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					Our Story
Questions that deserve answers

 •   How do we ensure that our employees do their utmost to
     exceed your expectations?

 ♦   Why do so many insurance companies depend on us?

 ♦   How do we deliver a quality repair in less time than other
     repair facilities?

 ♦   Why can you trust us more than the typical repair facility to
     consistently deliver higher quality repairs and better
     customer service?

                                   Striving for Excellence!

           BETTER THAN
            THE REST

At Rapid Body Works, we are committed to quality workmanship and 100% customer
satisfaction. We have made the investment in our team and equipment to ensure
we are up-to-date with the latest methods of collision repair. At Rapid Body Works
we consider each repair an opportunity for our trained craftsmen to demonstrate
their capabilities. And all of our employees understand the importance of providing
courteous professional service. Our goal is to be the collision repair center of
choice in our market area by achieving excellence everyday.

Attention to detail

                                                  DAMAGE ASSESSMENT

There are many different hand-written methods for writing an estimate. Estimators
develop codes that only they can understand (that is, if they can read their own
writing). “Does that ‘r’ (on the estimate sheet) mean replace or repair? Or could it
mean refinish? No, that ‘r’ means the ‘right’ side of the vehicle.”

Our facility has adopted a standardized form prepared by the DuPont™ Performance
Alliance™ that collects all the required data for each estimate that is written. It is
broken down so that a minimal amount of writing is required. (Just circle repair,
refinish or the right side.) The pictures are no longer forgotten, nor is the license
number missing. The form is easy to understand; if the estimator who wrote the
estimate is gone for the day, any other person in the shop is able to interpret the
standardized form. Differences are minimized, and results become consistent.

                                           Accountability Process

             QUALITY CONTROL


     ♦ Increases your satisfaction
     ♦ Increases employee accountability

Maintaining high quality can be a tough task. We use the Quality Control Form that
has been developed by the DuPont™ Performance Alliance™. These forms require all
the employees that work directly on your vehicle to step back and re-analyze the
effects of the process with a fresh view.

The Quality Control Form is a requirement, not an option.
It standardizes the experience that all our customers will enjoy. It raises the stan-
dard in the collision repair industry and keeps it high. All the little things are not
forgotten; they become important in the final stages of the repair process. The
Quality Control Form is essential in providing quality service.

Exceeding Expectations


                    RELAX. WE’LL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING.
When you walk through our doors, you expect to speak to someone who understands
the repair process. Not only that, you expect to speak to someone who understands
that he/she is there to help you. We leave nothing to chance and have developed
extensive internal training programs for our front office.

Our staff is required to complete a series of training and testing to ensure that they
fully understand our procedures and are accountable for their performance.

Our training, based on direct feedback from you, is under steady development. We
obtain this feedback through your responses to our customer survey (CSI). The infor-
mation is then recorded and the results are reviewed weekly to determine how we
can continue to meet and exceed your needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality
repair and refinish work has caught the attention of
local insurance agents and national insurance compa-
nies. Many of our referrals are from area insurance
agents who trust us to take care of their customers—
and with today’s competitive insurance market, that
trust is not lightly placed. Local agents depend on us
to exceed their customers’ expectations as this, in turn, reflects well on them.

Similarly, many of our referrals are from Direct Repair Programs that national insur-
                   ance companies have established with us. When we establish a
                   Direct Repair Program with an insurance company, we become
    COMPANY        that company’s preferred body shop in this area. We belong to
  RELATIONSHIPS several Direct Repair Programs. Insurers with Direct Repair Pro-
grams conduct their own surveys and provide us with reports on their findings. We
must live up to their expectations.

The Performance Alliance™ Network ensures that we consistently satisfy insurance
companies. Performance Alliance™ software enables us to create and implement the
training and online testing necessary to carry out insurance company estimate and
repair requirements.

