Review Sheet for CSI in CRJ 200 FTD by VzPbbBK9


									                 Review Sheet for CSI in CRJ 200 FTD

1.   Read Preface.1-Preface.12 under the red EMERGENCY/ABNORMAL tab and
     pages 4.3-4.11 under the NORMAL PROCEDURES tab in the CFM. This will give
     you a good head start on the checklist philosophy and standardization for both
     normal and abnormal procedures.

2.   Study the limitations section of the CFM thoroughly. It is a good idea to make flash
     cards. All information in this section is fair game on the Pre-CSI test.

3.   Basic system knowledge will be needed in the FTD and for the oral. Go back and
     look through the systems manual for each system and make sure you at least have a
     basic understanding of how the system works.

4.   The CRJ button book should also be studied. You should know what every button
     does in the cockpit and what every switch light means if illuminated.

5.   The external safety, cockpit safety, and acceptance inspection should be
     memorized. They start on 4.12 in the CFM. Know what Lights, Aural and EICAS
     messages should appear in each test.

6.   Flows and callouts should also be memorized. The flows can be found in the normal
     procedures section in boxes at the beginning of each section. On 4.80-4.83 there are
     standard callouts that should also be memorized.

7.   Profiles can be found in the training maneuvers section of the CFM. You should be
     able to draw these from memory. The Pre-CSI test will have these profiles with
     parts missing that you will need to fill in.

8.   Memory Items can be found under the checklist tab on the emergency procedures
     checklist (EPC). Although we do not do these by memory in the sim they must be
     memorized for quick execution and so you know which situations require the EPC.

9.   That’s it. Piece of cake right. Remember you can never be too prepared for the sim.
     The more you have memorized when you show up the more time you have to get it
     all straight in you mind, which is what CSI is meant to do. Good Luck!
   10. Example of Memory Item that must be written out in exact detail on the Pre-CSI

Airspeed……………….. ..not more than 250 KIAS
Landing Gear Lever………DN

Example of Stall Series that must be written out in detail:

PF- Firewall Thrust “Max thrust, HDG SYNC” Roll Wings Level
PNF – “Positive Rate”
PF – “Flaps up, Gear Up, Bug 200”
Verify FMA may call “Auto Pilot On”

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