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					Note to Voters: Not all candidates have official candidacy websites, especially
 in the case of incumbents. Additionally, platform issues left blank were due to
candidate not providing a statement on that issue, not due to student intentional
        error. Each candidate’s website located on his/her specific slide.
President          U.S. Senate -     U.S. Senate -         U.S.
                         R                 D           Representative

   Barack                                               Thomas Marino
                     Marc Scargini   Joseph Vodvarka

                                      Bob Casey, Jr.     Philip Scollo
 Newt Gingrich        Tom Smith

  Mitt Romney
                      Sam Rohrer

                                         Link to PA Candidates
Richard Santorum     Steven Welch

                      David Alan
    Ron Paul
                           Barack Obama (D) – President
Capital Punishment: I think that the death penalty should be applied in very narrow
circumstances for the most egregious of crimes.
Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): The Obama administration says it is committed to
protecting human rights and supporting multilateral institutions and the decision to seek a
place on the United Nations Human Rights Council was a step in that direction.
Crime & Drugs: He wants to fight to rid our communities of drugs.
Economy: The President is taking aggressive steps to put Americans back to work.
Education (vouchers, testing): Vouchers don’t solve the problems of our schools.
Gun Control: I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of
individuals to bear arms, but I also identify with the need for crime-ravaged communities to
save their children from the violence that plagues our streets through common-sense,
effective safety measures.
Health Care: President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act to restore health care as a
basic cornerstone of middle-class security in America.
Immigration: We should secure boarders, improve the immigration system, remove
incentives for immigrants.
Pro Life/Pro Choice: President Obama has proven that he is a strong advocate for women.
Same Sex/GLBT: he supports gay rights but doesn’t support gay marriage.
Social Security: We have to stabilize the budget by ending the war in a responsible way roll
back the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy and eliminating the programs that don’t work and
passing a universal health care bill.
Taxes (on the Wealthy): He wants to pursue Buffett rule where people who make
$1,000,000 a year must pay at least 30% of their income.
War & Peace (troops): He opposes irrational war reducing number of troops in
                                             Marc Scargini (R) – U.S. Senate

  Capital Punishment: no statement
  Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): no statement
  Crime & Drugs: no statement
  Economy: Uncontrolled borrowing and spending have brought us to the edge of ruin. I will back a Balanced
  Budget Amendment to save us from bankruptcy, restart the economy and result in a smaller, more limited government.
  Education (vouchers, testing): no statement
  Gun Control: Our Founding Fathers believed the right of all law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms was so basic
   to a free society they enumerated it in the Bill of Rights. I will fully support and defend this right.
  Health Care: The repeal of ObamaCare must be a top priority: it is unconstitutional, fiscally unsustainable,
  and its mandates will cause incalculable job loss.
  Immigration: no statement
  Pro Life/Pro Choice: The right to life is the most fundamental of all our rights. Our own Declaration of Independence
  states it’s an unalienable, God-given right, and I pledge to support life from conception to the moment of natural death.
  Same Sex/GLBT: no statement
  Social Security: no statement
  Taxes (on the Wealthy): The federal government’s taxation of our earnings, savings, investments and death is an
  affront to our liberty. I support the repeal of the 16th Amendment, the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Code and
  the I.R.S. and restricting the federal government to only those means of revenue permitted by the Constitution.
  War & Peace (troops): America should free itself from its self-imposed duty to police the world. We must have
  the most powerful military on the earth, but use it only to protect our vital interests. We are a Republic, not an Empire.
                    Joseph John Vodvarka – (D) U.S. Senate

