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Canadian Diamond Traders
Tools Training
                  The Real Facts on CDT
   CDT offers high quality diamonds for half the retail price.

   CDT sells diamonds, and you help market our diamonds.

    All our diamonds are certified by the top gemological laboratories
in the world, such as Gem Scan, EGL and GIA

  You are 100 to 1000 time more likely to be successful with CDT as
compared to MLM and network marketing companies.

   CDT is paying millions of dollars to thousands of diamonds traders
around the world on a continuous basis.
       Plus Deposits
       Purchase Value                          You Receive
  Diamond Deposit of $120        $400 - $700 worth of diamonds upon
                               purchase balance completion
                                 Replicator Site
                                 Account Activation in the Feeder Program

Feeder Diamond Purchase $300     $400 - $700 worth of diamonds of your
                               choice upfront. (Up to 2 loose stones)
                                 Select the diamonds of your choice
                                 Free Replicator Website
                                 Account Activation in the Feeder Program
  Diamond Deposit of $520        $2000 - $2200 worth of diamonds upon
                               purchase balance completion
                                 Replicator Site
                                 Account Activation in the DTP Program

DTP Diamond Purchase $1000       $2000 - $2400 worth of diamonds of your
                               choice upfront (Up to 2 loose stones)
                                 Select the diamonds/jewelry of your choice
                                 Free Replicator Website
                                 Account Activation in the DTP Program
                                                           PLUS Deposit

What do the Plus Deposits offer?

The Plus deposit offers an incredible boost to your marketing capability by simply completing your diamond(s) purchase upfront
rather than having to wait to cycle out.

What’s in it for me?

    1. Our studies show that 100% of all people, who have their diamond(s) in-hand, are more successful in their marketing.

       What is the first question most people ask you when you talk about being part of the DTP?
       The question often is “Do you have a diamond?” “Where is your diamond?” Or “can I see your diamond?”

       Seeing is Believing! and having your diamond in hand will encourage those people to keep listening to your marketing

   2. You get the chance to select your own diamond(s) or diamond Jewelry!
      With the Plus deposits, you have the option to visit the CDT Store and use the Diamond Selector to choose the perfect
      diamond(s) for you. The Diamond Selector allows you to use all the diamond criteria such as clarity, cut, colour, carat, and

   3. Receive Project Millionaire points faster.
      As your downline expands, we would suggest that you teach them about the Plus Deposits because it’s the most powerful
      marketing aid for them. The Plus deposits will help your downline get their diamond(s) quicker, but this in turn helps YOU to
      earn points rapidly, allowing you to earn money in addition to your marketing fees.
                                              How Can I Market the Plus Deposit?

The Revelation – By simply registering, anyone can become a Diamond Trader with CDT! As a Diamond Trader, they are entitled to
receive a wholesale discount of 50% or more, and the Plus Deposits are the perfect way to maximize their savings.

Put the emphasis on the savings.

You can say:
“ In addition to receiving savings of 50% or more on CDT’s diamonds and diamond jewelry, you also get your very own Replicated
Website, valued at over $200, absolutely FREE!”

As an added example, you can say…
“For example, if you pay $1000 you will receive at least $2000 - $2400 worth of certified diamonds of your choice right away and
remember the website is FREE”

                        Plus Deposits               Cost            Choose diamonds             BONUS
                                                                       valued at

                     Feeder Plus            $300                   $400 to $700           FREE Replicator
                                                                                          website for 1 year!
                     DTP Plus               $1000                  $2000 to $2400
                                                                                          AND you get to
                                                                                          CHOOSE your
                                                                                          diamonds and
                                                                                          receive a savings of
                                                                                          over 50%.
How do I upgrade NOW?

Here is the opportunity to market CDT on a larger scale. In order for you to take advantage of this new expansion all you have to do is
choose DTP Plus or Feeder Plus when paying for your diamond deposit. Since you are paying the full cost of your product upfront,
you may choose from the available products in stock at the CDT Store.

