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									Temple Emanu-El, San Jose, CA
Member of the Union for Reform Judaism   Connections                                                      May 2009 Iyar 5769
                                                                                                                V. 73, No. 118

 Shabbat Service Schedule

                                           Celebrate Shavuot
  Friday Shabbat Services
           May 1
      Potluck Dinner
                                                         (giving of the Torah to Moses and the Jewish People)
    Erev Shabbat Service                                                           Erev Shavuot and Confirmation Service
    Teacher Appreciation                                                                                 Thursday, May 28 at 7pm
          May 8                                                               Tikkun Lail Shavuot (all-night study session)
Erev Shabbat/Choir Shabbat                                                                            Thursday May 28 at 10:00pm
         7:30pm                                                                                     Shavuot Morning Service
          May 15                                                                                         Friday, May 29 at 9:00am
        Tot Shabbat
          6:00pm                                                             Mazel Tov to the Confirmation Class of 5769
       Erev Shabbat –                                                                         Natalie Audelo, bat Oscar and Meryl
      Outreach Shabbat                                                                     Zachary Heerwagen, ben Jim and Hilary
          7:30pm                                                                              Marcus Hoffman, ben Jeff and Pam
                                                                                                  Michael Holt, ben Glenn and Jill
         May 22                                                                                Alyssa Jepsky, bat Eric and Martha
Erev Shabbat/Rock Shabbat                                                                    Carter Johnson, ben Stuart and Sarah
  12th Grade Graduation                                                                       Kevin Krandel, ben Steve and Shari
         7:30pm                                                                                Spencer Marsh, ben Jeff and Missy
         May 29                                                                              Laura Mighdoll, bat David and Linda
      Kabbalat Shabbat                                                                       Sadie Misle, bat Howard and Tamara
          6:30pm                                                                             Amanda Schmitt , bat Ralph and Sara
                                                                                             Zachary Sprintz, ben Mike and Millie
                                                                                                             Matthew Weingarten,
                                                                                                         ben Gordon and Barbara
     Saturday Morning
 All Minyan services start at
     9:00am in the BFR
        2, 9, 16, 23 30

     May 9 at 10:30am
       Matthew Ross
   becomes a Bar Mitzvah
    May 16 at 10:30am
      Kelsey Hurwitz
   becomes a Bat Mitzvah

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              From Rabbi’s                                                                            Desk                               2

                                         Relating to Shavuot             All three pilgrimage festivals are tied to our agrarian roots. By
                                         as a Reform Jew                 observing them here (or wherever we are), it connects us both to our
                                                                         past, to nature and the seasons of the year, and to the Land of Israel.
                                                                         What is also remarkable is that each of these festivals also provides a
                                         The holy day of Shavuot is      time during the year for self-examination. On Sukkot, as we
                                         celebrated on the 6th of        celebrate our first fruits, we consider our basic needs in life, those
                                         Sivan. This is the time that    things that we so often take for granted. Sukkot is especially
                                         Jews traditionally celebrate    powerful after we have gone through a process of Teshuvah, of taking
                                         Moses’ receiving of the         responsibility for our actions and starting with a clean slate. At
                                         Torah on Mount Sinai. It is     Pesach, we have an opportunity to look at the Chamatz, "leavening"
                                         one of the three Pilgrimage     in our lives, checking on what is "puffing us up," how we are
                                         Festivals (Shalosh Regalim),    enslaved and what we might need to do to free ourselves. On
                                         when our ancestors would        Shavuot, as individuals we examine our covenantal relationship to
                                                                         Judaism, because we are Am Brit, a people of the covenant.
                                         travel to Jerusalem with
                                         offerings of first fruits in
                                                                         In the Reform movement, Shavuot is traditionally the time when
thankfulness for a successful harvest. The other two Pilgrimage          young adults (in most cases 10th graders) affirm their connection to
Festivals are Pesach and Sukkot. Shavuot is known by several names:      the Jewish tradition. At Temple Emanu-El, the Erev Shavuot and
Chag Ha-katzir (Festival of the Grain Harvest), Chag HaBikurim           Confirmation Service is the culmination of a year of study, during
(Festival of First Fruits); Zeman matan toratenu (the season of the      which time our students examine what it means to be a Reform Jew;
giving of the Torah) but the word Shavuot actually means "weeks"         what is God and how we cope with death. This year we have
and it celebrates a "week of weeks" (7 weeks, or 49 days) following      thirteen outstanding young people who have spent the year together
the week of Pesach. At the conclusion of the second seder, we begin      and will be sharing their views on these topics. Our goal is to also
counting the omer, marking the beginning of the wheat harvest. On        confirm our Jewish faith, by being present at our Erev
Shavuot the barley harvest begins.                                       Shavuot/Confirmation service, we too are afforded an opportunity to
                                                                         contemplate what we believe.
Pesach and Shavuot are interconnected. During Pesach, we
                                                                         On Shavuot, we hear two scriptural readings. One is from the Book
reconnect to our liberation from the land of Egypt (Mitzrayim, the       of Ruth (because the story of Ruth takes place during the barley
place of narrowness or constriction) to become a people in               harvest, and because the rabbis, felt that Ruth's acceptance of
relationship with God.                                                   Judaism paralleled the Israelites’ acceptance of Torah). The other is
                                                                         the Ten Commandments from our Torah.
According to the Rabbis, the Torah was offered to a variety of
different peoples. But they did not like the conditions. When God        I hope you will be with us on Thursday, May 28 at 7:00pm to
offered the Torah to the Israelites, they said "na'aseh v'nishma" (we    experience this wonderful opportunity to reflect on your belief and
will do and we will hear). In other words, the action precedes the       to celebrate with our Confirmands and their families.
understanding. Just as on Pesach, we should consider that we were
                                                                         As on all the pilgrimage festivals, there is an additional Yizkor
liberated from Egyptian bondage, so too on Shavuot, we should all
                                                                         (memorial) portion added to the Shavuot morning service. The
consider that we stood together at Sinai and received the Torah as a
                                                                         Yizkor service is not just for those who have lost someone dear in
guide for our lives.                                                     the past year. It is for anyone and everyone because the connection
                                                                         to those who have gone before us is such a strong part of our Jewish
Traditional Jews believe that the Torah was actually handed to           tradition. The Shavuot morning service will be on Friday, May 29, at
Moses at Mt. Sinai. As Reform Jews, we take a different approach.        9:00am in the Chapel.
We do not take the story literally, but more metaphorically. Torah
was written by our ancestors over the course of many periods of          Shavuot is another example of how the Jewish calendar offers us
time. It was codified and organized, and handed down from                opportunities throughout the year to reflect on our lives and to be a
generation to generation, both as written and oral tradition. But that   part of our extended family, our community. May this be a
difference in interpretation in no way decreases the significance of     wonderful Shavuot for all of us.
the holiday. What Shavuot does for us is provide another
opportunity for connection ... to the Temple in ancient days, our
                                                                                                                    Rabbi Dana L. Magat
history, our traditions, our own congregation, and to our own                                                rabbimagat@templesajose.org
identity as Jews.
                         Jewish                                                                     Literacy                                 3

