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									    Tau Beta Pi
Third Candidate Meeting
     Sponsored by:
Explore UT!
This is soo
much fun!     Kite Festival
•   Meeting 3 Requirements
•   Service Opportunities
•   Social Events
•   Firesides
•   Team Service Projects
•   Team Point Breakdown
•   Meeting 4 Requirements
•   Avail Presentation
  Meeting 3 Requirements
• Service Check
• Team Service Presentations
             Service Check
        “Life Comes at you FAST”

• You SHOULD have completed or signed up for
  at least five hours

• If you haven’t, I will find you
    Service Opportunities
• Habitat for Humanity
  – Saturday. March 29th
• Campus Clean-Up
  – Mondays @ 2 pm
• Team Projects
               Social Events
• Game Night (Tonight, after meeting)

• Trip to Texas History Museum
   – Sunday, March 16th
   – Meet at the office
     at 1:45 pm

• Capture the Flag
   – Thursday, March 20th,
     after the meeting.

• Campus Clean-up (Mondays @ 2pm)
• Dr. Diller (Monday, March 17th, 7pm)
   – The Chairman of the BME department
   – Low-temperature biology, tissue banking,
     burn injury, computer vision.

• Dr. Beaman (Wednesday, March 19th, 7pm)
   – The Chairman of the ME department
   – Research Interests: Freeform fabrication,
     System dynamics, Control

• Dr. Bishop (Monday, March 31st, 7pm)
   – The Chairman of the ASE department.
   – Hopefully wont re-schedule!
                 Team Points
                            Team Points







      Team One   Team Two      Team Three   Team Four   Team Five
                Team Points
1.   Complete Requirement First   150 points
2.   Full Meeting Attendance      10 points/person
3.   Big Bent Polishing (max 2)   100 points
4.   Extra Service Hours          30 points/hour
5.   Extra Social Point           30 points/point
6.   Highest Team Quiz Average    100 points
  Meeting 4 Requirements
• Constitution Quiz

• Remember your signature sheet?

• Bent Check
Tau Beta Pi Service Project
  Team Bottomhuggers

 Engineering Day at Texas School
    for The Blind and Visually
• Introduce high school students to
  engineering using hands on activities
• Projects under consideration:
   Boat building using minimal supplies
   Egg drop contest
   Building simple circuits
• Held on Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
• 8:30AM – 11:30AM
• At The Texas School for The Blind and
  Visually Impaired 1100 W. 45th St., Austin,
  TX 78756
• Contact the school: (512) 454-8631
• Pending final approval from the school
• We are helping the community by
  exposing young visually impaired students
  to engineering concepts to spark interest
  in pursuing an engineering career
• Expounds the ideals of Tau Beta Pi
Team Rosevelt!
         Yellow Bike Project
• Recondition bikes destined for landfill and
  release them back into the community
• Saturday, March 22nd 1-5p
  – Building bikes
  – Sorting parts
  – Organizing
• 2013 E. 51st St.
• Earn-a-Bike Program
                Hornsby Bend

 Wildlife refuge on the grounds of the City of Austin water/wastewater plant in eastern
Travis County

 Over three miles of the Colorado River are protected at Hornsby Bend home to over
360 species of birds and an abundance of other wildlife

 Home of Dillo Dirt™ (recycled biosolids)

Only ten miles from the university
           Get a little dirty and learn something too, while
         enhancing public access and awareness of one of the
            most important bird areas in North America.
Combining volunteer work with learning
about local ecology, the day begins with
several hours of outdoor work - ranging from
trail maintenance to habitat restoration to
work in the native plant nursery - and ends
with at least an hour of learning about local
ecology - birds, bugs, and more! Wear boots
and work clothing, and be sure to bring your
Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant
   and The Center for Environmental
  2210 South FM 973 Austin, Texas 78725
              (512) 972-1950
   Team Velociraptor's Service
Team Four Officers: Ashley, Sam
      Active: Blake Fechtel, John Lacy

    Joanna          Tsenn                 ME
    Karla           Kruse                 ArE
    Mark            Molaro                ChE
    John            Schoellmann           ME
    Robert          Chen                  EE
    Yann-Fuu        Kou                   BME
    Jessica         Goldberg              ChE
Remember raptors run at 10 m/s and they do not know fear.
What: Capitol 10K (probably volunteering at the
water station or finish line)

When: Sunday March 30, 7-11 am (yes, the morning)

Why: It will be nice outside. It will be fun.

The race benefits the University Medical Center at

Raptor Threat Level: High
Bonus: Amusing Costumes
Team 5 Service

   Children’s Easter Egg Hunt

• Annual carnival and Easter egg hunt

• Organized by the Austin Recreation


• Saturday, March 22nd

• 8:30am – 1:30pm
     Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
• The Austin Rec Center’s Easter Egg Hunt and Carnival

  is an annual Austin area event put on for the benefit

  of children from 2-10 years of age.

• Promote good fellowship in the Austin community

• FUN!
    Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
• The House Park
  Football Stadium

• 1301 Shoal Creek
  Austin, TX 78701

• Meet at TBP office by
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