For your added convenience, Credit Cards are now accepted for diamond and jewelry purchases by fax at 416-742-0557; forms are
available on the website under the Payment Options link. Once your payment is received and approved, an
account representative will contact you, via email or phone, to complete the Plus transaction.

What Can You Choose?

DTP Plus: Choose any item(s) with the appraised value between $2000 and $2400 (Up to 2 loose stones)

Feeder Plus: Choose any item (s) with the appraised value between $400 and $700 (Up to 2 loose stones)

If this is your first time ordering, here are the instructions:

1) Visit our CDT Store and make an order for your DTP Plus or Feeder Plus Diamond Deposit. Before you complete the order, place
   your User ID in the comments section.

2) Go to payment options found on our main website. If you decide to use a credit card, download the Authorization form from our
   site, fill it out and fax it or email it to 416-742-0557 or, confirm any additional shipping costs with our
   Customer Service team prior to faxing. CDT’s Customer Service Group will approve your order within 24 business hours of
   receiving your payment and you can proceed to activate your account with the available coupon.

3) An Account Representative will contact you, via email or phone, to complete the diamond sale and expedite your diamond(s) to
   you within 7 business days of your diamond order.
If you want to upgrade to a Plus Deposit here are your instructions

1) Contact our Customer Service Group, by email or phone; advise them of your decision to obtain your diamond(s) or pendant(s) right

2) Be sure to include important information such as: the User Id being upgraded and your most recent Contact details.

Your PLUS Goals:

1) Upgrade today. Get your diamond in hand.
2) Have your team upgrade for increase marketing capabilities.
3) Promote the Plus Deposits to all new protégés. This will create a win-win situation allowing
everyone to be more successful.
                                                       Project Millionaire

As the name suggests Project Millionaire been designed to make Diamond Traders millionaires.

Reasons behind the development of Project Millionaire

As a result of the constant growth and evolution in 2007 CDT launched Project Millionaire as an added benefit of the Diamond
Trading Program. To further enhance your Diamond Trader status, Project Millionaire gives YOU the opportunity to benefit from
EVERY diamond sale within your team, up to ten levels deep.

So what better way for us to REWARD you, than to compensate you for the sales generated from your marketing efforts! This is the
real inspiration behind Project Millionaire.

CDT continues to be an innovative proactive company dedicated to the building the long-term prosperity of IDTs around the world

How does it work?

Simple! Every time a diamond sale is completed in the Main DTP, qualified Diamond Traders will receive Project Millionaire points
from our affiliate company Candiamonds Inc.

What can I do with my points?

Every 100 points is equivalent to $1 USD that can be used towards CDT products, services, and CASH!

How do I Qualify?

You must be active in the Main DTP and have 5 direct sales in the Main DTP under the account you want to qualify.
How do I receive points?

You will receive a different amount of points based on the level the sale was derived from in your downline. We have structured this
unlike any other compensation plans to give you more points where it counts.

                                            Downline Level                # of Points
                                                  1                           100
                                                  2                           200
                                                    3                         300
                                                    4                         500
                                                    5                         700
                                                    6                         800
                                                    7                        1000
                                                    8                        1500
                                                    9                        2000
                                                   10                        2500
Here is a Real Example:

At the Ottawa presentation, J. Waterman asked the audience, “with these amazing tools, how many sales should the average person
achieve?” The feedback was from 2 to 100. Then he asked “how long would the average person take to achieve those sales.”
The feedback was 1 day to 6 months.