Speedy Repairs, Consistent Quality
                 ALREADY HAD ONE ACCIDENT.
                              We have created Standard Operating Procedures
                              (SOPs) for every phase of the collision repair process
                              to ensure each vehicle is uniformly and properly
                              repaired. Each of our qualified technicians and any
                              newly-hired technicians are required to be trained on
                              the SOPs and to pass a certification test annually.
This allows us to hold our technicians accountable for each repair and to ensure

In creating these standardized procedures, we put con-               STANDARD
siderable thought into streamlining the entire collision             OPERATING
repair process—from writing the estimate to the final               PROCEDURES
• Our estimators use an easy-to-understand Damage Assessment form when writ-

   ing the initial estimate. This form ensures that they get all of the pertinent
   information the first time around.
• We’ve found the best process for ordering parts to prevent your vehicle sitting

   on the sidelines waiting for parts to arrive.
• We take care to make a color match before your vehicle goes into the spray

These procedures and others ensure consistency and accelerate the repair process.

                    Above the Industry Standard


                       We want to hear from you. When you pick up your
                       vehicle, you will be given a customer survey. You
                       can fill this survey out online or mail it in using
                       the self-addressed, stamped envelope that we
                       provide. A third party company records your an-
                       swers and makes them available to us in report

                       We take these reports seriously and analyze them
                       regularly to determine if we need to make adjust-
                       ments to our standard operating procedures and
                       our training process. We also use the reports in
                       employee reviews and weekly meetings to em-
                       phasize to our employees how vital your satisfac-
                       tion is to us.

Some of the most prestigious factory
certifications in the Houston area!


Rapid Body Works is dedicated to giving each customer the safest and highest
quality repair in the area. We are both an Audi Authorized Collision Center and
Mercedes Benz Certified Collision Center. At Rapid Body Works we are also a
Jaguar authorized aluminum structural and non structural repair center. We
have BMW certified technicians who were certified by BMW North America and
are EGRAV trained. Currently we are in the process of becoming Porsche certified
as well. We know our combination of highly-trained craftsmen and new, state of
the art equipment provides all of our customers with the best options in collision
repair no matter what make or model car you drive.

                                                 Equipment & Facility
♦   22,000 square feet of work area
♦   Covered parking in front for pick-up and delivery
♦   Customer lounge with television, internet access and private phone area
♦   Male and Female restrooms
♦   Three estimators offices
♦   One open office for insurance use
♦   Front reception area
♦   Local Shuttle service
♦   Hertz rental car in-house three days a week Monday - Wednesday
♦   Open Saturday 9am - 2pm for pick-up and drop-off

♦   Six stall separated aluminum repair area with two post lifts
♦   Fronius aluminum hard drive based welder (Audi and Jaguar required)
♦   Two Celette benches with gantry system
♦   Induction heater - Pro Spot
♦   Two Spot Welders – Resistance Spot Welders
♦   Rivet extractor for SPR rivets (Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes required)

♦   Sixteen stall body repair area
♦   Two Frame Machines
♦   Six stalls with floor pot pulling system
♦   Eight in ground Rotary lifts (one for each body tech)
♦   Rotary Elektron Multi-spot M-80
♦   Four stall wash and buffing area

♦   Two downdraft heated spray booths (Garmat)
♦   Double heated down draft prep station (Global)
♦   Expert mixing system and paint mixing room (Standox paint)
♦   Paint shop will hold sixteen cars

♦   Audi Authorized collision center
♦   BMW certified technicians through BMW North America (also EGRAV trained)
♦   Jaguar authorized aluminum structural and non-structural repair center (1 of 5 in TX)
♦   Mercedes certified collision center (including CL model)
♦   Porsche certification in process
♦   I-CAR and ASE trained technicians
♦   DuPont Performance Alliance Program, includes CSI reporting from Performance Feedback


Because of our membership in the DuPont™ Performance Alliance™, our technicians
follow a strict training and testing program to ensure top quality repairs. We are
confident in the results of this program and are pleased to offer you a limited life-
time warranty on the repairs.

