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					                                           CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT
                                               From October 2008

The farm is situated at:
        Bankhead of Kinloch,
        PH12 8QY
        Tel: (+44) 01828 640265
        Mobile: (+44) 07720290265
Dundee and Perth (cities with bus and train stations) are both about 25 km from the farm.
Coupar Angus and Meigle (villages with bus stops and small shops) are about 5 km from the farm.

Please find full details on arrival to our farm on our website:
From London, take a bus to Dundee or Perth, and then another bus to Coupar Angus or Meigle.
Tell us when you will arrive in Coupar Angus or Meigle and we will arrange for someone to collect you.
If your expected time of arrival changes, phone us (01828640265 or 07720290265 or 07860813230).

Should you need any help or advice at any time, please contact your supervisor or manager.
All such matters will be discussed in private and we will do all that we can do be of help to you.

When you work on the farm, accommodation will be made available for you.
This accommodation is non-contractual, and you are not required to stay in the farm accommodation when you work here.
Most caravans have two bedrooms. Each bedroom has two single beds.
We will try to keep friends together, but sometimes you may be required to share with someone you do not know.
Each caravan has a shower, toilet, fully fitted kitchen (including pots, plates and cutlery), and a living area.
In the farm buildings, there are communal areas with computers, pool table, table tennis, television etc.
We charge £4.46/day for accommodation which includes everything contained within the caravan, gas and electricity,
transport to supermarket (farm minibus transport is free of charge), use of washing machines and the common room.
We also have a 24 hr computer room that is available to use, but is completely separate from the accommodation charge.
The cost of access to the computer room facility is £1.25/day. When you arrive you will be given the option to use this
facility, and throughout your stay you will have the opportunity to opt in or out.
We will hold a refundable deposit for your accommodation. This deposit will be returned to you when you leave, provided the
accommodation, farm equipment and facilities are undamaged, clean and tidy.
You prepare and cook all your own meals.
You must clean your accommodation. Cleaning equipment and products are provided as part of the accommodation charge.

Scotland has very changeable weather. It can be cold and wet, even in summer.
Bring clothing and footwear suitable for outdoor work in fields and for wet weather. We recommend that you bring
waterproof boots. Also bring shorts and T-shirts for working inside hot polythene tunnels.

The farm is a soft fruit farm. The crops are normally picked between May and October.
If you come, you will be working here as a casual worker and for reasons of crop, weather and customer demand, work
cannot be promised at any time, and when offered you are not compelled to take it.
The majority of the work on the farm will be on a piece work basis, when weather plus the state of the crop will play a part.
Fruit will be picked on the farm seven days a week, and hence crop, weather and customer permitting, work will normally be
available every day.
The Farm will normally aim to start work at 0730 and normally finish at 1630. However, depending on the task and the
weather (heat and wind conditions) these times may be altered by mutual agreement.

Holiday and Bank Holiday entitlement is in accordance with the terms of the Agriculture Wages Order and will be taken daily.
We shall give you a pay slip on each day that you work which will show ‘The hours worked, and the hourly rate of pay
applicable for the day in question, the resultant legal wage to which you are entitled, the total holiday money earned, it will
also show any additional money you may have earned as a result of any piece work rate set that day’.
We do not pay wages during breaks such as meals.
Much work will be done on Piece Work based on your own individual production.
Wages are calculated daily as above and can be paid at the end of each day in cash, however it is not recommended that
large amounts of cash are kept in your accommodation, as the farm is not responsible for any loss.

When you arrive, we recommend that you open a Scottish bank account. We will help you to do this.
We recommend that you have a bank account in your own country.
You can then transfer money from your Scottish bank account to your home bank account.
This is safer than travelling with large amounts of money.
We recommend that you arrive with at least £30 to cater for your immediate needs.

The farm will take every opportunity to provide a safe environment in which to work. You yourself, whilst working on the
farm, have an equal obligation to take all reasonable steps to safeguard both yourself and all others on the farm.
You will be required to read the Farm Health and Safety Declaration, which can be found on the notice board in the computer
room, and you must always adhere to its content.
Note that certain tasks are specifically banned without the express permission of the Manager and also without specialist
Farms can be dangerous places if care is not taken, and these conditions will be specifically discussed with you, if you work

If you fall ill or suffer an accident, you must report this to your supervisor and we will administer first aid or seek medical
attention as appropriate.
For food hygiene and health and safety reasons you must not work with a contagious condition.
You cannot claim any loss of earnings occasioned when absent or sick or following an accident.
In an emergency and in the absence of a supervisor, medical assistance can be obtained by dialling 999.

Discipline must be maintained within our large workforce at all times and we reserve the right to instantly dismiss any
employee who is guilty of serious misconduct or who fails to adhere to our rules and procedures.

We can accept no responsibility for your personal possessions.
In certain circumstances, we might be prepared to place such items in a farm safe.

There is a public phone box 500 metres from the farm.
In an emergency, family and friends could contact you on our number: +441828 640265.

Post can be sent to the address at the beginning of this letter.

If you would like to bring your car to the farm, then you must first consult the farm manager.

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