So we created a chart, which shows how many points they would accumulate, being more conservative than the inspired audience of

                                Month      Level      Sales    Points Per Sale      Total Points
                                  1          1          2           100                  200
                                  2          2          4           200                  800
                                  3          3          8           300                 2400
                                  4          4         16           500                 8000
                                  5          5         32           700                22400
                                  6          6         64           800                51200
                                  7          7         128          1000              128000
                                  8          8         256          1500              384000
                                  9          9         512          2000             1024000
                                 10         10        1024          2500             2560000
                                                                Total Points         4181000
                                                              Redeem For Cash         $41,800

Above, we showed you an extremely conservative example which would give you over 4 million points, converting to over $40,000
in 10 months not including any $3500 marketing fees you may earn in-between. You play with the numbers!
Remember: you earn points anytime a diamond purchase is complete through the main DTP within 10 levels of your downline. This
is whether they pay up front with the DTP Plus or whether they pay the balance before cycling out.

So to get your points faster, make sure your team goes with the DTP Plus. This is what we call a Win Win Win Win situation.
Win 1: You get your points
Win 2: They get to choose and receive their diamond right away, Value up-front!
Win 3: They receive one of the best marketing tools…their diamond
Win 4: We get to sell a diamond.

Remember: Teach and inspire your team to teach and inspire their team because you get the big points down at the bottom levels. So
if they are successful, then you are successful.

Here’s the bottom line. Over 100 Billion dollars of diamonds were sold in the retail market last year alone. How many of those
people do you think would prefer to get them for half the retail price? Is that a big enough market for you?

How many people do you know that would like a real money making vehicle that actually works. Is that a big enough market?

Project Millionaire: (Things to ask yourself!)
Have I used the Income Estimator or Income Calculator?
Have I told my team about it?
Have I seen the Project Millionaire presentation?
Have I shown it to any new protégés?
Do I know where to find it?
Here are some frequently asked questions about Project Millionaire.

   Q- If I have already built a big team, can I still earn points?

   A- Yes. If they have NOT completed their diamond purchase yet, when they pay for the purchase balance, you will receive
   points at that time. Also, if they choose to wait, when they cycle out their purchase balance will be completed and you will
   earn points.

   Q- Do I have to be qualified to earn points?

   A- Yes. you must be Active and qualified with 5 direct sales in the main DTP to earn points.

   Q- If I have 5 qualified User IDs can I earn points on all 5?

   A- Yes. each User ID earns points on an individual basis.

   Q- What can I do with these points?

   A- You can redeem them for any products and services at the CDT Store or you can redeem your points for CASH!
The Project Millionaire/DNA page is fully accessible from your back office and includes TWO outstanding features;

1) Potential Income Estimator
2) Income Calculator

These tools can help you to put your earnings in perspective; how much YOU can EARN with Project Millionaire.

The potential income estimator is based on your current downline and its REAL data. It analyzes the diamond sales that have NOT
been completed yet within your team. It will show you how much PM points you will earn and how much cash you will redeem if all
the diamond sales are completed within your team.

The income calculator allows you to estimate your potential earnings; this is also a great way to show anyone the potential of Project
Millionaire. Let’s not forget that these potential earnings are on top of the regular $3500 marketing fees.

Also one of the most important links in this area is the Project Millionaire link. This takes you to a presentation that explains the
benefits of Project Millionaire and helps to close your prospects.
                    Income Calculator
 The Income Calculator is found in your DNA back office. You can use it to
         calculate your potential income with Project Millionaire.

   It’s a great marketing tool because it can show others how much money THEY could
potentially make. Once they see all our other marketing and support tools, they will be very
                        excited to be a Diamond Trader just like you.

The DNA is a way to view your downline as well as your upline. This tool helps you to analyze the structure of your current team.
This is a powerful way for you to make profitable decisions and turning them into valuable Project Millionaire points. The DNA
allows you to connect with your entire team.

You can also get a physical copy of your DNA by using the “Export Downline as CSV” link. This allows you to print an exact copy of
your search results including the registration dates, positions on the diamond table and cycle dates.

The DNA is an important tool that puts the information in your hands and allows you to keep track of your team and their progress, at
the end of the day; their success means your success. Using the features of the DNA system will definitely expand your marketing
team; it’s all really up to you.