This month is the Festival of Shavout, the Spring Harvest Festival           Another illustration that helps us to see the timelessness of the
that celebrates the handing down of the Torah, the scroll of Jewish        Torah is a comparison to the Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, a
Law, on Mt. Sinai. The way we celebrate this holiday in our                beloved children’s classic book that many have read. It has had a
synagogue is similar to the way it is being celebrated in Israel and       record 250 printings in 35 different languages. While that is certainly
throughout the world; it’s a parallel experience. This global              something to be amazed at, think about this--the Torah has been
celebration is being held in synagogues everywhere, whether in the         through perhaps hundreds of thousands of reprints--every time it
Great Synagogue in Jerusalem, Altashul in Amsterdam or Lincoln             has been rewritten on a scroll though the centuries. It has been
Square in Manhattan. The concept of Shavout is an ancient tradition        read and cherished all over the world for hundreds of generations.
that carries over to our heritage today. The concept of celebrating        The Torah has been translated into countless languages all over
one’s heritage and anniversary dates of special occasions is ancient       the world.
and trans-cultural. When we honor our heritage we demonstrate the
value of traditions. This builds a strong foundation for the future.       Each year, Jews celebrate the anniversary of this historically
By your participation in this year’s festivities you demonstrate your      significant event--the giving of the Torah. Some of the ways in
pride in being part of the Jewish people’s rich historical landscape       which we re-enact and role-play is through a dramatic re-enactment--
and heritage.                                                              using props, scenery, costumes, liturgy and a script. These are the
                                                                           elements of a production. So if we break down the components, the
The flowers used to decorate synagogues are a symbol of spring,            props are the food that we eat, the dairy products, the candles that
rebirth and hope as well as a reminder of the refreshing aroma of          we light, and the books that we hold in our hands and read. The
the earth and creation. We are awed by the significance of when            costumes are the yom tov clothing that we dress in and the scenery
God gave each and every Jew the gift of the Torah, which has been a        is how we decorate our synagogues and homes with flowers and
lifeline to the nation through the generations. The teachings and the      greenery, and how we try to put our environment in spic and span
wisdom of the Torah are considered a gift to the Nation of Israel          shape. The liturgy is the special songs we sing and prayers to the
and the world, vital for spiritual existence and survival.                 Almighty that works to create a certain ambiance and tells a story
                                                                           like a musical play. During the dramatic presentation there is a
Millions were present during the historical event whereby we are told      dialogue and exchange of ideas between us and our prayers to God.
that all the Jews and the souls of those individuals who would be          Some of it is like improvisational theater where people express their
born in the future were present as well. It was a multi-media show, so     viewpoints off the cuff.
to speak, and probably in today’s terms, comparable to the opening
night of Spider-Man, Harry Potter, The Mummy Returns, Planet of the        All of these pieces help us to spiritually step into the mindset and
Apes, Star Wars Episode I, and the excitement that all these               recreate the drama. Our tradition encourages us to pull an all-nighter
blockbusters provided for the masses. On opening night, Spider-Man         of learning to commemorate and immerse our minds in this
was hailed by the press as the year’s biggest money-maker and              historically significant event. This helps to intensify our knowledge
success by shattering just about every opening night box office            and review our history spanning more than 3,000 years.
record. In modern days, this movie has been the greatest production
ever witnessed with the largest viewership in history in a single night.   In Israel there is a very powerful and moving tradition of Jews
                                                                           migrating en masse to the Western Wall as the sun rises for the
                                                                           Shacharit (morning) prayers. The ground is packed and the sound of
If you compare this event to the dramatic event of when the people         the multitude of prayers in unison can touch the depth of one’s soul.
heard the voice of God and there was thunder and lightning and             Here too in our close-knit and loving community, we are creating
supernatural and unprecedented occurrences, over 3,000 years ago,          our own special feeling of unity and purpose through our
this was an even bigger and more comparable and impressive event           participation and observance of this sacred time.
in history because there were many more individuals witness to it.
The script and the production of the event on Mt. Sinai has been           CHILDREN’S SECTION – There is a portion of the service
continuously re-enacted for over 3,000 years every Shavuot. While          when the Ten Commandments were read from the Torah from
movies may lose their potency and power over the course                    the book of Sh’moth and the children gather around the bimah
of a few months or years, the event of the giving of the Torah and         carrying baskets of fruit and adorned with flowers. This is a custom
God’s communication to man and to His people is still considered           for the festival of Shavuot. A blessing is given to the children.
the #1 best seller. There is no other historical event that has ever       History reflects not only where we have been but also where we
topped it. It is of utmost eternal significance for us as a people         as a nation, state and country are going. Our children are blessed
and individually.                                                          to have the opportunity to fully appreciate the rich history and
                                                                           culture Judaism offers.
The Torah is our nation’s treasure. We store it carefully in our arks.
So many people in this country treasure antique objects, objects of        Our children are beautiful and special. We hope through attendance
certain value that are determined through the following criteria:          in synagogue with your friends and family, you will have positive,
completeness, endurance, increased value, detail of the handiwork          meaningful, fun times and love being Jewish. Hopefully days like
and enduring beauty. In comparison with the most treasured,                today will be cherished Jewish memories etched in your hearts for
valuable antiques in the world, the Torah’s values are timeless and        your entire lives.
eternal. The beauty of words is one of the ages’ most valuable and
practical antiques, so to speak. The Torah, as we said, was given to       Children serve as a comforting reminder that the love and
us over 3,000 years ago, which gives it the aura of being an               knowledge of Judaism is strong. You are showing how proud you
incredible antique artifact that has been preserved and respected          are to live in a country so full of choices and creativity that allows
through the ages.                                                          you to learn and live and develop your Jewish identity.
                       Shavuot                                                                     Ritual                              4

Customs of Shavuot                                                      The Ritual Committee, under the guidance of our amazing High
Lighting Shavuot Candles                                                Holy Days director, Dawn Chaffin, has been working diligently to
On Shavuot, Jews light candles and recite the following blessings:      create a High Holy Days honors system that recognizes the
                                                                        commitment of our Temple leadership and exceptional volunteers -
Barukh Ata Adonai, Eloheynu Melekh Ha-Olam                              those who help to make the Temple what it is.
Asher Kid-shanu B'Mitz-votav, V'tzi-vanu
L'had-lik Neyr Shel Yom Tov
Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has
taught us the way of holiness through the commandments, and has         we will have
                                                                        a set of
commanded us to kindle the Festival light.
                                                                        fixed honors
                                                                        designed to
Barukh Ata Adonai, Eloheynu Melekh Ha-Olam
Sheh-heh-kheh-yanu, V'kiy-manu, V'higi-anu L'zman H'zeh                 recognize
Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has kept
us in life, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this season.          who have
Decorating with Greenery and Flowers                                    their time,
                                                                        effort and
There is a custom to decorate homes and synagogues with greenery,
as Shavuot is a harvest holiday. In the time of the Temple, the first   other
                                                                        resources to
fruits were brought on Shavuot.
We also decorate with flowers, as Shavuot commemorates the giving
of the Torah on Mount Sinai. It is said that although Mount Sinai is    of our
located in the desert, the desert bloomed with flowers when the
Torah was given to the Jewish People.                                   community.
Dairy Food                                                              honors may
                                                                        be reading
It is customary to eat dairy food on Shavuot. The most popular
reason given is that we were given the laws of kashrut (kosher          parts, Torah
                                                                        - related
dietary laws) when we were given the Torah. While in Sinai, the Jews
did not have the utensils needed to prepare kosher meat, so they ate    honors or
only dairy.
                                                                        opening. Of
                                                                        course, as
Others say that eating dairy shows restraint. When the Jewish people
accepted the Torah and committed themselves to follow it, they          has become
                                                                        our minhag
committed themselves to leading lives with restraints.
Tikun Lail Shavuot                                                      we will continue to choose B’nai Mitzvah, confirmation students of
"Tikun Lail Shavuot" is the custom of staying up all night long on      the past year, as well as Minyan leaders to chant Torah and Haftarah.
Shavuot to study Torah. Studying Torah the entire night is one way
to celebrate the anniversary of its giving.
                                                                        In addition, we will have a host of honors available for committee
Some say we study all night to compensate for the behavior of the       chairs, auxiliary Presidents, and Board of Trustees members to assign
Jewish people at Mount Sinai. They slept so soundly that they had to    to congregants who have contributed during the past year.
be awakened by God with thunder and lightning at daybreak to
prepare to receive the Torah.                                           The High Holy Days honors process is truly a partnership with the
                                                                        Ritual Committee, clergy and our temple leadership. We appreciate
Shavuot Services
It is customary for everyone, even children and infants, to attend      the hard work of our congregants who give of their time and
synagogue on Shavuot to hear the reading of the Ten                     resources throughout the year and especially we would like to
Commandments from the Torah. Thus, we relive the historic event         recognize everyone who makes the High Holy Days at Temple
when the Jews received the Torah and committed themselves to            Emanu-El such a special experience.
observe it. Yizkor is recited after the Torah reading on Shavuot.

The Book of Ruth                                                        If you are interested in working to implement this honors process,
Ashkenazi Jews read the Book of Ruth during the morning services        we are looking for a few more volunteers. Please contact Mark
on Shavuot. Some say this book is read because the story takes place    Cahn at cahnscience@earthlink.net. This process will allow us to
during the harvest season. Another reason given is that Ruth's          do our best to ensure that those individuals who have devoted
conversion is similar to the Jewish people's acceptance of the Torah.
                                                                        their energy and commitment to our Temple community have the
Ruth was King David's ancestor, and it is believed that King David
was born and died on Shavuot.                                           recognition during the High Holy Days that they deserve.
                        Temple                                                              Happenings                               5

Will You Join Us?                                                             Teacher Appreciation Shabbat
                                                                              Friday, May 1 at 7:15pm
In the April issue of Connections you’ll find a letter from Bob Hersch
                                                                         Please join us to acknowledge our
announcing the financial membership commitment program for               wonderful religious school,
2009-2010. Despite the fact that many costs such as insurance,           preschool and adult education
utilities, and health care are beyond our control and continue to        teachers at Teacher Appreciation
increase, the Board of Trustees has decided to keep next year’s          Shabbat. Temple Emanu-El is lucky
                                                                         to have a fantastic group of
membership commitment levels the same. Why? Because the Board
                                                                         dedicated, hardworking teachers –
recognizes that economic conditions are placing a strain on many         they deserve to know how much
families, and we are concerned.                                          we appreciate them. We will also be
                                                                         honoring those who have given 10
Still, we need to invest in Temple Emanu-El’s future. No one knows       years or more of service, including
what next year will bring, but hopefully the economy will turn           Paula Marsh, Rabbi Dana Magat,
                                                                         Laura Danoff-Robinson and Joelle
around later in 2009 or early 2010, enabling all congregants to make
                                                                         Wolf. The teachers will be leading
a full financial commitment to our congregation. In the meantime,        services. Please come and show your support!
we are voluntarily increasing our financial commitments by 5% or
more for one year to help ensure the continued vibrancy of our
congregation. We hope that those of you who are able to do so will                               Save the Date!
join us.
                                           Doris and Rick Davis
                                                                         Saturday, June 6
                                        Shari and Steve Krandel
                          Lynn Offenhartz and Andrew Weinberg            Last year, more than a
                                                                         hundred Temple members
                                                                         joined together in homes
                                                                         throughout the Valley to
                   eScrip in the                                         make new friends and
                                                                         share food, wine, songs
                   Merry, Merry Month of May                             and prayers.
                   If eScrip dollars should come our way,
                   Then Temple cheers, "Hooray, hooray!"                                                          The Membership
                                                                                                                  Committee will be
 The eScrip nationwide program ... $200 million and growing,                                                      sponsoring this event
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 supporters of this dynamic program! You are helping us reach our                                                 invitation in the mail
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                                                                                                                  are interested in hosting,
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 The eScrip Dining program ... Just use your registered                                                           shosh4511@comcast.net.
 credit/debit card when dining. Some of our participating local
 restaurants are Black Angus Steakhouse, Time Deli & Catering,
 Tacos Al Pastor, Antonella's Ristorante, and Baja Fresh.                      LAW OFFICE OF DERRYL H. MOLINA
                                                                              Estate planning – Elder Law – General Practice
 If you are not already a loyal supporter of Temple's eScrip                                                 SE HABLA ESPANOL
 program, register at www.escrip.com. Temple's ID# is
 136985180. If you call me I'll do the registering and have you
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                        Lorie Kaplan, eScrip Coordinator/Maven           Derryl H. Molina
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               Sisterhood                                                                    Happenings                                  6

