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Five Ways To Cut Your Risk Of Cancer


prove that a person in relatively good shape greatly reduces his risk of all types of cancer, and

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									Five Ways To Cut Your Risk Of Cancer
Cancer is a word that can strike fear like few other words can, and more and more people are finding
effective ways to tilt the statistics in their favor when it comes to preventing it. Although uncertainty
remains about some cases and causes, there is much you can do to minimize your risk. Consider the
following five steps to add to your personal arsenal when it comes to minimizing your risk of
developing this dreadful disease.

1. Quit tobacco, period. Smokers say it's too hard to quit and constantly find one excuse after another
not to do it. Too stressed to quit? How about fitting chemo treatments into your life; now that is
stressful. Wanting to quit, but just don't think you have the willpower? Keep smoking, and give cancer
all of that power over you instead. Tobacco causes cancer. You need to find a way to stop using it.
There are no two ways about it. Get help from your doctor and support from friends or a group, and
don't stop until you are free from tobacco addiction.

2. Get fit, stay fit. Keeping your body strong and in motion will give you an edge over any potential
threat, including cancer. Unhealthy fat is a burden on all of your organs and will increase your
chances of heart disease and diabetes, among a host of other conditions. Science and statistics alike
prove that a person in relatively good shape greatly reduces his risk of all types of cancer, and
considering the numerous other benefits to your health and lifestyle, you have every reason to seek a
higher level of fitness.

3. Limit the amount of red meat you consume. Of late, medical science is gearing towards labeling
excessive red meat consumption a contributing factor to different types of cancer, at the very least.
Breakfast meats are also being targeted for their unhealthy consequences. When in doubt, hop online
and read up on which foods to avoid, or ask your doctor. As tempting as that New York sirloin may
be, you don't want to look back on it as something you knew you should have resisted to maintain a
cancer free body. Enjoy that delicacy only on occasion, from here on out.

4. Cut out deep-fried, fatty and fast foods. Despite their appeal and convenience, these foods are
high on the list of cancer causing culprits. As our knowledge about dietary cause and effect expands,
our habits need to be modified. There was a point in time where the public was unaware of the
dangers posed by cigarettes; we now know better. The same principle applies to the food we eat,
even if we grew up enjoying it and feel like we cannot live without it. Deep-fried is dangerous and we
need to treat it as such.
5. Apply moderation to alcohol consumption. As if a cancer-conscious diet and lifestyle were not
already boring, restrictive and seemingly devoid of enjoyment, now, there exists increasing evidence
that excessive use of alcohol over a long period of time will raise your risk of cancer. If you enjoy
partying, look at it the same way as smokers must view cigarettes; a threat that needs to be
eliminated. Our habits must evolve as our knowledge of morbid disease does. If you are not proactive
in avoiding these conditions, they will be proactive in finding you.

These five steps are serious countermeasures against developing cancer that you really need to
consider adopting. Despite the sacrifice in pleasure we make, we gain so much in terms of health,
longevity and quality of living. Stop and think about how to incorporate positive changes in your life to
lower your chances of ever hearing the dreaded words of a cancer diagnosis.

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