                   As a global project in coordination
  Brothers was formed.                        with UNICEF, members and clubs              This festival celebrates the defeat
     Kiwanis became international with        contributed more than $80 million         of the vast Selucid Greek army by a
  the organization of the Kiwanis club        toward the global elimination of io-      handful of Jews. And the rededication
  of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in            dine deficiency disorders (IDD), the      of the defiled temple when the Meno-
  1916.                                       leading preventable cause of mental
                                                                                        rah stayed light for eight days with a
     The name was changed to Kiwanis          retardation.
                                                                                        day’s supply of oil.
  a year later. The name “Kiwanis”               Beginning in 2010 Kiwanis Interna-
                                                                                          Hanukkah begins at sunset on
  was coined from an Otchipew Native          tional joined with the World Health
                                                                                        Tuesday, December 20, 2011, and
  American expression, "Nunc Kee-             Organization to launch a new world-
                                                                                        ends at sunset on Wednesday, De-
  wanis", variously translated as "we         wide health initiative, Project ELIMI-
                                              NATE                                      cember 28, 2011.
  trade," "we share our talents," "we
  make a noise," or "we meet."                   ELIMINATE, dedicated to wiping                      Dec. 25th
     The six permanent Objects of Ki-         out maternal and neonatal tetanus                      Christmas
  wanis International were approved           (MNT), which kills more than
  by Kiwanis club delegates at the            100,000 babies worldwide each year.                   The annual holiday
  1924 Convention in Denver, Colora-             Until 1988 the organization accept-                commemoration of the
  do.                                         ed only men as members. By action                     birth of Jesus Christ.
    To give primacy to the human             of the International Convention in
      and spiritual rather than to the        1987, the rules were changed to ad-
      material values of life.                mit women as well.
                                                                                                 Dec 26th– Jan 1st
    To encourage the daily living of                                                                Kwanzaa
      the Golden Rule in all human rela-         “It’s beginning to sound
      tionships.                                   a lot like Christmas!”
    To promote the adoption and the
      application of higher social, busi-                      24/7
      ness, and professional standards.
    To develop, by precept and exam-
      ple, a more intelligent, aggres-
      sive, and serviceable citizenship.
    To provide, through Kiwanis                                                          This nonreligious African-American
      clubs, a practical means to form            On your                               holiday draws on African tradition
      enduring friendships, to render             FM dial                               related to harvest celebrations.
      altruistic service, and to build bet-                                               6
                                         of the third grad in:                  In response, many
     Dictionary Project                    Cosumnes River Elementary         students have writ-
                                              School.                         ten thank you letters
                                           C.W. Dillard Elementary School,   to us.
  Earlier the school year (y)our Ki-                                            Selected below is
wanis Club of Rancho Murieta Foun-                                            one of typical letters
dation distributed dictionaries to all
                                           Sierra Enterprise Elementary
                                              School.                         received.

                                           microwaveable bowl and microwave
     Kiwanis Cuisine                       for 15 seconds, stir and microwave
       By Sondra Schulz                    for an additional 15 seconds (or until
                                             Drizzle the chocolate sauce over
                                           the cheesecake.
                                             To add holiday flare, crush pepper-
                                           mint candies and sprinkle on top or
                                           add shaved chocolate to the top.
                        Wishing all of          Too Much Chocolate Cake
                      you a very hap-       The name fits this cake perfectly
                      py and blessed         Serves 12
                      holiday season.         1 package devil's food cake mix
                        Sondra                1 (5.9 ounce) package instant
                                                 chocolate pudding mix
  I decided most of you are experts at          1 cup sour cream
Thanksgiving dishes, but may need a                                                        A treat fit for Santa
few more ideas for using chocolate…my
                                                1 cup vegetable oil
favorite food!!!                                4 eggs