So, you’re Jewish? Do a mitzvah! What is a mitzvah? We all are            Rosh Chodesh
familiar with the word mitzvah and how important it is to Judaism.        Wednesday, May 27
But lately, we, as members of Temple Emanu-El’s Sisterhood, have          7:00pm
been thinking about how Sisterhood women can take a more
consistent role in performing mitzvot. Opportunities for doing          This month we celebrate
mitzvot appear all around us all the time, within our own families,     and discuss Sivan and
community, country and even the world.                                  Shavuot, and focus on our
                                                                        ancestor, Ruth.
 A mitzvah is one of the Torah’s 613 Divine Commandments; a
good deed or religious precept. The word mitzvah stems from the         We always have a
root tzavta, attachment, the mitzvah creating a bond between G-d        wonderful evening. Noshes
who commands and man who performs it. Our Sisterhood has been           are included. In a small,
in touch with a wonderful Jewish organization, “Shalom Bayit”           friendly group, we meet at
(Ending Domestic Violence in Jewish Homes). They have broad             the home of Lorie & Shari
support around the Bay Area from many Jewish organizations and          Kaplan. This holiday is
synagogues. At first, our reaction was similar to many who said, “But   truly a sacred time just
that issue is not a problem here in the Jewish Community!” Shalom       for women.
Bayit’s research and experience since 1992 say otherwise: almost
20% of Jewish women may experience emotional or physical                Please RSVP by Sunday,
violence in their relationships.                                        May 24 to Lorie & Shari,
Sisterhood recently co-sponsored a workshop for teens and parents       408.267.4563.
at Emanu-El and donated money to the organization. Rabbi Magat
has recently joined Shalom Bayit’s Rabbinic Advisory Council.           Rosh Chodesh, festival of the New Moon, is an ancient tradition for
                                                                        women going back to biblical times. We mark this holiday with ritual,
Shalom Bayit’s Rachel Marder is working with our Sisterhood VP of       music, meditation and prayer. Each time we meet there is a
education, planning a mother-daughter series of meetings and            discussion about the Hebrew month. Also, we reinforce our Jewish
workshops on “What makes a strong Jewish woman?” We look                identity and deepen our spirituality.
forward to working with them and supporting this worthy
organization in as many ways as we can.
                                                                                         FOR YOUR SPECIAL SIMCHA
If you want to know more, visit www.shalom-bayit.org or call                       Sisterhood’s Catering Menu for Oneg Shabbat
510.451.8874. There are brochures on the Shalom Table.

Other mitzvot by Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood:                              Assorted cookie trays (24 – 36 pieces)                  $30
Every year Sisterhood donates to the Jewish Blind Institute, World        Brownies (24 - 36 pcs)                                  $30
Union and “YES” fund with Women of Reform Judaism, and of                 Cake trays (24-36 pieces)                               $30
course all temple programs. We always help with Mitzvah                   Cupcake cake (24 cupcakes decorated
Day. This Mitzvah Day we held bake sale and the proceeds went to            like a cake – Mazel Tov)                              $36
Mazon. Mitzvah opportunities galore exist! Let’s take part!               Fancy cookie trays (24 – 36 pieces)                     $36
                                                                          Mandelbroight/rugeluch/etc                              $36
Calendar events:                                                          Dried fruit and nut tray                                $36
Sisterhood meeting May 14 6:00pm in the cottage                           Fresh Vegetable trays                                   $36
Rosh Chodesh May 27 at the home of Lorie and Shari Kaplan                 Cheese and cracker trays                                $36
                                                                          Hummus and Pita trays                                   $36
Save the date:                                                            Fresh Fruit trays                                       $36
June 28 - All Sisterhood Day at Emanu-El                                  Tortilla Chips and Salsa                                $30
                                                                          Layered Bean Dip with Tortilla Chips                    $36
Do you have any questions or suggestions for programs? Email              M&M or Jelly Belly bowls (3 bowls)                      $10
                                                                          Includes plating, set-up, serving platters, decaf coffee, tea, punch
                                                                          bowl filled with cold drink, coffee cups, spoons and table cloths.

                                                                        Does not include:
                                                                        Plates, utensils, paper and plastic ware, tablecloths (except on Buffet,
                                                                        beverage, paper cups, centerpieces, etc.) If you would like to take
                                                                        home left-overs, please bring containers.

                                                                        We do a professional job, and our staff donates their time, earning
                                                                        donor credit. Therefore, all profits from your event help fund the
                                                                        many projects of the Sisterhood that support our Temple
                                                                        community. References available on request.

                                                                        Please contact Anita for information: anitajmed@yahoo.com.
           Sisterhood Cont.                                                               Brotherhood                                  7

All Sisterhood Day-                                                        I love the spring. The hills are green and the blossoms are in
Northern California Sisterhood Division                                 bloom. The days are long and the nights are warming. Spring is the
Sunday, June 28                                                         time to plant our seeds for the summer and fall harvest. It is the time
                                                                        to connect with that which sustains us. It is a time for our hands to
Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood has been chosen to hostess All               smell like dirt. Mine always do.
Sisterhood Day! Women of Reform Judaism-Pacific District,               Brotherhood is
Northern California will hold this wonderful event at our               preparing for next
synagogue.                                                              year’s harvest by
                                                                        updating its bylaws
The theme is “Drawing from the Well…Nourishing Our                      and electing new
Sisterhoods”. District leaders will bring their expertise to us. This   officers. We are
all-day event is filled with                                            renewing the fabric
interactive presentations and                                           that sustains us. We
workshops.                                                              are also taking a look
Topics include: Jewish women                                            at which of our crops
in history, Torah study,                                                thrived and which
programming for fun,                                                    need a little TLC. This
leadership and strategic                                                year our programs and
planning. Music, sharing,                                               Temple participation
education and, of course,                                               thrived while our
great food are included!                                                fundraising could have
                                                                        used a little more compost. Before we break for the summer we will
We are honored to hostess this                                          prepare by spending a little time planning next year’s garden.
great event!
                                                                        I’m predicting that May will be a productive month in the
To RSVP or for more                                                     Brotherhood garden. We will be hosting another fabulous Diaspora
information, contact Rita                                               Dinner, beating the men of Shir Hadash at the annual Brotherhood
Loren at                                                                Challenge and serving drinks at Nite at the Races.
sisterhood@templesanjose.org                                            I encourage the gentlemen of Temple Emanu-El to join the
                                                                        Brothers at any of our many activities. Help us grow a better
                                                                        Brotherhood and Temple Emanu-El. Feel free to contact me
The Big Splash:                                                         anytime at robertlouislevy@yahoo.com.
Opening Celebration for the Silicon Valley Mikvah                                                         Bob Levy, Brotherhood President
Sunday, June 7
2:00pm - 5:00pm

In the meantime,
Mikvah appointments
may be made for a
variety of occasions
(Bar/Bat Mitzvah,
wedding, recovery
from illness, life
transition, etc.).

Call the Mikvah line to set an appointment or for more
information: 408.357.7444.
                    Nite at                                                                   the Races                                8

Please join us in the Winner’s Circle of Friends by becoming a
sponsor of Temple Emanu-El’s ‘Nite at the Races.’ Becoming
a sponsor is a wonderful way to honor your friends and family
and help us build an even better community. In appreciation
of your support to the Temple Emanu-El community, we are
pleased to offer a number of benefits.

