Postdoctoral Fellowship by KzOLGr


									                                         Goals of Postdoctoral Fellowship            Stipends
                                          Advanced Professional Skills               $35,000 First Year
  ANNOUNCING                               Development for Competent                  $37,000 Second Year
                                           Psychodynamic Practice in a Variety of
                                           Settings and with Diverse Patient         Both positions are benefited positions
                                           Populations                               with health care benefits, sick and annual
Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral          Clinic Administration Skills              leave plus several university-announced
           Fellowships                     Development                               holidays.
                                          Adult or Child Adolescent
  In Psychodynamic Approaches to
                                           Specialization through Supervised         Note Well:
 Research, Assessment and Treatment
                                           Practice in our Clinic                    For 2008-2009, we will be recruiting one first
             (2008-2009)                  Development of Teaching, Supervising      year postdoctoral fellow, preferably with
                                           and Research Skills                       interests in child and assessment.

                                         Fellows rotate among the areas identified   Qualifications
            Sponsored By                 above to achieve the goals of the            A Psy.D. or Ph.D. degree in Clinical
                                         fellowship. Specific rotations and their      or Counseling Psychology from an
THE DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY                 sequence are developed with each fellow       APA- Accredited program
     PROGRAM & CLINIC                    depending on the fellow’s and program’s
                                         interests and needs. The second year        APPLICANTS PLEASE SUBMIT
                                         fellowship offers opportunities for more         THE FOLLOWING:
                                         particular and intensive experiences.
 The George Washington University
         Washington DC                          TERMS OF FELLOWSHIP                   A Curriculum Vita
                                                   APPOINTMENT:                       A transcript sent directly from the
                                                                                       university     granting the doctoral
                                         Length and Start Date                        A statement of interest and relevant
                                          The fellowship is for a minimum of          prior professional experience. Include
  An APA-Accredited Psychodynamic          twelve months. Two years are strongly       your preferred area of specialization.
 Practitioner-Scholar Psy D Program in     recommended. The postdoctoral
           Clinical Psychology                                                        Full contact information for three
                                           training year begins September 1.           references
                                            psychologists who are exceptionally             research conducted by our faculty,
  Submit applications no later than         skilled as local clinical scientists in using   students and postdoctoral fellows.
           March 15 to:                     a psychodynamic framework for the
                                            assessment       and       treatment       of   Postdoctoral fellows will have ample
Dorothy E. Holmes, Ph.D., ABPP              psychopathology.                                opportunity to develop advanced
The Center for Professional Psychology                                                      clinical skills through supervised direct
2300 M Street, Suite 910                    Our graduates know the clinical research        service in the clinic (assessment and
Washington, DC 20037                        methods necessary for new discoveries           treatment), and to develop a full course
Phone: 202-496-6282                         and base their professional practice in         of additional advanced skills training
Fax: 202-496-626                            ongoing critical consumption of relevant        opportunities in research, teaching,
e-mail:                    research.                                       supervision and clinic administration,
                                                                                            and to develop an emphasis in child and
  All items except the transcript may be    We value openness, curiosity, diversity,        adolescent work or work with adults.
   submitted electronically or by fax.      tolerance,      beneficence,        humility,
                                            methodological ability and professional
                                                                                            The Program’s core faculty is ten strong
 **Qualified applicants will be invited     ethics in the discovery and equitable
                                                                                            including three full time and five half-time
          for an interview**                provision of effective clinical services.
                                                                                            faculty and two postdoctoral fellows. As
                                                                                            many as ten course teachers and a large
         Program webpage:                   We admit thirty students per year for three
                                                                                            group      of     volunteer      supervisors             years of year-round intensive pre-
                                                                                            complement the core faculty each year as
                                            internship education and training.
                                                                                            does the clinic’s administrative director.
                                            Following completion of the internship in
      PROFESSIONAL                          the fourth year, students are awarded the
                                                                                            Students and postdoctoral fellows have
                                            Psy.D. degree. Students are required to
 PSYCHOLOGY TRAINING AT                     train in the program’s in house clinic for
                                                                                            more than 200 contact hours per week
 THE GEORGE WASHINGTON                                                                      with patients. Regular team meetings and
                                            the first two of their three years in
       UNIVERSITY                                                                           practica offer a rich teaching-learning
                                            residence, and may continue in the clinic
                                                                                            environment for the achievement of
                                            in their third year or choose an extramural
                                                                                            competence in clinical skills, as do the
The Doctor of Psychology Professional       externship. The clinic serves a diverse
                                                                                            ongoing didactic curriculum, colloquia
Psychology       Program   in    Clinical   patient population with emphasis on the
                                                                                            and numerous research activities being
Psychology was established in 1996. The     underserved. Training in assessment as
                                                                                            conducted in the program’s clinic. Grand
Program       is    an   APA-Accredited     well as various modalities of treatment is
                                                                                            Rounds and other teaching conferences
practitioner-scholar      psychodynamic     offered.
                                                                                            within the university and the Washington,
program. The Mission of the Doctor of
                                                                                            DC area provide additional learning
Psychology Program at The George            The clinic’s patient population provides
Washington University is to graduate        the subjects for active, ongoing clinical
practitioner-scholar         professional

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