    Capital Punishment: no response
    Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): he believes that every person has the right to life,
liberty, and property.
    Crime & Drugs: no response
    Economy: he feels that we start drilling for oil and what we drill stays here.
    Education (vouchers, testing): he wants public schools to be forced to learn why the
constitution was so important
    Gun Control: no response
    Health Care: he doesn’t want the Obama healthcare bill in place anymore he wants our
healthcare to be affordable. he believes that we need health care.
    Immigration: He wants to put a fence around the southern border
    Pro Life/Pro Choice: no response
    Same Sex/GLBT: no response
    Social Security: no response
    Taxes (on the Wealthy): he believes that the tax code we have now is crazy. he thinks that it
needs to be reformed, or in other words updated.
    War & Peace (troops): no response
                  Thomas Marino (R) – U.S. Representative
Capital Punishment: Supports capital punishment for certain crimes.
Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): No stance on the civil rights in foreign countries
Crime & Drugs: No stance on Drug use being immoral.
Economy: Voted YES on terminating the Home Affordable mortgage Program
Education (vouchers, testing): YES on reauthorizing the DC opportunity scholarship
Gun Control: He is a firm supporter of gun owners' rights.
Health Care: Marino is opposed to President Obama's 2010 health-care reform law, saying
that the federal government "does not belong in the health care business."
Immigration: Marino is a proponent of giving immigrants the opportunity to come to the
U.S. legally
Pro Life/Pro Choice: Marino opposes abortion rights. Our children, both born and those yet
to be born, are a gift.
Same Sex/GLBT: Support amendment to prevent same sex marriage.
Social Security: He supports protecting Social Security. He says he would oppose efforts to
raise the retirement age or privatize Social Security.
Taxes (on the Wealthy): Adopt a single-rate tax system.
War & Peace (troops): Voted YES on banning armed forces in Libya without
Congressional approval. Voted NO on removing US armed forces from Afghanistan.
Supports no contact & enforce sanctions on Iran until threat is gone.
                              Newt Gingrich (R) – President
 Capital Punishment: “You import commercial quantities of drugs in the United States for the
 purpose of destroying our children, we will kill you… I say put it on the ballot and say either
 legalize them or get rid of them… But quit playing the game that enriches the evil, strengthens
 the violence, addicts our children, and makes us look pathetic and helpless… Do it one by one,
 it'll add up… If the word gets back that we're serious and we're actually implementing it, then it
 will have a very chilling effect on people bringing drugs into the U.S.”
 Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries):
 Crime & Drugs: “If you import a commercial quantity of illegal drugs… it is because you have
 made the personal decision that you are prepared to get rich by destroying our children. I have
 made the decision that I love our children enough that we will kill you if you do this.”
 Economy: Gingrich frames his economic policy using a five-point plan.
 Education (vouchers, testing): "As part of his conservative stance, Newt Gingrich aims to
 impose order with a vision like a surreal projection of his own past: a family structure as strict as
 Bob Gingrich’s military hierarchy and an educational system that, as he outlines for me, rewards
 high-school girls who graduate as virgins. In To Renew America, he suggests that one could
 communicate values to children by simply getting out “the Boy Scout or Girl Scout handbook, or
 go and look at Reader’s Digest and The Saturday Evening Post from around 1955.”
 Gun Control: “There would be fewer women raped, children killed and villages destroyed if
 everyone had the right to carry a gun.”
 Health Care: He thinks that health care should be competitive and allowed to cross state lines.
 Competition would lower prices and provide more choices.
 Immigration: Gingrich is clearly divided on the issue of immigration.
 Pro Life/Pro Choice: "I think that abortion should not be legal, and I think that how you would
 implement that I'm not sure."
 Same Sex/GLBT: “I’d like to legitimize marriage as being exclusively between a man and a
 Social Security: Gingrich would reduce taxes on Social Security earnings.
 Taxes (on the Wealthy): “We cannot increase taxes on the wealthy job creators to address the
 dept. If we do, they won’t be able to create jobs.”
 War & Peace (troops): We have mismanaged region-wide crisis in Middle East.
                          Tom Smith (R) – U.S. Senate
 Capital Punishment: No information
 Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): No information
 Crime & Drugs: No information
 Economy: This candidate demands a balanced budget and limited federal spending.
 Education (vouchers, testing): No information
 Gun Control: This candidate opposes any attempt to limit the right to bear arms.
 Health Care: This candidate will appeal Obama care for a more affordable,
 market based solution.
 Immigration: This candidate opposes amnesty for those who came to
 America illegally.
 Pro Life/Pro Choice: This candidate is strongly for Pro Life and will protect
 our most vulnerable citizens.
 Same Sex/GLBT: No information
 Social Security: No information
 Taxes (on the Wealthy): This candidate opposes increasing taxes during this
 time period.
 War & Peace (troops): This candidate believes that it is important for top notch
 healthcare for our war veterans.
                         Bob Casey Jr. (D) – U.S. Senate
Capital Punishment: “I believe that the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for those who
have committed heinous crimes.”
Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): Bob Casey is working hard to highlight the issues.
Crime & Drugs: No legalization of drugs in any way.
Economy: Senator Casey is trying to keep the economy stable.
Education (vouchers, testing): Senator Casey is concerned about all of the schools budgets
Gun Control: Casey is a strong supporter of the second amendment. He believes everyone
has a right to bare arms.
Health Care: Casey is all for the Health Care plan; he wants to improve health in many
Immigration: He believes that there should be stricter employment rules and enforces the
Pro Life/Pro Choice: “The science is clear on this. It is contraception, and I support it. I think
we’ve got to make it widely available, and I think that’s one of the ways we reach common ground on
the very tough issue of abortion: emergency contraception can reduce the number of abortions and
unwanted pregnancies. That’s what we should emphasize.”
Same Sex/GLBT: “I don’t support gay marriage, but I also don’t support a constitutional
amendment banning it. That would be tremendously divisive. However, I do support same sex unions
that would give gay couples all the rights, privileges and protections of marriage.”
Social Security: He does not like the idea of privatization draining money from guaranteed
Taxes (on the Wealthy): Casey says that the Wealthier people should have to pay more
War & Peace (troops): “No deadline, no timeline”
                    Philip Scollo (D) – U.S. Representative