   Quick Chocolate Cheese Cake                  1/2 cup warm water                  ½ cup brown sugar, ½ cup white
                Serves 12                       2 cups semisweet chocolate          sugar; beat in 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon
                                                 chips                               vanilla; sift and stir in 1 cup, plus 2
    1 cup chocolate wafer crumbs                                                    tablespoons, sifted all-purpose
                                              Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
    1/4 cup butter                                                                  flour, ½ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon
                                           In a large bowl, mix together the
                 Filling:                                                            baking soda; stir in ½ cup chopped
                                           cake and pudding mix, sour cream,
    3-8oz. packages of cream cheese       oil, beaten eggs and water. Stir in       nutmeats (walnuts, pecans or other
    1 1/4 cups sugar                      the chocolate chips and pour batter       favorite nuts) and ½ cup semisweet
    1 cup sour cream                      into a well greased 12 cup Bundt          chocolate chips.
    1 tsps vanilla                        pan.                                         Drop the batter from a teaspoon,
                                              Bake for 50 to 55 minutes or until     well apart, onto a greased cookie
    1/2 cup cocoa
                                           top is springy to the touch and a         sheet. Bake about 9-10 minutes.
    1 Tbl all purpose flour
                                           wooden toothpick inserted comes out          Mom’s Notes: Use a 15-gauge
    3 eggs                                                                          cookie sheet to ensure even baking
       Quick chocolate Drizzle:               Cool cake thoroughly in pan at         and only bake one batch at a time…
   1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate           least an hour and a half before in-       time-consuming, yes, but you will
     pieces                                verting onto a plate. If desired, dust    be happier with the end result.
   2 tsp butter                           the cake with powdered sugar.                The first batch of cookies will
                                              Note: Raspberry coulis would be        take slightly longer to bake because
                                           excellent on this cake. I suggest you     the cookie sheet is cold.
  Prepare chocolate crumb crust
  Combine chocolate crumbs with but-       put it on the individual servings and        Wipe down the baking sheet in
  ter and press onto the bottom of a 9-    top with whipped cream!                   between each batch of cookies and
  inch spring form pan.                       If you spoon it over the entire cake   re-grease after every few batches.
  Preheat oven to 450 degrees.             be sure every morsel is eaten, as the     Almost forgot, if you are using un-
  Beat cream cheese and sugar until        cake will become mushy.                   salted butter, use the entire ½ tsp.
  well blended. Add sour cream and                 Chocolate Chip Cookies            of salt called for in the recipe, oth-
  vanilla. Beat until blended. Beat in                                               erwise use maybe ¼ tsp.
                                              (From the Joy of Cooking and my
  coca and flour. Beat in eggs, 1 at a     Mom’s kitchen!!!!!)                          My Mom bakes exclusively with
  time, until blended. Pour mixture into                                             unsalted butter.
                                              My Mom has been making these
  crust.                                   cookies every year at Christmas time         This just in from my Facebook
  Bake at 450 for 10 minutes. Reduce       for 25+ years.                            Foodie Group:
temperature to 250 degrees. Bake for          Recently I made them for the first        Chocolate Covered Gummy
40 minutes.                                time and my husband said they taste       Bears
  Remove from oven to a wire rack.         just like my Mom’s…YAHOO!!!!                 Melt milk, dark or white choco-
With a knife, loosen cake from side of        About Forty-Five 2-inch Cook-          late in a double boiler. Dip gummy
pan. Cool completely. Remove side of       ies                                       bears in chocolate, put on a tray
pan.                                                                                 covered with wax paper, put in
                                            Preheat oven to 375
  Prepare chocolate drizzle.                                                         fridge until chocolate is set. Easy
                                               Cream ½ cup unsalted butter;
Place chocolate pieces and butter in a                                               to make and hard to keep on hand.
                                            add gradually and beat until creamy                                              8
                                        all, that is how it became tradition-      There were also plenty of vege-
        The First                       al, right?                              tables to go around. That probably
      Thanksgiving                         Well, the Pilgrims ate some of
                                        these foods, particularly turkey,
                                                                                included corn, but not the way we
                                                                                think of it. In those days, the corn
