About the Company
Soul*ar Energy Holistic Health Enterprises was established in 1995 as a company
committed to supporting wellbeing and a holistic approach to living. In response to the
hectic pace of today’s lifestyle, Soul*ar Energy has developed a variety of personal
and home decorative items aimed at bringing back the balance of harmony & peace.
These unique gifts have been inspired by nature and reflect the ancient art of
communicating through symbols. Soul*ar Energy embraces symbology as the
‘language of the soul’, rich in multi-layered meaning. The deep resonance of these                        About the Polar Bear
symbols combine powerfully to create a synergy of positive energy through the use of
colour, light and numerology blended with gifts from mother nature including crystals,                    Soul*ar Energy’s logo of a Polar Bear was chosen for
semi-precious gemstones, animals and rainbows. These rich symbols have been                               the symbolic meaning that it represents. According to
merged with the principles of Feng Shui to create harmony through the correct                             Inuit tradition, Polar Bears are thought to be the
placement of objects in your environment.                                                                 “keeper’s of ancient wisdom” and “liaisons with the
                                                                                                          spirit world”. Ted Andrews’ Animal-Wise describes the
Inspired by Ray & Anderson’s The Cultural Creatives, Soul*ar Energy has recog-                            appearance of Polar Bear as a time to begin a new
nized the need for reclaiming the sacred in life including personal growth, spirituality,                 and powerful spiritual journey and a time to awaken
helping others, being true to your inner self - ‘your soul’, and getting in touch with your               hidden potential and abilities. Andrews further notes
passion. These beautiful creations have been designed with love and passion to                            that two Polar Bears will often form friendships and
enhance your connection to nature and the divine in your day to day life.                                 feed and travel together, “It is not unusual as we start
                                                                                                          on a power journey that brief and even lasting
                                                                                                          friendships with those of a similar path arise”. The
                                                                                                          deeper meaning of Polar Bear, as a symbol, has
                                                                                                          resonated with the artists as they began their shared
                                                                                                          journey of what was to become Soul*ar Energy.

    Laurie Johansen - BScN, Reiki Master,
    Designer, Colour & Gemstone Consultant
    In 1992 an MVA ended Laurie’s 10-year career as a critical                           Laurie Ross - Reiki Level II, Designer, Feng
    care nurse. As a result of this life-altering event, and the                         Shui Consultant
    ensuing health challenges, Laurie found herself redirected
    into the growing field of alternative health. She has spent the                      A varied and “jack of all trades” career path has led Laurie to
    past 10 years studying numerous natural healing alternatives                         this point in her life. This path has included customer service,
    such as Reiki, Neurolinguistic Programming, Colour                                   accounting, software support, special events, marketing, public
    Therapy, Animal Power Totems, Aromatherapy, Crystals,                                speaking, fundraising and design work. A childhood devoid of
    Gemstones and most recently Native Shamanism and the                                 spirituality and work with little creativity left her searching for
    Medicine Wheel. With the traditional career in healthcare                            creative and meaningful expression as an adult. This search
    closed to her, she embraced her spiritual path and founded                           has included the study of Feng Shui, Buddhism, meditation,
    Soul*ar Energy in 1995 developing a new career in the                                etheric design, pottery, jewelry making, natural beauty products,
    holistic health arena. Her spiritually guided journey has led                        astrology, numerology and animal totems (to name a few). As a
    her to designing these ‘nature inspired creations’ to share her                      creative spirit she brings a love of nature, colour and design to
    passion for these gentle healing energies with others.                               her creations.
                     Light Catchers

 Soul*ar Energy Light Catchers have been carefully designed using multiple symbols derived
 from nature to create a powerful synergistic vibration which can be used to support personal
    growth, harmonize personal space and generally emit positive and protective energies.
The symbolic base of each of the light catchers includes colour, rainbows, crystals, gemstones
 and numerology. Gemstones and crystals, created by the magnetic forces of nature, contain
 Earth’s energy and can be used to draw vitality from her healing and balancing forces. Their
  harmonic energy, combined with the symbols of colour and numerology contain a potent
                       synergy to attract positive change into your life.
  Each Soul*ar Energy Light Catcher has been lovingly created in the Reiki energy to inspire
  balance, harmony, peace and gentle growth. All crystals and gemstones have been purified
 through smudging with sage and cleared through direct sunlight. Each crystal and gemstone
  has had its vibratory effect enhanced through the resonant toning of a Tibetan Singing Bowl.
Finally, all completed Soul*ar Energy Light Catchers have received a dedication for the highest
                 good through the focus of the Reiki symbols into each catcher.
                                       Animal Light Catchers
Each animal light catcher has been specially selected for the specific characteristic of the animal. Inspired by nature
and the works of David Carson and Jamie Sams (The Medicine Cards) and Ted Andrews (Animal Speak and Animal
       Wise), each animal catcher has been married with gemstones to reflect that animals’ symbolic power.

 Colour and numerology has also been selected to enhance the vibratory rate and symbolic imagery. The Soul*ar
  Energy Animal Light Catchers represent a return to ancient wisdom by connecting with nature and honouring the
                                    lessons that each animal totem can teach.