 Capital Punishment: NO INFO FOUND
 Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): NO INFO FOUND
 Crime & Drugs: NO INFO FOUND
  Economy: When we make infrastructure investment, the federal government must “buy
 Education (vouchers, testing): NO INFO FOUND
 Gun Control: NO INFO FOUND
  Health Care: I will do everything in my power to make sure Social Security and
         Medicare are protected for today's and tomorrow's seniors as well as or future
 Immigration: NO INFO FOUND
 Pro Life/Pro Choice: NO INFO FOUND
  Social Security: I will do everything in my power to make sure Social Security and
         Medicare are protected for today's and tomorrow's seniors as well as or future
 Taxes (on the Wealthy): NO INFO FOUND
 War & Peace (troops): He supports the military action if it’s to help the American
                             Mitt Romney (R) - President
    Capital Punishment: Mitt Romney is in favor of capital punishment.
    Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): Mitt Romney will safeguard America and secure
our country’s interests and most cherished ideals.
    Crime & Drugs: Opposes legalization of recreational or medical marijuana.
    Economy: Romney proposes lowering personal, investment and corporate taxes.
    Education (vouchers, testing): Testing students, excellent curriculum, superb teachers,
and school choice are the answers to help schools.
    Gun Control: strongly supports the right of all law-abiding Americans to exercise their
constitutionally protected right to own firearms.
    Health Care: Mitt Romney wants to repeal Obama’s health care plan.
    Immigration: “We welcome legal immigration, but we have to stop illegal
    Pro Life/Pro Choice: “Both mother and child are human beings, but only one does not
yet have a voice to defend itself” This candidate is pro-life.
    Same Sex/GLBT: “I oppose same-sex marriage and that has been my view.”
    Social Security: For future generations of seniors, Mitt believes that the retirement age
should slowly be increased. He also believes that benefits should continue to grow but that
the growth rate should be lower for those with higher incomes.
    Taxes (on the Wealthy): Romney believes lower marginal tax rates secure for all
Americans the economic gains from tax reform.
    War & Peace (troops): “We should withdraw from Afghanistan after 2012.”
                                 Sam Rohrer (R) – U.S. Senate
Capital Punishment: “A man who commits the worse crime possible they should face the
 worse punishment possible”
Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): Sam Rohrer believes that we should help those who are in
need that could possibly become a threat to us.
   Crime & Drugs: “We must make our home and our state more safe than it is”
   Economy: “We should not, and will not borrow anything from any country.
Education (vouchers, testing): “The closer education is linked to direct parental involvement,
the more efficient it will be.”
   Gun Control: “I believe in retaining our gun laws.”
Health Care: “I think we should reduce the government’s role in health care and repeal Obama Care.”
Immigration: Sam Rohrer thinks that if we are to get the Americans their jobs back we must stop the
immigrants from taking them
   Pro Life/Pro Choice: Sam Rohrer will protect the unborn.
Same Sex/GLBT: “The Bible has always said that it is an abomination for a man to lie with another man,
 and I completely agree.”
   Social Security: “We should eliminate or phase change it over the next few years.”
Taxes (on the Wealthy): Sam Rohrer believes in no tax increases and to eliminate property taxes.
War & Peace (troops): Sam Rohrer believes that if Israel is to strike Iran with a preemptive attack that we
should attack as well. Though he does believe that there is no reason
                                           Richard Santorum (R) - President
     Capital Punishment: Voted YES on limiting death penalty appeals.
     Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): Waterboarding gets useful info, like on Osama bin Laden.
     Voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act's wiretap provision. Voted NO on requiring CIA reports on detainees & interrogation methods.
     Crime & Drugs: Believes we should have increased spending and penalties for drug crimes.
     Economy: Desires to cut taxes in several forms for corporate America to spur economic growth:
     Cut the corporate income tax rate in half, Eliminate the corporate income tax for manufacturers,
     & Eliminate the tax on repatriated taxable corporate income.
     Education (vouchers, testing): Reclaim the role of parents as the decision makers in their children’s education and incentivize the states to
promote parental choice and quality educational options because the
     family is the foundation of the economy. Rick Santorum believes that education is the responsibility of the consumer, the parent. Putting “parents
first” is how best we put “students first”. Parents have the fundamental right to direct the
     upbringing and education of their children with local school systems supporting, as desired. Voted no on $5B for grants
     to educational agencies.
     Gun Control: Senator Santorum understands firsthand the importance of preserving our constitutionally protected rights found in the 2nd
Amendment. Senator Santorum fights to preserve this tradition, and will work to ensure these rights are not infringed upon.
      Health Care: Repeal and Replace ObamaCare with market based healthcare innovation and competition to improve
     America and America’s health and create jobs
     Immigration: Secure our border, streamline the legal immigration process to attract highly skilled talent and entrepreneurs from around the world
and reform the agriculture worker program so it works for America’s farmers.
      He wants immigration but also wants to see respect for the law.
     Pro Life/Pro Choice: Voted against having abortions. Millions of Americans, including myself, know what we think about human life and
marriage. We know not only what we think but why we believe what we believe.
     We know that some truths are bigger than the next election and should not shift with political consultants’ advice. And among those great, enduring,
and foundational truths, I believe, are life and marriage.
     Same Sex/GLBT: Same-sex marriage takes us away from purpose of marriage.
     Social Security: Reform Social Security and Medicare for sustainable retirements. Voted yes on deducting Social security payments on income
     Taxes (on the Wealthy): Cut and simplify personal income taxes by cutting the number of tax rates to just two – 10% and 28% returning to the
Reagan era pro-growth top tax rate
     War & Peace (troops): Strengthen our national security and national defense so that we are not dependent upon our foes or competitors for critical
manufacturing, technology, energy and other security needs. Wants troops to stay in Afghanistan until the security of our country is secure.
                               Steven Welch (R) – U.S. Senate

