How to Reconcile Your P-Card and/or Cash Expense Reports by 370fZ5i


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How to Split P-Card Transactions
 between Multiple Cost Centers
   and/or Account Numbers
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1. Enter your Oracle portal.
2. Click on the link in your Applications List called “MBI Internet Expenses.”

6/13/2012                                                                        2
3. On the resulting screen click the “Expenses Home” link.

6/13/2012                                                    3
4. Click one of the “Create Expense Report” buttons.

6/13/2012                                              4
5. On the resulting screen you will see how many transactions are waiting to be
   reconciled (5a). You will see your name displayed (5b). (Note--a few users may
   see a pull-down menu with more than one name. If so, select the appropriate
   name and click the “Go” button that appears at the right of the “Name” field).
   Only if necessary, choose an alternate approver by typing last name first and
   tabbing out of the field, or clicking the Flashlight to search for the individual
   (5c). When finished, click one of the “Next” buttons (5d). CASH ONLY will go
   directly to step 4 when clicking the “Next” button (advance to slide 10).




6/13/2012                                                                          5
 6. You may select as many or as few transactions as you would like to reconcile by
    clicking individual check boxes, or by clicking the “Select All” link above the
    “Select” column (6a). IMPORTANT NOTE: If you chose an Alternate Approver on
    step 1, only select transactions going to that Alternate Approver. When finished,
    click one of the “Next” buttons (6b).




 6/13/2012                                                                        6
7. Click the “Select” box for the Transaction (7a). Then click on the pull-down
   menu and select the correct “Expense Type” (account number) (7b). Now enter
   your “Justification” (a detailed description and business purpose) (7c). Click
   the “Itemize” icon to split your transaction between multiple funds, cost
   centers, and/or account numbers (7d).


                                7b                             7c                   7d


6/13/2012                                                                       7
8. To split costs between funds, cost centers, and/or account numbers click the “Select”
   box for each line (8a), pull down and choose the “Expense Type” (8b), and then enter
   the amount (8c) to be allocated to that cost center and account number. Click the
   “Update” button (8d) and check your balance to ensure exact amounts have been
   accounted for. You should see 0.00 (8e). When finished, click one of the “Apply”
   buttons (8f). NOTE: Funds and Cost Centers can be changed on Step 5 of the
   reconciliation process. See slide 11 for details.

                                                                              8d   8f
                                Ignore this field         Ignore this field

                                  X                         X
                8b                                  8c


6/13/2012                                                                     8d   8f   8
9. When information is complete, click one of the “Next” buttons.

6/13/2012                                                           9
 10. If you have cash expenditures, select the line (10a), enter the receipt’s date
     (10b), enter the amount (10c), select the “Expense Type” (account number)
     (10d), and enter the Justification (detailed description and business purpose)
     (10e). Note: To Itemize click the “Itemize” icon (10f) and refer to slide 8 for
     instructions. When finished click one of the “Next” buttons (10g).

10a          10b      10c            10d                  10e                           10f


 6/13/2012                                                                         10
11. To change Fund (11a) and/or Cost Center (11b) enter information into the
    field(s), or search by using the flashlight. Then select the applicable
    transaction line(s) (11c) and click the “Update” button (11d). Note: You
    should see your change(s) in the Fund and/or Cost Center fields (11e) after
    clicking “Update.” When finished, click one of the “Next” buttons (11f).



                      Do not enter information here

                11d                                           11e


6/13/2012                                                                          11
12. The “Review” screen allows you to attach documentation at either the header or
    line level. Add supporting documents and receipts by clicking one of the “Add”
    buttons (either 12a or 12 b). Note that attachments made at the header level
    (12a) or line level (12b) will only be viewable at those levels later. If not
    attaching documentation, skip to slide 14.



6/13/2012                                                                     12
                            To attach documents

13. On the attachment screen enter a basic description for the file you want to
    attach (13a). Click the “Browse” button (13b) to locate the document on your
    computer. If you want to add more than one file then click one of the “Add
    Another” buttons (13c). Again, enter a description (13a) and click the “Browse”
    button (13b) to locate the document. When finished locating and adding all your
    attachments, click one of the “Apply” buttons (13d). Note: It’s not necessary to
    change the “Category” pull-down for your attachment(s).

                                                                      13c   13d

                          Not necessary             13b
                          to change this

                                                                      13c   13d

6/13/2012                                                                         13
14. To review your attachment(s) click on the “View” link (14a). When you’re finished,
    click the “Submit” button (14b) to send the reconciliation (including the ability to
    view the attachments) to your approver. To save your work for later without
    sending to your approver, click the “Save” button (14c). Note: To see the cost
    center your transaction is reconciled to, click on “Expense Allocation” icon (14d).
                                                             14c                  14b

                       This will always reflect
                       your home cost center


6/13/2012                                                                          14
15. You will see your Expense Report Number (15a) at the top of the Confirmation
    screen. Though not required, you can print your confirmation directly from here
    or click the “Printable Page” button and print from there (15b). Also, you can
    still add attachments by clicking the “Add” button (15c). (Note: You can even
    search for your reconciliation after submission and attach additional
    documents. See “Search for Expense Reports” Tutorial on the P-Card web site.)
    To return to your “Expenses Home” click the “Return” button (15d). To
    reconcile additional items click the “Create New Expense Report” button (15e).

                                                    15d        15e         15b


6/13/2012                                                                        15
NOTE: The ability to add attachments to P-Card reconciliations gives everyone the
opportunity to reduce paperwork that they keep in their files. Please familiarize
yourself with scanning on your department’s Ricoh copier and start attaching your
receipts and backup documents to your reconciled transactions. In the near future,
this will be required of all reconcilers who have access to Ricoh machines.
                                         Document scanning has never been
                                         easier! If you aren’t already using your
                                         Ricoh copier to scan and store files for
                                         yourself and your department, you’re
                                         missing a great opportunity to save paper,
                                         file space, and costs to the Institute.
                                         There are NO click charges for scans
                                         made on your Ricoh.
                                         If you aren’t sure how to use your Ricoh’s
                                         scanning capabilities, go to Procurement
                                         Services’ web site to access a tutorial that
                                         will show you how. Any questions
                                         specifically related to scanning should be
                                         directed to extension 4242, or email

6/13/2012                                                                        16
Need more training?
   See additional tutorials as they are added on the P-Card or the Procurement Services
   web site ( Also refer to the P-Card User Manual for
   further instructions on how to reconcile P-Card transactions. If necessary, call to
   schedule individual training:

   --Abby Vega (Procurement Specialist & Credit Card Administrator) @ ext. 4244
   --Paul Brackley (Procurement Services Manager) @ ext. 4225

Specific Cash Expenditure questions?
   --Paulette Phillips (Accounting Staff Assistant) @ ext. 2234

Specific P-Card transaction questions?
   Please direct your questions regarding specific P-Card transactions to Brenda Crump.
   You may also call the I.S. Help Desk @ ext. 4001 or send email describing specifics of
   your situation to

6/13/2012                                                                             17

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