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					APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists
National Executive Committee – April Business Meeting
April 29 - May 3, 2009


The mission of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) is to be the
collective voice of student pharmacists, to provide opportunities for professional growth, to improve patient care, and
to envision and advance the future of pharmacy.


Goal 1: Promote active membership in APhA by increasing student pharmacist awareness and utilization of
        member benefits.

         Objective 1: Maintain APhA-ASP as the largest collective voice of student pharmacists.

         Objective 2: Provide enhanced resources and information to improve Chapter recruitment and
         retention efforts, and encourage consistent branding of APhA and APhA-ASP.

         Objective 3: Support and encourage the transition of student pharmacist members to pharmacist members
         in APhA.

         Objective 4: Maintain the student section of www.pharmacist.com as the main source of information for
         APhA-ASP advisors, leaders and members.

         Objective 5: Provide resources that encourage chapter growth and development.

         Objective 6: Improve/redesign educational programming and leadership training at MRM2009 and APhA2010
         as part of the APhA-ASP Leadership Training Series. (Crystal by August 15, 2009).

         Objective 7: Improve/redesign all logos, letterhead, and templates for APhA-ASP Programs. (Crystal and
         APhA Creative Services Department by July 1, 2009)

         Objective 8: Promote APhA Foundation Scholarships and APhA-ASP Awards and Scholarships to all student
         pharmacist members.

         Objective 9: Continue to promote individual student pharmacist and chapter involvement in the “Bringing
         Your Medicines to Life Campaign”.

         Objective 10: Review and evaluate APhA-ASP Awards Program and chapter reporting process.

Goal 2: Increase student pharmacist understanding of the legislative process and involvement in legislative
        initiatives, political advocacy and policy development for the profession.

         Objective 1: Develop and promote opportunities for student pharmacists to become activity involved in
         Health Care Reform efforts.

         Objective 2: Develop and promote legislative information for student pharmacists in order to increase
         awareness of pharmacy issues.

                                                         APhA-ASP 2009-2010 Mission, Goals, and Objectives – Page 1
        Objective 3: Encourage participation in grassroots policy and advocacy activities to promote an organized
        approach to legislative action.

        Objective 4: Increase student involvement and understanding of the APhA-ASP Policy Process.

        Objective 5: Promote student involvement in the APhA Political Action Committee (PAC) through the “APhA-
        ASP a Dollar Makes a Difference Campaign”.

Goal 3: Improve public health by promoting and enhancing the pharmacist’s role in patient care.

        Objective 1: Increase the involvement and reporting of current APhA-ASP Patient Care Projects.

        Objective 2: Maintain and improve APhA-ASP’s Patient Care Projects.

        Objective 3: Increase awareness of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Services into all aspects of
        APhA-ASP’s Patient Care Projects.

        Objective 4: Increase student pharmacists’ awareness of and participation in American Pharmacists Month.

        Objective 5: Work with the APhA External Communications Department to enhance the public’s perception
        of the pharmacist.

        Objective 6: Empower student pharmacists to communicate and collaborate with other health care
        professionals to increase the awareness of the pharmacist’s role within the health care team.

Goal 4: Promote leadership development and enhance professionalism among student pharmacists to advance the
        profession of pharmacy.

        Objective 1: Integrate the Presidential theme “Many Paths, One Purpose: Inspiring Student Pharmacists to
        Unite the Profession” into APhA-ASP programming.

        Objective 2: Provide resources and programming to enhance leadership skills among APhA-ASP members.
        Continue promoting past-Presidential theme “It Starts with One: Empowering Student Pharmacists as Agents
        of Change” in APhA-ASP Programming.

        Objective 3: Continue to promote student pharmacist involvement in evaluating and enhancing the quality
        of pharmacy education.

        Objective 4: Encourage state associations to provide opportunities for student involvement in leadership
        roles and advocacy efforts.

        Objective 5: Promote student pharmacist awareness of and involvement in IPSF activities.

        Objective 6: Enhance the relationship between the APhA-ASP National Executive Committee and APhA-ASP
        Regional Officers.

                                                        APhA-ASP 2009-2010 Mission, Goals, and Objectives – Page 2

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