Capital Punishment: This Candidate believes “Individual choice on family issues;
government protects life.”
Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): This Candidate believes “Marriage is a bedrock
principle of our civilization.”
Crime & Drugs: No issue stance yet recorded
Economy: No issue stance yet recorded
Education (vouchers, testing): This Candidate believes “Competition instead of centralization
of education policy.”
Gun Control: This Candidate believes “Punish criminals but don't prevent responsible gun
Health Care: This Candidate believes “Lunacy that consumers don't know real prices, and
Replace ObamaCare with tort reform & competition.”
Immigration: This Candidate believes “Secure America's borders.”
Pro Life/Pro Choice: This Candidate believes “Individual choice on family issues;
government protects life.”
Same Sex/GLBT: This Candidate has no option on the topic.
Social Security: No issue stance yet recorded
Taxes (on the Wealthy): This Candidate believes “Simplifying tax code leads to job creation.”
War & Peace (troops): This Candidate believes “Everything needs to on the table with Iran,
but not publicly.”
                            Ron Paul (R) - President
Capital Punishment: Depending on how bad the crime depends on how bad the punishment.
Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries):He is strongly disagreeing with this law because the
United States don’t even accepted votes over seas
Crime & Drugs: Ron thinks that same crimes should be handled with the same assaults.
Economy: He says we can’t spend any more money on houses.
Education (vouchers, testing): He wants to keep education on high standards but wont give
green schools no more than 40k towards them.
Gun Control: Since his time in congress Ron has been trying to withdraw the “ Brandy Bill”
Health Care: He thinks people are responsible for there own actions.
Immigration: Immigrants must have ID card to become a member of the United Sates
Pro Life/Pro Choice: After being forced to see an abortion in medical school he strongly
disagrees with abortion rights.
Same Sex/GLBT: Ron Paul is against gay marriage rights.
Social Security: Ron thinks that Social security is a failure.
Taxes (on the Wealthy): He thinks that we citizens shouldn’t have to spend more money
because of the government spending more than 2 trillion each year.
War & Peace (troops): As being a former Air force officer he knows that we need to
support the Military strongly.
                    David Alan Christian (R) – U.S. Senate

