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Amendment _5 - E Procurement .pdf


									              STATE OF ALASKA RFP NUMBER 2005-2000-5328
                               AMENDMENT NUMBER FIVE (5)

                                         Department of Corrections
                                     Division of Administrative Services
                                      4500 Diplomacy Drive, Suite 109
                                           Anchorage, AK 99508

THIS IS NOT AN ORDER                           DATE AMENDMENT ISSUED: March 7, 2005

RFP TITLE: E-Procurement Software, E-Catalog Development and Consulting Services

CURRENT RFP PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND TIME: March 15, 2005 at 4:30 p.m. Alaska Time

This amendment is for informational purposes only and need not be acknowledged or returned to the State.

   1. Request for Proposals 2005-2000-5328 for e-procurement software, e-catalog development
      and consulting services has, by way of this amendment, been canceled. The Department of
      Corrections will continue to re-evaluate its needs and secure funding.

   2. The Department of Corrections apologizes for any inconvenience this amendment may

                                                          Sharon Frascati
                                                          Procurement Officer
                                                          Phone: (907) 269-7349
                                                          TDD: (907) 269-7345
                                                          FAX: (907) 269-7340

                                         FOR STATE USE ONLY

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