Performance Feedback
Rapid Body Works, Inc.—Spring, TX                                                                                    HUB ID: 746
Customer Name:_________________ Date Vehicle Completed:______Job #________Estimator_________________________

Body Tech ______________Paint Tech______________Insurance Co.______________Insurance agent__________________

♦    This repair facility is committed to quality. Their goal is to earn your trust as a future referral source when your friends and family
     need collision repair services.
♦    Most business is gained through repeat customers and referrals so your impressions are the key to their future. The goal is to ensure
     that your expectations are exceeded, so please explain your answers to the questions below.

            To fill out this survey online, go to http://performancealliance.dupont.com. And click “Survey”
                  Job Number: Custo-####                                     Access Code: ##########

    1) Did the quality of the paint refinish meet your expectations?                                              □ Yes □ No
        • Please explain:

    2) Did the quality of the body repairs meet your expectations?                                                □ Yes □ No
        • Please explain:

    3) Were you treated in a friendly, professional and helpful manner?               Excellent 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Poor
       • Please explain:

    4) Would you recommend this repair facility to your friends and family?                                       □ Yes □ No
       • Please explain:

    5) Did the time it took to complete the repairs match your expectations?                                      □ Yes □ No
        • Please explain:

    6) How did you learn about this repair facility? (select all that apply):
    ___ repeat customer ___ insurance claims office ___ insurance agent ___ family/friend ___ web site
    ___ shop location/signage ___ yellow pages ___ print ad ___ radio/TV ad ___ billboard ___ company brochure
    ___ other: _______________________________________

    7) Compliments / Questions / Suggestions for improvement or comments about our employees:

    8) Would you recommend the insurance company that paid for the repairs?                                       □ Yes □ No
       • Please explain why:

    9) If you have an insurance agent, would you recommend him or her?                                            □ Yes □ No
        • Please explain why:

Your opinions make a difference!
                                     DAMAGE ASSESSMENT FORM
   Name___________________________ VIN __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

   Make, Model______________________________ Color____________ Lic #_________________
   Ins. Co.______________ Claimant      □    DOL_______ Type________ Referral ______________

   Claim # ____________________ Agent _____________Mentioned us                □
   Mileage __________        Pictures   □

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. __________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. __________________________

    R/L     R&I Repair                                     R/L        R&I Repair
             Replace Ref. ___________________________                  Replace Ref. _________________________

Two Tone   □   Chip Guard    □     Coolant □      Skin Adhesive   □    Glass Clean-up □

Aim Lights □ Corrosion Protection □     Car Cover □     Set-up & Align □ Haz waste □
                               INITIAL CUSTOMER NAME AND SIGN AT THE BOTTOM.

Customer Name                            Repair #              Make/Model/Color

                BODY TECH                                PAINT TECH                               DETAILER
       □   Work Order Checked Off              □    Work Order Checked Off               □   Work Order Checked Off

       □   Body Panel Alignment                □    Color Match                          □   Glass Streaks Or Over-
       □   Rustproof/Corrosion                 □    Paint Defects

       □   Doors (Locks, Seals)                □    Black Out/Chip Guard
                                                                                         □   Trunk Jambs And Interior

       □   Missing Fasteners                   □    Stripes Painted
                                                                                         □   Wheel Wells

       □   Trim And Accessories                □    Tape/Overspray Removed
                                                                                         □   Under Hood/Battery

       □   Door Handles & Locks                □    Trunk Jambs And Interior
                                                                                         □   Door Jambs

       □   Open/Close Doors, Hood,             □    Wheel Wells
                                                                                         □   Open Gas Door

                                               □    Under Hood/Battery
                                                                                         □   Exterior Inspection

       □   Horn, Wipers, Washers
                                               □    Door Jambs
                                                                                         □   Tools/Parts Removed

       □   Check The Windows
                                               □    Gas Door
                                                                                         □   Compound Removed

       □   Check All Lights
                                               □    Adjacent Panels
                                                                                         □   Tape Stripes

       □   Headlamps Aimed
                                               □    Runs In Paint
                                                                                         □   Buffing/Swirls Removed

       □   Reconnect Battery
                                               □    Rub Out Blends
                                                                                         □   Tires

