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                 Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Catalog/Price List
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Schedule 073, Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals and Services.
FSC Group: 79, Part 1, Section B, Cleaning Equipment, Accessories, Janitorial Supplies, Cleaning Chemicals and
FSC Class: 7210 & 7930
Contract Number: GS-07F-0399J
MOD 0014 1-03-2012
Contract period:    September 1, 1999 to August 30, 2014

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Contractor Name:     Birsch Industries, Inc.
                     476 Viking Drive Suite 102
                     Virginia Beach. Virginia. 23452
                     Tel: (757) 622-0355 or (888) 622-0356
                     Fax: (757) 625-7552
Contractor web-site:

Contractor’s Administration Source: William P. Egerton III
                                      476 Viking Drive
                                      Virginia Beach, VA. 23452
                                       Phone number: (757) 622-0355
Business size:       Small Business
1a.    Table of Awarded Special Item Numbers (SINs):
SIN                  DESCRIPTION
375 321 Powdered and Liquid Machine Warewashing (Dishwashing) Compounds and Rinse Additives.
375 323 Laundry Cleaner, Powered and Liquid, and Dry Cleaning Chemicals.
375 341 Floor and Carpet Chemical Products.
852-7 Linens

1b. Lowest Price Each SIN:
SIN          MODEL                                          PRICE
375-321 Descaler 1127253                                    $54.15
375 323 2001 Laundry Bleach 1031007                         $39.94
375 341 Carper Spotter 1090603                              $52.23
852-7 Linens B11111                                         $62.00
1C. Hourly Rates: N/A
2. Maximum Order                $150,000 per SIN per order, $300,000 per SIN 852-7
*If the best value selection places your order over the Maximum Order identified in this catalog/pricelist, you have an
opportunity to obtain a better schedule contract price. Before placing your order, contact the aforementioned
contractor for a better price. The contractor may (1) offer a new price for this requirement (2) offer the lowest price
available under this contract or (3) decline the order. A delivery order that exceeds the maximum order may be placed
under the schedule contract in accordance with FAR 8.404.
3. Minimum Order                $10.00 (1 Case)
4. Geographic Coverage:         48 Contiguous United States and Washington D.C.
5. Point of Production:         Virginia Beach, Virginia
6. Discount from List Prices: Discount from list prices or statement of net price: 30% (Mod 0014 JAN 03, 2012)
7. Quantity Discounts:          None
8. Prompt Payment Terms 2% / 15 Net 30
9a. Government Purchase Cards: Accepted at or below the micro purchase threshold.
9b. Government Purchase Cards: Credit cards are accepted above the micro-purchase threshold.
10. Foreign Items               None
11a. Time of Delivery:          5 to 10 Days ARO, (Linens 45 Days ARO)
11b. Expedited Delivery:        24 hours if in stock.
11c. Overnight and 2-day delivery: Overnight and 2-day delivery service is available, please contact our company
for rates 1-888-622-0356
11d. Urgent Requirements: Contact our office (see above information)
12. F.O.B. Points: Origin, Customer Pays Freight.
13a. Ordering Address:          Birsch Industries, Inc.
                                476 Viking Dr. Suite 102
                                Virginia Beach, VA. 23452
                                (757) 622-0355 (888) 625-0356
13b. Ordering procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket
Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) are found in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.405-3
14. Payment Address:            Birsch Industries, Inc.
                                476 Viking Dr. Suite 102
                                Virginia Beach, VA. 23452
                                (757) 622-0355 or (888) 866-0356
15. Warranty Provision:         Standard commercial warranty applies. (customer should contact contractor for copy of
the warranty)
16. Export packing charges:            N/A
17. Terms and conditions of Government Purchase card. Accepted at any level.
18. TERMS AND Conditions of Rental, Maintenance and repair (If applicable): N/A
19. Terms and conditions of installation: N/A
20. Terms and conditions of repair parts: N/A
20a. Terms and conditions for any other services: N/A
21. List of Service and Distribution Points: N/A
22. List of Participating Dealers:               N/A
23. Preventative Maintenance:                    N/A.
24a. Special attributes such as environmental attributes :( e.g. recycled content, energy efficiency, and or reduced
24b. Section 508 compliance for EIT: N/A
25. Data Universal Number System: (DUNS) 050985936
26. Notification regarding Registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database:
     Expires 06/01/2012

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