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					                                                                   Quiz Questions
                                                                   1. A mirage is caused by a) sunlight hitting your retina b) your
                                                                   mind playing tricks due to dehydration or c) the refraction of
                                                                   light creating an image of water.
                                                                   2. Does sound travel faster through water or air?
                                                                   3. What is a contrail?
                                                                   4. What is the fastest growing plant in the world?
                                                                   5. True or false? A microwave oven consumes more electricity
                                                                   powering its digital clock all day than it does heating an
                                                                   average person's meal.

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                  NEWSLETTER No. 23
               Wednesday 14th October 2009
                     Term 4 - Week 2
               Weekly Circulation - 84 families
                   Anti Poverty Week
                                                                    Maureen watches as Beccy and John plant another tree
                                                                   My Gold Coast Holiday
Birthdays                                                          Day 1- We are off on our holiday. I saw some emus on the Hay
November                                                           plains and we drive all the way to Bathurst. Day 2- We drove
5       Jackson turns 11                                           on the Bathurst race track and stayed at Glenn Innes for the
                                                                   night. We had fish and chips for tea and saw a really mean
Calendar 2009                                                      guard dog in a car. Day 3- We arrived at Queensland. Palm
October                                                            Beach is interesting. We stayed at the Royal Palms. Day 4-
19-23 Ballarat ‘Pax Hill’ school camp                              We swam in the sea and shopped at Pacific Fair. It was fun
November                                                           and I got a pretty dress. Day 5- We went to White Water World
3          Melbourne Cup Holiday                                   and Dream World and there was a big dust storm.
11         Remembrance Day Ceremony                                Day 6-We went to Sea World and saw dolphins, seals and
25         School Council                                          sharks. Day 7- We went to Movie World. I saw a lot of
30         Swimming Week One pm                                    characters. I got a dog tag and had my face painted.
December                                                           Day 8- We went for a long walk on the beach and collected
8          School Council                                          shells. Day 9- We went to Australia Zoo and saw Terri, Bindi
10         Swan Hill College Orientation Day                       and Bob. Day 10- We went to Surfers Paradise and swam at
14         Swimming Week Two pm                                    the beach and played mini golf. Day 11- We went back to
15         Carols Night & Santa                                    Dream World and got slimed and rode the Hydro Coaster.
18         Swimming Barbecue Break Up                              Day 12- We went to the movies and watched ‘Up’. We looked
18         Dismiss 2.30pm                                          at the rock pools at Currumbin. Day 13- We left the Gold
                                                                   Coast, (SAD!!) and stayed at Moree. We swam in the hot spa.
From The Calendar Pad                                              Day 14- We left Moree and went to Dubbo Zoo. We stayed at
If science has taught us anything, it is that the environment is   Parkes. Day 15- Back home! By Simone Steer
full of uncertainties. Prince Charles
Never to suffer would have been never to have been blessed.
Edgar Allan Poe
A meeting consists of a group of people who have little to say -
until after the meeting. P K Shaw

From the Principal’s Desk
Welcome back to term 4 and some blustery, cooler weather.
Our interior painting has been completed and our school is
clean and fresh inside and looks a treat. Our grounds have
benefited from the rain and there are parrots everywhere
nesting in our bird boxes.
Our happy campers depart early Monday morning for Pax Hill
scout campsite in Ballarat and will be back Friday evening.
Everyone is looking forward to Monday as it is six years since
we last camped at Ballarat.
Our painters are due to finish off the outside of our buildings
over the next few weeks.
Congratulations to our University of NSW, ICAS winners.
Ethan was awarded Distinctions for Science, Maths and               Kristy spoke about the Seed Bank and gave out samples
English, Zac received an English Credit and Hayley received
Science and Maths Credits. What a great achievement from           On the holidays I went to the Swan Hill show. At the show I
our small school!                                                  saw Gabby. First Gabby and I went on the Cha cha, and then
we went on the Tilt and the Cha cha again. We went in the
maze of mirrors and we couldn’t get out but then we found a
door that looked like a wall. At the show I watched the snake
show and I touched a crocodile and a snake. I got two
showbags. I had fun at the show. The next day it was my
cousin’s birthday so my cousins came to my house. He got a
DSI so I was playing my DSI and he was playing his DSI.
Gabby came to my house on the first week of the school
holidays and we watched some movies and played some
games. I had fun on the holidays. By Hayley