       □   Tools/Parts Removed
                                               □    Touch-Up Bottle
                                                                                         □   Battery Disconnect Sticker

       □   Test Drive
                                              Signature                                  □   Inspected For Water
   Signature                                  X                                              Leaks
   X                                                                                     □   Touch-Up Bottle In Vehicle
                                               Water Test (Body & Detailer)              □   Vacuumed Thoroughly
                   Sublets                    Pending                 Completed
   Pending                   Completed              □     Glass           □              □   Dust On Interior Panels
       □        Alignment        □                  □     Sunroof         □
       □                         □                                                   Signature
                   A/C                              □     Trunk           □          X
       □           Glass         □                  □     Floor           □
       □           Stripes       □

 Customer Concerns/Repair Notes: __________________________________________________

 Results: ________________________________________________________________________

 Production /Parts Manager ____________________________                           Test Drive Required:             yes
Request an Estimate

                                                       TELL YOUR FRIENDS
                                                          AND FAMILY!

More and more people are going to the Internet first to find services and products.
Does this describe you? Your family? Your friends?

If so, then check out this website: www.performancealliance.dupont.com.

Your friends and family who are anywhere in the US can go to this website and type
in their zip code. They will be shown all of the DuPont™ Performance Alliance™
repair facilities that are in the radius selected.

What could be an easier way to assure yourselves that you are leaving your vehicle
in trusted hands?

                                   Click here first.

                                              Then just enter a zip code or
                                              city and state name.

A list of repair facilities in your selected radius will appear.

                                                             Just click here
                                                             to set up an
After you click “Request an Estimate,” this page will appear for you to complete.
Remember to complete the fields with a red asterisk. Then click “Submit Request.”

                                                        This notification will
                                                        appear allowing you to
                                                        get directions to the
                                                        repair facility.

                                                        You will also receive
                                                        notification by e-mail.
                                        The Repair Process

                            THE LAYERS INVOLVED

                                                       Glazing putty is
                                                       used here for
                                                       minor damage
Sealer is applied over
                                                       that does not
repair area and adhesion
                                                       break through to
promoter is applied over
                                                       bare metal.
remaining refinish area.           Chip guard may
                                   be applied here.

                                                            OEM e-coat
                                                            is replaced
                                                            by etch
                                                            primer in
                                                            the repair

 Stone guard may be
 applied here before base                             Repair material/
 coat.                                                body filler is used
                                                      here if sheet metal
                                                      is damaged.
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEM parts are made by the automobile manufacturer (Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, etc.)
Aftermarket parts are manufactured by companies other than automobile manufac-
turers and are designed to serve as replacements for the OEM parts. Some examples
are Sears Die-Hard batteries, Monroe shock absorbers and Midas mufflers. We al-
ways test fit before painting to make sure the parts fit like the OEM part did. These
parts can be certified by organizations like CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Associa-
tion) or MQVP (Manufacturers’ Qualification and Validation Program).
LKQ or Recycled
LKQ (like, kind and quality) parts (also known as recycled parts) are OEM parts from
vehicles in salvage yards. Reputable salvage yards are careful in the selection of the
vehicles they choose to remove parts from. They have strict inspection and identifi-
cation standards and their parts go through a series of pre-delivery quality checks.
Reconditioned or Remanufactured
Bumper covers, headlamps, rear lamps and wheel rims are often reconditioned. In
the case of headlamps and rear lamps, a company specializing in lamp remanufac-
turing will be able to take the good pieces from two or three different slightly dam-
aged lamps and reconstruct one with no damage at all. Using special equipment for
the reconditioning process, a company will be able to take slightly damaged bumper
covers and rims and make them look like new. This process greatly reduces the
amount of plastic and aluminum waste filling our landfills.
Note: No matter which type of part is used to repair your vehicle, it will fall under
the same warranty as its OEM counterpart.

       Primer has space to blend in to
       the rest of the door.

