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Friday, October 1, 2004

Celebration School K-8 Teachers for the 2004-2005 school year:
**Christin Achter, **Brenda Allen, Paul Allen, Lisa Armington, Sharon Blackington,
**Cindy Bohn, Jeri Broming, **Anna Buckingham, Keysla Byrd, **Nicole Cain, Jim
Cochran, **Tammy Copeland, Steve Creagan, **Adrienne D’Alessandro, Heather
Deeter, Marisol Fernandez, Shawna Ferry, */**Dorah Fine, **Michael Fiorito, Karla
Flores(Aguirre), Pamela Fowler-Greene, Carol Goetschius, **Carla Gojlewicz, Anthony
Gross, Michelle Guequierre, Gray Guenther, **Jamie Gunnerson, Frank Harmer,
**Abigail Hill, Doris, Hill, **Lisa Iriarte, **Peggy Jansing, Deneal Justice, Mike Kaina,
**Denise Kanner, Maureen Karkovice, Mary Jo Kaszubinski, Jason Kiernan, **Melissa
Kline, **Deborah Knoblock, Dan Kobza, **Jennifer Kram, Nikki Lardas, Gloria Lyon,
**Christine Marquis, **Jayci McKinney, Tamara Medrano, Jeff Melrose, **Marianna
Menna, **Heidi Merrill-Mcdonough, Jason Moncure, **Pamela Morhovich, Courtney
Nameth, Nona Noel, **Katherine Orr, **Dianna Parsons, **Kathleen Pennington,
**Stephanie Petty-Davis, **Heidi Phillips, Rose Pollzzie, Joan Quiambao, Diana Ramos,
**Carrie Rhoades, **Nicki Rimmer, **Jason Robinson, Nancy Rockenbach, Jaime
Sagona, Dolores Salvo, **Donald Salvo, **Robert Schmaus, Jacqueline Schmidt,
**Thiloshni Sewnath, Tim Siml, **Candice Slagle-Coffey, Elizabeth Sparr, Shelby
Stormzand, Krystyna Szymczuk, **Joni Taulbee, **Melinda Taylor, Connie Thorson-
Skrmetta, Charlotte Ward, Cheryl Wells, Pamela Whitmer.

*out of field teacher
**Currently working on their ESOL Endorsement

The PTSA is continuing to collect Boxtops for Education and will use the monies
raised for PTSA programs at the Celebration School. Please encourage all your family
members (including grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.) friends, neighbors and co-
workers to help collect Boxtops. Each Boxtop is worth 10 cents and out school can earn
up to $20,000 per year – that’s 200,000 Boxtops. Last year we earned a total of
$1,105.65 - a huge increase over the previous year of approx. $400! Let’s try to get
General Mills to send us our full $20,000 this year!

Raise Your Hand If You Know A Great Osceola Teacher
Walt Disney World is currently searching for amazing, dynamic, creative teachers who
lead their students to the heights of learning. When they find these outstanding teachers,
they are going to honor them with monetary awards totaling over $700,000 and
recognition at an awards gala.

Disney is asking for community residents to give them a hand in making sure that
they locate each and every deserving teacher. Students, parents, other teachers -
anyone who knows a great teacher - are invited to nominate a pre-kindergarten - 12th
grade teacher by October 15, 2004. Nominations can be made in one of two ways
only: 1) via the Internet at, or 2) by phoning toll free at 1-877-
282-8322. All nominees will receive a congratulatory letter and the application in
November 2004.

      Bruce Wilson Photography picture retakes will be
                     October 27, 2004.

Friday, October 1, 2004

                                Coin$ for a Cau$e
Don’t forget to send in your spare coin with your children. The Celebration
School PTSA is organizing a coin drive for 2 weeks beginning Monday,
September 27, 100% of all monies collected will be donated to the Central
Florida chapter of the American Red Cross in the name of “The Children of the
Celebration School” to help with their relief .

For more information on the American Red Cross Central Florida Chapter and
how you can help, please refer to .
If you wish to contribute, please send coins in to school with your child between
September 27 and October 8. Any checks should be made payable to The
American Red Cross Central Florida Chapter. Your cancelled check will serve as
a receipt for your donation.

Hurricane Season
Aside from some roof and window leaks, our school weathered Hurricane
Jeanne fairly well. We know our staff, school families and students are
continuing to adjust after the hurricanes and missed school. Thank you for your
patience and understanding with one another as we all work to get back to normal.
Please be courteous around school; many individuals are unable to live at home
And need extra care.

Thank you to the parents who completed the Guidance Survey for Middle School
Guidance Counselor Nona Noel. Results will be published in Pawprints.

Jump in the Pool!!
1st and 2nd graders will begin swimming lessons in October. Swimming Lessons will be
held at Lakeside Pool. First grade attends the week of October 18th, and second grade
attends the week of October 25th. Each class has a half an hour lesson, each day of the
week. Parent volunteers are needed. If you are interested in volunteering, an Oasis
Volunteer Application must be completed three weeks prior to chaperoning. Please
contact your teacher if you are interested in helping during this event

Staff Changes
Welcome Jenni Castillo, our new Secretary to the Principal. Jenni comes to us from
Celebration High School. Her new position actually brings her back to Celebration
School K - 8 which is where she started when the two schools were combined. Special
thanks to our Secretary, Claire Slater, for doing two jobs at once while we waited to hire

Mr. Paul Allen, ESE teacher, has been assigned as our K - 8 Reading Coach, a new
position funded by the county. Reading Coaches are in every school and their purpose
is to work to help teachers who teach reading. We are very excited to have this new
position available to our staff. Mrs. Denise Kanner will replace Mr. Allen as an
Elementary ESE teacher, changing from her Middle School assignment. A new Middle
School ESE teacher is being hired.

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