Craft Show Vendor List by jennyyingdi


									CRAFT SHOW 2009

  Booth #               Vendor Name                                      Items for Sale
    1       Janie Kellogg              Pashmina Shawls, asstd scarves, jewelry & sunglasses
    2       Nancy Schmidt              Ceramics
    3       Barbara Holland            Embroidery & Monogramming misc. items
    4       Susan Saunders             Handmade Vegan Friendly soaps, lotions, lip balms, etc.
    5       Stephanie Tarter           Scrapbook items, Photo Pendants, Framed Pages
    6       Doris Maxwell              Ornaments, Trees, Dollar Jewelry
    7       Jean Eary                  Fabric handbags, bible covers, table runners
    8       see #7
    9       Betty Wagnon               Breaddough ornaments
    10      Karla Galligan             Bottle cap necklace, emb. items
    11      see #10
    12      Dean & Ruth Hofer          Handmade writing instruments, perfume vials, toothpick holders
    13      Dahn Designs               Handmade Artisan jewelry-sterling,semi-precious & swarovski crystal
    14      Twisted Sisters            Pink Attitude T-Shirts & fashion jewelry
   14A      see #14
    15      Sally Wiltshire            Floral Arrangements
    16      Charlene Caver             Designer Look Handbags and Turquoise Coral jewelry
    17      Pat Jones                  Christian tote bags & purses, cell phone carriers
    18      TNT Special Sauces         Hot Sauces and Beef Jerky Gift Baskets
    19      He's All Boy               Boys Clothing & accessories - sizes 0- 6T
    20      Mary Peterson              Jewelry, Pens, Barrettes, Ornaments, etc.
    21      Vanessa Hart               Handpainted bowls, tin trays, pins, needlepoint
    22      Jan Garrison               Ceramic Crosses, Angels,- Home decor
    23      Cabot Creameries           Cheese Samples
    24      Angela Banks               Crochet Afghans - collegiate themed and others.
    25      see #26
    26      Sharon Johnson             Collectible Bells & Christmas items, candles
    27      Shirley Davis              Floral & Etc
    28      Kim Stacy                  Handmade crosses
    29      Barbara Lemire             Christmas Ornaments and Pens
    30      see #29
    31      Shawna Wright              Custom photographic art, canvas art, misc. paper products
    32      Dona Reeves/David Norman   Sock Monkeys, Dog stuff, dolls, scroll work
    33      see #32
    34      Lidia Bryan                h/made tree skirts,baby quilts, bibs, crochet,etc.
    35      Linda Harris               Dog Kerchiefs, Stockings, Collars, tea towels
    36      Kathleen Garza             Jewelry & Handbags
    37      See #36
    38      Denise Davis               Longabarger items, Holiday Giftables
    39      See #38
    40      Patricia Long              Bottlecap necklaces & magnets, keychains, hairbows
    41      Natural Health of Texas    Original Limu - Seaweed Health Drink
    42      Alice Skinner              HomeMade Dog Treats
    43      Pat Hazelwood              Wood - Yard Art - Floral
    44      Sandra Cameron             Girly Items
    45      See #44
    46      Jaime Taylor               Educational toys, books, games and music - birth to upper elementary
    47      Eleanor Noah               Handcrafted Christmas ornamnets, pillows, wallhangings, etc.
48   Fran & Mandi Brown           Jewelry - gems
49   Carol Jankowski Miche Bags   Purse w/interchangeable covers
50   Pat Castillo                 Women's & Kids Clothing, purses
51   see #50
52   Sharon Rowe Literati         plastic bookmark, bookmarker w/gemstones,lampwork beads
53   see #52
54   Bobby Womack                 Autographed Sports Memorabilia
55   Tawny Larsen                 Scentsy Wickless candles
56   Judy Lemons                  Handcrafted Jewelry & Holiday gift items
57   Precious Polkadots           Doll clothes & accessories for Am Girl Dolls, baby items
58   Angel Heart Embroidery       Personalized bags, towels, lunch packs & cups
59   see #58
60   Paula McCoy                  Ceramic giftware
61   Samantha Harsock             clothing for women and children
62   see #61
63   Elaine Gollay                Ladies Accessories - Jackets from Carolina