     Bear - #1001                                                                                    Butterfly - #1003
                                                       Buffalo - #1002
                                                                                                                         “Transformation and
                “Awakening the Power                            “Manifesting Abundance”                                  the Dance of Joy”
                of the Unconscious”
                                                                Signifies opportunities to                               Butterfly stimulates
                Bear stirs imagination and                      manifest abundance through                               opportunities for growth
                potential. Signifies ‘going                     synchronicities - follow the                             and change. Awakens a
                within’ and creating your                       easiest path and things will                             sense of lightness and
                own ‘bear’s den’.                               happen when they are                                     joy.
                                                                meant to. Stay grounded and
                Amethyst                                        be grateful for what you                                 Malachite
                A “stone of change and                          receive.                                                 A “stone of transforma-
                enlightenment”. Enhances
                                                                                                                         tion.” Assists in changing
                spiritual awareness,                            Peridot                                                  situations; stimulates
                meditation, visualization,                      A “stone of rebirth and                                  intuitive reasoning thus
                serenity and composure.                         renewal”. Promotes peace,                                allowing for change.
                                                                happiness and protects
                Lapis Lazuli                                    against negativity. Attracts                             Fluorite
                A “stone of protection and                      comfort, success and good                                Eases change, bringing
                enlightenment”.Assists with                     luck. Builds vitality.                                   strength and protection
                spiritual growth, intuitive
                                                                                                                         during transition.
                perception and objectivity.                     White Jade (Jadeite)                                     Stabilizes energy and
                Enhances serenity and                           Assists with actualization of                            helps to bring order to
                dreams.                                         purpose. Helps to access the                             chaos.
                                                                limitless resources of the
           Deer - #1004
                        “The Power of Gentleness &                               Dolphin - #1005
                        Unconditional Love”
                                                                                                “Manna - The Power of Breath”
                        Deer asks that you find the spirit of
                        gentleness that heals all wounds                                        Dolphin releases tension and
                        & accept others as they are.                                            breathes new life into your being.
                                                                                                Helps to realign your natural rhythms
                        Carnelian                                                               through controlled breathing.
                        Stimulates the energy of love &
                        joy. Clears negative energy                                             Moonstone
                        allowing transformation to occur.                                       Supports wellbeing and enhances
                                                                                                awareness of body rhythms thus
                        Cherry Quartz                                                           creating a better balance of the
                        Amplifies & focuses energy.                                             body’s natural energy.
                        Facilitates awareness, alleviates
                        anger & opens the spirit.                                               Turquoise
                                                                                                Known as a “general healer”,
                        Rose Quartz                                                             Turquoise cleanses, purifies,
                        Removes negativity & attracts the                                       strengthens the body and stimulates
                        energy of love bringing peaceful-                                       regeneration and repair.
                        ness & healing to relationships.
D ragonfly - #1006                                   Eagle - #1007                          F rog - #1008
         “ Seeing Through
                                                            “A Powerful New                                    “Creating Harmony”
                                                            Dimension of
         Help in creating change and                        Spiritual Growth”                                  Signifies a time for
         gaining new perspective                                                                               serenity and replen-
         instead of seeing only what                        Eagle helps you to take                            ishment - to cleanse,
         you wish. Reminds you to “fill                     responsibility for your                            heal, grow and
         your life with light and                           spiritual growth, to                               change unwanted
         colour”.                                           become a creative force                            conditions in your life.
                                                            in the world and touch                             Find peace, harmony
         Amethyst                                           all life with healing                              and joy in taking time
         A “stone of change and                             energy.                                            for yourself and
         enlightenment”. Calms and                                                                             replenish with positive
         transforms, enhances                               Blue Lace Agate                                    energy.
         spiritual awareness,                               Awakens perceptive-
         meditation and serenity.                           ness, clears the mind                              Jade
                                                            and enhances spiritual                             Facilitates harmony
         Fluorite                                           inspiration. Calming,                              and peace, soothes
         Eases change bringing                              soothing and uplifting.                            energy.
         strength and protection                            Eliminates negativity.
         during transition. Stabilizes                                                                         Lapis Nevada
         energy and helps to bring                          Blue Topaz                                         Alleviates hostility,
         order to chaos.                                    Helps to successfully                              irritability and
                                                            communicate and                                    melancholy. Balances
         Lepidiolite                                        manifest desires. Lifts                            the energy of the
         A stone of “transition”; gently                    burdens and helps one                              mind, body and spirit.
         induces change and                                 to see the great overall
         supports smooth passage.                           scheme of life. Attracts                           Rose Quartz
         Transforms stress, despond-                        love and abundance.                                Emits a calming,
         ency and old patterns into                                                                            soothing energy,
         self-love, hope and accept-                                                                           which gently removes
         ance.                                                                                                 negativity and brings
                                                                                                               love and peace in its
                                                                    Lion - #1010
                                                                                 “Power of Feminine Energy to
  H ummingbird - #1009                                                           Create Business Synergy”

