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					                                                                                            WINTER NEWS 2012

                                                    CELEBRATING IS

  We’re 75 years strong!
  Ever since Houston Police FCU began offering financial products and services to Houston’s Finest and
  their families 75 years ago, thousands of member/owners have trusted us with their day-to-day finances.
  Because of members’ continued and loyal support, we are proud to have become one of the largest, safest
  and most sound financial institutions in the Houston area.

  To celebrate this historic, major milestone in our history, we will be giving away cash and prizes through-
  out the entire year! It’s just our way of thanking you for being a valued member. Please be sure to check
  our website, flyers and offices throughout the year for current promotions! (See inside this newsletter for
  our first giveaway - Win an RV rental FREE for one week.)

  We also invite your eligible family members to become members and take advantage of our low-cost and
  convenient services, attractive savings and checking products, and great rates on our loan products. We
  want them to be able to join in the celebration, too!


                                       You’re your to our
Financial partners for life – HPFCU, you andinvitedeligible74th Annual Meeting!
                                       As we Annual Meeting!
family members. You’re invited to our 74thbegin celebrating our 75th year during 2012, we still
                                                      have important work to wrap up from 2011. That’s why we
                                                      invite you to join us for our 74th annual meeting as we
                                                      celebrate our accomplishments. So mark your calendar
                                                      now and then plan to join us on Wednesday, February 15th
                                                      at the SPJST Hall at 7 pm. There will be food, door prizes,
                                                      and an opportunity to visit with fellow members. Plus, you
                                                      will be able to take part in our very important meeting
                                                      including the annual election of officers.

                                                               Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012
                                                               Time: 7 pm
                                                               Place: SPJST Hall, 1435 Beall Street,
                                                               Houston, TX 77008

                                                      If you need assistance, please call
                                                      Carolyn Roos at
>> Bill Consolidation allows you to do much more—while
    paying much less!
    We know you need to make the most of your budget—and we want to help! That’s why we encourage you
    to consolidate your high interest bills into one low-cost loan at Houston Police FCU. With our great rates
    on bill consolidation loans, you can save a considerable amount of money on interest rates and make
    only one small payment a month. This allows you to have more money available on the same budget and
    probably pay off all of your existing debts quicker!

    Have eligible family members that are struggling under a pile of bills? They can become members and
    apply immediately. Just call 713-22-LOANS, visit hpfcu.org or come by our office today.

>> Make a really big change in the New Year: Save money
    by switching to a checking account at HPFCU!
    - FREE checking since 1984
    - Interest bearing checking accounts available
    - Over 110 FREE ATMs in the Houston area
    - Over 80 Credit Union Service Centers in the Houston area where you can deposit,
     withdraw and transfer money – thousands across America!
    - FREE eBranch, Bill Pay with eStatements, and Mobile Services
    - Personalized checks featuring the Houston Police Department

>> Like to pay off your debts, improve your home or get a
    college education and enjoy a tax deduction at the
    same time? HPFCU makes it simple!
    With a Home Equity Loan from Houston Police FCU, it’s all possible. That’s because Home Equity Loans
    can be used for all these things. And best of all, they can be tax deductible, too!
    Call 713.986.0200 for an appointment today!

                                                              Home Equity Loans offer:
                                                              Low interest rates
                                                              NO closing costs
                                                              NO application fees
                                                                        M P RIS


We make getting away SIMPLE—whether it’s in a new car or a FREE RV rental!
If you’re ready to get away, HPFCU wants to help! During our Winter Car Sale, we’re offering great interest
rates on vehicle, watercraft, motorcycle and RV loans – as low as 2.5% APR.* Plus, the participating
dealerships below have agreed to offer special Credit Union discounts.

You could win a RV rental FREE for one week!2
To start our 75th Anniversary Celebration, we will be giving one lucky member a medium size RV rental
FREE for one week2 with up to 700 miles of travel! All you have to do is take out a new loan or refinance an
existing loan from elsewhere on a vehicle, watercraft, motorcycle or RV from January 1st through March
31st. When you do, your name will automatically be entered into the drawing. Call 713-22-LOANS, visit
hpfcu.org or come by our office to get pre-approved today.

