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					                                                            Pitt County Schools
                             102332, 102245 Interdisciplinary Studies/Paideia English III and Honors English III
                                                                        Course Name

                                                                  Pacing Guide

              TOPICS/CONCEPTS                                  PERIOD
                                                                              TIME              CURRICULUM OBJECTIVES
Thematic Unit: Encounters and Foundations to 1800                            3 wks    Reader Response Journals, SSR
              (Colonial and Revolutionary Periods)                1st                 Reader’s Workshop or Literature Circles
Thematic Unit: American Romanticism (1800—1860)                              3 wks    Writer’s Workshop, Steps of Writing Process
                                                                                       Memoir or Personal Experience Narrative
Selections: The Crucible, The Scarlet Letter, The Night                                Reader Response
Thoreau Spent in Jail, Billy Budd, Moby Dick, selections                               Comparison/Contrast
from Elements of Literature (Holt)                                                    SCOS: 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 4.01, 4.02, 4.04, 5.01, 5.03, 6.01,
Thematic Unit: American Masters: Whitman and                                 2 wks     Research Report (CENTRAL FOCUS)
         Dickinson (1810-1890) (Transcendental Poets)                                  Literary Analysis
Thematic Unit: The Rise of Realism (Civil War-1914)                          4 wks     Poetry
                                                                  2nd                 SCOS: 2.01, 2.02, 2.03, 4.01, 4.02, 4.03, 4.04, 5.01, 5.02,
Selections: The Red Badge of Courage, Last of the                                     6.01, 6.02
Mohicans, Ethan Frome, Dickinson and Whitman poetry,
selections from Elements of Literature (Holt)
Thematic Unit: The Moderns (1914-1939)                                       3 wks     Persuasive Essay
Thematic Unit: Contemporary Literature (1939-Present)                        3 wks     Business Letter
                                                                                       Reflective Essay
Selections: The Great Gatsby, Of Mice & Men, Black                                    SCOS: 3.01, 3.02, 3.03, 3.04, 4.01, 4.02, 4.03, 5.01, 6.01,
Boy, The Sun Also Rises, As I Lay Dying, Their Eyes                                   6.02
Were Watching God, Twelve Angry Men, A Farewell to
Arms, The Glass Menagerie, selections from Elements of
Literature (Holt)

  *Units and selections are guidelines. Substitutions, deletions, and/or alternates may be used in lieu of some writings.

  Revised April 2006

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