                                                                                 Lion protects against intrusions and
               “Tireless Joy and Love”
                                                                                 encourages cooperation, individual
               Hummingbird stimulates love,                                      effort, and the use of stealth when
               opens the heart and spreads joy.                                  pursuing new goals and business
               Helps to create beauty in your                                    endeavors.
               Carnelian                                                         Enhances personal power,
               Stimulates the energy of love and                                 awareness, creativity and optimism.
               joy. Clears negative energy                                       Stimulates abundance by assisting
               allowing light to enter and                                       one to acquire wealth and to
               transformation to occur. Has a                                    maintain a state of wealth.
               stabilizing effect on energy in the
                                                                                 Excellent stone for group work - it
               Citrine                                                           eliminates confusion and supports
               Balances energy on all levels &                                   increased efficiency and organiza-
               dissipates negative energy.                                       tion. Helps to define clarity of
               Enhances personal power,                                          purpose and direction, and to
               creativity & optimism.                                            resolve issues with logic.
                                              Turtle - #1012
O wl - #1011
    “ Wisdom, Truth & Illumination”              “Honour Your Feelings. Take Time
                                                 to be True to Yourself.”
    Owl reveals truth through keen, silent
    observation & clairvoyant abilities.         Turtle teaches us to set a pace that
    Allows one to see & hear what may            ensures success, taking things slow
    be hidden. Pay attention to signs &          and steady - knowing that all things
    omens.                                       come in time. Turtle encourages
                                                 listening to your own sense of inner
    Blue Lace Agate                              knowing about what is best for you.
    Helps to awaken one’s perceptive-            Amazonite
    ness & awareness. Inspires inner             A healing stone that aligns the physical
    resonance.                                   body producing a balancing,
                                                 preventive and rejuvenating energy.
    Grey Moonstone
                                                 Promotes harmony by dispelling
    Enhances insights & intuitive recogni-
                                                 irritating and negative energy.
    tion. Brings calmness coupled with
    White Jade                                   Deflects negativity. Stimulates the
    Stone of “Magic” brings protection           desire for peace and inner happiness.
    from the spiritual realm. Assists in         Helps to focus and sort things out.
    accessing limitless resources of the

                                              Wolf - #1014
W hale - #1013                                    “Finding the Teacher Within &
    “Creation, Manifesting Goals,                 Following Your Own Path”
    Awakening Inner Gifts”
                                                  Wolf asks you to listen to your own
    Whale teaches finding your own                inner teacher & trust your instincts.
    unique style through the use of sound.        The wolf pack symbolizes the use of
    Linking to nature’s sounds helps              ritual to maintain order and harmony
    access and accelerate the creation of         in life.
    goals. Whale symbolizes a practical
    balance between creative inspiration          Sodalite
    and reality, helping to make life more        Facilitates self-trust and trust in others.
    wondrous through colour and light.            Promotes group unity. Allows subtle
                                                  intuitive perceptions to permeate the
    Blue Topaz                                    center of one’s being.
    Enhances clarity and success in
    manifesting desires. Helps to see the         Blue Lace Agate
    great overall scheme of life.Attracts         Helps to awaken one’s perceptive-
    abundance and love.                           ness & inherent talents. Inspires inner
    A stone of change and wishes. Helps           White Moonstone
    to clear obstacles on the path of             A stone which is introspective,
    destiny.                                      reflective & lunar. Brings help to
                                                  understand destiny & follow intuition.
    White Jade (Jadeite)
    Assists with actualization of purpose.
    Helps to access the limitless resources
    of the universe.
                             Feng Shui Bagua Light Catchers
 Inspired by the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui for harmonizing the energies in your home or workplace, are the Feng Shui
Bagua Light Catchers. Utilizing gemstone Feng Shui to focus the properties, energies and colours of gemstones and crystals to
                                     invite harmonious energy and change into your life.
     Wealth - #1207                                                                               Relationship - #1213
                                                 Fame - #1216
          Designed to assist or enhance                                                               Designed to assist or enhance
          the Wealth, Abundance &                     Designed to assist or enhance                   the Love & Relationships area
          Fortunate Blessings area of the             the Fame & Reputation area of                   of the Bagua.
          Bagua.                                      the Bagua.
                                                                                                      Rose Quartz
          Tree Agate                                  Carnelian                                       Soothes comforts & reassures,
          Fosters abundance & wealth. Aids            Awakens innate talents, stabilizes              bringing about deep inner
          in building self-confidence &               energy & can help to increase                   healing. Gently removes
          strength.                                   personal power, creativity, compas-             negativity & attracts the energy of
                                                      sion & love. Clears negative energy             love, bringing peacefulness &
          Citrine                                     & protects against envy, fear & rage.           calm to relationships.
          Has a positive influence on
          business. Attracts wealth & helps to        Garnet                                          Rhodonite
          maintain a sense of abundance.              Enhances internal fire & creativity.            A stone of “love and interrelation-
                                                      Can help one to change ones world               ships”.Activates, stimulates and
          Jade                                        by producing expansiveness &                    clears the heart chakra encourag-
          The “stone of good luck”. Enhances          awareness in manifestation.                     ing love and generosity of sprit.
          blessings, peace & harmony.