                                                        The paint will have no
                                                        space to blend in and
                                                        will appear as a hard

Q. The damage is on the right front door. Why do you need to paint the fender?

A. Just like the primer shown on the left above, paint (base coat) needs space to
blend into its neighboring panel.

                Q. I understand why the mirror was
                    removed, but why remove the
                    door handle?

                A. The main reason is that the entire
                   door will have to be clear coated,
                   but in order to achieve blending
                   within the door panel, the area
                   around the door handle will be
                   lightly sprayed with base coat,

                After sealer is applied to the primed
                area, the area left unmasked will
                receive base coat (but applied more
                lightly as it expands outward from the
                area of repair). Then the entire area
                will receive clear coat.

     Notice how flat the paint is
     compared to the front of the
     fender. When the clear coat
     is applied, the blend of one
     color over the other will no
     longer be noticeable.

     Observe how little paint
     there is on the masking
     paper by the hood and the
     quarter panel. This is what
     will allow for the color to
     appear to be the same
     on the adjacent panels.
     Although the entire
     unmasked area does not
     receive base coat, it does
     receive clear coat.

Bumper Color

                           FACTORY VEHICLE COLOR

In this example, a color variance between the bumper cover and the vehicle body
was documented prior to starting repairs and discussed with the vehicle owner. The
color variance was a pre-existing condition explained to the vehicle owner and

     This is a bumper reinforcement. It is
     usually made of high strength steel (HSS)
     or ultra high strength steel (UHSS). It is
     found inside the bumper cover. Both
     types of steel should never be repaired
     for safety reasons. Once they are dented
     or cracked, they cannot be restored to
     pre-crash condition.

     This is a bumper cover. It is usually made
     of plastic. It fits over the bumper rein-

     This is a bumper absorber. It is usually
     made of an impact absorbent material,
     like dense Styrofoam. It fits right onto
     the bumper reinforcement so it sits
     between the bumper reinforcement
     and the bumper cover.

Hidden Damage
                     Sometimes it’s evident that until a
                     tear down is completed, not all of
                     the damage to the vehicle will be
                     discovered. Take this vehicle for
                     example—in all likelihood, it has
                     suffered “internal” damage. A
                     vehicle doesn’t always have to
                     look this badly damaged, though.
                     Sometimes a vehicle may not look
                     too badly damaged and still have
                     hidden damage.

                     In order to write a complete esti-
                     mate, a tear down will have to be
                     performed. Here we see a tear
                     down in the beginning stages.
                     Parts have been removed in order
                     to reveal the next layer.

                                    Hidden Damage

       This ac line is not
       properly attached.

                                         These oil filter
                                         cooler lines are

                                          This rubber
                                          hose is sliced.

The center motor
mount and bracket
are twisted out of align-
ment and will have to
be replaced.

Repair vs. Replace

Replacing a quarter panel (or any non-bolt-on part: rear body panel, roof, frame
rail) requires removing factory welds and damaging factory primer (e-coat). It’s
better to repair whenever possible.

If we do need to replace, however, we are able to use a MIG welder to replicate the
factory welds and we are careful to etch prime, seam seal and prime again all inner

                                              Repairing a Dent

                       This is a rather dramatic dent.

In the photo below, the bumper            After that, a lot of sanding was
has been removed and the dent             done to remove the rust. The
has been pulled out . . . as much         technician had to sand right
as possible.                              down to bare metal.

Repairing a Dent
                        Because bare metal was damaged
                        and because the surface is far
                        from smooth in the impact area,
                        body filler is applied to fill in the
                        dips. A careful look at the shadows
                        in the body filler reveals the im-
                        perfections in the quarter panel.

                        After the body filler dries, it is
                        sanded smooth.

                        Then the vehicle is masked off in
                        preparation for priming and apply-
                        ing base coats and clear coats.

         Repairing a Dent

     Application of the primer reveals a
     beautifully smooth surface. Now the
     base coats and clear coats can be
     applied with complete confidence.

     The bumper was repaired and
     reinstalled. The final look is like new—
     you would never know that horrible,
     rusty dent was there.