2010 USBG Cocktail Competition ENTRY FORM by 26hw29


									                                  United States Bartenders’ Guild
                                  Cocktail Competition Entry Form

                              Please Fax, Mail or E-mail back this form to:

                             UNITED STATES BARTENDERS’ GUILD
                                P.O. 80687 LAS VEGAS NV 89180
                             FAX (702) 876-1227 - ATTN LIVIO LAURO
                                     Email: llauro@yahoo.com

Competitor            Last Name                                   Name
City – State                                    Zip Code                  Phone
Personal address                                                       E-mail
Establishment                                                  Phone
Address                                                           Zip Code
Years of Service
Your Hobby
Member Since

                                        COCKTAIL RECIPE

               Name of the cocktail: _______________________________________

Quantity in                       Ingredients                                 Brand of the product

Glass (Circle one)          Cocktail Glass          Highball          Long Drink
Description of Garnish
Preparation (Circle one)    Shaker       Mixing Glass      “Built in Glass”          Blender

Date: ____ / ____ / 2010

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