Participating Dealerships
Momentum BMW                                                 Friendly Ford of Crosby                                      Munday Mazda                                                  Star Motor Cars
713-596-3152                                                 281-462-3215                                                 281-583-3400                                                  713-868-6800

Sewell Cadillac of Houston                                   Ryan Ford                                                    Star Motor Cars                                               Auto World of Texas
281-496-8789                                                 866-401-7926                                                 713-868-6800                                                  713-298-5784
Knapp Chevrolet                                                                                                           Momentum MINI
                                                             Sterling McCall Hyundai                                      713-596-3152                                                  Enterprise Car Sales North
8713-228-4311                                                713 981-3917                                                                                                               713-937-7099
Westside Chevrolet                                                                                                        Sterling McCall Nissan
                                                             Beck & Masten Kia of Tomball                                 281-243-8600                                                  Enterprise Car Sales South
281-392-3200                                                 281-539-1111                                                                                                               281-922-6870
                                                                                                                          Don McGill Toyota Houston
Mac Haik Dodge Chrysler                                      Westside Kia                                                 281-496-2000
Jeep & Ram                                                                                                                                                                              Texas Direct Auto Com
                                                             281-392-5858                                                                                                               281-499-8200
281-447-9500                                                                                                              Don McGill Toyota Katy
                                                             Westside Lexus                                               832-772-1000
Tomball Chrysler Dodge                                                                                                                                                                  LMC Marine Center
                                                             281-558-3030                                                                                                               281-443-2600
Jeep Ram                                                                                                                  Mike Calvert Toyota
888-825-2972                                                                                                              713-558-8252
                                                             Bayway Lincoln
                                                                                                                                                                                        Republic Harley Davidson
Sterling McCall Fiat                                         281-929-6500
                                                                                                                          Momentum VW of Clear Lake                                     281-295-1000
713 981-3917                                                                                                              281-848-5507
                                                             West Point Lincoln
                                                             281-596-1276                                                                                                               Auto & RV World of Texas
AC Collins Ford                                                                                                           Bayway Volvo                                                  281-392-7963
800-681-0221                                                 832-816-2317                                                 281-929-6500

1APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The rate you pay will be based on the number of years your loan is   nanced plus your credit history. 72 month nancing (collateral loans) has additional qualifying requirements.
Check with the Credit Union for complete details. Rates subject to change without notice.
2See back of this newsletter for complete details.
5 scams to
watch for
in 2012

The coming year won't herald the end of the world nor will it be the end of
scams and rip-offs, reports the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).
To help you know what to watch out for, consumer advocate Ron Burley has
compiled a hit list of the five most malevolent scams consumers are likely to
encounter in 2012.

1 The Nigerian Letter: While this advance-fee scam is an oldie-but-goody,
new variations are making it much more effective in trapping the vulnerable
and unwary.

What should consumers do: Do not respond. Delete email. Toss paper mail.

2   Exploitation by Education: Unemployment woes and job anxiety cause
some folks to consider retraining for new careers. Scammers entice the
education-seeking unemployed with promises to get rich quick with their secret
plan, win a high-paying job with their streamlined schooling, or pass a test for a
chance at a swank government gig.

What you should do: Avoid same-day decisions. Any career or education decision
deserves at least a day's consideration: research, get referrals and reconsider.

3   Devilish Diagnoses: Most of us know to be wary of an auto mechanic
discovering a previously undetected, but expensive, car repair. We can see he's
got personal interest in pointing-out the pricey problem. That same conflict of
interest now is appearing more often in other industries. From the hearing
specialist who also hawks hearing aids to the financial planner pitching her own
brand of mutual funds, consumers are being taken advantage of by exploiters who
prey upon their trust.

What you should do: Separate the diagnosis from the product or service deliverer.
While it may take more time, the money saved may be worth many times the delay.

4   Facebook Unfriendlies: Social networking on Facebook, LinkedIn and similar
websites is redefining how families and friends stay connected. However, the
same walled-off environment of filtered contacts that we've been trained to trust
has also led us to let our guard down. Scammers launch topical pages in order to
trawl for like-minded social network users. Once "friended," they link the unwary
out of the safe environment to an external site where they can be attacked by a
virus or pitched scam offers.