To access the DNA, simply Login to your DTP account and click on the ‘Project Millionaire/DNA’ button located on the right hand
side. Here you will be able to view your downline, upline, project millionaire points, and best of all – communicate with your entire

Using the DNA, you could also pull up reports of idle Collectors (collectors who have been sitting in that position for a long time), or
unqualified Polisher (polishers who have less than two sales) and motivate them to make that final step to cycle out.

You could also see their diamond tables, send them emails, and even see their Project Millionaire qualification.

To receive the full potential of the DNA, we recommend you take the following action steps:

   1. View the DNA tutorial available at the CDT Forum to learn how to use it.

   2. Use the DNA regularly and find out how the various reports can help you to build NOW.

   3. Set a goal to contact a minimum of 3 idle Collectors and 2 unqualified Polishers to share, inform, and motivate them to reach
      their full CDT potential.
    The Extras on Tools …
This section is not covered as part of the online class however it will prove beneficial for you to Read It
                           and Use It as part of your Marketing Tools Guide.

Now you can have a complete CDT presentation in your back pocket, this is a brilliant marketing tool that will make your marketing a
whole lot simpler. This DVD is full of life changing information and testimonials from successful Diamond Traders. Now success can
be as easy as finding an audience and pressing play.

The DVD can help to explode your Diamond Trading business internationally. The DVD is a high quality production that will convey
the full scope of the Diamond Trading Program as it includes full animation of how the system works with real people and their
testimonials in 12 different languages! The languages featured on the DVD are:

   •   English            •   Spanish           •   Vietnamese          •   Russian          •   Mandarin           •   Japanese
   •   French             •   German            •   Pilipino            •   Polish           •   Korean             •   Hindi

       We believe that this by far is one of the most powerful tools as audio, and visual of the DTP come together in a fun and
       exciting way. At parties and gatherings, just pop in the DVD, have it enlighten everyone on the Diamond Trading Program,
       and answer the questions and concerns of your protégés. In addition, the DVD explains the entire DTP in the correct and
       legal manner.

   How to market using the DVD:
     1. There is a special ‘referred by’ section on the back of the DVD Case that allows you to write in your User ID. Point it
         out to your protégés so they can put your User ID in the ‘referred by’ box during registration.

       2. The DVD is an excellent tool for your entire marketing team, you should make sure that any new person on your team
          has the DVD and promotes it to others who may be interested in the DTP or CDT’s Diamonds.

       3. Simply have as many people as possible watch the DVD. Give them a sense of urgency to watch it right away.
          Example: 'I need the DVD back by tomorrow morning because other people are waiting to watch it as well.' or, 'let’s
          watch this together right now.'
Maximize your savings by purchasing the DVDs in bulk!

                       Units      Price Price/DVD
                        100       $400       $4
                        50        $250       $5
                        20        $160       $8
                        10         $90       $9
                         5         $60      $12
                         1         $20      $20
DVD Goal

1) Get the DVD
2) Show the DVD to at least 5 people in one week

   1. Name: __________________                                Phone#: ___________________
      Outcome:                                                Email: _____________________
         Interested   Not Interested               No Contact      Pending

   2. Name: __________________                                Phone#: ___________________
      Outcome:                                                Email: _____________________
         Interested   Not Interested               No Contact      Pending

   3. Name: __________________                                Phone#: ___________________
      Outcome:                                                Email: _____________________
         Interested   Not Interested               No Contact      Pending

   4. Name: __________________                                Phone#: ___________________
      Outcome:                                                Email: _____________________
         Interested   Not Interested               No Contact      Pending

   5. Name: __________________                                Phone#: ___________________
      Outcome:                                                Email: _____________________
         Interested   Not Interested               No Contact      Pending

   6. Name: __________________                                Phone#: ___________________
      Outcome:                                                Email: _____________________
         Interested   Not Interested               No Contact      Pending
7. Name: __________________                     Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                     Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact      Pending