Capital Punishment: NO INFO!
Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): Supports the elimination of foreign aid programs that
won’t create direct benefits; he opposes blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens.
Crime & Drugs:       NO INFO!
Economy: Supports pro-growth, supply-side policies and he also supports the free market to
create jobs.
Education (vouchers, testing): NOINFO!
Gun Control: Favors the right of an individual to own and bear arms.
Health Care: Supports favored market-based solutions to have access in lowering the price
of healthcare. Supports the repeal of Obambacare.
Immigration: Favors securing America’s borders utilizing technology such as unnamed
drones currently used in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Pro Life/Pro Choice: David is pro-life.
Social Security: NO INFO!
Taxes (on the Wealthy): Supports reducing taxes for individuals and companies to make
America more competitive. Favors reforming the tax the tax code by replacing it with a pro-
War & Peace (troops): “He can truly be regarded as the Sylvester Stallone of the Vietnam
War.” --Photographer Philip Jones Griffiths, from Vietnam at Peace “David Christian
embodies the spirit of the American fighting man on the battlefield.” --Sen. John Kerry (|D–
                            PA             PA Attorney
PA Senate              Representative       General

Luana Clevland            Tina Pickett      David Freed

  Gene Yaw                                 Kathleen Kane

David Huffman                              Patrick Murphy

                 Link to U.S. Candidates
                              PA Senate – Luana Clevland (D)

Capital Punishment:
Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries):
Crime & Drugs: She is against illegal drug use.
Education (vouchers, testing): “I think it’s really short-sighted when you can’t fund our schools to
get a one-time payment for solving the crisis of our budget.” Her top priority is to support public schools.
Gun Control: She is against illegal gun use.
Health Care: "Medical bills are the number-one cause of bankruptcy in America. If we don't get
 a handle on this health care issue, it will bankrupt all of us."
Pro Life/Pro Choice:
Same Sex/GLBT:
Social Security:
Taxes (on the Wealthy): She thinks they should tax to get funding for the recent flood.
War & Peace (troops):

               Note from teacher: Clevland is promoting self on facebook. There are no platform
              issues on her site or other valuable voter information. Her focus is appears to be on
                                natural gas drilling & protecting the environment.
                                      PA Senate – Gene Yaw (R)

   Capital Punishment:
   Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries):
   Crime & Drugs:
   Economy: Jobs and the economy continue to be a threat to all of Pennsylvania. Part of the solution is
to explore ways to take advantage of our gas resources which we can use to diversify and expand our
existing industrial base while also serving our residential needs.
    Education (vouchers, testing): We must address all aspects of education funding from elementary
to post-secondary. As a start, it is imperative that we address the pension issue for school employees, as well
as other state workers. We must change from the archaic defined benefit plan to a 401K type of defined
contribution plan.
   Gun Control:
   Health Care:
   Pro Life/Pro Choice:
   Same Sex/GLBT:
   Social Security:
   Taxes (on the Wealthy): We must also address the heavy tax burden which makes Pennsylvania the
least business friendly state in the country. The direct answer to the latter is to lower business taxes and
eliminate intrusive government regulation. The way to control taxation is to control expenses which we have
not been doing in Pennsylvania for at least the last decade.
   War & Peace (troops):
                                     David Huffman – PA Senate (R)
    Capital Punishment:
    Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries):
    Crime & Drugs:
    Economy: I do not support Act 13. Mr. Yaw has not only supported but apparently helped
    write the legislation that will destroy jobs in the area. This area, from what I understand, has not had representation on the
state Marcellus Shale Commission while Lycoming County has two. How can this happen when there are more well sites
here than there are in Lycoming County? Where is Mr. Yaw in helping you with hearing YOUR voice in Harrisburg? I'm not
oversimplifying as I realize we all parties have to be responsible, financially & otherwise BUT... jobs have already started to
leave as a result of this Act 13. It also placed county commissioners in a no win situation, forcing them to play the game.
Whatever happened to letting our local people, who know the situation better than any state people, make decisions locally?
This couldn't have happened at a worse time with natural gas prices so low that the impact fee (adding more to the cost of
doing business) is causing them to leave for places like Ohio. Fee is just another word for "tax" by the way.
    Education (vouchers, testing):
    Gun Control:
    Health Care:
    Pro Life/Pro Choice:
    Same Sex/GLBT:
    Social Security:
    Taxes (on the Wealthy): I have a proven track record as a fiscal conservative, voting against all tax increases while on the
school board. My theme for running as state representative in '10 & '08 was: "Dave Huffman, Taxpayer's Friend.“
    War & Peace (troops):
                            Tina Pickett (R) – PA Representative
   Capital Punishment: Tina Pickett supports the death penalty.
   Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): This candidate has no official statement.
Crime & Drugs: Tina Pickett does not support the decriminalization of marijuana
for medicinal purposes.
   Economy: Tina Pickett wishes to maintain or decrease all general taxes.
Education (vouchers, testing): Tina Pickett does not support funding vouchers for
parents and instead encourages private or corporate investments in school programs and
state funds for capital improvements. This candidate also supports the requirement of public
 high school exit exams.
   Gun Control: This candidate supports the allowance of citizens to carry concealed guns.
Health Care: “Provide tax incentives to small businesses that provide health care
 to their employment”
   Immigration: This candidate has no official statement on this topic.
   Pro Life/Pro Choice: This candidate has no official statement on this topic.
   Same Sex/GLBT: This candidate is against same-sex marriage.
   Social Security: This candidate has no official statement on this topic
   Taxes (on the Wealthy): This candidate has no official statement on this topic.
   War & Peace (troops): This candidate has no official statement on this topic.

