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									February 10, 2012                                              ( ) Action Required
                                                               (X) Informational
                                                                   Due Date: March 15, 2012


TO:           Educational Service District Superintendents
              School District Superintendents
              School Building Principals
              Online Learning Program Administrators

FROM:         Randy I. Dorn, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

RE:           Approved Multidistrict Online Providers, New Approval Eligibility for Online
              Providers, and Spring Approval Process

CONTACT:      Karl Nelson, Director, Digital Learning Department
              Karl.Nelson@k12.wa.us, (206) 616-9940
              Agency TTY number is (360) 664-3631

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has recently approved nine
multidistrict online providers. This communication contains the complete list of all approved
online providers.

This bulletin also contains new approval eligibility requirements for online providers. See
page 3 for more information.

Fall 2011 Approval Cycle Results

As required by RCW 28A.250, OSPI has completed an approval cycle for multidistrict online
school, course, and program providers in Washington State. Nine providers received
approval and will be listed along with existing approved providers on the “Approved
Provider” Web page on the Digital Learning Department (DLD) Web site:

The following is a full listing of all approved providers. The newly approved providers are
indicated by an asterisk (*). Note that some providers appear in more than one category.

Also, several providers approved this cycle had previously been approved, so they are not
new to the list but are indicated by two asterisks (**).
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February 10, 2012

Approved Online School Programs
   Bethel Online Academy
   Columbia Tech High
   Columbia Virtual Academy
   Federal Way Internet Academy**
   Insight School of Washington
   iQ Academy of Washington
   Marysville Online Virtual Education–MOVE-UP
   Oasis Alternative School*
   Olympia Regional Learning Academy (iConnect Academy)
   Spokane Virtual Learning**
   Vancouver Virtual Learning Academy
   Washington Academy of Arts and EV Online Learning
   Washington Virtual Academy–Monroe (9–12)
   Washington Virtual Academy–Omak (K–12)
   Washington Virtual Academy–Steilacoom (K–8)

Approved Online Course Providers
   Advanced Academics**
   Apex Learning**
   Aventa Learning
   Brigham Young University (BYU) Independent Study–Instructor-Guided Courses*
     Note: BYU’s Independent Study courses are offered in three formats: traditional
     paper based, student-paced online, and instructor-guided online. Only BYU
     Independent Study Instructor-Guided online courses meet Washington’s online
     course definition. BYU’s OSPI approval status, and the ability to claim online courses
     for state funding, is limited to these Instructor-Guided online courses, and it does not
     extend to BYU’s other offerings.
   DigiPen Institute of Technology Online Academies
   EdOptions Online Academy
   Federal Way Internet Academy**
   Florida Virtual School
   Giant Campus of Washington
   National Connections Academy
   Red Comet
   Spokane Virtual Learning**
   The American Academy**
   Virtual High School (VHS)
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February 10, 2012

Approved Online Program Providers
   Advanced Academics**
   Apex Learning**
   Aventa Learning
   EdisonLearning*
   EdOptions Online Academy
   Florida Virtual School
   Giant Campus of Washington
   Greenways Academy*
   K12, Inc.
   Kaplan Virtual Education
   National Connections Academy
   Northwest Allprep
   Spokane Virtual Learning**
   The American Academy**

New Approval Eligibility for Online Providers

WAC 392-502 requires online providers to be approved by the Office of Superintendent of
Public Instruction. Engrossed Substitute House Bill (ESHB) 2065 removed the requirement
that providers be “multidistrict” in order to be subject to approval, so many district programs
that were previously not subject to approval may now need to participate in the process. All
programs that meet the definition of an “online school program” are now subject to approval.

Beginning with the 2013–14 school year, only those online learning programs or courses
provided by approved online providers will qualify for state basic education funding, except
as provided for in the law. School districts currently operating online learning programs or
those intending to start new online learning programs should determine if their programs are
subject to this approval requirement.

Spring 2012 Approval Cycle

OSPI is also offering an opportunity for online providers to apply for approval beginning
February 15, 2012. The application forms and criteria will be available on the OSPI Web site
beginning February 15, 2012. Applications are due on March 15, 2012, at 5 p.m.

Does my program need to be reviewed?

Prior to ESHB 2065, only online providers considered to be “multidistrict” under RCW
28A.250 were subject to OSPI approval. Now, in addition to multidistrict online course and
program providers, all district online school programs must be approved in order for school
districts to claim state funding—regardless of their “multidistrict” status.
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February 10, 2012

Districts can use the guidance provided on the Approval Eligibility Web page to see if their
program qualifies for review: http://digitallearning.k12.wa.us/approval/process/eligibility.php.

OSPI’s Digital Learning Department staff is also available to help districts determine if their
program qualifies for review (http://digitallearning.k12.wa.us/contact.php).

What is the review process?

The review process is detailed at: http://digitallearning.k12.wa.us/approval/process/.
The criteria, process, application form, and directions for submitting the application will be
available on OSPI’s Digital Learning Department Web site by February 15, 2012.

Applications must be submitted electronically and are due March 15, 2012, by 5 p.m. The
application form may be edited online as many times as needed prior to the deadline.

Potential applicants should closely examine the full approval process timeline, as well as
the approval criteria and assurances:
     http://digitallearning.k12.wa.us/approval/process/timeline.php
     http://digitallearning.k12.wa.us/approval/process/criteria.php

Is there a streamlined process for programs that use approved providers?

District programs that use third-party online providers are eligible to use the affiliate
approval process to tie their approval to that of the approved provider. This affiliate approval
only covers online courses offered by OSPI-approved online providers. The district program
may not:
    Modify the content or instruction of the approved provider’s offerings.
    Offer to its students any online course offerings provided by any non-approved
        online providers.

For more information about this option, see:

What has changed in the approval process?

This is the fifth review process conducted by OSPI. Since the fall 2011 review cycle, OSPI
has made several changes to the criteria. Learn more about the updates at:
Page 5
February 10, 2012

What are the funding restrictions around online courses?

Beginning with the 2011–12 school year, school districts may claim state basic education
funding, to the extent otherwise allowed by state law, for students enrolled in online courses
or programs only if the online courses or programs are:
     Offered by an OSPI approved multi-district online provider; or
     Offered by a school district online learning program if the program serves students
       who reside within the geographic boundaries of the school district, including school
       district programs in which fewer than ten percent of the program's students reside
       outside the school district's geographic boundaries; or
     Offered by a regional online learning program where courses are jointly developed
       and offered by two or more school districts or an educational service district through
       an interdistrict cooperative program agreement.

Beginning with the 2013–14 school year, school districts may only claim state basic
education funding for student participation in online courses or programs school programs
that are offered by an approved provider.

Districts may claim state basic education funding for non-approved courses if the course
meets the criteria for district use of non-approved courses

How can we get help with this process?

OSPI will be offering several informational webinars for multidistrict online providers that
plan to apply. Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend. For more details, and to
register for a webinar, visit:

If you have any questions, please contact Karl Nelson at Karl.Nelson@k12.wa.us or
(206) 616-9940. The agency TTY number is (360) 664-3631.

K–12 EDUCATION                                                   STUDENT SUPPORT

Alan Burke, Ed.D.                                                Martin T. Mueller
Deputy Superintendent                                            Assistant Superintendent

Karl Nelson, Director
Digital Learning Department


OSPI provides equal access to all programs and services without discrimination based on sex, race, creed, religion,
color, national origin, age, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation including gender
expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or
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