                                                               but some         was not good to eat from the cob
   During this Thanksgiving season,                            things like      the way we eat it today. Back
we have much to be thankful for. I                             sweet pota-      then, corn was removed from the
am thankful for Sondra Schulz,                                 toes and         corn and turned into cornmeal,
who faithfully submits recipes and                             pumpkin pie      which was then cooked into corn-
food tips for Kiwanis Kronicle.                                were not on      bread (that resembled pancakes),
   But think back as to the tradi-                             the menu.        a kind of corn mush, or pudding.
tions of the holiday, before the                               This is a de-    Other vegetables that were likely
advice of Sondra Schulz, what did                              scription of     to be on the tables during that
the Pilgrims have?                      what historians believe was eaten       Thanksgiving were onions and
   Historians are certain of only two   at the first Thanksgiving celebra-      pumpkins.
elements to the meal: wild fowl         tion.                                      There were probably no sweets
and venison. This information is           One thing we know is that there      at all. The Pilgrims had brought
from Edward Winslow’s “A Jour-          was plenty of food at the first         sacks of sugar with them when
nal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth”:       Thanksgiving. This celebration          they came from England, but the
   "Our harvest being gotten in, our    lasted for at least three days, so it   sugar was probably gone by that
governor sent four men on fowling,      was different from the one meal         time. Even if they did have sugar,
that so we might after a special        deal that we usually think of when      it would only be used for sweeten-
manner rejoice together after we        we think about Thanksgiving.            ing. For example, sweetening the
had gathered the fruit of our la-       There were breakfasts, lunches,         corn mush that was served for
bors. They four in one day killed as    and snacks as well as the big buf-      breakfast. They did make pumpkin
much fowl as, with a little help be-    fet dinner that we picture the Pil-     pudding, so a little of the sugar
side, served the company almost a       grims sitting around.                   might have gone to sweeten the
week.                                      The 1621 event was actually          pudding, but because there were
   “At which time, among other          more of a harvest celebration than      no ovens for baking, pumpkin pie
recreations, we exercised our           one of thanksgiving. The colonists      was a long way off. The Indians
arms, many of the Indians coming        were so glad that the recent            used molasses for sweetening so
                amongst us, and         drought was over that they felt like    there may have been molasses at
                among the rest their    partying.                               the party.
                greatest king Massa-       Historians believe that the Native      Cranberries had not been intro-
                soit, with some nine-   Americans (the Wampanoag)               duced at that time. There were
                ty men, whom for                        weren’t actually in-    currents available, so they may
                three days we enter-                    vited to the feast.     have eaten some of these sweet
                tained and feasted,                     They just showed up     fruits, which were traditionally
and they went out and killed five                       to investigate what     baked into a dinner item called
deer, which they brought to the                         all the shooting was    English Cheese Pie.
plantation and bestowed upon our                        about. Once they           What else did they find on the
governor, and upon the captain,                         realized the Europe-    dinner table?
and others.                                             ans were killing           Much of the meal most likely
   “And although it be not always       game for a feast, they got in on        consisted of seafood. We know
so plentiful as it was at this time     the action and added their own          that the local waters provided fish
with us, yet by the goodness of         contributions.                          like cod and bass, which could
God, we are so far from want that          We know that meat was plentiful      have been eaten fresh or dried and
we often wish you partakers of our      at the first Thanksgiving. There        cured with salt. The ocean and ad-
plenty."                                were also plenty of birds killed dur-   jacent rivers also
   When we think about Thanksgiv-       ing that time. The same journal         provided lobster,
ing dinner, there are certain food      records that enough fowl was killed     oysters, mussels,
items that come to mind. We think       to feed the whole party (53 Pil-        clams, and eels.
of turkey, stuffing, cranberries,       grims and 90 Indians) for a week.          Seals also frequented the waters
sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie.        We know that the Pilgrims of that       near Plymouth, and they provided
We generally think about this as        time also ate dried meat and plen-      a food source, as well. Rabbits
the traditional Thanksgiving dinner     ty of fish as well as eel and lob-      from nearby fields and woods
and probably assume that the Pil-       ster. These meats were the bulk of
grims ate a similar dinner. After       what was eaten during the cele-               (Continued on page 10)