                        David Freed (R) - PA Attorney General

Capital Punishment: David Freed says, “As a District Attorney and career prosecutor, I believe the
death penalty is appropriate”.
    Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): No information provided on this topic.
Crime & Drugs: David Freed has handled thousands of cases during his legal career and has tried in
excess of 100 jury trials in both the civil and criminal arenas. His office currently oversees a county-wide
drug task force. He believes in enforcing the fight against the war on drugs and crime.
Economy: David Freed believes the state should restore funding for the Homeowners Emergency
Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) and increase funding for Educational
    Improvement Tax Credits (EITC).
Education (vouchers, testing): David Freed supports the legislation that would provide direct grants
to parents to choose a school best suited for their children, including non-public schools.
    Gun Control: No information provided on this topic.
Health Care: David Freed says, "Obamacare is an unconstitutional power grab by the federal
government and as attorney general, the citizens of Pennsylvania can be assured that I will protect them
from such overreaching actions".
Immigration: David Freed supports the legislation that would add sate restrictions to existing federal
restrictions concerning the hiring of illegal immigrants.
Pro Life/Pro Choice: David Freed says “I oppose legalized abortion, except when the life of the Mother
 is in danger or the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest”.
Same Sex/GLBT: David Freed supports a change in the Pennsylvania constitution to allow gay marriage.
    Social Security: No information provided on this topic.
    Taxes (on the Wealthy): No information provided on this topic.
    War & Peace (troops): No information provided on this topic.
                    Kathleen Kane (D) - PA Attorney General

   Capital Punishment: NO OFFICIAL STATEMENT
Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): will develop and expand the Civil Rights
enforcement section of the Attorney General’s office.
Crime & Drugs: During career has prosecuted thousands of criminals for everything
from drugs to robbery.
Economy: Recognizes potential economic growth in Pennsylvania from clean energy sources.
   Education (vouchers, testing): NO OFFICIAL STATEMENT
Gun Control: She is a “Staunch” (enthusiastically showing loyalty) gun control advocate. (supporter)
   Health Care: NOT PART OF JOB
Pro Life/Pro Choice: She says she will “protect women’s reproductive rights” Which means
she is for abortion rights.
   Same Sex/GLBT: Will expand civil rights protection for LGBT citizens.
   Social Security: NOT PART OF JOB
   Taxes (on the Wealthy): NO OFFICIAL STATEMENT
   War & Peace (troops): NOT PART OF JOB
                       Patrick Murphy (D) - PA Attorney General

   Capital Punishment: Patrick Murphy does not have a position on capitol punishment.
    Civil Rights (U.S., foreign countries): Votes to prohibit job discrimination based
on sex, race, or religion.
   Crime & Drugs: Voted “yes” to funding Mexico drug fights
   Economy: Efforts to get rid of abusive credit practices.
   Education (vouchers, testing): Unknown Position
   Gun Control: Wants to restrict gun control.
   Health Care: Wants to keep the health care program.
   Immigration: Doesn’t want to give benefits for illegal immigrants.
   Pro Life/Pro Choice: Pro Choice
   Same Sex/GLBT: “They should be able to.”
   Social Security: Supports to strengthen trust funds
   Taxes (on the Wealthy): Wants to avoid taxing middle levels.
   War & Peace (troops): Supports military action in Afghanistan.