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					                                         H846                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 23, 2007
                                         Energy Lab. And with this focus on en-                  sional districts around the country,                    vide enough of an incentive for unin-
                                         ergy conservation, renewable energy                     Americans want our troops home.                         sured workers to sign up.
                                         and distributing energy in a way that                     Mr. President, end this war in Iraq.                    At the same time, the Bush adminis-
                                         is reliable, we will make this country                  Redeploy our troops now. We need our                    tration falsely believes they can begin
                                         more secure. And I am confident that                    domestic tranquility.                                   to target the cost of health care pre-
                                         the President is going to focus on it, as                                 f                                     miums by taxing employee-based
                                         will we in the Congress.                                                                                        health benefits. This is nothing more
                                                          f                                      ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER                             than a tax increase on middle-class
                                                                                                            PRO TEMPORE                                  workers who have been lucky enough
                                              FUNDING FOR OUR TROOPS                                                                                     to secure good benefits through their
                                                                                                   The SPEAKER pro tempore. Mem-
                                           (Mr. HENSARLING asked and was                         bers are reminded to address their re-                  job. Quality health benefits provided
                                         given permission to address the House                   marks to the Chair.                                     by employers should be the norm; and
                                         for 1 minute and to revise and extend                                                                           as policymakers, we should not dis-
                                         his remarks.)                                                             f
                                                                                                                                                         courage it.
                                           Mr. HENSARLING. Madam Speaker,                                SUPPORT OUR TROOPS                                The President’s proposal is a non-
                                         efforts to cut off funding for our troops                                                                       starter for me, Madam Speaker. But I
                                                                                                   (Mr. KINGSTON asked and was given
                                         in harm’s way is simply unacceptable.                                                                           am hopeful that I can work with the
                                                                                                 permission to address the House for 1
                                         It would be a devastating message to                                                                            Bush administration to begin to solve
                                         the brave men and women who serve in                                                                            some of our health care problems.
                                                                                                   Mr. KINGSTON. Madam Speaker, I
                                         our Armed Forces, their families and                                                                                             f
                                                                                                 wanted to speak today about the de-
                                         the families of our Nation’s fallen he-
                                         roes. No one knows this better than
                                                                                                 bate on the war. And I have the honor                                    b 1230
                                                                                                 of representing Fort Stewart, home of                          IN SUPPORT OF H.R. 511
                                         SAM JOHNSON, a true American hero,
                                                                                                 the Third Infantry Division, which is
                                         and I commend him on introducing                                                                                  (Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey asked
                                                                                                 located in Hinesville and Savannah,
                                         H.R. 511.                                                                                                       and was given permission to address
                                           It is time for the Democrats to say                   Georgia.
                                                                                                   This month the Third Infantry will                    the House for 1 minute.)
                                         what they mean and mean what they                                                                                 Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey.
                                         say. They can’t have it both ways. To                   start its third deployment to Iraq. And
                                                                                                 as they go over there, certainly they                   Madam Speaker, I rise to associate my-
                                         vote to support troops in the field and                                                                         self today with the words of my col-
                                         then vote not to give them the re-                      know what is going on in Washington
                                                                                                 in terms of the debate. But I think it is               league, Mr. SAM JOHNSON from Texas, a
                                         sources needed to win can be deceptive,                                                                         Member who can probably speak more
                                         dangerous, and could put the lives of                   real important that we don’t send a
                                                                                                 signal to our men and women in harm’s                   eloquently than any Member of Con-
                                         American servicemen and -women at                                                                               gress on the loneliness, the separation,
                                         even greater risk.                                      way that what they are doing is irrele-
                                                                                                 vant, that we can’t win, and that be-                   the uncertainty that is war, and the
                                           If the Democrat majority does not                                                                             need to know for such soldiers that the
                                         support the President’s plan, they are                  cause Bush might be a President whose
                                                                                                 policies aren’t perfect that we need to                 Nation is behind them and supports
                                         in the majority, they need to put forth                                                                         them.
                                         their plan that is in the interest of the               withdraw.