64   see #63
65   Carol Streichert             Framed button trees, handmade ornaments
66   Michelle Wu                  Sunglasses
67   Martha Romo                  Handmade linens, baby blankets, embroidered and crochet
68   Jessica Sanchez              Seasonal Woodwork & Decorative Lettering
69   Ruth Poole                   Handmade Angels, Santas, Snowmen & quilting
70   Kelli Kercheval              Misc. Baby items, Misc. Christmas items
71   Lisa Kramerick               Handpainted glass, art and other items
72   Gloria Hesch                 Ceramics and Home Decor
73   Pam Russell                  Seasonal Woodwork
74   Susan Loos                   Personalized Christmas Ornaments
75   Brian Holder                 Cross Necklaces, key chains
76   Mary Rosenberger             Floral arrangements, wreaths, decorated candle holders
77   Brea's Dolls                 Lighted bottles,faux fur muffs, porcelain dolls, beaded purses
78   Kita Loe                     Jewelry
79   Leslie Mason                 Custom design women apparel & accessories
80   see #79
81   Ellen Leuscher               Recycled Glass Bottle Gifts
82   Karen Higham                 Novel Creations, Baby items, hair bows, book purses
83   Kaps Pepper Jelly            8oz pepper jellies
84   Rosie & Mark Barris          Whimsical Home & Garden Ceramic & Pottery
85   Donna Hadad                  Personalized Christmas Ornamnets
86   see #85
87   Lynn & Doris Warren          Stainless Steel Cutlery & Misc. Gifts
88   Pamela Harrill-Smith         Bubble Beads, Fabric crafts, Wood crafts, etc
89   see #88
90   Pamela Reynolds              Jewelry, Sterling, Barse
91   Kathleen Skelton             Texas Gifts
92   Joe Lumpkin                  Golf Items
93   Kim Ahn                      Home Decor, Silk floral arrangements
94   see #93
95   Homemade Gourmet             Spices, mixes for efficient meals
96   Phaedora J. Designs          Stunning & unique sterling and gemstone ladies jewelry
97   Janette London               Murano Art Glass, Venetian Glass
98   see #97
99    Angela Trigg                 Christmas Mininatures and Ornaments
100   see #99
101   Out of My Mind Creations     Cheese trays, decorative wine glasses, corks,etc.
102   Bob & Carolyn Mason          Wind Chims, window décor, t-lites, etc
103   Lisa Priddy                  Mary Kay - cosmetics  
104   Diana Mills                  Circle E candles, Corinthian Bells, windchimes, spinners, dominoes
105   see #104
106   see #104
107   Esther Milner                Interchangeavle hairbows,clips,headbands, nap mats, tote bags, etc
108   Tim Schmitt                  Chesapeake Custom Coolers
109   109 Chalyse's Candles        Handmade soy candles and gift baskets
110   Boots Buckles & Bling        Handmade boots,purses, jewelry and clothing
111   See #110
112   Dana Downs                   Outdoor decor - windchimes, step stones, etc.
113   see #112
114   Sherry Skaff                 Ne' Qwa Art, Sunglasses, watches, etc.
115   see #114
116   Pat Johnson                  Doll Clothes - American Girl, Madam Alexander
117   see #116
118   Jennifer Hasty               Handmade chair covers w/ crystals
119   Lisa Ward                    Hand Crafted Necklaces
120   Kay West                     Christmas - Wood
121   Cathy Marugula               Yard art,Children's wall plaques, floral, & princess crafts
122   Always in Season             Home & Holiday decor, holiday gifts, wreaths, etc
123   Michelle Henry               Handcrafted Jewelry & Accessories
124   Warm Memories                Tshirt quilts, baby blankets, onesies, framed photos
125   Rhonda Rhine                 Handpainted and personalized Frames
126   Sisters of the Heart         Handblended dip & drink mixes
127   Ashlea Designs               Wooden Crosses, T-Shirts, Jewelry, Granny Bee Candles
128   Sassy Threadz                Trendy ladies clothing, shoes, accessories
129   Tiffany Sweatman             See #128
130   Debby Puckett                Hairbows, tutu's, baby items, necklaces, ornaments, etc.
131   Jean Matz                    Handpainted Wine Bottles w/ lights, decorative glass blocks