Thoroughbred Circle
• 10 complimentary tickets to ‘Nite at the Races’
• A reserved table in Millionaire’s Row
• 1 complimentary soft drink per ticket
• 1 complimentary raffle entry per ticket
• $100 in additional funny money to share
• Recognition of your contribution as member of the Thoroughbred
Circle at the event

Filly Circle
• 8 complimentary tickets to ‘Nite at the Races’
• 1 complimentary soft drink per ticket
• 1 complimentary raffle entry per ticket
• $75 in additional funny money
• Recognition of your contribution as member of the Filly Circle at
the event
                                                                                           Saturday, May 2
Owners Circle                                                                             7:00pm – 11:00pm
• 6 complimentary tickets to ‘Nite at the Races’                                          HERE ARE THE DETAILS!!!
• 1 complimentary soft drink per ticket                                When you arrive at the temple you’ll be presented with an Official
• $50 in additional funny money                                        Race Program that contains the names and numbers of horse entries
• Recognition of your contribution as member of the Owners Circle      for the races to run on film. Simple instructions in the manner of a
at the event                                                           ‘Nite at the Races’, including the purchasing of tickets and the
                                                                       distribution of scrip money, will be given in detail. Six exciting races
Jockeys Circle                                                         will be played during the evening. Daily Doubles, Quinellas, Exactas
$250                                                                   and other special games will be included to round out a full
• 4 complimentary tickets to ‘Nite at the Races’                       program. Every device is employed to simulate your actual presence
• 1 complimentary soft drink per ticket                                at the track…betting windows, posting odds, computing payoffs,
• $25 in additional funny money                                        parades to the post, opening of the gates to start the races, close
• Recognition of your contribution as member of the                    views of photo finishes, posting the final results on a tote-board and
Jockey Circle at the event                                             finally the actual payoff. Use your scrip to buy raffle tickets for prize
                                                                       packages put together especially for you!
Trainers Circle
$100                                                                  To RSVP contact us at 408.292.0939 or events@templesanjose.org.
• 2 complimentary tickets to ‘Nite at the Races’
• 1 complimentary soft drink per ticket                                Name________________________________________________
• $18 in additional funny money
• Recognition of your contribution as member of the                    Cell Phone____________________________________________
Trainers Circle at the event
$50                                                                    ___ Number attending         ___ Check is enclosed
• 1 ticket to ‘Nite at the Races’
• 1 complimentary soft drink ticket                                    Credit Card Visa/MC/AmEx_____________________________
• $10 in funny money
                                                                       Exp. Date________________ Security Code_________________
Temple Emanu-El member                                                 __I will cover the 3% credit card usage fee (optional)
• 1 ticket to ‘Nite at the Races’                                      __I need childcare (ages 4-11) for __child/ren
• 1 complimentary soft drink ticket                                       $10 per child, maximum $25 per family
• $10 in funny money
               Support Our                                                            Advertisers                                     9

                                                                                  Introducing the JCC
                                                                                  Social Membership
   AMB DESIGNS                                                                   $300 per year for a family membership or $200 for
         BALLOON AND EVENT DÉCOR                                                  an individual membership
     Make Your Event Grandiloquent                                               Discounts on programs and classes, including
                                                                                  camps and swim lessons
               Any Special                                                       Discount passes to the Fitness and Aquatics
Mitzvahs        Occasions     Weddings                                            Centers
                                                                                 Free use of the Aquatics Center on Sundays
Let us transform the venue for your special occasion into a                      $200 of your Family fee, $100 of your Individual
larger than life experience. We work with you to create the                       fee, is tax-deductible
perfect theme - as your designer, decorator, and balloon
artists we take your challenges and m a k e i t y o u r s u c c e s s !
                                        Classic Balloon Décor
                                               Special Effects
   Custom Centerpieces

 Relax and let us make you feel like a guest at your own event!           Silicon Valley
            www.ambdesigns.com                                            Levy Family Campus
                                                                          14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032
  Call your Event Designer, Amy Blach, CBA
                                                                          408.356.4973 www.svjcc.org membership@svccc.org

                                            Home of Peace
                                         Cemetery & Mausoleum
                                         Monterey Hwy & Curtner Ave

                                         Call for an appointment
                                           to discuss pre-need
                                            arrangements, call

                                                Bob Basuino

                                               Founded in 1853
                                             Owned and Operated
                                             by Temple Emanu-El

                                            South Bay Area’s only
                                           Jewish-owned Cemetery,
                                         Mausoleum and Columbarium
             More Temple                                                                    Happenings                                            10

                                    Meeka's Senior Recital              Shofar Class
                                    All are invited!                    We have all marveled at Mark Cahn’s shofar blowing abilities at High
                                                                        Holy Day services and wondered “How does he do that so well?”
                                    Shirat Naomi – T’filat Ha’Lev
                                    Musical Tribute to Naomi            He’s sharing his secrets along with all the ‘secret’ ancient history of
                                    Shemer, mother of                   the shofarot (plural for shofar) at the new four part Shofar class.
                                    Contemporary Israeli Poetry
                                    and Prayer                          Sundays from 10:30am – 11:30am in the Temple House
                                                                        June 7 - Introduction to minhag (custom), history, etc.
                                    “The prayer of a community          July 12 - Technique
                                     is always heard”                   August 9 - Practice
                                    Maimonides, ‘Laws of Prayer,’ 8:1
                                                                        A light breakfast will be served.
                                    Monday, May 11
                                    12:15pm - 1:15pm                    Thursday, September 17 from 7:00pm – 8:00pm in the Sanctuary
The Academy for Jewish Religion                                         Last class - Rehearsal
Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center for Jewish Life at UCLA
574 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles - 310.824.1586 www.ajrca.org            RSVP by June 5 to

                                                                        Ages: Post B’nai Mitzvah-100
Modern Israel: People & Culture                                         (15 participants max)
New Adult Education Class                                               Bring own shofar
taught by Rabbi Magat                                                   and ear plugs!
Dates: Sundays, April 26, May
3, 10, 17
11:30am – 12:30pm
Free for temple members; $36
donation for non-members.
Everyone participating in the
Israel trip will want to attend!                                        Tekiah!
Also open to everyone who
wants to learn more about the
people of modern-day Israel.
admin@templesanjose.org or
call the Temple Administrative
office at 408.292.0939.
                                                                             “It would be my
                                                                             pleasure to be
Save the Date: Sunday, May 3                                                 your Realtor!”
Silicon Valley Celebrates Israel - Yom Ha’Atzmaut
12:30pm – 4:00pm - Free admission
Levy Family Campus in Los Gatos
                                       Early entrance for
                                       preschoolers & kindergartners
                                                                                              Mary Cohen
                                                                                     Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
                                        Spend the day in ‘Israel’!
                                                                                       Quality Service Certified (QSC)
                                       Culture * Food * Tourism *
                                       Music *History * Dance *                               408.981.2955 cell
                                       Innovation * Arts *
                                       Technology * Shopping*
                                       Contests * Live                    In appreciation of your business and
                                       Entertainment * Folk               referrals, a donation will be made to
                                       Dancing * Activities for all       Temple Emanu-El at close of escrow.

                                       For more information visit
               Community                                                                      Events                                      11

Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley                                                      Rabbi Joseph Gitin
Provides Caring for the Caregivers Groups                                                     is turning 103 years old on May 8!
A Support Group for Spouses and Adult Children                                                       Cards and greetings on this auspicious
Caring For Chronically Ill/Disabled Loved Ones                                                       occasion may be sent to him at
                                                                                                     1550 Sutter Street, Apt 235
A place for supporting, empathizing and providing invaluable                                         San Francisco, CA 94109-5377
information in an atmosphere of companionship and care.
                                                                                                     Happy Birthday Rabbi Joe!
                                                  Held onsite at
                                                  JFS SV on the 1st
                                                  and 3rd Tuesdays
                                                  of the month,
                                                  2:30pm to
                                                  4:00pm, and at
                                                  Chai House on
                                                  the 2nd and 4th
                                                  Tuesdays of the
                                                  month, 6:30pm
                                                  to 8:00pm.

                                                  Fee: $10.00 per
                                                  session; sliding
                                                  scale available
                                                                                   Donate your car, boat or motor home to
                                                  Facilitators:               Jewish Family Service and help provide services for
                                                  Rebecca Resheff,              seniors, children and families in Silicon Valley.
                                                  MSW, MA Psyc.,                              To Donate Call:
                                                  and Avital Agam,
                                                  BSW                                     (877)JFS-4CAR (toll free)
For more information and registration please call Avital Agam,
408.357.7450.                                                            Free Pick-Up
                                                                         Tax receipt given
                                                                         No smog required
   Mah Johng Tournament returns to the Villages
   Friday, June 12 at 10:00am                                         Foothill Century: The Only Kosher Ride in the West!
   at the Villages Clubhouse                                          Sunday May 17

   $25.00 - $30.00                                                    Registration is now open for the Annual Foothill Century, Sunday,
   Includes lunch catered by Villages Clubhouse                       May 17. The Foothill Century offers beautiful scenery and a
                                                                      memorable, healthy day for everyone! This year's ride features our
   Make your reservations now by calling:                             renowned kosher food at all rest stops and improved road markings.
   For Tournament - Bernice Vitcov 408.274.0697
   For other games - Janet Truman 408.238.3803                        Choose from our 100K, 50K and 10K Family Fun routes.
                                                                      Visit http://www.sphds.org/foothillcentury/ to register.
   Tell your friends! Support Hadassah and have fun, too!
                                                                      Join 750-plus cycling
   Sponsored by Hadassah.                                             friends for an unforgettable

                                                                      Sponsored by South
                                                                      Peninsula Hebrew Day

                                                                      For more info, please
                                                                      contact: Lisa Sobel
                                                                      Development Assistant
                                                                      South Peninsula Hebrew
                                                                      Day School
                           May                                                             Calendar                              12

