How to be a winner and a true Professional by DwiHartana


									How to be a winner and a true Professional

Hello friends ...

In this good opportunity, I want to share knowledge about how to become a winner in our
daily job as a professional.

How the hell to be a winner? What's the deal?

The winners of the competition are the terms PASS — namely:

P: Professional — be a professional in anyway you can. The terms are very absolute. That
means wherever we work, should have an identity as a professional is obliged to fulfill the
task on the payroll and make something for the company where you work.

A: Adaptive — ability to adjust to the environment of work.
We must work in accordance with the regulations of the company, the company's goals and
culture of the company. We should not work all of us. We should be able to adjust to the
environment of the company.

S: Synergy — a collaboration or cooperation.
We must work as a team, helping each other and mutual respect. Nothing is dropped, but
rather make a compact team forward together.

S: Spirit — enthusiasm, passion.
We have had a high spirit, love and appreciate his work. Does not work with focus, desultory
work with passion, then the results of the work will be good. Otherwise if you don't focus on
the work, then the result is also ugly.

So .... do we have introspect yourself? Whether we are Professional who wants to be a

(inspired by fanda s)

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