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									Upload your video from youtube
         to your blog.
Plug in your camera and select the
      open folder to view files
  Select folder which contains target
               video file
• In my case that folder is called DCIM- select
  and save videos directly to your USB
Select target Video and Upload
Open your Youtube account and click
   bug button. Search for video
Sfter vidro is finished loading place a
proper title and in the main box write
     as many details as possible
        the direct linbk but
Dont grab
better , push the compartir
   A code selected in blue should pop.up

• Click the insertar
  button to embed video
  on blogs websites and
                          Quiick Tips: You can change the size
                          of the video you embedd by
                          changing the height and width at
                          the top pof the embedd code: I
                          usually change it to aboutr 2 to 3
                          hundred points smaller on each
Go to your blog, login and go to either
         design or new post
Just paste the insert code directly in
your blog entry, text entry, email or
      other online application
            • Click the orange publish button
              and then when you see the
              next screen confirming its
              successful entry, click view
Your video should be available on your
  blog- select the link (URL address)
• Copy and send email
  (containing completed   In another window
  blog url link)
                          open your Gmail
                          account and click
                          compose (redactar
  Enter cuauhtemoc.arias@gmail.com in
               the to box
• In title tell me
  what action is new
  and in the body
  place link- send
Your finished!

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