Friday May 1                                                        Friday May 15
    6:15pm Congregational Potluck Dinner                                6:00pm Tot Shabbat, Potluck Dinner
     7:15pm Erev Shabbat Family Service, 5th grade participation        7:30pm Erev Shabbat Service
             Teacher Appreciation Shabbat                                        Outreach Shabbat
             NFTY(senior youth group) Mitzvah Torah Corp            Saturday May 16
Saturday May 2                                                          9:00am Shabbat Morning Minyan
     9:00am Shabbat Minyan, Dalet Class Leading                         Kelesy Hurwitz becomes a Bat Mitzvah (offsite)
     7:00pm Nite at the Races Fundraiser                                12:00pm EESY Swim Party (offsite)
Sunday May 3                                                            6:00pm Diaspora Dinner
     9:00am Hebrew, Brotherhood Meeting
                                                                    Sunday May 17
     10:15am Jewish Studies
                                                                        Last day of Religious School
     12:00pm Confirmation Rehearsal and Photos
                                                                        10:15am Judaic Studies (no Hebrew Classes)
     12:30am Silicon Valley Celebrates Israel
                                                                        Pool Party at the SVJCC (all are welcome)
Tuesday May 5
     4:00pm Confirmation Rehearsal and Photos                           Last Day of Sunday Classes
     5:30pm Executive Committee Meeting                             Tuesday May 19
     7:00pm Board of Trustees Meeting                                   7:30pm Introduction to Judaism
Wednesday May 6                                                     Wednesday May 20
     4:00pm Hebrew School                                               5:00pm Final Confirmation Rehearsal
     6:15pm TJS                                                     Thursday May 21
     7:30pm Beit Midrash, Choir Rehearsal                               7:00pm Religious School Committee Meeting
Thursday May 7                                                          7:30pm Rock Shabbat Rehearsal
     7:00pm Rock Shabbat Rehearsal                                  Friday May 22
Friday May 8                                                            6:30pm Erev Shabbat Service
     7:30pm Erev Shabbat Service, Choir Shabbat                         7:30pm Rock Shabbat
Saturday May 9                                                      Saturday May 23
     9:00am Shabbat Morning Minyan                                      6:00pm Dinner and Consecration of Confirmation Class
     10:30am Matthew Ross becomes a Bar Mitzvah                     Monday May 25
                     6:00pm End of the Year Preschool Picnic            Offices Closed for Memorial Day
Sunday May 10                                                       Tuesday May 26
     9:00am Hebrew                                                      7:00pm Annual Meeting and Reception
     10:15am Judaic Studies                                         Wednesday May 27
Tuesday May 12                                                          12:00pm Lunch ‘n Learn – Torah Study
     5:00pm Confirmation Rehearsal                                      6:00pm Rosh Chodesh (offsite)
Wednesday May 13
                                                                    Thursday May 28
     12:00pm Lunch n’ Learn –Ziva Abrams
                                                                        7:00pm Erev Shavuot and Confirmation Service
     (Last Day of Wednesday Classes)
                                                                    Friday May 29
     4:00pm Hebrew School
                                                                        Preschool and Temple Offices Closed
     6:00pm Kadima – Grades 4 through 6 Youth Group
                                                                        9:00am Shavuot Yizkor Service
     6:15pm TJS
                                                                        6:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat Service, 12th grade graduation
Thursday May 14
                                                                    Saturday May 30
     6:00am Sisterhood Dinner and Meeting
     7:30pm Rock Shabbat Rehearsal                                      9:00am Shabbat Morning Minyan
                                                                        Shabbat in Nature Campout

                                                                                             Save the Dates!
                     Shabbat Candle Lighting Times

                                                                       June 6 – Havdallah in the Neighborhood
     Friday, May 1, 2009                Light Candles at: 7:39 pm
     Shabbat, May 2, 2009               Shabbat Ends: 8:40 pm          June 7 – The Big Splash-Opening Day of the Community Mikvah
                                                                                Israel in the Gardens
     Friday, May 8, 2009                Light Candles at: 7:45 pm
     Shabbat, May 9, 2009               Shabbat Ends: 8:47 pm          June 10 – “Survival in Shanghai”
     Friday, May 15, 2009               Light Candles at: 7:51 pm
     Shabbat, May 16, 2009              Shabbat Ends: 8:54 pm          June 11 – Sisterhood Dinner and Meeting

     Friday, May 22, 2009               Light Candles at: 7:57 pm      June 28 – All Sisterhood Day
     Shabbat, May 23, 2009              Shabbat Ends: 9:00 pm
          Commitment                                                              Membership                                           13

                                                                    Benefits of Membership

                                                                    Whether you grew up loving religious school or you attend
                                                                    services only once a year, there are innumerable benefits to
                                                                    becoming a member at your local synagogue.

                                                                    Spiritual Benefits
                                                                    -Feeling nachas (pride) by supporting the Jewish community
                                                                    -A place to turn: in crisis, times of joy, when you just want to
                                                                    -Volunteer opportunities
                                                                    -Being connected to 5,768 years of Jewish history and tradition

                                                                    Religious Benefits
                                                                    -Leaving a legacy to the next generation of Jews and those
                                                                    who follow
                                                                    -Life cycle event support: Baby Naming, Brit Milah,
                                                                    Consecration, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, Wedding,
                                                                    Counseling, Funeral, Shiva
It is now time for all Temple members to declare their financial    -Clergy Support
commitment to Temple Emanu-El for the coming fiscal year            -Membership subsidizes our Religious Schools
2009-2010. It is only through your financial support that the
synagogue can provide all the benefits, including support for       Social Benefits
the Religious School, worship services, adult education and all
the many other functions of our Jewish home. Please remember        -Feeling connected to the local and greater Jewish community
that you are affirming your commitment to your Jewish heritage      -Havurot (friendship groups)
rather than paying “dues” as one would to a health club or          -Extended Family
social organization.                                                -Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Xtra Years of Zest (XYZ),
                                                                     Youth Groups
The Board of Trustees has decided to continue the same
program as last year. $1800 per year per family or $900 per
year per single member is still considered the “Basic” level, but   Educational Benefits
“Sustaining” level of $2100 represents what it actually costs       -Continuing the Jewish tradition of learning
per family to keep our doors open.                                  -Life-long learning opportunities (18 months – adult)
                                                                    -Informational speakers on a variety of topics: Israel, Reform
Over the past two years we have made significant progress           Judaism, Tikkun Olam (Social Action), Multi-Culturalism,
towards our goal of bringing all members to at least the Basic      Religious Pluralism, etc.
level, and many members generously volunteered to “step-up”
                                                                    -Torah Study
their membership commitments to the Sustaining, Silver, Gold
and Platinum levels.                                                -Hebrew Language Classes

We will not be asking for increases from members who have           Monetary Benefits
already made commitments at the Basic level or above; however,      -Help to maintain a Jewish presence in the world
if you are able to increase your level of giving, you would be
helping Temple Emanu-El become more financially sound               -Complimentary High Holy Day tickets for you and your
and continue the vibrant energy that has been established in        family, discounted High Holy Day tickets for your extended
our congregation.                                                   family
                                                                    -Priority enrollment and discounted tuition for our award-
The commitment requests will be coming out soon. Please             winning preschool
respond as quickly as possible.                                     -Discount on facility rental
                                                                    -Income tax deductions
Thank you.

                                            Bob Hersch              Intangible Benefits
                    Financial Commitment Committee Chair            - Innumerable!
             Author Event                                               Annual Meeting                                  14

 Survival in Shanghai:
 The Journals of Fred Marcus 1939-49
 by Audrey Friedman Marcus and Rena Krasno

                                          Wednesday, June 10

                                          A talk will be given about               Temple Emanu-El’s
                                          the Jewish Holocaust
                                          immigrants in Shanghai                  146th Annual
                                          by the authors.
                                                                             Congregational Meeting

                                          Hosted by Mort and                         Tuesday, May 26
                                          Barbara Berlant and co-
                                          sponsored by Sisterhood                   7:00pm Reception
                                          and Brotherhood.                           7:30pm Meeting

                                                                                   in the Temple House
                                          RSVP by June 8 to
                                                                        Join your fellow congregants for a lovely
                                                                        dessert reception before the meeting at which
                                          Open to the community         Rabbi Dana Magat, the Board of Trustees and
                                          at no charge.                 Auxiliaries will

                                                                           Report on the State of the Congregation
“…This is probably the first time that day-to-day life in Shanghai’s
wartime ghetto has been so accurately chronicled…”                         Announce the election results for the
—Evelyn Pike Rubin, author Ghetto Shanghai; lecturer                        2009-2010 Temple Emanu-El Board
                                                                            of Trustees
“History is written from both the ‘macro’ and “micro” perspective.
We must know the ‘big’ picture, but it is the small details                Hear an update on the temple’s fiscal
which give that picture depth and texture. Fred Marcus’s diary,             situation
together with the commentary and elaboration provided by his
wife Audrey and Rena Krasno, open a window into the life of                Present the
a Jewish refugee in Shanghai during the dreadful years of the               o Mike Molak Brotherhood Award
Shoah.”                                                                     o Herbert E. Preis Memorial Award
—Michael Medavoy, CEO Phoenix Pictures                                      o Volunteer of the Year

