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									Inova Health System

                Your 2012
       Health and Welfare Benefits

                      October 2011

New! Team Up for Health                           FOR HEALTH

• If you are enrolled in an Inova medical plan and complete the
  Aetna Simple Steps Health Assessment and the screenings, you
  will receive a credit of $5 per pay period – or $130 per year
• If your spouse/domestic partner is also enrolled in an Inova
  medical plan and also completes the assessment and screenings,
  you will receive an additional credit of $5 per pay period – or
  $260/year total
• Check the screening event schedule and FAQs on InovaNet:
  Employee Resources > Total Rewards > Team Up for Health

2012 Plan Changes
Per Pay Period Premiums
• No increase for dental
• No increase for medical, other than Aetna HMO (5% increase)
• All part-time employees will pay the same premiums regardless of
  whether you work 30-35 hours/week or 20-29 hours/week
• The same premium structure will apply to all Inova employees,
  regardless of business unit
Supplemental Life Insurance
• Supplemental life rates will be 10 percent lower (varies by age)
• The amount you will be able to buy will increase from 6x pay to 8x pay
• During the 2011 annual enrollment, you will be able to buy up one level
  without evidence of insurability (EOI) if you have not been denied
  coverage previously
• New online EOI processing is available (no forms to mail!)

2012 Plan Changes
Medical Plan
• PPO1 and PPO2 out-of-network deductibles will increase from
  $750/$1,500/$1,500 (PPO1) and $500/$1,000/$1,000 (PPO2) to
  $1,000/$2,000/$2,000 (employee/employee+1/family); out-of-pocket
  maximums for out-of-network usage will increase accordingly as well
• Emergency room copay will increase from $100 to $125
• PPO2 out-of-network per inpatient admission copay will increase from
  $750 to $1,000
Prescription Drugs
• Non-formulary brand retail copay will increase from $45 to $50
• Mail-order copays will increase from $15/$75/$110 to $18/$80/$135
  (generic/brand formulary/brand non-formulary)
• The penalty for continuing to use retail after the 3rd refill for maintenance drugs
  will increase from 2x the retail copay to 3x the retail copay
• The cost share for specialty drugs will be 10 percent up to $40 (retail) and $110
  (mail order); the penalty for using retail after the 1st fill will be 3x the retail copay

Annual Enrollment
 • To know your options and how the benefit options work, go to
 • To enroll or make changes to your 2012 Inova benefits, log on
   to www.inova.org\benefits
 • Annual enrollment is from Nov. 4–22
 • If you want to keep the same benefits you currently have, you
   do not need to re-enroll.
 • Your benefit elections will carry over into 2012, including
   contributions to an HSA or FSA


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