           The First                                                Circle K organized at
         Thanksgiving                                               Folsom Lake College

        (Continued from page 9)

  probably ended up on the table,
    Most historians state that the
  colonists had brought chickens,
  pigs, and goats with them on their
  voyage to the New World, but we
  don’t know how many of these
  were left after that first winter. If
  any hens were still alive by the
  autumn of 1621, the first Thanks-
  giving could have included eggs. If
  any of the goats had survived,
  cheese could have graced the din-         along with blueberries, which would                      Our Kiwanis Club in
  ner table, also.                          have been dried. The Wompanoags                          joint partnership is
    Most of the grain they had was in       and the colonists sometimes used                         sponsoring a Circle
  the form of corn, which by that time      cranberries in their                                     K club in Folsom
  of the year would have been dried         cooking to add tart-                      College (Los Rios Community
  and ground into meal. The corn            ness, but they al-                        College District).
  meal could have been used for sim-        most certainly                               The prime movers from our
  ple breads, and it was almost cer-        weren’t made into jelly The fruits        club are Paul Gumbinger and
  tainly used as a thickening agent in      might have been sweetened with            Dr. Phil Fitch.
  other dishes, like stews, puddings,       honey or maple syrup, however.               Circle K is a program of Kiwa-
  and sauces.                                  The meal was probably rounded          nis International for college stu-
                                            out with walnuts, hickory nuts,           dents.
                                            chestnuts, and acorns from the               Its mission is developing col-
                                            nearby forests.                           lege and university students into
                                               Most of the dishes were probably       a global network of responsible
                                            seasoned with salt, cinnamon, gin-        citizens and leaders with a life-
                                            ger, liverwort, leeks, nutmeg, and        long commitment to service.
                                            pepper. The colonists probably still      CKI operates on an international,
                                            had stores of olive oil left from their   district and club level. More than
                                            stores. In addition, the Native           12,600 members make up about
                                            Americans perhaps added dried na-         500 clubs in 30 districts and 18
                                            tive herbs and roots to otherwise         nations.
                                            bland dishes to season them.                 The potential of CKI lies in its
                                               If you want to have a real tradi-      ability to positively influence
                                            tional Thanksgiving this year, forget     members of society who are fac-
    Likely vegetables would have in-        about the mashed potatoes, sweet          ing ultimate personal decisions
  cluded pumpkins, which were gen-          potatoes, pies, and cakes.                and those who will one day cre-
  erally made into a stew. Other veg-          Instead, serve eels, roasted           ate the vision of mankind for
  etables available were dried beans        crane, dried beans, and stewed            generations to come.
  and peas, along with cool weather         pumpkin.                                     Leadership opportunities afford
  crops like lettuces, collards, turnips,      Challenge your pals to a foot race     CKI members the resources and
  spinach, parsnips, radishes, squash-      for traditional entertainment. This       tools needed to become active
  es, cabbages, carrots, and onions.        way, you’re sure to be relieved of        citizens.
    Fruits available at the time were       your hosting responsibilities next
  white and red grapes and plums,           Thanksgiving!                                             10
        “Flare” says...                                                                   Special Days
                                                                                         December 8th
                                                                                   Enlightenment of Buddha
                                              Use the proper fuel (seasoned
                                               hardwood, pellets, and gas/
                                               propane) for your type of sys-
                                              Never use gasoline, kerosene,
                                               or other flammable liquids to
                                               start a fire.
                                                                                    In 535 BCE Siddhartha Gauta-
                                              Fireplaces should have a sturdy    ma, reached enlightenment and
                                               screen across the front to pre-
                                                                                  assumed the title of Buddha,
  As the weather has turned colder,            vent embers from flying or logs
                                               from rolling out.                  (one who is awakened).
Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
has seen a significant seasonal spike         Follow the manufacturer’s in-            December 20th
in fireplace related emergencies. Re-          structions carefully. Many “non-     Hanukkah (Chanukah)
member to place discarded fireplace            masonry” fireplace/chimney
                                               units have limitations on the
                                                                                   Starts Sundown Dec. 20th
ashes in a metal container away from
the house until they cool. Depending           amount of heat they can safely
on the depth of the ash, it can take           withstand.
several days to cool. Do not discard          Do not discard your ashes into
ashes in a plastic trash container             any combustible container such
against the house.                             as a paper or plastic bag, a
                                               cardboard box, or a plastic          This festival celebrates the de-