                                                 W isdom - #1218                                   Creativity - #1215
    Family - #1217                                                                                     Designed to assist or enhance
                                                      Designed to assist or enhance the
           Designed to assist or en-                                                                   the Children & Creativity area of
                                                      Health & Wellbeing or Wisdom
           hance the Family Life area of                                                               the Bagua.
                                                      areas of the Bagua.
           the Bagua
           Chrysocolla                                                                                 Dissipates negative energy and
                                                      Activates the nourishing energies of the
           Promotes harmony, balanced                                                                  helps to activate and energize
                                                      body & emits a shielding & protective
           communication & capacity for                                                                personal power, creativity and
                                                      energy. Promotes understanding &
           love. Purifies the home, clears                                                             initiative. Stabilizes emotions and
                                                      wisdom. Encourages & sustains the
           negativity & adds stability to                                                              inspires fresh perspective &
                                                      flawless ideal of health & wellbeing.
           relationships.                                                                              optimism.
                                                      Tiger’s Eye
           Malachite                                                                                   Ice Quartz
                                                      Brings clarity & awareness of ones
           A “stone of transformation”. Helps                                                          Quartz empowers & protects by
                                                      personal needs as well as the needs of
           cope with setbacks, change &                                                                amplifying, focusing & regulating
                                                      others. Soothes, calms and balances.
           challenges. Brings loyalty &                                                                energy. Facilitates growth, aware-
           devotion in relationships.                                                                  ness and clarity.

                                                 Career - #1214                                    Travel - #1219
      Spirit - #1206                                  Designed to assist or enhance the                Designed to assist or
           Designed to assist or                      Career & Life Journey area of the                enhance the Helpful People &
           enhance the Spirituality or                Bagua.                                           Travel area of the Bagua.
           Wealth areas of the
           Bagua.                                     Hematite                                         Rainbow Moonstone
                                                      Enhances mental clarity & encourages             Helps to diminish obstacles on the
           Amethyst                                   one to release limitations and “reach for        path of destiny. Known as the
           A stone of spirituality and                the sun”. Dissolves negativity, focuses          “traveler’s stone” has been used
           peace. Protects and calms                  energy and supports peace, love and              for protection during journeys.
           while clearing away unkind                 inner happiness.                                 Brings happiness to one’s
           vibrations. Aids in the                                                                     environment.
           assimilation of new ideas and              Lapis Lazuli
           is reputed to help business                Fosters awareness & understanding of             White Jade (Jadeite)
           affairs to prosper.                        ancient & inner wisdom. Stimulates               A stone of luck, aids in actualizing
                                                      clarity & organization in the attainment         ones purpose and in accessing
                                                      of ones dreams.                                  the limitless resources of the
                          Feng Shui Light Catchers
                                   Long Life - #1209
                                                                     Peace - Blue - #1211
  Good Luck - #1208                         Garnet                             Blue Lace Agate
                                            Stone of ‘healing and              A gentle, peaceful
                                            power’. Energizes,                 & inspirational
            White Jade
                                            revitalizes and                    stone, Blue Lace
            Brings good luck
                                            balances energy.                   Agate Calms,
            and assists in
                                            Inspires love and                  soothes and uplifts
            building one’s
                                            devotion. Enhances                 thoughts. Elimi-
            dreams. Enhances
                                            sexuality and attracts             nates negativity
            peace and
                                            success.                           and anger.
                                            Hematite                           White Jade
            Tree Agate
                                            Known as a ‘Power                  A stone which
            Attracts abundance
                                            Stone’. Helps to                   promotes peace &
            and wealth. Brings
                                            maintain one’s sense               harmony. White
            stability and helps
                                            of self. Stabilizes                Jade improves
            one to realize their
                                            equilibrium, bringing              understanding &
            inner gifts and
                                            peace and calm.                    cohesiveness
                                            Enhances ability to                within groups, as
                                            attract love.                      well as improving

                                                                     Y in Yang - #1212
                                                                              The symbol for balance
Peace - Violet - #1210             Serenity - #1205                           and harmony. The
                                                                              opposing forces of Yin
            Amethyst                                                          and Yang are con-
                                            Lapis Lazuli                      stantly in a state of
            Attracts Love,
                                            A “stone of protec-               change with an element
            protection & peace.
                                            tion, serenity &                  of each contained within
            Bringing in calm &
                                            enlightenment”.Aids               the other. This balance
            peaceful energy
                                            in connecting to the              is necessary in order to
            while clearing
                                            energy of divine                  enxperience one’s life
            unkind & negative
                                            light, intuition &                to the fullest.
                                            mysticism. Mentally
                                                                              Hematite - “Yin”
            Lavender Jade                   calming, supports
                                                                              Grounding, protecting
            A stone which                   clarity, insights,
                                                                              and balancing.
            promotes peace &                communication &
                                                                              Stimulates the desire for
            harmony. Laven-                 relationships. Helps
                                                                              peace and inner
            der Jade improves               to balance Yin &
                                                                              happiness. Deflects
            understanding &                 Yang & achieve
            cohesiveness                    equilibrium.
            within groups, as                                                 Howlite - “Yang”
            well as improving                                                 Facilitates awareness.
            relationships.                                                    Assists with the
                                                                              attainment of goals by
                                                                              encouraging ambition
                                                                              and eliminating
                               Love Lights Light Catchers
The Soul*ar Energy Love Lights catchers have been created with love and relationships in mind. The Romance Love Light
 contains Rose Quartz and is designed to inspire love and romance. The Passion Love Light created with Garnet and the
                     colours red, purple and magenta to enhance devotion, passion and sexuality.

