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11th Annual Barnstone by lD0581


									                                      20th Annual
                              Soccer Tournament
                         November 20-22, 2009
               Saskatoon Kinsmen/Henk Ruys Soccer Center
                       Deadline November 9, 2009
Categories of Competition
       Men’s Open---------------ALL Men’s Teams; 1st place $1,000 Cash Prize
                                                               (Based on 8 teams)
       Men’s Recreational A-----Men’s Div 3(boarded); Mens Div 2.3 (7v7)
       Men’s Recreational B-------Men’s Div 4,5 (boarded); Mens Div 4,5 (7v7)
       Men Masters -------------35 and over
       Mens Masters ------------45 and over

       Women’s Open-----------ALL Women’s Teams; 1st place $1,000 Cash Prize
                                                               (Based on 8 teams)
       Women’s Recreational A----------Women’s Div 3 and 4
       Women’s Recreational B---------Women’s Div 5 and 6
       Classic’s Women-----------35 and over – Classics 1&2

       Co-ed Open----------------Any division; 1st place $500 Cash Prize
                                                               (Based on 8 teams)
        Co-ed Recreational-------Any division          players can only play in one coed division
        Co-ed Masters------------Any division
The organizing committee may move teams into appropriate competition at their discretion
All players must be in good standing with their district. Failure to comply will result in team expulsion
All teams are guaranteed a Minimum of THREE games. Play will be 6-a-side
(including goalkeeper) for all Categories except Co-ed. Co-ed must have 3 women
and 3 men on the floor at all time plus a goalie of either sex.
**ALL 1st place teams WIN a set of official Tournament Champion
T-shirts** (excluding Men’s, Women’s and Coed Open Champs)

Cost is $400.00 per team – must be submitted with Entry Form

******Social Saturday Night*****
Deadline for entry is November 9, 2009
For more information contact
                  Dena Clark       373-1983 / 241-0865
                  Paul Sherwood    975-1273
            20th Annual Barnstone Soccer Tournament
                     November 20-22, 2009
                    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                  Deadline: November 9, 2009

                               ENTRY FORM
     _____ Mens Open                _____ Mens Rec A

     _____ Mens Rec B               _____ Mens Masters (over 35)

                                    _____ Mens Masters (over 45)

     _____ Women’s Open              _____ Women’s Rec A

     _____ Women’s Rec B             _____ Women’s Classics

     _____ Masters Coed             _____ Coed Competitive

     _____ Coed Recreational

TEAM NAME: ____________________________________

TEAM COLOURS:________________ Jerseys
             ________________ Shorts

Submit application form and fee made payable to

                      Barnstone Soccer Club
220-2510 Kenderdine Road    or    310 Tobin Crescent
Saskatoon SK S7N 4G5              Saskatoon SK S7K 4N5

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