How to chat on Facebook using cool emoticons by ebahs


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									Are you bored with the old FB emotions/emoticons? If you are. Glad! you are on the right site to find
what’s new you can get for your FB. I will give you an application which has a lot of more different and
interesting emotions/emoticons. Before I explain how to use the application, please look around these
emotions/emoticons :

How to chat on Facebook using cool emoticons

Aren’t they cool? These are only a few, there are still more cool emotions/emoticons that i don’t publish.

   DOWNLOAD the application.
   After it’s done, please install Emotion Facebook.exe
   Log in to your FB account.
   Open Chat Menu, choose one friend of your friendlist.
   Click Emo Logo, under the bar which is appointed by an arrow. Then bar will open new
   Click any new emotions/emoticons that you want to send.
   If you want to share these emotions/emoticons to your friends, just click “Suggest”.


* This method is ONLY valid for MOZILLA BROWSER

* Can be used if the sender and receiver are both using facemode

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