      Passion - #1202                                                      Romance - #1204
                                            Garnet                                                      Rose Quartz
                                            Energizes, revital-                                         Known as the “Stone
                                            izes and balances                                           of Love”. Rose
                                            energy. Inspires                                            Quartz soothes,
                                            love and devotion.                                          comforts, and
                                            Enhances sexuality                                          reassures bringing
                                            and as a “stone of                                          about deep inner
                                            health” clears                                              healing. Gently
                                            negative energy                                             removes negativity
                                            and enhances                                                and attracts the
                                            personal power.                                             energy of love
                                                                                                        bringing peaceful-
                                                                                                        ness and calm to

                           F irst Peoples Light Catchers
Hopi Healing Hand - #1601
     Healing Hand                                                     Kokopeli - #1602
                         “Life, Creativity,                                            “The Music of Fertile Magic,
                         Healing & Friendship”                                         Abundant Creation & Perfect
                         Helps to manifest the pure                                    Allow your heart to sing & hear the
                         energy of universal love,                                     music of your own unique magic.
                         soothes & balances.                                           The time is now the power is you!

                         Green Agate                                                   Amethyst
                         Helps to awaken inner                                         A stone for any kind of healing or
                         talent, cleanse, balance &                                    psychic work, Amethyst is naturally
                         stabilize theAura.                                            protective. It enhances spiritual
                                                                                       awareness, meditation & serenity.
                         Green Aventurine
                         A powerful general healer,                                    Carnelian
                         it brings balance to all                                      Brings abundance, positive energy
                         levels of being and shields                                   & protection. Supports the attainment
                         energy drain from outside                                     of goals & personal happiness.
                         sources.                                                      Fosters belief in your unique talents
                                                                                       & a knowing that you can achieve
          Ethereal Messenger Light Catchers

Amethyst Angel - #1401                                                 Rose Quartz Angel - #1402
          “Spiritual Awakening and Protection”
                                                                                        “Spiritual Protection and Love”
          This Guardian Angel shining bright,
                                                                                        This Guardian Angel shining bright,
          Will keep you safe in dark or light.
                                                                                        Will keep you safe in dark or light.
          Rainbows will dance during the day
                                                                                        Rainbows will dance during the day
          Bringing loving energy your way!
                                                                                        Bringing loving energy your way!
                                                                                        Rose Quartz
          A “stone of enlightenment and protection”.
                                                                                        Known as the “Stone of Love”, Rose
          Encourages spiritual awakening and
                                                                                        Quartz soothes, comforts and reassures,
          enhances awareness, meditation,
                                                                                        bringing about deep inner healing.
          visualization, serenity and composure.
                                                                                        Gently removes negativity and attracts
                                                                                        the energy of love, bringing peaceful-
                                                                                        ness and calm to relationships.

Faery Queen - #1405                                                                    Goddess - #1407
        Faery P rincess - #1406                                                                       “The Goddess symbol-
                                                                                                      izes archetypal feminine
                                        Faeries whisper in the night                                  energy. She invites you
                                        Staying hidden through dark and light                         to connect with your
                                        Magical crystals and colours bright                           Goddess within.”
                                        Bring Faeries out with great delight!
                                        This faery’s rainbows will invite,                            A stone of changes and
                                        Inspiring energy from nature sprites.                         wishes. Helps to clear
                                        So hang her in a place just right,                            obstacles on the path of
                                        For positive energy and faery light.                          destiny. Supports
                                                                                                      wellbeing and enhances
                                        Lavender Amethyst                                             awareness of body
                                        Shifts energies to the higher frequencies of                  rhythms, allowing for a
                                        both spiritual and ethereal levels.                           better balance of the
                                                                                                      body’s natural energy.
                                        Blue Lace Agate
                                        Awakens perceptiveness and high
                                        frequency states of awareness.