                                               trash can.                         feat of the vast Selucid Greek ar-
                                              When clearing ashes from the       my by a handful of Jews. And the
                                               fireplace, be sure to put them     rededication of the defiled temple
                                               into a metal container with a      when the Menorah stayed light for
                                               lid.                               eight days with a day’s supply of
                                              Install both a smoke detector      oil.
                                               and carbon monoxide detector         Hanukkah begins at sunset on
                                               and make sure the batteries        Tuesday, December 20, 2011,
                                                                                  and ends at sunset on Wednesday,
                                              Keep your can outside the
                                                                                  December 28, 2011.
                                               home, away from your fireplace
   Remember to open your fire place
damper prior to starting a fire. Re-
                                               or stove. Do not place ash con-                     Dec. 25th
                                               tainers on decks, porches, or in                    Christmas
member to clean your fireplace chim-
ney. The purpose of chimney cleaning
                                              Pour water into ash containers                 The annual holiday
is to remove flammable deposits such
as soot and creosote from the interior         to make sure the ashes are                     commemoration of
walls of a chimney. If these deposits          cool.                                          the birth of Jesus
are allowed to build up, they will even-      Teach all family members to be                 Christ.
tually ignite and cause a chimney fire.        safe with ashes from your fire-
The National Fire Protection Agency            place or wood-burning stove.             Dec 26th– Jan 1st
(NFPA) recommends that a chimney              Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
be inspected annually to determine if          Make sure it is up-to-date.
cleaning or repairs are necessary, and
more often with heavy use.
                                                                                              This nonreligious Afri-
                                                                                              can-American holiday
                Safety Tip:
                                                                                              draws on African tra-
      Fireplaces & Fireplace Ashes
                                                                                              dition related to har-
  A spark arrestor across the top of
                                                                                              vest celebrations.
     a chimney will prevent sparks from
     igniting your roof.