                                                                           Recognize retiring board members
“….A touching story…”
—Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt, Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and
Holocaust Studies, Emory University; author, History on Trial: My Day
                                                                        This is a great opportunity to better
in Court with David Irving
                                                                        understanding on the inner workings of your
                                                                        synagogue, meet your fellow congregants and
In 1939, Fred Marcus, a German-Jewish teenager, fled Nazi
                                                                        enjoy the evening.
Germany for the relative safety of Shanghai. Along with 20,000
other stateless Jewish refugees, he endured hunger, disease, the
Japanese occupation and American bombardments. And he kept
a journal, recording the day-to-day details of life, of finding ways
to support himself, getting enough to eat, joining a volunteer
fire brigade, going to religious services, sharing good times with
friends. His journal, the coming-of-age story of a young man trying
to make a life in a difficult place during wartime, is enhanced
by informative commentary by authors Audrey Friedman Marcus
and Rena Krasno.
                  Preschool                                                           Religious School                                             15

This morning I spent time in our special Wednesday morning music           Religious School News
class with Cantor Meeka. The children have been learning and              What a year! And it isn’t over yet…
preparing for Passover for about a week and were excited to sing
some of their favorite Passover songs. Cantor Meeka began by              I’ll start with a giant Todah Rabah (Hebrew for “thank you”) to:
having the children join her in singing the 4 Questions. Our 4 year-
olds were especially proud to have mastered all of the Hebrew             The wonderful parents in our Religious School, who continue to
involved in the 4 questions and proudly (loudly) sang with a giant        help make the Family Participation program a huge success.
smile. In the room there were 61 children, 12 staff members, 1 mom        Without your assistance, our school would not be what it is. One of
and Cantor Meeka and yet amongst all of the voices one particularly       the most important elements about being a Jewish parent is role
stood out. Little Naomi, age 4, had her eyes glued on Cantor Meeka        modeling, or being a dugma (Hebrew for “role model”). Judaism is a
and her voice was raised loud and clear. Not only has Naomi               religion of action and doing. It is crucial that your children see you
learned the words but more importantly she understands the                living and participating in Jewish life. In order to succeed at Jewish
meaning behind the questions. It was a great moment to realize that       parenting, one cannot say "Do as I say, not as I do." Rather, your
many of these children will be able to lead their families during their   actions must correspond to what you are telling your children. By
own family Seder. Music continued on and Cantor Meeka led the             investing your time in our various activities, you are showing your
children in a rousing round of Dayenu, I am fairly certain they could     child that time spent at Temple Emanu-El is important.
be heard from miles away!
Our Preschoolers are learning how to                                      Our world-class teachers, who don’t mind dodging sneezes, wheezes,
be a friend, how to respect oneself,                                      or coughs, and often stay up late into the night preparing exciting
how to color, read, count, paint and                                      lesson plans for our students. These dedicated individuals, along
even tie shoes. But the children at                                       with Preschool teachers, will be leading the last Family Shabbat
Temple Emanu-El Preschool are also                                        Service on Friday, May 1, at 7:15 p.m. A congregational potluck will
learning the importance of Jewish                                         precede the service, beginning at 6:15 p.m. So bring some food and
Holidays and traditions and even a                                        prepare to shmooze (Yiddish for “chat”), it should be a very freylich
great deal of Hebrew. One day these                                       (Yiddish for “merry” or “happy”) evening!
children will be adults and my hope is
that they will look back and                                              Sisterhood and Brotherhood, who have supported us throughout the
remember that they went to a Jewish                                       year with funding, ritual foods and music. Lessons learned about
preschool and they were loved.                                            Jewish holidays are tasteless without Jewish food. Fortunately,
                                                                          Sisterhood has sustained us annually, with delicious holiday foods.
                       Barbara Smead                                      And what would a Purim lunch on the patio be without the
        Barbara@templesanjose.org                                         Brotherhood Band? I saw a lot of little Queen Esthers kicking up
                                                                          their heels and doing the swim (1960’s talk for “a dance move”).

                                                                          Our amazing Religious School Committee who worked tirelessly in
  We have lots of                                                         preparing for this great school year and worked together throughout
 new merchandise                                                          the year providing leadership and support. Robin Hurwitz, Marci
      in the                                                              Gerston, Suellen Haggerty, Carol Hoffman, Missy Marsh, Deborah
                                                                          Ong, Jenny Shain, Lori Telson-Rubin, Greg Turetzky, Nancy
    Emanu-El                                                              Weintraub, Sherman Zell.
   Judaica Shop
                                                                          Finally: Thank you to our great teachers, madrichim, administrative
                                                                          staff, and Rabbi Magat and Cantor Meeka for a great school year.
Open after the Motzi on
Erev Shabbat (Friday                                                      Enrollment for 2009-2010:
night) and on Sundays                                                     Student enrollment forms and a fee schedule will be enclosed with
when Religious School is                                                  your children’s end of year progress reports. Look for them toward
in session.                                                               the end of May. Please take advantage of our Early Bird registration
                                                                          special: postmark your envelope by July 1. Forms for scholarships
Also during the week; ask someone from the office to assist you.          are available from the main temple office.
Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood operates the gift shop and all profits         First time enrollments: If you have a child who will qualify to attend
are given to the synagogue.                                               Religious or Hebrew School for the first time in September 2009,
                                                                          please call the office at 408.292.3223 so we can send you an
        Find what you need for all Jewish holidays                       enrollment package.
        Fabulous new Israeli glass items
        Bar and Bat Mitzvah registry and gifts                           School begins on Sunday, September 13, with a required parent
        Prayer books, Torah commentaries and more books                  meeting so we can all get started together for a GREAT NEW
        Tallitot and gifts for all occasions                             YEAR!
        Special orders too!
                                                                                                    Paula Marsh, Religious School Principal
       Shabbat in Nature                                                                   Donations                          16

"Shabbat in Nature" Campout at Big Basin                                  GENERAL FUND
 Saturday and Sunday, May 30 - 31                                       In memory of
                                                                        Sam Mintzer
         “Reading about nature is fine, but if a person                           Rita Loren
         walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can                         Millie Segal
         learn more than what is in books, for they speak                         Marilyn and Mort Leiter
         with the voice of God”.                                                  Pauline and Jacob Braunstein
                                     – George Washington Carver                   Randee V. Chin
                                                                                  IBM Quarter Century Club
                                                                        Jay Frankel
It's not too                                                                      Rochelle and Bernie Greenfield
late to sign up                                                         George Iny
for our annual                                                                    Joseph Rosenbaum
"Shabbat in                                                             Slava Frieda Miller
Nature" Big                                                                       Golda Miller
Basin campout                                                           Charles Rubin
on May 30                                                                         Pauline and Jacob Braunstein
and 31.                                                                 Esther Schneider
                                                                                  Natalie and William Mauskopf
Join us for a                                                           Lenny Fisher
refreshing                                                                        Alan Fisher and Family
Shabbat                                                                 Dr. Maurice M. Malen
overnight                                                                         Margie and Ed Cahn
campout at                                                              Marjorie Edelson
rustic Sky                                                                        Harriet and Walter Saltzman
Meadow campsite from Saturday, May 30, starting at 2:00pm and           Emmy Lou Levin
ending Sunday May 31st after breakfast. Space is limited to the first             Sydney Levin
40 people and we have a few spaces remaining so get your                In appreciation of
reservations in now (ritual@templesanjose.org).                         The Mishloach Manot Bag from Congregants
                                                                                  Ellen Terrell
After setting up our tents on Saturday afternoon, we plan to trek to    In honor of
the majestic Redwood nature trail for a “silent reflection” hike.       Gregory Sprintz’ Bar Mitzvah
Join us for Torah discussion led by Rabbi Magat, potluck dinner,                  Bob and Carol Tessler
Havdallah led by Cantor Meeka, singing, campfire, s’mores, and          Reaffirmation of vows by Richard and Eleanor Rusnak
s’more. You are welcome to join us for the afternoon/evening                      Marvin and Joan Fox
without camping out. Just let us know you'll be coming, as parking                Marcia and Joe Riggio
is limited.                                                             Speedy Recovery of
                                                                        Sybil Sommer and Bobbye Gorenberg
Cost is $15 per person or $45 per family. Pick up a flyer with a                  Margie and Ed Cahn
map and complete details from the Shalom Table, the                     Donation
Administrative office or the Religious School office.                             Debra and Henry Watkins