                                        Lavender Jade
                                        Magical stone attracting protective energy.
                                        Promotes peace and inspires wisdom.
                                                                                              Heart Chakra
            Chakra Light Catchers                                                             Centre of all chakras. Major focus is love,
                                                                                              warmth, compassion and understanding.
The human energy system includes the seven chakras, which are the key regula-
tors of the energies coming into and going out of the body. While the chakras are             Colour: Green
  not a part of the physical body, they are connected to the subtle energy fields             Relaxes, cleanses and balances. Supports
                                                                                              healing, compassion and harmony with
                      surrounding and influencing the body.                                   nature. Personifies love, joy, peace and unity.
                                                                                              Assists with change.
                                          Root Chakra
                                                                                              Gemstone: Malachite
                                          Anchors your connection to the physical world.
                                                                                              Stone of “transformation”, stimulates instinctive
                                          It is key in creating overall strength to support
                                                                                              and intuitive reasoning thus allowing for
                                          the physical body
                                                                                              change. Clears and activates all chakras,
                                          Colour: Red                                         releases negative emotions and brings loyalty
                                          Stimulates life force energy, power, vitality and   in love and relationships.
                                          passion for life. Helps with grounding, courage
                                                                                              Throat Chakra
                                          and self-confidence.
                                                                                              Responsible for communication and self-
                                          Gemstone: Garnet                                    expression.
                                          Energizes, revitalizes and balances energy.
                                                                                              Colour: Turquoise Blue
                                          Inspires love and devotion. Enhances
                                                                                              Supports creativity and self-expression,
                                          sexuality and as a “stone of health” clears
                                                                                              communication and truth. Soothes the soul and
                                          negative energy.
                                                                                              calms the body. Helps to verbalize and
                                          Sacral Chakra                                       strengthen freedom of expression.
                                          Represents creativity, sexuality and happiness.
                                                                                              Gemstone: Turquoise
                                          Aids with power and control in material matters.
                                                                                              This “anti-negativity stone” is healing and
                                          Colour: Orange                                      protective. Encourages self-realization and
                                          Symbolizes joy, creativity, pleasure, sexuality     creative problem solving. Heals the spirit,
                                          and wellbeing. Supports abundance, enthusi-         soothes and brings peace of mind.
                                          asm for life, happiness and confidence.
                                                                                              Brow Chakra
                                          Gemstone: Carnelian                                 Chakra of “intuition” helps to blend intuition
                                          Promotes feelings of wellbeing and aids in          with logic. Encourages spiritual outlook and
                                          positive life choices. Protects against rage and    perception.
                                          resentment. Helps to increase energy,
                                                                                              Colour: Indigo/Royal Blue
                                          personal power and creativity.
                                                                                              Colour of deep wisdom, mysticism and
                                          Solar Plexus Chakra                                 universal truths.Aids in mediation and
                                          Centre for personal power, self-esteem and          connects one to the unconscious self.
                                          interpersonal relationships. The main “re-
                                                                                              Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
                                          ceiver” of first impressions.
                                                                                              Stone of “protection & enlightenment”. Mentally
                                          Colour: Yellow                                      calming, supports spiritual growth, intuitive
                                          Supports wisdom and mental clarity, stimulates      perception and serenity.
                                          interest and curiosity. Connects us to the
                                                                                              Crown Chakra
                                          “mental-logical” self, lifts spirits and supports
                                                                                              The entry point of the life force - universal
                                                                                              energy, which nourishes the body, mind and
                                          Gemstone: Citrine                                   spirit.
                                          Dissipates negative energy. Enhances
                                                                                              Colour: Violet
                                          personal power, emotional awareness,
                                                                                              A colour of inspiration, spirituality and healing.
                                          creativity and optimism.
                                                                                              Cleanses negativity and makes new growth

                                                                                              Gemstone: Amethyst
          Chakra (Large) - #1403                                                              A “stone of spirituality, protection and enlight-
                                                                                              enment”. Enhances spiritual awareness,
         Chakra (Medium) - #1404                                                              meditation and visualization. Clears negativity.
                                    Celtic Light Catchers

Celtic Heart - #1501
       Heart                                                                    D ragon - #1505
                                                                                                   The dragon is the epitome
                                       Circle of Life - #1502
                                                 Life                                              of power and exemplifies
         This celtic knot
         represents human                                                                          elemental earth energy.
         love, with the                          The circle knot reminds                           Guardian of treasures
         interconnecting lines                   us that all of life is                            hidden deep in the uncon-
         showing the unity                       interconnected with no                            scious, the mythical Dragon
         with others we feel                     beginning and no end.                             connects us to life’s magic
         in any true act of                                                                        while keeping us protected.
         love.                                   Turquoise
                                                 Strengthens the body                              Red Jasper
         Rhodonite                               and energy field.                                 A stone to help you connect
         Has been called                         Heals the spirit.                                 with earth energies, it
         “the stone of love”.                                                                      facilitates the remembering
         This love embodies                      White Jade (Jadeite)                              of dreams especially those
         care for humanity                       Assists in grounding                              aspects important to one’s
         and spiritual                           and in accessing the                              life.
         wellbeing. Brings                       limitless resources of
         order to chaos.                         the universe.                                     Leopard Skin Jasper
         Supportive                                                                                A “Shaman’s Stone”
         emotionally, it also                    Hematite                                          connected with the wisdom
         balances and eases                      Stimulates the desire for                         and power of totem animals.
         anxiety through                         peace and inner                                   It connects you with magical
         clear vision.                           happiness.                                        powers, especially the
                                                                                                   power of the four winds.

                                                                Triskele - #1504
     Earth - #1503
                                                                             Represents the body, mind and
                The square represents the                                    spirit as equal parts of the whole
                earth, which is the foundation                               person. Also represents the
                of life itself – the four                                    elements of air, earth and water
                seasons, the four elements                                   as the building blocks of all things.
                or the four directions.
                Chrysocolla                                                  Promotes renewal of the physical,
                Promotes harmony and                                         emotional and intellectual bodies.
                becoming attuned to the
                spiritual forces of the earth.                               Moss Agate
                                                                             Provides for emotional balancing
                Smokey Quartz                                                and strengthening of positive
                Excellent stone for ground-                                  personality traits.
                ing and cooperation.
                Promotes joy in living.                                      Peach Moonstone
                                                                             Allows one to see that “new
                Pyrite                                                       beginnings” are actually the
                Allows one to recognize the                                  fruition of each “ending”.
                purity of the universe and
                shields one from negative
                                                   Car Charms
May be suspended from the rearview mirror of your vehicle for protection as well as a positive & calming influence
                                                when driving.