                                                  December is                       History of See’s Candy
                                                  “Be kind to                         Throughout the
                                                                                   history of See's
                                               reindeers month”                    Candies, Mary
                                                                                   See has symbol-
                                                                                   ized the old-
      Got worn Christmas                                            Kerry Jack-    fashioned virtues
           lighting?                                              son or Post-     of homemade
      Upgrading to LCD’s?                                         master Arron     quality and
                                                                  Sills can        friendly service.
                                                                  assist you at    Her original reci-
                                                                  the US Postal    pes are savored
                                                                  Service.         by millions to this day.
                                                                                      When Charles See arrived in Los
                                                                    Drop off a     Angeles from Canada in 1921 to try
                                                                  Toys for Tots    his hand at the confection business,
                                                                  donation while   he decided that no image would bet-
                                                                  there.           ter reflect the personality of his
                                                                                   fledgling venture than that of his
                                                                                   mother. Apart from using her reci-
     Donate them to Lights for Life                                                pes as a foundation, See knew that
  Inc. Ryan Walker of Rancho                                                       keeping things in the family was the
  Murieta Ace Hardware is holding                                                  only way to bring about the kind of
  the donation box.                                                                lovingly crafted product he desired.
     Lights for Life Inc. helps kids                                                  See along with his mother and his
  with cancer by recycling old and                                                 wife, Florence, opened the first
  broken holiday string lights.                                                    See's Candies shop and kitchen on
     How can old holiday string lights      Greg
                                                                                   Western Avenue in Los Angeles in
  help kids with cancer?                    Nelson can
                                                                                   November of 1921. The sparkling
     Holiday string lights contain cop-   assist you
                                                                                   clean, black and white shop was
  per, a valuable commodity. It col-      with shipping
                                                                                   designed to resemble Mary See's
  lects the string lights (and other      at the Ran-
                                                                                   home kitchen.
  items that contain copper) and          cho Murieta                                  See's was able to grow steadily
  sells them to a recycling company.      Business                                 from that first shop in Los Angeles
     The proceeds go directly to a        Center.                                  to twelve shops by the mid-1920's
  family who has a child with cancer.                                              and thirty shops during the depres-
     It’s that easy! And it’s good for      Buy some                               sion. By 1936, See's expanded to
  the environment! Keep valuable          See’s Candy                              San Francisco.
  commodities out of landfills, and       when you are                                Mary See died in 1939 at the age
  help kids with cancer! It’s a win-      there.                                   of 85, but the company's ability to
  win situation.                                                                   adjust to changing times kept it
                                                                                   going strong throughout the dec-
                                                                                   ades to come.
            Ag Report                        Remember that while all tange-
                                                                                      Following World War II, See's
                                          rines are mandarins, not all manda-
         Davis Ranch has                                                           Candy Shops grew as California
                                          rins are tangerines.
          Mandarins and                                                            grew, and the See's family contin-
         Christmas Trees                                                           ued the tradition, opening up shops
                                                                                   throughout the state. In the 50's,
                                                                                   See's established itself with the new
                                                                                   and growing phenomenon of shop-
                                                                                   ping malls. See's old-fashioned
                                                                                   black and white shops, enjoying a
                                            Davis Ranch is now selling Christ-     visit to a time past where service
                                          mas trees. Cut your own will be          was paramount.
                                          $35@ plus tax.                              In 1972, the See's family sold the
                                            The Nobles (coming in from Ore-        company to Berkshire Hathaway
                                          gon) will be priced by the foot.         Inc., (Warren Buffett).
                                            Christmas trees will be sold until        Warren Buffett’s favorite candy
                                          Christmas eve.                           is the Peanut Brittle.                                            12
                      Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated
                   to changing the world one child and one community at a time.

                                          December 2011
      Sun             Mon              Tue            Wed               Thu               Fri              Sat
                                                  Note: Board      1  7:00 a.m.      2                3
                                                  meetings of      Meeting
                                                  the club and     Candy Chand
                                                  foundation       Ethiopian
                                                  begin after      Tribes
                                                  the club
                                                  meeting on
                                                  Dec. 15th

  4               5                6              7                8                 9 6:00 p.m.      10   Lunar
                                                                                     Holm’s           eclipse
                                                                                     Holiday          begins 4:33
                                                                                     Social           a.m.

  11              12               13             14               15   7:00 a.m.    16               17  6:00 pm
                                                                   Meeting                            Holiday
                                                                   Special                            Luau at
                                                                   Christmas                          George and
                                                                   Program                            Ginny’s
                                                                   Santa Claus
                                                                   will be there.

  18              19               20             21               22                23               24
                                   Hanukkah       Winter
                                   begins at      begins 9:30
                                   sundown        p.m.

  25              26               27             28               29                30               31
  Christmas       Kwanzaa                                                                             New Year’s
                  begins                                                                              Eve

                                          Calendars and one of seven            sus or holly. December's birth-
                                          months with the length of 31          stones are turquoise, lapis lazuli,
                                          days. December starts on the          zircon, topaz (blue), or tanzanite.
                                          same day as September every              December is the month with the
                                          year and ends on the same day         shortest daylight hours of the year
                                          as April every year.                  in the Northern Hemisphere and
                                             In Latin, “decem” means "ten".     the longest daylight hours of the
                                          December was also the tenth           year in the Southern Hemisphere.
                                          month in the Roman calendar un-          December in the Northern Hemi-
                                          til a month less winter period was    sphere is the seasonal equivalent
                                          divided between January and Feb-      to June in the Southern Hemi-
  December is the 12th and last month     ruary.                                sphere and vice versa.
of the year in the Julian and Gregorian      December's flower is the narcis-


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