132   Tina Taylor                  Sterling Silver, Bead Necklaces, Painted slates
133   Jimmy Kinder                 Woodcraft items
134   Brownies & Butterflies       Gift accessories for mom and baby
135   Stephanie Finley             Cookbooks
136   Chandler Delmas              Persnickety Gifts & SD designs/Scrapbooking style Decor
137   Jean Beasley                 Christmas tree skirts,quillows,baby items, sunglasses, etc.
138   Amy Winslow Designs          Custom belt buckles,belts,jewelry,PJ salvage pajamas
139   Gliterati                    Designer inspired handbags, sunglasses, scarves, & wallets
140   Esther Burman                Fused Glass Pendants
141   Marigold Trading             Personalized ornaments,CharlieBrown trees, Quilt Santas, etc.
142   Shelly Southal               See #141
143   Brittany Welch(Scholl)       Custom jewelry, belt buckles, custom decor, frames, etc.
144   Amanda Medina                Garden related items - Garden gifts and Home decor
145   Deborah Wood                 Close to My Heart Scrapbooking/Stamping - Candy Wreaths
146   John & Missy Dorsey          Bendable one piece barrette w/locking pin
147   Beloved Mercantile           Jewelry, purses, clothing, teas, chocolate
148   Polly Belt & Joni Thompson   Beaded crosses, ornaments, watches, etc.
149   Shari Cox                    12" Decorated Letters, Heart necklaces, & Pom Pals
150    Dianna Streetman                 Jewels by Park Lane, handmade ribbon bookmarks
151    Rebecca Ahumada                  Decorated Glass Blocks, nite lites, lighted wine bottle lamps
152    Lavender Ridge Farms             Lavender Products -lotions,soaps,bath salts,sachets, etc.
153    Pepper Belly                     Jams, Jellies, and Sauces
154    Rick Newton                      Handmade scarves, ponchos, candle holders, etc.
155    DeeAnn Campbell                  H/M Jewelry - turquoise, agate, jasper, etc.
156    R.K. Bell                        Pkgd dry food mixes, desserts, soups, etc.
157    Denise Candelaria                Custom Floral Arrangements, gift baskets, and frames
158    Marie Jackson                    Fashion tops for men&women w/ positive biblical msg
159    Get the Word Out Clothing        See #158
160    Marcy Beshears                   Angels,dolls,santas,snowmen,bible cover, pillows, etc.
161    Brenda Jones                     Homemade food mixes
162    See #161
163    Joanie Turner                    Water fountains made w/ musical instruments, vintage pots, hats.
164    See #163
165    Cutie Pie Creations              Diaper cakes & wreaths, hairbows, tutus, pillowcases, much more
166    Lynda Logue-Hughes               Celebrating home f/k/a Home Interiors home decor; woodcrafts
167    Debbie Kersh                     Jewelry-sculpted wire,sterling silver,14kt gold filled, etc.
168    Kim Meier                        Everything Dog!     Biscuits, beds, bowls, plaques, etc.
169    Texas Biker Bling                Bandanas,hats, shirts, onesies, bags, bows, hair tyes
170     Marisa Manasse                  See #169 - Jewelry & Ed Hardy sunglasses.
171    Cricket Shack                    Lg & Sm bottle cap jewelry, Handpainted picture frames
171A   Candle LaPrada                   Dreamers Candles & Big Dawg Salsa
172    See #171A
173    Marsha McMeans                   Jewelry-Holiday,Swarovski, Pewter, etc.
174    Natalie Brown                    Koozies, guitar necklaces, decorated soap dispensers, jewelry
175    Well Groomed Baby                Boutique style headbankds & Accessories for girls
176    Criss Cross Galore               Beaded wire crosses, tshirts, mosaics, flip flops, etc.
177    Peggy Anile                      Antique Vintage Jewelry
179    Rachelle Hearrell                Handmade bows for decorating & pkgs, morenci candles, wreaths, gift baskets.
180    LBJ Distributing                 Electro Luminescent T-Shirts
181    J& L Distributors                Touch of Purple all natural cleaner
182    Gingersnaps                      Photo note cards
183    Brittany White                   Silpada Designs jewelry
184    ARK Studios                      Original Artwork
187    Jeanette Guest                   Handpainted holiday items, glass ornaments, wooden items, etc.
