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SUNDAY                                                                                                                           Volcanoes? Here?
                                                                                                                                 Virginia’s strange
                                                                                                                                 geological history.

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         Pilot investigation

When nonprofits use for-profit fundraising companies, often only a small                                                                                                   If you donate $1
                                                                                                                                                                           through a professional
fraction of your gift ends up at the charity. The fundraiser keeps the rest.                                                                                               fundraiser to a local
                                                                                                                                                                           group, on average,
                                                                                                                                                                           about 20 cents reaches
                                                                                                                                                                           the charity.

                                                                                                                                                                            VIRGINIAN-PILOT STAFF ILLUSTRATION

By CAROLYN SHAPIRO and PHILIP WALZER | The Virginian-Pilot                                           how it works                          in Hampton Roads                   give directly
                                                                                                     Charities sometimes hire              An analysis of state records       How can you be sure your
                                                                                                     professional fundraisers              filed by professional fund-        entire donation will make

           HE ANSWER EXASPERATED the man on the phone. He had made a
                                                                                                     – often telemarketers –               raisers between January            it to the charity? Officials
           donation to Vietnam Veterans of Virginia and wanted to know how much went                 to seek out and collect               2008 and June 2011 shows           say mail it or bring it to
           to the charity. // About a dime of every dollar, Charles Montgomery Jr., the              donations. The two sides              that locally based nonprofits      them. To check how much
           president of the Virginia Beach-based group, told him. The remaining 90 cents             agree to a contract that              collected $15 million of           of your donation the
                                                                                                     specifies the breakdown,              $75.3 million in donations.        fundraiser will keep, call
paid the fundraising company that called to solicit the donation. // “It doesn’t sound like          with the fundraiser often             The remainder went to the          the Office of Consumer
much,” Montgomery said, “but without their help, we wouldn’t have anything.”                         getting a larger share.               fundraisers.                       Affairs at (800) 552-9963.

   Vietnam Veterans of Vir-
ginia supports veterans hos-
                                     part 1 of 2   Today: The business of fundraising for nonprofits.               online    Search a database of charities to see how much they
                                                   Tomorrow: For-profit fundraising and police charities.                     collected using professional fundraisers, at
pitals, homeless veterans and
scholarships for veterans’ chil-
dren and grandchildren. For
13 years, it has relied on Xen-
tel Inc., based in Fort Lauder-

dale, Fla., to do its fundraising.              I’m still strong and it seems like I’m doing all right,
   Locally based charities typi-
cally do little better than Viet-
                                        but I don’t want to overstay my time.” Pat Robertson
nam Veterans, according to an

                                        On CBN’s 50th, Robertson
analysis by The Virginian-Pi-
lot of state records filed by pro-
fessional fundraisers between

                                        sees smaller political role
January 2008 and June 2011.
   The nonprofits – as large as
Operation Smile and as small
as the Suffolk Fraternal Or-
der of Police # 41 – collected
$15 million, or about 20 per-
cent, of $75.3 million in dona-
tions. The remainder went to
the fundraisers, also known as
professional solicitors.
   Fundraising experts have
no hard rule for how much
                                                                                                                                                  drug rings
                                                                                                                                                  Once, it was rare for authorities to
                                                                                                                                                  break cases this big. Not anymore.

                                                                                                                                                  By Tim McGlone                           by the
                                                                                                                                                  The Virginian-Pilot

wow!                                                                                                                                              NORFOLK
                                                                                                                                                    Gary Beard liked to drive
                                                                                                                                                  a Maserati. He wore tens of
                                                                                                                                                                                           Authorities say
                                                                                                                                                                                           that in the past
                                                                                                                                                                                           decade they
                                                                                                                                                  thousands of dollars of gold             have uprooted
Much more than                                                                                                                                    and diamond jewelry. He once             nine drug rings
castles. Take in the                                                                                                                              plunked down $17,000 cash for            in the region
                                                                                                                                                  a bracelet.                              worth at least
sand sculptures                                                                                        ROSS TAYLOR | THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT
                                                                                                                                                    But for three of the past five         $20 million
                                        Pat Robertson
carved at the                           speaks at                                                                                                 years, Beard reported no in-             and one worth
                                                            By Brock Vergakis | The Associated Press                                              come on his tax returns and              nearly $10
Oceanfront.                             the 50th