                                                                                    Peace & Calm
                    P rotector -
                                                                                    Amplifi er -
                     Attracts love, protection &                                     Amethyst
                     peace, bringing in calm &                                       Attracts love, protection &
                     peaceful energy while                                           peace, bringing in calm &
                     clearing unkind & negative                                      peaceful energy while
                     vibrations.                                                     clearing unkind & negative
                     Deflects negativity &                                           Clear Quartz
                     provides a calming
                     atmosphere. Clears the                                          Quartz alleviates anger,
                     mind, helping one to sort                                       empowers & protects by
                     thinhgs out.Attracts peace,                                     amplifying & focusing
                     balances & grounds.                                             energy. Stores, releases
                                                                                     and regulates energy.

                     Road Rage                                                        Traveler’s
                     P rotector -                                                     P rotector -
                     #1703                                                            #1704
                      Howlite                                                         Moonstone
                      Increases patience and eliminates                               Known as the “Travellers
                      stress & rage.                                                  Stone”, thought to protect
                                                                                      during travel. Cleanses
                      Clear Quartz                                                    negativity, and brings
                      Quartz alleviates anger, empow-                                 calmness, happiness &
                      ers & protects by amplifying &                                  awareness.
                      focusing energy. Stores releases
                      and regulates energy.                                           Clear Quartz
                                                                                      Quartz alleviates anger,
                                                                                      empowers & protects by
                                                                                      amplifying & focusing energy.
                                                                                      Stores, releases and
                                                                                      regulates energy.
 In addition to the Soul*ar Energy light catchers which have been created to support harmony and balance in your environ-
       ment, we have also designed a variety of jewelry intended to promote wellbeing and harmony for the wearer.

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces have been fashioned with the synergistic use of colour and gemstones to create beautiful,
                     aesthetically pleasing pieces to enhance both fashion and your sense of wellbeing.

 Jewelry can be selected on visual appeal alone, or purposefully chosen to attend to a particular concern or life issue. The
 range of gemstone and colour options that are available change often and many pieces are one of a kind to be seleceted
   personally by the buyer. Here is a sample of two popular pieces based on the light catchers which we keep in stock.

                                                                                      Chakra Jewelry
                                                                                      Chakra Jewelry
                                                                                  Inspired by the Soul*ar Energy Chakra Light
                                                                                  Catcher, this rainbow of dazzling colour comes
                                                                                  with the correlating gemstones of:

                                                                                       Garnet - Red
                                                                                       Carnelian - Orange
                                                                                       Citrine - Yellow
                                                                                       Malachite - Green
                                                                                       Turquoise - Turquoise Blue
                                                                                       Lapis Lazuli - Indigo/Royal Blue
                                                                                       Amethyst - Violet

                                                                                  Made with Czech faceted crystal beads this
                                                                                  necklace is available as a choker (#2013) or
                                                                                  with a brilliant Swarovski Crystal Octagon Prism
                                                                                  Pendant (#2012). The matching bracelet
                                                                                  (#2010) and earrings in dangle (#2011) or
                                                                                  chandelier (#2011C) also contain the seven

           Goddess Jewelry
 Inspired by the Soul*ar Energy Goddess Light Catcher, the
 Goddess is created with Moonstone, Swarovski crystal and Czech
 faceted beads. Moonstone is a stone of “Wishes and Changes”
 and helps to clear obstacles on the path of destiny. It supports
 wellbeing & enhances awareness of one’s body rhythms, allowing
 for a better balance of the body’s natural energy. The Goddess
 symbolizes archetypal feminine energy and can be worn for
 support during times of change. She invites you to connect with
 your Goddess within.

 In the fall of 2003, Soul*ar Energy developed a line of essential oil products to complement the gemstone properties and
meanings of some of our light catchers. To create a marriage between the blends and the catchers, we infused the essential
 oil blends with the catcher gemstones thus potentiating an aromatherapy line with gemstone energy. All of the gemstones
used in these products have been cleansed in sea salt and placed within the Medicine Wheel for charging and balancing in
            both the sunshine and moonlight. The gemstones have also been energized with Reiki and drumming.

Each unique scent combines with the high vibrational gemstone counterpart to create a product rich in positive energy. When
 used with their light catcher complement, the results are sure to impart that same positive energy to your personal space.

Soul*ar Essentials CLEANSING AND SPACE CLEARING blend contains 100% pure essential oils of Sweet Birch (invigor-
ates and cleanses), Lemon (soothes and refreshes), Lavender (calms and revitalizes) and Pine (cleanses and refreshes).
 Use these products to create peace, harmony & joy in taking time for yourself to cleanse and replenish with positive en-

 Designed as a complement to the Soul*ar Energy FROG LIGHT CATCHER which symbolizes a time for serenity & replen-
   ishment - to cleanse, heal, grow & change unwanted conditions in your life. Contains Rose Quartz and Jade chips.

  Cleansing & Space Clearing Products Available: 10 ml diffuser oil (#6301), 120 ml aura & room mist (#6101) and sacred
                                                   space kit (#6001).
 Soul*ar Essentials FAERY blend of 100% pure essential oils contains the sweet floral overtones of Ylang Ylang (instills joy)
  and Jasmine (spiritual awareness), the woody aroma of Juniper (calms the nerves) and Frankincense (relieves stress and
tension) with a light dusting of citrus-scented Bergamot (uplifting and soothing) to capture the light playful energy of the Faery

     Designed as a complement to the Soul*ar Energy FAERY QUEEN LIGHT CATCHER and FAERY PRINCESS LIGHT
        CATCHER which symbolize the wonder and magic of the world around us. Contains Blue Lace Agate chips.