                                               Ritual Committee         RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND
                                        ritual@templesanjose.org        In memory of
                                                                        Robert Morse
                                                                                 Maxine Morse
                                                                        Jay Frankel
                                                                                 Cecil Weintraub
                                                                        Beatrice Silin
                                                                                 The Silin Family
                                                                        Edward Green
                                                                                 Philip and Roma Green
                                                                        In honor of
                                                                        MacEnzie Blue’s naming
                                                                                 Jeffrey and Christina Blue
                                                                        Joshua Applebaum’s Bar Mitzvah
                                                                                 Jeffrey and Johanna Applebaum
                                                                        In appreciation of
                                                                        Rabbi Magat
                                                                                 Robin and Walter Hurwitz
                                                                                 Stu and Brenda Weinstock
                Donations                                                                 Thank You                                     17
CANTORIAL DISCRETIONARY FUND                                            Marty Schwartz, Dorothy Gelfarb
In memory of                                                          Paul Hayfer, Lillian Hayfer, Betty Rinsler
Mary Ann Kaisel                                                                Jane and Ed Schwartz
         Bob and Maggie Cant                                          Albert Simone
In appreciation of                                                             Ethel Ress
Cantor Intern Meeka Simerly                                           Rose Rinsler
         Robin and Walter Hurwitz                                              Leon Rinsler and Family
In honor of                                                           Walter Wolfson
Joshua Applebaum’s Bar Mitzvah                                                 Millie Wolfson and Family
         Jeffrey and Johanna Applebaum                                In honor of
                                                                      Alef 2 and 2nd Grade Service
ALVIN RAVEL GARDEN FUND                                                        Bobbi Lotman
In memory of                                                          ISRAEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND
Bea Levy                                                              In memory of
         Sally Ravel                                                  Glen Yanco
In honor of                                                                   Joan Singer
B’not Mitzvah of Aliza and Chloe Abarbanel
         Sally Ravel                                                  SUZANNE BLICKMAN ARTS AND CRAFTS FUND
                                                                      In memory of
MILTON FOX CAMPERSHIP FUND                                            Sam Mintzer
Speedy recovery of                                                           Ginny and Manny Siegler
Sybil Sommer                                                          LEVIN LEARNING CENTER FUND
         Marvin and Joan Fox                                          In memory of
                                                                      Marilyn Torgerson, Miriam Ayllon, Michael White, Shelley Gustason
LEONARD AND BERNICE GAON CAMPERSHIP FUND                                       David Ledwitz
In memory of
Joseph Fischer                                                        JUDITH JURMAN OMENS CEMETERY
         Millie Wolfson                                               BEAUTIFICATION FUND
                                                                      In memory of
PHYLLIS MATZNER CAMPERSHIP FUND                                       Minnie Rudin
In memory of                                                                  Ilean Rudin
Mickey Brambir                                                        LOLLIE BRICKNER MEDIA FUND
        Carol and Henry Thailer                                       In memory of
                                                                      Anne Rotofsky
RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND                                                        Mark Lutvak
In memory of                                                          PRAYERBOOK FUND
Sam Mintzer                                                           In memory of
         Joseph and Michelle Gabriel                                  Selma Schlachter Benson
         Gary and Janet Katz                                                  Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ross
         Joan Singer
         Nesya Fishstrom
In honor of Joelle Wolf                                                Todah Rabah (thank you) from Richard and Eleanor Rusnak. We
         Joseph and Michelle Gabriel                                   would like to thank our family and friends at Temple Emanu-El
For the speedy recovery of                                             for joining us for our Re-Wedding ceremony on Sunday, March 29.
Bobbye Gorenberg                                                       We would especially like to thank the 6th grade class, their
         Ruth Krandel                                                  wonderful teacher, Suellen Haggerty and Rabbi and Meeka for
In honor of                                                            arranging our renewal of vows ceremony that we shared on our
Eleanor and Richard Rusnak’s Anniversary                               51st wedding anniversary. From the handmade Chuppah to the
         Sherman and Bettey Naymark                                    lovely poem you wrote for us to the delicious oneg, everything was
Ruth Krandel                                                           beautiful. Thank you!
         Ruth Rosenberg
                                                                      We note with sorrow the passing of:
BETTY RINSLER RELIGIOUS SCHOOL                                        Phyllis Reisner, sister of David Reisner
ENDOWMENT FUND                                                        Ozzie Malek, brother-in-law of Gerry and Suzanne Boxer Gassman
In memory of                                                          Louise Manning, aunt of Edith Pollock Kerr
Sam Mintzer                                                           Ben Finkel, brother-in-law of Doris Rosenberg.
       Barbara and Jerry Kristal
       Jane and Ed Schwartz                                           May their memories be a blessing.

         Thank you to the preceding congregants and friends who remembered Temple Emanu-El with their generous contributions.
                          Donations made after April 15, 2009 will be listed in the June 2009 issue of Connections.
Birthdays and Anniversaries                                                                      Simchas                                      18
1    Margie Goodman           20     Rhonda Hansen
     Daniel Gottfeld                 Max Johnson                              Matthew Ross, son of Julie
     Sue Shachal              21     Evlyn Hubert                         and Jay Ross, will be called to
2    Lori Moorhead                   Al Roth                              the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on
3    Bruce Fox                22     Zachary Heerwagen                    Saturday, May 9. Matthew is a
     Marcia Ratner                   Ross Mowry                           seventh grade honor roll
4    Robert Kaufman           23     Richard Ferman                       student at Fisher Middle School
     Joshua Tucker                   Amy Lambert                          in Los Gatos. In his free time,
5    Karen Henry              24     Beth Dayen                           Matthew enjoys playing a variety
     Linda Mowry                     Bradley Phinick                      of sports, including baseball and
6    Jann Jones                      Adam Sciupac                         basketball, football and golf,
     Lorie Kaplan             25     Kristina Fernandez                   playing board games and
     Wendy MacLean                   Myra Reinhard                        spending time with his friends.
     Andrew Nussbaum                 Noah Rubin                           In an effort to share these
     Gabriel Segal            26     Mort Berlant                         interests with those less
7    Bobbye Gorenberg                Carolyn Fabisch                      fortunate, Matthew will be
8    James Beninghaus                Elsa Gordon                          collecting sports equipment and
     Butch DiSessa                   Dawn Malter                          games to donate to local
     Joseph Gitin             27     Larry Gerston                        children’s charities including the Family Supportive Housing Inc. and
     Gary Katz                       Evelyn Turkus                        the Santa Clara County Children’s Center in San Jose. His parasha,
     Beverly Mendel           28     Susana Cahn                          Emor, discusses equality and fairness. Matthew is the second
     Julie Moore                     Doris Davis                          generation to become a Bar Mitzvah at Temple Emanu-El, where his
     Matthew Rissman          29     Jeff Blue                            grandparents have been members for many years. His family is very
9    Bernice Gaon                    JoAnne Hersch                        proud of him!
10   Jill Huchital                   Nancy Markham
     Rita Loren               30     Robert Cant
                                                                          Kelsey Hurwitz is a seventh
11   Kristi Blumstein         31     Gail Jacobs
                                                                          grader at Miller Middle School.
     Ruth Ross                       Bill Medeiros
                                                                          Her Torah portion is about
     Kathryn Sucher
                                                                          some good and bad things that
12   Ken Abrams                                                           will happen to you if you obey
     Michelle Geary
     Ariana Henry
                                     Anniversaries                        or disobey God. For her
                                                                          mitzvah project, Kelsey had a
     Kelsey Hurwitz
                                     Marvin and Bonnie Bamburg            bake sale and has done many
     Kathy Jenkins            1                                           other things in an effort to raise
     Barbara Kristal                 Bill and Anita Medeiros
                                     Manny and Gloria Ascher              money to donate to the San
     Sherman Naymark          6                                           Jose Police Department Canine
     Aileen Teren-Foster             Ron and Sue Timpson
                                     George and Carol Hofheimer           Unit to buy a bullet proof vest
13   Frieda Forster           7                                           for one of the dogs. Her hobbies
     Leo Rinsler              8      Bennett and Deborah Jacobstein
                                     Eli and Sue Shachal                  include soccer, photography and
     Iva Rose                 9                                           swimming. She would very much like to thank her grandparents,
     David Zell               11     Robert and Rosalyn Applebaum
                                     Chris and Stacey Dedering            aunts, uncles and cousins for coming out from across the country to
14   Marilyn Handloff         18                                          support her on her special Bat Mitzvah day on May 16. Her loving
     Gary Jones                      Karl and Susannah Pfalzer
                                     Bob and Teri Broleman                and honored parents are Walter and Robin Hurwitz.
     Mitchell Reisner         19
     Matthew Ross             20     Byron Lilly and Nancy Weintraub
     Adam Rubin                      Randy and Stacey Ohara               Mitchell Reisner completed
15   Michele Eaton            23     Oliver Pohland and Elena Klaw        his basic training in
     Stuart Johnson           24     Jerry and Claire Barnhart            the U.S. Army. Mitchell will
     Oliver Pohland                  Bob and Judy Levy                    be studying Advanced
16   Jerry Barnhart           26     Steve and Shari Krandel              Individual Training in Military
     Janet Berg                      Fabio Marino and                     Intelligence at Fort Huachuca,
     Adam Cone                       Robin Feinman-Marino                 Arizona and is planning a career
     Shari Kaplan                    Michael and Millie Sprintz           in the CIA or FBI. He is a
     Jordan Sofris            29     Fred and Freda Just                  graduate of San Jose State. His
17   Fred Just                       Jeff and Karen Krupp                 proud parents are David &
     Isaac Oak                       David and Linda Mighdoll             Harriet Reisner. His sister is
18   Vicki Nosanov Goldman                                                Melissa and is a Lance Corporal
19   Richard Burriesci                                                    in the Marines.
     Samantha Casale                                                      Yasher Koach!
     Patrick Salak
We wish a very happy birthday and anniversary to our congregants who are celebrating this month. If your name is not listed or the information
                      is wrong, please be in touch with the office to provide us with updated information. Thank you.
                                        May you be blessed with a year of goodness and fulfillment.
                 Yarzheits                                                                  Leadership                                               19