                                        anniversary of                                                                                            just under $50,000 for the oth-          million. They
Hampton Roads                           the Christian               AT ROBERTSON took a tiny television station in Ports-                         er two years combined.                   credit more
                                        Broadcasting                mouth and turned it into a global network that helped                           Authorities say those are              cooperation
                                        Network’s                   him launch a presidential bid and become one of the                           sure signs of a lucrative career         among
                                        first television            nation’s most influential conservative Christians. But                        in narcotics trafficking. The            agencies for
                                        broadcast           as the televangelist’s network turned 50 on Saturday, he said                         Beard organization, according            the increase in
                                        on Saturday,        he’s getting out of the endorsement game.                                             to court records and federal             major cases.
                                        at Regent             “I’ve personally backed off from direct political involve-                          agents, was worth $20 million
                                        University in       ment,” Robertson said in a telephone interview. “I’ve been                            wholesale. The street value of
variably cloudy
                                        Virginia Beach.     there, done that. The truth of the matter is, politics is not go-                     the drugs the ring sold could
High: lower 60s.                                            ing to change our world. It’s really not going to make that                           be quadruple that.
Low: upper 40s.                                             much of a difference.”                                                                  Agents also say the case is
Details on the back
page of Sports                                              See CBN, PAGE 8                                                                       See DRUG RINGS, PAGE 8
The Sunday Break                                    |   THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT | PILOTONLINE.COM | 10.02.11

 like much, but they were something in their
 day – a relative rarity for East Coast states.

                                                                                                                         LAVA FLOWS FROM THE KILAUEA VOLCANO IN HAWAII. RONEN ZILBERMAN | ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO

 By Scott Harper
                                                                   Trimble               Mole Hill
 The Virginian-Pilot

           IRGINIA IS KNOWN for many things,         gs,
           from its beaches to its mountains, its farms
                                                                                                                    travel                                            books

                                                                                                                    NEW ENGLAND’S                                     OLD DOMINION’S
           and universities.
              But volcanoes?                                                                     Norfolk
   True enough, Virginia has a quirky if still unex- ex-
 plained history with volcanic activity, one of the
 few East Coast states that can make that claim.
                                                                                                                    GENERAL STORES:                                   34TH LITERARY
                                                                                                                    UNIQUE PAGE 4                                     FESTIVAL PAGE 6
   While many small fractures and cracks remain
 as evidence that lava once flowed freely millions
 of years ago, two ancient and prominent examples
 still can be seen today: Trimble Knob, in Highland
 County near the West Virginia line, and Mole Hill,
 near Harrisonburg.
   They could not look any more different. Trim-
 ble Knob is small, stubby and nearly treeless; Mole                                                                back by popular
 Hill is taller, sprawling and covered by thick bram-
 ble and forest.                                                                                                    demand ...
   Mennonite farms, including horse-drawn car-                                                                      The New York Times best-seller list returns today. We had eliminated it a few
 riages on country roads, lie at the foot of Mole Hill.          Trimble Knob is an extinct volcano                 weeks ago for space reasons, but readers told us they missed it. So you’ll
 Sheep graze atop Trimble Knob.                                  in Highland County near Monterey.                  find that it’s back and can usually be found on the back page of this section.
   Both land features are what geologists call plugs,                                                               Thanks for keeping us on our toes.
                                                                             JANE HARPER, FOR THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT

 See VOLCANOES, PAGE 7                                                                                              – Jim Haag, features editor

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               FROM THE COVER

                                                                     THESE VOLCANOES
                                                                       ARE MYSTERIES

                                                                                                                                                                                      JANE HARPER PHOTOS, FOR THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT

Volcanic rocks blasted from the Earth some 40 million or so years ago can still be seen at the summit of Trimble Knob, an extinct volcano in Highland County.