                                                                                                                                                           I have had the honor to travel and
                                         American people, and they must also                       In fact, I think what we should do is
                                                                                                                                                         visit our troops in Iraq, and I have had
                                         reflect upon the cost of failure. They                  reaffirm on a bipartisan basis that we
                                                                                                                                                         the opportunity to visit the troops
                                         must understand how high the stakes                     support the troops. We want to get
                                                                                                                                                         when they have returned. And in each
                                         are in Iraq, both in terms of human life                them all the up-armored vehicles that
                                                                                                                                                         and every one of them, I have seen
                                         and global stability. Our failure in Iraq               they need, the Cougars, for example,
                                                                                                                                                         their commitment and determination
                                         could cause the nation to become what                   blue tracking, the advanced night vi-
                                                                                                                                                         to the completion of their mission.
                                         Afghanistan once was, a breeding                        sion goggles. We should say on a bipar-
                                                                                                                                                           I have also had the opportunity to be
                                         ground for terrorists. Let’s work to-                   tisan basis, we want to give them abso-
                                                                                                                                                         with parents who have lost a son or
                                         gether and find freedom and security in                 lutely all the military hardware that
                                                                                                                                                         daughter in the war, to look them in
                                         Iraq.                                                   they need to win the war. And then, in
                                                                                                                                                         the eye and to hug them during that
                                                                                                 a separate debate, have the discussion
                                                          f                                                                                              time, and to be with other parents who
                                                                                                 of what an alternative is, where is the
                                                                                                                                                         were about to see their son and daugh-
                                               THE STATE OF THE UNION                            plan of the Bush critics and what is the
                                                                                                                                                         ter go off to war, and to be with them
                                           (Ms. CLARKE asked and was given                       price of pulling out. And I think we
                                                                                                                                                         during those uncertain times.
                                         permission to address the House for 1                   need to make that statement. And I am                     Madam Speaker, at this point in
                                         minute.)                                                glad SAM JOHNSON is moving in that di-                  time, this Nation and this Congress
                                           Ms. CLARKE. Madam Speaker and                         rection.                                                must double its commitment to our
                                         my colleagues, the State of the Union?                                    f                                     troops to make sure that they know
                                           Mr. President, we are on edge. The                                                                            that we are behind them and support
                                         American public have said no to the                         HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA
                                                                                                                                                         them for their eventual and soon safe
                                         war in Iraq and you have turned a deaf                    (Mr. PALLONE asked and was given                      return to their families.
                                         ear to this American admonition.                        permission to address the House for 1                                    f
                                           What does a troop escalation mean to                  minute.)
                                         American families?                                        Mr. PALLONE. Madam Speaker, we                        STATE OF THE UNION DOES NOT
                                           More of our women and men, sons                       must seriously begin to address the                       SUPPORT THE HISPANIC COMMU-
                                         and daughters, brothers and sister,                     problem of the Nation’s uninsured and                     NITY
                                         neighbors and friends will lose their                   the skyrocketing price of health insur-                   (Mr. BACA asked and was given per-
                                         lives or the life of someone they love,                 ance.                                                   mission to address the House for 1
                                         more families, such as the family of                      Unfortunately, the plan the Presi-                    minute.)
                                         Operations Specialist Joseph Alomar,                    dent is expected to outline tonight will                  Mr. BACA. Madam Speaker, tonight
                                         who gave his life in honor just this past               do nothing to cut down on the number                    the President will give the State of the
                                         week, and LCpl Nicholas Whyte, who                      of uninsured because a tax deduction                    Union Address. For Hispanics, the
                                         gave his life this summer. More fami-                   simply is not going to be enough to                     State of the Union Address is dis-
                                         lies, Mr. President, will be mourning.                  make insurance affordable to low and                    appointing. The President has broken
                                         More of the American tax dollars will                   middle-income workers. In most cases,                   his promise on education and cut fund-
ccoleman on PROD1PC61 with HOUSE

                                         be spent on the war, rather than on                     individual health plans are more ex-                    ing for programs at the expense of His-
                                         building better schools, hospitals,                     pensive to purchase and provide consid-                 panic children. He has failed to support
                                         roads and bridges.                                      erably less coverage, but the Bush ad-                  the higher minimum wage, and forced
                                           Madam Speaker, in the 11th District                   ministration is under the false impres-                 nearly 3 million of our workers to
                                         of Brooklyn, New York, and in congres-                  sion that their tax deduction will pro-                 struggle to feed their families.

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