8. Name: __________________                     Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                     Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact      Pending

9. Name: __________________                     Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                     Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact      Pending

10. Name: __________________                    Phone#: ___________________
    Outcome:                                    Email: _____________________
       Interested   Not Interested   No Contact      Pending

11. Name: __________________                    Phone#: ___________________
    Outcome:                                    Email: _____________________
       Interested   Not Interested   No Contact      Pending

12. Name: __________________                    Phone#: ___________________
    Outcome:                                    Email: _____________________
       Interested   Not Interested   No Contact      Pending
                                                            Replicator Site

The replicator site is an interactive tool that you can use you to do the following:
   • Post updates, topics and create web pages on your own site.
   • Users that view your site can reply to your entries and subscribe to be part of your mailing list.
   • You are able to keep your whole marketing team up to date with any new developments by sending out mass emails to
   • Allows prospects to learn about the DTP and CDT’s Diamonds and register directly from your site, even if you are not present

What can my replicator site do for me?

   1. Does the work for you.

   2. Available 24hrs, 7 days a week

   3. It has an auto-referral system designed to link your UserID to Registration, you can simply send out your URL, this will
   ensure that your sales will always be linked to you.

   4. You can customize. I.e. your prospects don’t speak English simply use an international keyboard and have your site in
      different languages.

   5. Easy, effective templates that are designed to gain the interest of viewers.
How to use my Replicator Site?

1. Set up your replicator site

To setup your Replicator Site go to the “Setup My Replicator” link available in the CDT community. After you setup your Replicator,
your permanent Web address will be A default home page will be created for you during

2. Customize your site by using one of the preset templates

   1. Diamond Template
      • Talks about CDT’s high quality diamonds
      • Shows how an average person can save tremendously by purchasing diamonds from CDT
      • Encourages prospects to become a part of the Diamond Trading program in order for them to take advantage of the massive

   2. Diamond Trading Program Template
      • Talks about the benefits of the DTP
      • Shows how CDT is paying millions of dollars to thousands of Diamond Traders on a continuous basis around the world
      • Encourages prospects to become a part of our Diamond Trading Program so they may earn marketing fees

Note: If you have multiple Websites you may choose both templates and refer your prospects accordingly.

Please refer to the tutorial online for learning how to use all the functions of your replicated site.
   3. Promote your site

You should look at both free and paid Online Prospecting Methods such as:

   •   Email Signatures – Every time you send an email, you will be advertising your site.
                                                        Sample # 1
                                                        YOUR NAME
                                                 Independent Diamond Trader
                                     Canadian Diamond Trader (We sell diamonds for less)
                                                     Tel (###-###-####)
                                                     Fax (###-###-####)

   •   Newsgroup or Usenet Signatures – You can post your website address for everyone to see. Usenet is a set of bulletin boards
       or newsgroups made available via the Internet. Each newsgroup is dedicated to an area of interest and people post articles or
       "posts" on different subjects within the area of interest. (I.e.
   •   Free Classifieds - Submit to various Free Classified Ad sites to generate traffic and leads. (
   •   Directories - Register your site with directory services relating to you, there are all kinds of directories on the Internet. Lots of
       are free, and some charge you for an advertisement. Either way, they can do two things for you. The first is drive-targeted
       traffic to your site. The second is increasing your link popularity for search engine positioning.
   •   Search Engines - Register your Website with the Paid Online Prospecting Methods. You can submit your website address to
       search engines so that when people search diamonds on Google for example, your site will pop up.
   •   URL - Put your Website Address (URL) on EVERYTHING because when people register from there, you will get the credit.
   •   Pay Per Click Search Engines - A phenomenal targeted traffic and ad-testing vehicle.
   •   Raffle - Raffle off an item based on people who leave their email addresses to be added to your information list; that way you
       will get a lot of email addresses and potential protégés.
   •   Classifieds - Use Online Classified Ads
   •   Flyers - include information depending on the targeted audience. So if someone’s getting married, make the flyer about
       diamonds and saving money.
                                    Replicator Site Goal:

1) Setup your Replicator Site if you haven’t already done so.