                  Faery Products Available: 10 ml diffuser oil (#6309) and 120 ml aura & room mist (#6109).

 Soul*ar Essentials GODDESS blend is a complex & exotic - yet softly subtle blend of 100% pure essential oils. Made with
  the earthy scents of Rose Geranium (uplifting and energizing), Chamomile (calming and soothing) & Patchouli (grounding
 and balancing) combined with the floral oils of Neroli (instills peace) and Jasmine (spiritual awareness) plus the citrus tang of
   Grapefruit (reviving) and Mandarin (strengthening). Use these products to create peace, harmony & joy in taking time for

  Designed as a complement to the Soul*ar Energy GODDESS LIGHT CATCHER which symbolizes the archetypal feminine
                 energy. She invites you to connect with your Goddess within. Contains Moonstone chips.

                 Goddess Products Available: 10 ml diffuser oil (#6310) and 120 ml aura & room mist (#6110).
  Soul*ar Essentials JOY blend contains 100% pure essential oils of Sweet Orange (spreads sunshine, encourages positive
 outlook and dispels tension), Grapefruit (uplifting and reviving, decreases stress), Rose Geranium (uplifting, relieves stress,
       mild depression and protects space) and Ylang Ylang (relaxes nervous system and encourages feeling of joy).

Designed to complement the Soul*ar Energy HUMMINGBIRD LIGHT CATCHER which invites you to create ‘joy, happiness and
 beauty in your environment’. Hummingbird medicine stimulates love, opens the heart and spreads joy. Contains Carnelian
                                                  and Citrine chips.

      Joy Products Available: 10 ml diffuser oil (#6302), 120 ml aura & room mist (#6102) and sacred space kit (#6002).

 Soul*ar Essentials LOVE BLESSINGS blend contains 100% pure essential oils of Patchouli (grounds, balances and dispels
  lethargy), Jasmine (calms, warms and produces positive feelings) and Rose Geranium(balances emotions. Uplifting and
                                                   stress relieving).

  Designed to complement the Soul*ar Energy ROSE QUARTZ GUARDIAN ANGEL and FENG SHUI RELATIONSHIP LIGHT
  CATCHERS and invites you to both receive and give love, peace and wellbeing for yourself or for others. Contains Rose
                                                    Quartz chips.

     Love Blessings Products Available: 10 ml diffuser oil (#6303), 120 ml aura & room mist (#6103) and sacred space kit
  Soul*ar Essentials ROMANCE AND PASSION blend contains 100% pure essential oils of Patchouli (grounds, balances and
 enhances libido), Ylang Ylang (balances hormones, inspires warmth & closeness), Rose Geranium (balances hormones and
                         emotions; uplifting and stress relieving)and Bergamot (relaxing and uplifting).

 Designed to complement the Soul*ar Energy LOVE LIGHTS PASSION LIGHT CATCHER and invite you to experience sensual-
                                       ity, love and devotion. Contains Garnet chips.

    Romance & Passion Products Available: 10 ml diffuser oil (#6305), 120 ml massage oil (#6105) and romance kit (#6005).

 Soul*ar Essentials PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE Blend contains 100% pure essential oils of Cypress (enduring, calms spirit
and removes blocks), Bergamot (uplifting, decreases tension and frustration), Rosewood (fast growing, balances over-burdened
                  states with an uplifting, enlivening effect), and Ylang Ylang (balancing, alleviates fear, anxiety).

 Designed to complement the Soul*ar Energy FENG SHUI WEALTH LIGHT CATCHER and BUFFALO LIGHT CATCHER. May be
used to attract abundance and success through synchronistic opportunities. Buffalo’s message reminds us to always be grateful
                                 for that which is received. Contains Citrine and Jade chips.

 Prosperity & Abundance Products Available: 10 ml diffuser oil (#6304), 120 ml aura & room mist (#6104) and sacred space kit
 Soul*ar Essentials SERENITY blend contains 100% pure essential oils of Sandalwood (relaxing, brings peace and accept-
ance), Geranium (lifts the spirit and helps to bring inner balance), Lavender (cleanses and soothes the spirit bringing a sense
                       of calm) and Clary Sage (warms and relaxes encouraging a sense of wellbeing).
Designed to complement the Soul*ar Energy BEAR LIGHT CATCHER and SERENITY LIGHT CATCHER and invites you to go
                 “within” and create your own bear’s den or inner sanctuary. Contains Lapis Lazuli chips.
      Serenity Products Available: 10 ml diffuser oil (#6306), 120 ml linen mist (#6106) and sleep/meditation kit (#6006).

 Soul*ar Essentials SPIRIT BLESSINGS blend contains 100% pure essential oils of Champa (uplifting and exotic), Lavender
(soothing & calming), Sandalwood (relaxing, brings peace & acceptance), Frankincense (slows breathing, soothes & calms),
    Jasmine (calms, restores energy & warms emotions), Bergamot (uplifting & refreshing) and Myrrh (uplifts & inspires).
      which gently protect and inspire…awakening spiritual lightness and the magic of ‘being’. Contains Amethyst chips.
Spirit Blessings Products Available: 10 ml diffuser oil (#6307), 120 ml aura & room mist(#6107) and sacred space kit (#6007).

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