What you should do: Do not respond to or "friend" any person or organization that
you do not know of from outside of the social network.

5   Outrageous Requests: Phishing is what security professionals call attempts
to trick computer users into providing personal or financial information. Phishers
have jumped off the net and onto the phone lines and cell towers with ruses
designed to separate you from your hard-earned dollars. Armed with your name,
address and phone number, they call you with requests to "verify" other personal
information such as social security number and credit card information.

What you should do: Give no information. Do not engage in conversation. Tell
them any further contact will be reported to police and/or the FBI.

Think you’re savvy enough to spot a scam? Take the short “Scam or Real”
scam-or-real-quiz.html> quiz on AARP’s website.
Left to right: Jacquelyn Mueller, HPFCU employee; Ayn Talley, HPFCU President;
Lisa Wormley, $5000 winner; and Christie Jones, HPFCU employee.

 is finally...over!
 But not before we awarded $5,000 to one last winner! We’d like to congratulate
 Lisa Wormley for being the fourth quarter winner in THE DOG DAYS ARE
 OVER SWEEPSTAKES. Upon receiving her check for $5,000, Lisa said,

 “HPFCU is truly a blessing. I came into the Credit Union at a time when I was
 struggling with bills. I needed some extra money for Christmas. The Credit
 Union Representative suggested that I consolidate my debt with a consolida-
 tion loan. It ended up saving me $200 a month in payments! Now, I’ve won
 $5,000 in cash which I plan to use towards my car loan. Plus, it couldn’t have
 been presented on a better day...today is my birthday!"

 In addition to Lisa Wormley, we like to congratulate Lloyd Morrison II, Aurora
 Milie and Gregory Brown, our first, second and third quarter winners, too! It is
 thanks to them and all of our other members who applied for loans during 2011
 that we’re a safe and strong financial institution. We invite you and your eligible
 family members to check into our great rates on loans during 2012. Even if THE
 DOG DAYS ARE OVER SWEEPSTAKES is over, you’ll still come out a
 big winner!

  These are
  the previous
  3 winners...                                      3rd Quarter Winner. Left to right: Ayn Talley,
                                                    HPFCU President; Gregory Brown, $5000 winner; and
                                                    Angie Hernandez, HPFCU employee.

2nd Quarter Winner. Left to right: Carolyn Roos,    1st Quarter Winner. Left to right: Sandra Morrison and
HPFCU Vice President; Aurora Milie, $5000 winner;   Lloyd Morrison II, $5000 winner; and Ayn Talley, HPFCU
and Ayn Talley, HPFCU President.                    President.

Statement of Condition (as of December 31, 2011)
Assets              $439.1 million                  Loans                   $174.4 million
Deposits            $375.0 million                  Members                 26,022
                                                                                                                                 Final winner -THE DOG DAYS                                                            >>
                                                                                                                                    ARE OVER SWEEPSTAKES
                                                                                                                                        It’s our 75th anniversary
                                                                                                                                                      Annual Meeting Notice
                                                                                                                                                          Consolidate your bills
                                                                                                                                      We still offer FREE Checking
                                                                                                                                    Home Equity is a great option
                                                                                                                                                                            Winter Car Sale
                                                                                                                     Win a RV rental FREE for one week
                                                                                                                                  Five scams to watch for in 2012
                                                                                                                                                       Statement of Condition

                                                           Federally insured by NCUA

                                                                                                                                                                                               Houston, TX 77007
                                                                                                                                                                                               1600 Memorial Drive


          THE DOG DAYS ARE                                                                 Anniversary!
          quarter winner in
          being the fourth                                                                 75th
          Lisa Wormley for
          Congratulations to                                                                    Help us celebrate our

Loan Rates*                      (Annual percentage rates. Rates effective 1/1/12)               Savings Rates*
NEW and USED Autos,Motorcycles, Four Wheelers, Jet Skis, Boats,
Utility Trailers, Horse Trailers, Luxury Horse Trailers and Travel Trailers                      Dividend rates paid on 1/1/12 for December were:

As Low as 2.50% Fixed for 100% Financing - up to 36 months                                       Regular Share Account - Tiered Rate Structure
As Low as 3.50% Fixed for 100% Financing - up to 48 months                                       Balances up to $2,499.99 1.50% APR            1.51% APY
As Low as 3.75% Fixed for 100% Financing - up to 60 months                                       Balances $2,500 & over      2.00% APR         2.02% APY
As Low as 4.00% Fixed for 100% Financing - up to 72 months
                                                                                                 You will be paid the prospective dividend rate for that portion of your balance that falls within the daily
                                                                                                 balance ranges set forth above.  Example: .01 - $2499.99 will pay 1.50 rate on the first tier, balances of
Maximum terms financed are as follows: current year model and 2 years older -                    $2500.00 or more pay 2.00 rate.  The prospective APY for this tier will vary between the ranges disclosed,
up to 72 months, 3 and 4 model years old - up to 60 months, 5 and 6 model                        depending on the balance in the account. The stated APY on your statement is a blended rate of tier balance
years old - up to 48 months, 7 model years and older - up to 36 months.                          structure. Rates are subject to change at any time as determined by the credit union's Board of Directors.

Older USED Autos, Motorcycles, Four Wheelers, Jet Skis, Boats, Utility Trailers,                 Checking Plus Account -
Horse Trailers, Luxury Horse Trailers, and Travel Trailers – 7 years or older (2004              Daily balance of $500 or more 1.00% APR                     1.00% APY
or older)
As low as 4.50% Fixed – up to 36 months financing                                                IRA - Depository Account                 2.25% APR          2.27% APY

                                                                                                 IRA - Term Share Certificate:
Signature & Comaker                                 AS LOW AS 9.00% variable**                   1 year, $500 minimum                     Check website for current rates
Home Equity                                         AS LOW AS 6.00% fixed
Home Equity Line of Credit                          AS LOW AS 3.50% variable**                   Term Share Certificate:
Mortgage                                            Call for current rates                       $1,000 min. deposit                      Check website for current rates
Classic Credit Cards                               12.50% Fixed
                                                                                                 Jumbo Share Certificates:
Gold                                                9.99% Fixed
                                                                                                 $95,000 min. deposit                     Check website for current rates
Platinum & Platinum Rewards                         7.99% Fixed
Share Secured                                      16.00% Fixed                                  *APR-annual percentage rate, APY-annual percentage yield. Rates & terms subject to change without notice.
                                                                                                 The annual percentage yield assumes no withdrawal of principal or interest during the month. Contact an
                                                                                                 employee for further information about applicable fees and terms.
Term Share Secured Certificate
2% over highest paid share account or Term Certificate                                           We offer a variety of fixed rate Share Certificates with long & short term options, including 3,
                                                                                                 6, 12, & 24 months. We also offer a Deposit Share Certificate & a Jumbo Share Certificate.
The rate you pay will be based on the number of years your loan is financed, plus your credit
history. 72 month financing (collateral loans) has additional qualifying requirements. Check
with the Credit Union for complete details. Rates subject to change without notice.
                                                                                                 Call for current loan and savings rates. Or, visit our website at
**Variable rates are available on loans with terms of 12 months or longer.                       HPFCU.ORG.

 TERMS AND DETAILS: Auto, boats, motorcycles, and recreation vehicles loans obtained with Houston Police FCU from January 1 - March 31, 2012 are eligible for entry.
Existing Houston Police FCU loans do not qualify. Qualifying Houston Police FCU loan criteria applies for all loans. One prize of one-week free rental on medium size RV from
Auto & RV World of Texas, will be awarded to a member. The prize will include 700 miles total, cleaning, and propane fee. Any other charges including deposit fee will be the
responsibility of the member. Winning member MUST HAVE proof of insurance on their personal vehicle and abide by the terms of the rental agreement. Winner will be
announced mid April 2012. Winner will be notified by phone. Winner must reserve the RV in advance and is subject to availability. Rental must be used within one year. Total
amount of prize is approximately $1500. Each eligible loan qualifies as another entry. Other restrictions may apply. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and
Houston Police FCU reserves the right to discontinue promotion without notice at any time for any reason. Anyone can enter the drawing by sending a 3x5 postcard with your
name, address and phone number to: Houston Police FCU - RV Rental, Attention: Carolyn Roos, 1600 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77007. Maximum entries per member are
4. Houston Police FCU board members, committee members, employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.