2) Customize your site with one of the preset templates
     a. Diamond Template
     b. Diamond Trading Program Template

3) Promote your site
     a. Show your site to at least 10 people within the next week
     b. Have them listen to the Diamond or DTP Call
                                                      CDT Community & Forum:

The CDT Community features our company Blog where we post news, updates, testimonials, CDT Celeb features, and publish our
CDT Ink E-Magazines. The community is also where you would go to set up your Replicator or access the CDT Forum. You can
access it from our corporate DTP website by clicking on the community link at the bottom left of the page.

Once you’re in the CDT Community, you will notice the CDT Celeb section located in the top left hand corner of the page, if you
click on the picture you will be taken to the videos and testimonials of the celebrities that have been featured. If you would like to be
featured, as one of our CDT Celebs, all you need to do is cycle out, record a testimonial, send it to us; you might be featured!

Below the Celeb picture in the community are voice testimonials directly from our clients; this section is updated constantly with new
testimonials that will help you in your marketing efforts.

You will also notice the top menu. This menu is used to navigate the CDT Community as well as takes the visitor to Register, to visit
the CDT Store, or Set up your Replicator.

The button that you will be using most frequently here would probably be the ‘Forum’ button as it takes you to our CDT Forum where
you can communicate with IDTs around the world as well as see any urgent updates we have. It is a common area where Diamond
Traders can get valid information, and post any comments or questions they may have. The forum also allows for surveys and live
feedback conducted by the Corporate office.
Once you click on the ‘Forum’ button, you will be required to enter in the same UserID and password that you use for the DTP and
press ‘Login’. You are now in the CDT Forum. As you will immediately see, you have several options available to you:

   •   Home
          o This button brings you back to the homepage of the Forums.
   •   Search
          o Use this option to search for any posts or topics that you might be interested in. Also use this option before posting any
               new threads as they may already exist.
   •   Profile
          o This option allows you to change any details that can be viewed by other Diamond Traders using the forum such as
               your name, email address, signature, avatar, etc.
   •   Member List
          o This option leads you to a full member list of all our active Diamond Traders. If you’re looking for a UserID that is not
               in this list, then it’s probably not active. Call Customer Service and to have it activated.
   •   Recent Posts
          o This option displays all posts arranged in chronological from most recent to oldest.
   •   My Forums
          o This section contains topics you are subscribed to (You are receiving email notifications about new postings), as well
               as the last 25 active threads you have participated in.
   •   Messages
          o This is the Private Messaging area. Here you can read messages sent to you or write messages to any active UserID on
               the forum no matter where they are in the world. Once a message is sent, the recipient receives an email saying to
               check their messages inbox on the forum.
   •   Logout
          o This logs you out of the forum.
                                                      CDT Community & Forum Goal:

1) Post a testimonial or something motivating on the forum.
2) Send Private Messages to all the people on your Diamond Table

       • For example:
       Hello their UserID,

       I see you’re in the Cutter position. Did you know you have a chance to go straight to the Collector position? All you need to do
       is generate two sales! I would recommend you use the DVD or your Replicator site, as they are the best marketing tools…next
       to your diamond of course! Speaking of which, did you know you could get your diamond within approximately two weeks if
       you complete the balance on your account? It’s called upgrading to the PLUS Deposit. You get to choose your own diamond
       and it will be sent to you ASAP.
       Better hurry. Good luck.

       Your Name/UserID

3) Listen to testimonials, and watch the CDT Celeb
4) Check out the Tutorials section
5) Look at the CDT Ink Volumes for lots of useful information
                                                             CDT Store

Immediately after Registering you should proceed to Step 2: CDT Store to choose your diamonds. Since your CDT Store account is
separate from your DTP account, you should OPEN your CDT Store account immediately. You only need one, even if you have
multiple accounts in the DTP.

