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Mobile Application Promotion


Mobile Application promotion and marketing is mandatory for a novice or a mobile application development company in order to make the Mobile app known among the customers.

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									So, you have successfully developed and launched your dream Mobile Application.
 What next?

 How will people come to know about the mobile application you have developed with
  lot of efforts?

 How will you make them aware that something useful that your company has
  developed is waiting for them?

 There are billions of Mobile Apps floating in the app world. How are you going to
  make the actual users download yours?

The answer to all the above questions is Promotion and Marketing of your
Mobile Application. But this is not every one’s cup of tea. It can be a
backbreaking task for a Mobile Application Development Company or a
Novice who is not aware how to start and from where to start its marketing.
 Create pre launch buzz – Buzz about your “To be launched mobile application” on
   LinkedIn, Facebook ,Twitter and other Social Networking.

 How about offering your Mobile App “Free”– Make your mobile application
  available for free download and see the miracles.

 App Store, your good friend – Submit your mobile app in App store because that is
  the best place where people go and search for new applications.

 Get your Mobile App reviewed – Take review about your mobile application by
  submitting it into Mobile application review sites. This not only updates the users
  about your app but also help them deciding whether or not to download it.

 Spread it through Press Release – Market your mobile application using Press
  Release. These media Releases do wonders if you use them suitably. Press releases
  give your app an immediate visibility by reaching targeted users and increasing its
  awareness amongst the users.

 Email marketing, old but gold – As most of the people access their emails using
  mobile devices; you can easily promote your mobile app via e-mail marketing. Gather
  a list of users from database available on various sites and shoot an email showcasing
  your mobile app screenshots, features and technical specifications.
So, apply the above strategies in promoting your
favorite application and enjoy the success of your
           Dream Mobile Application
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