May 1 (7:15 PM Service)                                                                                 Clergy
Sarah Banks, Uarda Burns, Mollie Drezinsky, Rose Sarah Forest,               Dana L. Magat                           Meeka Simerly
Muriel Gardner, Morris Golden, Rose Handen, Judith Hettler,                   Senior Rabbi                           Cantor Intern
Annette Hornbein, Jeannette Josephs, Siegfried Kahn, Alexandra        rabbimagat@templesanjose.org            meekantor@templesanjose.org
Kanciruk, Elias Levin, Mildred Lurie, Jack Marchick, Samuel Semmy
Marcus, Paris Frank Massik, Irving Mighdoll, Anne Miller, Benjamin                                Joseph Gitin, D.D.
Nadel, Beatrice W. Newman, Dewey Richards, Bernice Richman,                                         Rabbi Emeritus
Eric Rinsler, Beatrice Rosenblum, Herb Terrell, Clara Weinstein,
Malvin Weiss, Robert Wooten
May 8 (7:30 PM Service)                                                                        Board of Trustees
Rachel Epstein Annan, Mollie Bain, Marcus Joel Bernstein, Sophie
Blumer, Joseph Boroditsky, Bessie Engleman Cohn, Victor Donath,                  President: Steve Greenberg president@templesanjose.org
Jack Gardner, , Eleanore Goldfinger, Helen Hersch, Theodore D.
                                                                         Immediate Past President: Ruth Krandel pastpresident@templesanjose.org
Holstein, Elvira Kakis, Leonard Katz, Nathan Litman, Isaac Miller,
Percy Mostow, Lena Naymark, Jamie Beth Nussbaum, Harry Pollak,                VP Administration: Steve Krandel vpadmin@templesanjose.org
John Puopolo, Isaac Rousso, Philip Ruby, Steven Rutherford, Lillian
F. Silver, Sarah Simon, Mollye Sockolov, Max Sucher, Robert             VP Marketing/Communications: Nancy Weintraub vpmc@templesanjose.org
Tobias, Harry Aaron Wagner, Jack Weiss, Joseph Woron, Norman            VP Membership: Laura Danoff-Robinson vpmembership@templesanjose.org
May 15 (7:30 PM Service)                                                     VP Education and Youth: Marci Gerston vprey@templesanjose.org
Gertrude Altman, Morris Atlas, Ruth Bryman, Esther Cohen, Freida                  Secretary: Barry L. Cohen secretary@templesanjose.org
Ida Engleman, Rachel Glicksberg, Hilda Goldman, Herman
Greenberg, Ursula Gusdorf, Lillian Heller, Samuel Kahn, Nettie Lee,                  Treasurer: Joe Riggio treasurer@templesanjose.org
Louis Leven, David Levine, Nathan Lewis, Florence Libglid, Jack B.
                                                                          Rich Albert              Mark Cahn                 Gerry Gassman
Mackay, Kate Mamon, Gary Melmon, Rebecca Miller, Jean                    Uri Gottfeld           Jonathan Hirshon              Kim Jackman
Modiano, Sheldon Prizant, Murray Rockowitz, Tony D. Rose, Sarra         Steve Ladowitz           David Mimeles               Ruth Pangilinan
Saltzman, Seymour Louis Stone, Irwin Tuttelman                          Eleanor Rusnak        Michelle Schneiderman          Greg Turetzky
May 22 (7:30 PM Service)
                                                                             Brotherhood President: Bob Levy brotherhood@templesanjose.org
Frances Atlas, Morton Barr, Claire Basist, Philip Basist, Bernie                 Sisterhood President: Rita Loren wote@templesanjose.org
Bernstein, Dr. Samuel Abram Blauner, Juliet Roy Bloom, Max                         EESY Presidents: Brent Ghan and Kristina Fernandez
Boxer, Harold Dworkin, Hirsch Engleman, Beatrice Fishman,                                     youthgroup@templesanjose.org
George I. Frank, William Frankel, Michael L. Freed, Abraham
Friedman, W.C. Grammer, Nathan Havlin, Bernard Hawk, Rose
Hubert, Joe Jaffee, Dora Kaisel, Craig Karnal, Jacob Ari Katz, Anna                                 Committees
C. Lax, Rachel Leiter, Abe Lerner, Carl McClure, Bluma Nadel,
Randy Reiser, Burton Rubenstein, Julius Schatten, Elfriede Schimek,     Marci Gerston           Adult Education          vprey@templesanjose.org
                                                                        Bob Hersch                    Dues                dues@templesanjose.org
Max Schwalbe, Gilbert Senigaglia, Albert I Silver, Max Simans,          Uri Gottfeld                Facilities        facilities@templesanjose.org
Charleen Weinstein, Ruth Wiseman                                        Kim Jackman              Membership                          Membership
May 29 (6:30 PM service)                                                Sharon Genkin            Membership                     @templesanjose.org
                                                                        Robin Hurwitz           Religious School              rs@templesanjose.org
Clara W. Altschuler, Meyer Bloom, Angie Cavallaro, Robert Cohn,         Mark Cahn                     Ritual             ritual@templesanjose.org
Vivian Debenport, Anita Eisenberg, Larry Fabisch, Julian Forster,       Rich Albert              Tikkun Olam                  to@templesanjose.org
Lottie Ganz, Binyamin Gold, Irwin Goldberg, Edith Goldeen, Al
Golden, Joel Goldfarb, Mae Citron Gordon, Sidney Huchital, Eileen
Jackel, Beverly Levin Jordan, Emily Grace Leiter, Emil Leoffler,
Gertrude Levine, Ethel Lindauer, Oscar Shev, , Howard Silberman,                                         Staff
                                                                                 James Perlstein                          Paula Marsh
Harry Smith, Isadore Stein, Philip Svigals, Irving Taub, Sidney                Executive Director                  Religious School Principal
Weissman, Max David Yampol, Rose Yzhaki                                  jperlstein@templesanjose.org              Paula@templesanjose.org
                                                                                  408.292.0939                            408.292.3223
                                                                             Deborah Zimmer                               Beth Roellig
   Gloria Melmon Ascher                                                 Member Services Coordinator                Religious School Assistant
   Realtor                                                              dvorazim@templesanjose.org
                                                                                Marcy Weiss                              Barbara Smead
                                                                           Director of Informal                        Preschool Director
                                                                         Education/Clergy Assistant                Barbara@templesanjose.org
                                                                         mweiss@templesanjose.org                         408.293.8660
                                                                             MaryAnn Orlowski                            Bob Basuino
                                                                                Bookkeeper                          Cemetery Administrator
                                       Office 408.741.1111              morlowski@templesanjose.org                  rjbasuinosr@aol.com
    12988 Saratoga/Sunnyvale Road      Direct 408.741.1174 ex. 604
    Saratoga, CA 95070                                                         408.292.0939                              408.297.3636
                                       Fax 408.741.7076
    www.gloriaascher.com               Cell 408.781.8624                                           Editor: Marcy Weiss
             Temple Emanu-El                                                                                                            Non-Profit Org.
             1010 University Avenue                                                                                                      US POSTAGE 20
             San Jose, CA 95126                                                                                                             PAID
             www.templesanjose.org                                                                                                      Permit No. 542
                                                                                                                                         San Jose, CA
             Address Service Requested

Operating and Tribute Funds:                                                                               Community Funds:
General Fund                                          Youth Funds:                                         Facilities for the Aged Fund (Chai House)
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                            Religious School Fund                                JoAnne Salman-Tehrani Homeless Fund
Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                           Religious School Enrichment Fund
Executive Director’s Discretionary Fund               Betty Rinsler Religious School Endowment Fund        Other Tribute Opportunities:
Alvin Ravel Garden Fund                               Weintraub Religious School Scholarship Fund          $36 - Prayerbook Tribute
Beverly Jordan Temple Beautification Fund             Campership Fund                                      $218/$500/$750 - Tree of Life
Judith Jurman Omens Cemetery                          Leonard and Bernice Gaon Campership Fund               Leaf/small/large rock
 Beautification Fund                                  Michael Elman Campership Fund                        $500 - Sanctuary Chair Plaque
Capital Campaign Fund                                 Milton Fox Campership Fund                           $750 - Memorial Plaque (in sanctuary foyer)
Lollie Brickner Media Center Fund                     Phyllis Matzner Campership Fund
Lou and Clara Juren Library Fund                      Israel Scholarship Fund
Ralph Goldeen Library Fund                            Susanne C. Blickman Arts and Crafts Fund             Opportunities in Levin Learning Center:
                                                                                                           $5,000 - Stair Plaque
Religious Funds:                                      Cultural Funds:                                      $10,000 - Library Column Dedication
Harold Cahn Prayerbook Fund                           Choir Fund                                           $25,000 - Room Dedication
Herbert Marchick High Holy Day Fund                   Andrew Apte Temple Historical Fund
Kenneth Gordon Children’s Prayerbook Fund             Phyllis Omel Junior Choir Fund                       Contact the office for additional
Maurice Tucker High Holy Day Music Fund               Bertram Berns Music Fund                             opportunities.
Ida F. Kragen Consecration and Caring Fund            Shank-Rockman Family Sound System Fund

Making a contribution to one of Temple Emanu-El’s many funds is a wonderful way to honor your friends and family. You may make contributions in honor of
        a birth, birthday, brit milah, baby naming, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary, promotion, new home,
special occasion or just because. You may also make contributions for get-well wishes, condolence, remembrance and yartzeits.

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