You can also place orders in the CDT Store for multiple products and services, and use the CDT Store to Scoop from your DTP
account once you cycle out.

There are many other payment options available in the CDT Store so you can simplify administrative processes.

You may use any of the options below when making a purchase at the CDT Store. Please ensure you include your appropriate account
number for the corresponding method of payment:
• Bill Payment (Full Name of the account holder who is sending the payment)
• Wire Transfer (Full Name of the account holder who is sending the payment)
• Fax Credit Card Auth Form (Last 4 digits of Card Number)
• Epassporte (Epassporte User ID)
• Certified Cheque/Money Order (Name of Sender)
• Scoop from CDT account (CDT User ID you are scooping from)
• Many other options will be available soon

Make sure you record your Order Number. If you misplace it, you can always return to the CDT Store and obtain it in the View my
Order history / order details menu.

When your order is approved, you can have instant access to your coupons. You will also see the Status of your order at all times,
keeping you up to date.
                                                           Diamond Selector

The CDT Store also features our one-of-a-kind Diamond Selector. When looking for a diamond to buy, the Diamond Selector allows
you to select everything about your diamond including the Shape, the price range, the color, the cut, the clarity, and the carat weight.
What the Diamond Selector also features is a Carat Guide that allows you to see what a diamond would look like on a finger so you
know what size to buy.

The Diamond Selector is available to everybody when they purchase diamonds from us, and the best way to make use of it is using
one of the Plus Deposits as they allow you to not only save more than 50% on the diamonds, but also allow you to choose what ever
diamonds you want and at the same time activating your account in the Feeder or DTP Programs.

Once you have selected your diamonds with the PLUS purchase, we will send you your diamonds as soon as possible. So you will
have your greatest marketing tool upfront!
                                                  Steps to Your Success

Step #1 Discover your Purpose with Canadian Diamond Traders

Write down your short term and long-term goals.

I.e.   Pay my debt                      Save for retirement
       Buy a car                        Be my own boss
       Help my family                   Go on vacation

>____________________________ >____________________________
>____________________________ >____________________________
>____________________________ >____________________________
>____________________________ >____________________________
>____________________________ >____________________________
>____________________________ >____________________________
                             Step #2 Define your Market

A great way to start is to look at your warm market.

                                                          Warm Market

You should create a list of the people that you know including: family, friends, business contacts, acquaintances, coworkers, and
anyone else you know who is interested in diamonds and/or making money. Once you have made your list, organize the information
by name, contact information, and outcome.
                                    Market Tracking Sheet

1. Name: __________________                       Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact     Pending

2. Name: __________________                       Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact     Pending

3. Name: __________________                       Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact     Pending

4. Name: __________________                       Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact     Pending

5. Name: __________________                       Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact     Pending

6. Name: __________________                       Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact     Pending
7. Name: __________________                       Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact     Pending

8. Name: __________________                       Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact     Pending

9. Name: __________________                       Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested   Not Interested    No Contact     Pending

10. Name: __________________                      Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested    Not Interested   No Contact     Pending

11. Name: __________________                      Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested    Not Interested   No Contact     Pending

12. Name: __________________                      Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested    Not Interested   No Contact     Pending
13. Name: __________________                      Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested    Not Interested   No Contact     Pending

14. Name: __________________                      Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested    Not Interested   No Contact     Pending

15. Name: __________________                      Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested    Not Interested   No Contact     Pending

16. Name: __________________                      Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested    Not Interested   No Contact     Pending

17. Name: __________________                      Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested    Not Interested   No Contact     Pending

18. Name: __________________                      Phone#: ___________________
   Outcome:                                       Email: _____________________
      Interested    Not Interested   No Contact     Pending
            Step #3 Organize your Marketing Plan and Educate Yourself

In order to be successful faster and for long-term in our marketing team, it is essential that you understand our products, our systems,
and our policies. These are some of the steps that will assist you in increasing your knowledge, and helping you with your marketing
efforts. (If you have not already)