188    see #173
189    CK Wilson                        Jewelry, crosses, all one of a kind
190    Susan McClellan                  Christmas florals
191    Kelly Dunn                       Photography
192    Lonestar                         Kitchen Storage Items
193    Gina Sledge                      Magnetic Decor for the Home
194    Donna Drerup                     Children's/Baby blankets and clothes
195    Leigh Womack                     Mary Kay
196    Sharon Hamel                     View A10 - All in One Nutritional Supplement
197    Becky Reichenberger              Wine Bottle lights, Bottle Cap Necklaces, Keychains, glass pendants
198    Pam Rogers                       Homemade Gourmet/mixes for meals
199    Sherrie Murphy/Crystal Schmidt   Send Out Cards
 200      Susan Bedell                 Handcrafted Jewelry
 201      Carousel Creations           Lighted Christmas Floral
 202      see #201
 203      Mary Kottwitz                Handcrafted jewelry & rosaries
 204      Goldie Dadgostar             Orgnic Soy Massage Oil Candles
 205      Tammy Morgan                 Baby etc., place mats, seasonal flowers
 206      Brian Marianelli             Cartoon Polymer clay ornaments
 207      Stacy Kuhn                   Jewelry sets, hair accessories, picture frames, bookmarks
 208      Lana Wright                  Jewelry made with sterling, clay, stones, crystals
 209      Connie Fontenot              African Butterfly hairclips made w/ wood or glass beads
 210      See #209
 211      Uppercase Living             Vinyl lettering and craft items made w/ lettering
 212      see #211
 213      Rita Kapoor                  Wall Hangings, Pillow covers, Incense, Jewelry
 214      Debra Wright                 Usborne Books Fun educational books for infants thru teens
 215      Peggy Edge                   Handcrafted Wearable art, florals; journals; linens; cnadles
 216      Barbara Detrick              Cookie Lee Jewelry
 217      Melinda Richards             Aprons, kitchen towels, potato bags, crochet baby blankets
 218      See #217                     western luminaries, place mats, table runners, jar candles
 219      LuJean Nohr                  Magnetic jewelry
 220      Tiffany Cason                Personalized baby items, Kidscriptz, Old Texas Movie Pictures
 221      Lezli Wetzold                Paintings, mirrors, crosses, & frames
 222        Bags w/ Style              Handbags & Accessories, duffle bags,totes, backpacks, etc.
 223      Smooties(Nicole Beavers)     Graphic T's,pants,shorts,sweatsuits, bags, etc.
 224      Donna Nantz                  Custom Jewelry - original designs
 225      Nancy Dennis                 Furniture,wallhangings,& signs made of old fence pickets
 226      Lisa Porter                  Kitty Pillows
 227      Jangles by Jerri             Handcraft jewelry of stone,porcelain glass & wood, seasonal
 228      Lee Burns                    Pampered Chef
 229      Gary adam                    Wood bowls, pens, bottle stoppers,e tc. Fabric items. Stained glass
 230      Paula Gilbert                Creative Memories
 231      Mary Barnes                  Dog Jackets & carriers, pet accessories
 232      Karen Rester                 Paintings, jewelry (recycled materials)
 234      Keller Athletic Boosters     Keller SpiritWear
 236      Melody & Michelle Martin     Knitted/crochet scarves,hats, beaded id badge & sunglass holders, tc.
 237      JoAnn Hardy                  Scentsy Wickless Candles
 238      Barbara Miller               Jellies, jams & relishes
 239        Lindsey Dawson               Photography
 240      DFW Sportswear               Custom Rhinestone & Decal Shirts, lunch bags, onesies, girls tees
 241      I Love It! Preferred Gifts   SS jewelry, earrings,bracelets,necklaces, bookmarks, rosaries
 242      Pampered Chef                Things for the kitchen
 243      Arbonne                      Skin care, makeup, aromotherapy, wellness, weight loss
 244      Melissa Wilks                Handcrafted jewelry - metalsmithing, glass, mixed media
 245      Dorothy Kulas/DND Floral     Floral
245 1/2   see #245
 246      see #245
ths, gift baskets.

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