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the slowly eroding remnants of
extinct volcanoes. Here, black                                                                                                                                                                                They are
basalt rocks indicating their fi-
ery origins can be found amid                                                                                                                                                                                 extinct,
a sea of green sedimentary                                                                                                                                                                                    and there’s
stones that otherwise domi-
nate the Shenandoah Valley                                                                                                                                                                                    no reason
landscape.                                                                                                                                                                                                    to think
   Both are relatively young
volcanoes, active between 38                                                                                                                                                                                  there’s
million and 48 million years                                                                                                                                                                                  magma
ago, making them the babies
in any state east of the Missis-                                                                                                                                                                              being
sippi River. And both are held                                                                                                                                                                                created
by private landowners, which
limits their access and keeps                                                                                                                                                                                 there. So
most tourists away.                                                                                                                                                                                           I’d say
   Gerald K nicely in May
bought a big chunk of Mole           Mole Hill is surrounded by farms, many owned by Mennonite families, on the outskirts of                                                                                  there’s
Hill, including access to the        Harrisonburg. The summit, about 1,900 feet above sea level, is covered by thick scrub and forest.                                                                        probably
woody summit, and hopes to
soon develop trails for moun-                                                                                                                                                                                 no effect
tain bikers and hikers. Knice-       VIRGINIA VOLCANOES                                                                             Most residents near Trim-        summit, as if spit out onto the          to worry
ly also owns Mole Hill Bikes,        There are two ancient, extinct volcanoes that continue to elicit                            ble Knob and Mole Hill sim-         ground, but there is no visible
a cycling shop in the town of        scientific debate – one at Trimble Knob, near Monterey, the other                            ply shrug when asked if they        hole where the lava came out;            about. But
Dayton, within earshot of the        at Mole Hill, near Harrisonburg.                                                            know they are living next to a      the mouth has long since erod-           stranger
dead volcano.                                                                                                                    volcano.                            ed away.
   “I grew up here and have al-       WEST VIRGINIA                                                           VIRGINIA
                                                                                                                                    “It doesn’t bother me,” said                                              things have
ways felt a really strong con-                                                           Mole Hill                               Doris Folks, deputy clerk of           Access to Mole Hill is re-            happened.”
nection to Mole Hill,” he said                          28
                                                                                                                                 the court in Highland Coun-         stricted as well, though Knice-
recently at his office. “There’s                                     220                                                         ty, whose office is just blocks     ly, the owner, will let most peo-
                                               Durbin                                                 81                                                                                                      Elizabeth
a spirituality about the place, a                                       George                                                   from Trimble Knob. Locals,          ple visit if they sign a liability
uniqueness. It’s hard to explain.”                                                                                               she said, call it “Volcano Hill,”   waiver at his bike shop.                 Johnson
                                                                       Washington                    Harrisonburg
                                                                        National                                                 adding that she has never been         Two paths lead up the hill
   Little scientific study of the                                        Forest                                     33           to the top in her life.             through oak and paradise                 geology
two volcanoes has been done,                                                             42                                         “Visitors will ask about that    trees. They split and then re-
                                                                                                       340                                                                                                    professor,
                                          92       Trimble                 250
though that is changing.                                                                                                         funny-looking bump, and I’ll        connect near the top. Spider             James Madison
   Elizabeth Johnson, a geol-                      Knob                                                             10 miles     tell them it’s a volcano,” said     webs must be swept away to               University,
ogy professor at James Mad-                                                                                                      Lisa Jamison, manager of the        keep moving ahead, and one               Harrisonburg
ison University in Harrison-                                                                                  Charlottesville    Highland Inn in Monterey,           gets the feeling of embarking
                                          39                                         Waynesboro
burg, has taken a keen interest                                      Richmond                                                    where Trimble Knob can near-        on an Indiana Jones excur-