Weekly Table Points from Room 2 on 18th/09/09
Dylan & Trent           80
John & Seth             53
Ethan & Hayley          18
Lachie & Simone          7
Gabby & Jackson          6
Zac                      5

Weekly Table Points from Room 2 on 9th/10/09
Lachie & Trent          97
Hayley & Simone         54
Dylan & Gabby           34                                                            Ms Smith meets a carpet snake
Seth & Jackson          31
John & Ethan            25                                              Community News
Zac                      7                                                        Milo Cricket, Tooleybuc Cricket Club
                                                                           Thursday 29 /10/2009, From 4.30pm, $55 per child
Quiz Answers                                                                          Ph Norm Steer on 50305344
1. c) A mirage is caused when air near the ground is hotter
than air higher up. As light from the sun passes from cooler to                         PORTSEA CHILDREN’S CAMP
warmer air, it speeds up and is refracted upward, creating the                                   PIRA GROUP
image of water.                                                                                                   nd
                                                                        The Pira Group have vacancies for the 2 camp in Jan. 2010.
2. Sound travels through water three times faster than through                                th                th
                                                                        The dates are Jan. 10 , 2010 to Jan. 16 ,2010 (7 days). At the
air.                                                                    cost of $275.00 per child. Children between the ages of 9 to 12
3. It is the thin line of cloud that forms behind an aircraft at high                                                  st
                                                                                 are welcome. Closing date is October 1 2009.
altitudes. It is short for condensation trails and they are made                      Contact Nola Cook on 5030 2467 ah
by the exhaust of aircraft engines.
4. Bamboo - it can grow at speeds of 60 centimetres per day.            Tennis Coaching
5. True. Get in the habit of turning your microwave off at the
                                                                        Stephanie Henson will commence her tennis coaching for all
wall.                                                                                                                th
                                                                        primary school aged children on Thursday 12 November.
                                                                        Coaching will be held at the Nyah West tennis courts.
Did You Know?
                                                                        Coaching times will be 4pm – 4.30pm ages 6 years – 8 years;
Australians use over 10 million plastic bags per day, and only          4.30pm – 5pm ages 9 years – 11 years; 5pm – 5.30pm 12
recycle three per cent of them.
                                                                        years + Cost is $4 per session. For any enquiries please
                                                                        phone Stephanie after 4pm on 50302856.
Ellen Hayden’s Eurotour
Day 9 (08-06-09)                                                        For Sale
We drove over the alps today but these Alps had nothing on
                                                                        We are selling our old Ford F600 Tray Truck, 1966 model with
the Dolomites, which we will drive over in another week. We
                                                                        a 6cyl engine, 5 speed gear box, 2 speed diff, 9.00 X 20 Tyres,
have three stops today, Sisteron, Castellane and Grasse,                18' tray, Farm registered until May 2010. Registration Number
where we visit a perfume factory. French Perfume, lovely. It            11528F. Great restoration project. Good Original condition.
was really expensive so I couldn’t buy anything, but we could           $3,500. Phone Brett 0427 388255 or 03 50388255 (Piangil,
try as many of the perfumes as we liked. When we boarded
the bus an hour and a half later everyone smelt beautiful,
although it was a little overpowering. We stopped in Cannes
that night.

Tucka Talk
Portion Distortion
Children are born with the natural ability to recognise and react
to hunger/fullness signals. This means children will naturally
stop eating when they have had enough. Unfortunately our
society encourages us to eat until we are ‘stuffed full’ rather
than merely satisfied, so by the time we reach adulthood most
of us have long lost this ability.
It sounds simple, but the amount of food served up to us on a
plate affects how much we eat. Continually eating larger                            For Sale: A very original Ford F600
portion sizes than necessary can result in your child putting on
weight- even if the food they are consuming is reasonably
healthy. As adults, it is easy to forget that a child’s tummy is              PINK RIBBON DAY BREAKFAST
not as big as our own. Allow your children to serve themselves.           Pink Ribbon Day is your chance to help raise
They probably won’t serve a super-size portion on their own.             money and awareness for all Australian women
Encouraging children to ‘have just one more bite’ or ‘finish
everything on their plate’ is also not helpful. This simply                        affected by breast cancer.
encourages your children to override their fullness clues, which          MONDAY 26TH OCTOBER 2009, 8.00AM
can lead to a lifetime of overeating.                                    AT THE TOOLEYBUC CENTRAL SCHOOL
Sophie Hiuntley, Dietetics, Swan Hill District Health
                                                                                   ENTRY BY DONATION

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