On a tight budget by 26hw29


									January 2011

On a tight budget?
Want help with health costs ?
       Are you on a tight budget but still paying some health costs,
       such as prescription charges, travel costs, eye tests, or
       dental charges?

    Are you receiving disability living allowance or a small private
     pension, a student or a carer, or just on a limited income?

    You may be eligible for more help with costs.

Apply for a Low Income Certificate

On a tight budget with savings less than
£16,000 and not on a benefit listed below?

Ask for a form HC1 at your hospital, job centre, dentist or
optician or ring 0300 123 1002 for a copy.

        Form filling help and advice if you are-
Elderly or disabled Care Direct 0845 1551 007
Working age-         Job Centre Plus
                     Citizens Advice Bureau
Pension age-         Age UK
               Pension Service home visit 01271 395320

You automatically have Help with Health Costs if you
and your family receive-
      Income Support
      Income –based Job Seeker’s Allowance
      Income –related Employment and Support Allowance
      Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
      Working or Child Tax Credit NHS Exemption Certificate

Full details in leaflet HC11 “Help with Health Costs April 2009”.
Further Advice/other Formats Ring PALS on 0845 111 0080

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