in Mole Hill, which she can al-                                                     11                       64                  ly be seen from the front porch.    sion through some dense rain
most see from her campus of-                    VA.                  Norfolk                                                     “But they think you’re lying        forest. A deer suddenly leaps
fice. She regularly shuttles her     SOURCES: ESRI, Tele Atlas                                             THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT   to them.”                           nearby, crashing through the
students there for field trips                                                                                                      Students at the Monterey ele-    brush.
and research projects and has a                                                                                                  mentary school visit the site for      Halfway up, a cross has been
friendly rapport with Knicely.       noes. Asked if the two state                    the valley, might have done the             science class, Jamison said, but    erected to mark where a previ-
   This summer, for example,         volcanoes could somehow be-                     trick, creating a big enough                the volcano is not mentioned in     ous owner, Lowell Ulrich, died
several JMU students complet-        come active again and erupt,                    crack to allow magma to flow                any walking tours in town or in     while clearing a path to the vol-
ed projects aimed at better un-      Johnson paused.                                 upward toward the surface.                  tourist pamphlets.                  cano for a church group. His
derstanding what lies beneath          “Well, they are extinct, and                     Applying this theory, scien-                Pam Lambert lives at the         tractor flipped and trapped
the ancient volcanoes. Using         there’s no reason to think                      tists do not think the eruptions            foot of Trimble Knob, which         him beneath, killing him on
rock samples and mathemati-          there’s magma being created                     in Highland and Rockingham                  rises about 200 feet above          Sept. 25, 2008.
cal models, the students deter-      there. So I’d say there’s prob-                 counties carried on too long in             surrounding farmland. She              History texts say locals cel-
mined the depths of the Earth’s      ably no effect to worry about.                  geologic time, perhaps a few                can recall an Easter Sunday         ebrated the conclusion of the
mantle below Mole Hill and           But stranger things have hap-                   millions years, according to                church service at the summit        War of 1812 with a barbecue
how hot it must be down there.       pened.”                                         a 2006 paper by the Virginia                one year that was especially        on top of Mole Hill, where an
   The answers, they estimate,                                                       Department of Mines, Miner-                 inspiring.                          ox was roasted.
are 24.2 miles deep and 2,192           One of the mysteries of                      als and Energy.                                “I’ve always loved it,” she         Unlike Trimble Knob, there
degrees Fahrenheit. Generally        Mole Hill and Trimble Knob                         “It’s a hot-spot type of vol-            said. “I wish they’d open it up     are no spectacular views at
speaking, Johnson said, those        is what caused volcanic erup-                   cano,” said Jim Beard, a geol-              and sell tickets. They’d make       the summit. A dense canopy
numbers gradually get small-         tions there. Scientists are sim-                ogist and the curator of earth              a fortune.”                         of trees makes it difficult to
er toward the coast.                 ply not sure.                                   sciences at the Virginia Mu-                   The volcano is owned by          even tell you’ve reached the
   “It’s the first time we’ve           Volcanoes typically go off be-               seum of Natural History in                  Lavinia Bird, who tolerates         top, some 1,900 feet above sea
started to look closely at this      cause of the constant rubbing                   Martinsville, who has written               curiosity-seekers but is not        level.
site,” Johnson said recently in      and shifting and internal pres-                 about Mole Hill. “No one’s re-              thrilled at having trespass-           Butterflies dance through
her lab, where she was show-         sures of tectonic plates within                 ally sure why they erupted, or              ers on her farm. She declined       thickets of goldenrod, and vol-
ing off thin slices of volca-        the Earth. When a big slippage                  why they stopped.”                          to talk about Trimble Knob          canic rocks are tossed random-
nic rock under a microscope          occurs in an active area, mag-                     The museum does not main-                when contacted by phone, say-       ly about on the ground, some
while wearing a JMU Geology          ma can be released and volca-                   tain an exhibit on Virginia’s               ing she doesn’t know much           cracked open to show their tell-
T-shirt. “I’d love to spend more     noes often burst forth.                         volcanoes, Beard said, though               about it.                           tale ebony interiors.
time working on this. It’s new,         But 50 million years ago was                 it once produced a traveling                   Someone has built a small           The going is easy back down
and the kids love to get out and     not a time of major shifting and                exhibit that eventually found               step ladder that jumps Bird’s       Mole Hill, the trail looking fa-
see it first-hand.”                  seismic activity in Virginia,                   a home at Virginia Tech.                    back fence and provides ac-         miliar.
   While Johnson has visited         leaving scientists to wonder                       Beard noted that a vast ex-              cess to the knob. The volcano is       At the bottom, tractors are
Trimble Knob, she has not done       what triggered the events in                    panse of molten rock, called                covered by long, lush, reddish      plowing fields and cars wind
serious field work there but         the Shenandoah Valley.                          the Petersburg pluton, can be               grass that ripples in a nearly      through two-lane roads. Civi-
definitely wants to, noting how         Theories abound, but the                     found within the James River.               constant breeze. The top pro-       lization has been found, leav-
it is younger than Mole Hill by      most commonly held one was                      This material did not erupt,                vides breathtaking views of         ing only the round shape of a
about 13 million years.              developed by the U.S. Geologi-                  however; it is liquid rock that             Monterey and the Appalachian        dead volcano in the rear-view
   The recent earthquake that        cal Survey in a landmark 1993                   hardened beneath the Earth’s                Mountains around Highland           mirror.
shook much of the East Coast         study. It speculates that a com-                surface, affecting parts of six             County.
also has sparked new interest        bination of factors, including                  counties and stretching more                   Little mounds of volcanic        Scott Harper, (757) 446-2340,
in seismic activity and volca-       a regional fracturing event in                  than 60 miles.                              rocks are strewn about the

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