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                         Burlington County Office on Aging

                                 Senior      News       Notes

                           BEWARE OF PRECIOUS
                               METAL DEALERS
                                Renee L. Borstad,
                          Director of Burlington County
                                Consumer Affairs
Mary Ann O’Brien
Freeholder Liaison           In the early 1980s, New Jersey
To Office on Aging        passed a law to protect people who
                          wanted to sell their precious metals,
                          including gold, silver, platinum and any other form of jewelry.
February 2011              Enforcement of the law became the responsibility of every Weights
                          & Measures Department in the state, county or municipality.
Volume 6 Issue 2

Burlington County
 Office on Aging           Today there is a high demand for your precious metals, especially
Mission Statement
                          gold. The price of gold has been increasing almost on a daily basis.
                           Whatever the cash price to be paid for any precious metal, New
 If there is a concern     Jersey law must be obeyed.
  for individuals over
    the age of 60, it
      concerns us.
                          If you are planning to sell your gold, silver or any other precious
                          metals, then make sure to shop around. Check out at least three gold
                          buyers, preferably local jewelry stores. Bring all the items you want to
                          sell to each the location. Before you show your precious metals, check
                          each store for a clear and prominent posting of the following
    Office on Aging       information at point of purchase, stating:
 Meals on Wheels           The precious metal buyer’s name and address
                           The price being offered or paid by the buyer for your precious
 Senior Citizens
 Lawyer Referral          metals per standard measure of weight and fineness
    609-261-2220           Weights & Measures current Certificate of Inspection.

  Seller beware! The buyer must weigh each item separately and in front of you on a Weights & Measures certified
digital scale. The scale must have a round blue and white Weights & Measures paper seal plus a metal wire seal. If
there is no round blue seal or you see a red seal the scale is condemned.

Take your gold, leave the store and report the incident to Burlington County Weights & Measures at (609)265-
5098, or (609)265-5054.

 Find the jeweler and the cash price you want, and make sure you get a serialized receipt for each item. The
serialized receipt must state:
 The name and address of the BUYER
 The date of the transaction
 The names of each precious metal purchased
 The fineness of each precious metal purchased
 The weight of each precious metal purchased
 The price paid for each precious metal at the standard measures of weight and fineness
 The name, address and signature of the SELLER of the precious metals
 Proof of identity of the seller
If the buyer refuses or fails to provide the seller with a serialized receipt stating each of the above, the buyer is in
violation of New Jersey’s Weights & Measures Precious Metals law and will be cited by a Burlington County
Weights & Measures Inspector. Once cited, the buyer will be required to appear in the municipal court where the
transaction took place.

If the buyer pleads guilty, the Judge will order payment of not less than $100 nor more than $500 for each count
stated in the Inspector’s complaint.

In addition, the buyer must retain any precious metals in the form purchased for not less than 2 business days,
minimum 48 hours.

The buyer must also allow the inspection all serialized receipts or precious metals upon request by a Weights &
Measures Inspector. In addition to our local jewelry stores, we also have travelling gold buyers who are coming
into Burlington County. These buyers are known to set-up temporary locations in hotels, flea
markets, libraries, beauty shops and even at precious metals parties in consumer homes. New Jersey law describes
the temporary gold buyer as a TRANSIENT buyer.

Be aware, transient buyers must also follow New Jersey’s Precious Metals law. The transient buyer must register
with New Jersey Weights & Measures and provide a minimum $5,000 Surety Bond with the State Superinten-
dent. A transient buyer must also file with the Police Department of the municipality in which he intends to
conduct business. The transient buyer must provide the police with his name and address including the address at
which he intends to do business.
The transient buyer must also have a certified scale with the State’s blue and white seal and the wire metal seal also
affixed to the scale.

To receive a pocket-sized copy of the New Jersey Precious Metals law, call Burlington County Weights &
Measures at (609)265-5098, or (609)265-5054 and provide your name and address.
If you have any questions, or want to discuss the law, use the same phone numbers providing your name and
 telephone number. An Inspector will return your call.



The National Council on Aging is a nonprofit service and advocacy organization headquar-
tered in Washington, DC. NCOA is a national voice for older Americans—especially those
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                                     New Year, New Benefits

January 2, 2011

Jan. 1 ushered in several new Medicare benefits for older adults thanks to last year’s health reform law.
They include:

 A 50% discount on the price of brand-name prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries who enter the
  Part D donut hole, or coverage gap.
 Free preventive screenings, including mammograms, colorectal cancer screenings, bone mass measure-
  ment, and nutritional counseling.
 One free wellness visit each year for Medicare beneficiaries who request it.

This year will also see the creation of the new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. The center’s
mission is to help slow the rapid rise of health care costs and foster innovation in both caring for patients
and processing payments and claims.

Learn more about health reform:

 Explore our fact sheets offering Straight Talk for Seniors on Health Reform.
 See a timeline from the Kaiser Family Foundation on when health reform provisions take effect.


                         CURBSIDE PAPER CARTON
                       RECYCLING GOES COUNTYWIDE

After a four-month successful pilot in Florence Township, all County residents now are
being encouraged to add paper cartons to the mix of bottles and cans they put in their
recycling buckets

The County anticipates recycling two million pounds of cartons over the course of a

“At the end of the day expanding our recycling program saves taxpayers’
dollars,” O’Brien said. “Every recycled item that is kept out of the landfill
reduces tipping fees for the towns.”

Workers at the County’s recycling center in Westampton, operated by the Occupational
Training Center (OTC), found that sorting the cartons was no problem. The increased
flow of recyclables is expected to be easily handled.

For information on carton recycling, visit the County’s website at or email

      Freeholder Mary Ann O’Brien & OTC Recycling Plant Manager John Brosky


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           Burlington County Virtua Spring 2011 Programs
                       Personal Safety Awareness: Be Prepared Not Scared
Participate in this interactive program and learn self defense techniques and tips to decrease the
risk of assault and help you stay safe. Refreshments will be served.
Date: March 24, 2011               Place: Virtua Memorial               Time: 7 p.m.
Speaker: Paul Sarnese, Virtua. Safety Director

                                            Fit for Life
Learn how to improve your posture and balance; maintain strength, improve endurance and stay
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               Herbal supplements: overrated or over-the-counter miracles?
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