       -   Attend in house meetings, and invite at least two people
              o Every month we will be holding a meeting; more details will be posted on our website at

       -   Set up your Replicated site and visit CDT community

       -   Listen to prerecorded calls available 24 hrs, 7 days a week
               o On your replicator site.
               o Invite at least 3 people a week to listen

       -   Go through the website Tutorials
              o Located on the CDT Community and CDT Forum

       -   Qualify for Project Millionaire
              o Watch the Project millionaire presentation available from your back office
              o Use the income calculator to see how much you can make

       -   Clarify any questions that you may have
              o It is essential for you to ask any questions that you may have and to be able to handle objections
              o Contact our Customer Service Group at 416-742-2280 or 1-800-692-0750 between 11-7 Pm EST
              o Email: or

   Setup Your Replicator Site
   Circulate your URL
   Use the custom template
   Listen to Diamond Call
   Listen to the News Call
   Listen to DTP Call
   Get the DVD – Millionaire Mine                     ___
   Watch the DVD
   Invite others to watch the DVD with you
   Share the DVDs
   Visit the CDT Forum everyday                      ___
   Post your testimonial                          ______
   Post your opinions and comments
   Support and encourage other IDTs                ______
   Show off your diamonds                       _________
   Upgrade to the Plus
   Let us Set your Diamonds
   Wear your bling!
   Learn something New about CDT everyday       _________
   Read the DTP site –
   Read the Diamond site –
 Visit the CDT Community/Tutorials                      _

  Attend and invite people to presentations             _

Have Fun
                         Step#4 Develop a Marketing Strategy

Start marketing right away.
Start with your warm market first
Work with your team
Come up with ways to get into your cold market

                                                             How to Invite

If the person is your friend or family member, say to your prospect “I am involved in this great business and I wanted to get your
opinion, as it means a lot to me.” Chances are they will want to help you and appreciate the fact that you have confidence in their
opinion. After they see our presentation, they’re going to want to become part of your growing team.

If the person is not your friend or family member, say to your prospect, “Do you like diamonds?” Chances are they will say yes. Then
say; “Could you use an extra $3500.00 every few months?” Chances are they will say yes. Tell them that you would like to put aside a
time when you can explain to them the full details of the business.

Make sure to mention it is not MLM or Direct sales. This will probably be a big relief for them. There is no point in telling half of a
story, so do not give them bits and pieces of the DTP. It is important that they see the whole picture. If they cannot make it to the
presentation or they need more information, use the other resources like the DVD, your Replicated website or the Prerecorded calls

                                                              Team Work

As a new marketer we recommend that you work with your team. This could start from the person who referred you to this business.
You may also find out who is a leader in your group, the CDT Community will be great way to communicate with everyone who is
part of your team. Don’t forget about your CDT team, the CDT team is here to help you. Our Customer Service Group is available
Monday to Friday 11-7pm EST time. In addition, it is important for you to work with the individuals that join your team and to guide
them through the steps that you are going through.
Email: for payment related questions for any CDT related questions. for any marketing related questions.
Phone: 416-742-2280
Fax: 416-742-0557
Sample Email:
Subject line: Are you interested in supplementing your current income?

Dear Prospects Name:
I am excited to tell you about an amazing business that I have found in Canadian Diamond Traders; CDT is a wholesaler of diamonds
and has been in business since 2003. Through its revolutionary Diamond Trading Program, there is a great potential to earn income,
by being a part of their diamond marketing team you can earn USD $3500 marketing fee every time you successfully market their

The support systems that the company has in place ensure that we can build a great business and have fun with a little bit of effort.
Check out my website at:

Looking at my website should not take more than 15 minutes. I am sure you will agree it is worth a few minutes of your time.
I will follow up with you in the next few days to get your opinion on what you saw and answer any questions you may have.

Your name
Your phone

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