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					1. Who took over as president of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of

Ans- Rajkumar Dhoot.
2. Who was elected as Yemen’s new President?

Ans- Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi
3. Who will be the next Indian Army Chief?

Ans-Bikram Singh
4. The President Prativa Devisingh Patil was launching the national Pulse Polio
   Programme for 2012 and administered Polio vaccine drops to_______ children at
   Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Ans-: 8.
5. Who has assumed charge as Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary?

Ans- Jalil Abbas Jilani
6. Who has been appointed as director General, National Disaster Response Force and
   Civil defence?

Ans- Prakash Mishra
7. Who has been sworn in as the chief Minister of Goa?

Ans-Manohar Parrikar
8. Which is the largest state in North-East in terms of area?

Ans- Arunachal Pradesh.
9. Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar presented the ‘Degree of Doctor of Science
   (Honoris Causa)’ to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at _________ convocation
   of IARI.

Ans- 50th
10. Who has been honoured US government with a prestigious ‘Outstanding American by
    Choice’ Award?

Ans- Vivek Wadhwa
11. Who has released the “India Reference Annual 2012” and “Bharat 2012”?

 Ans- Mohan Jatua.
12. Psychoanalyst and writer _________ was awarded Germany’s Order of Merit.

Ans- Sudhir Kakar
13. Legendry printer _________ has been conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award by
the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Ans-: Ganesh Pyne
13. Former ____________ Secretary M.A. Vellodi died

Ans- External Affairs Ministry
14. Renowned cricket commentator, Ranil Abeynaike of __________ passed away

Ans- Sri Lanka
15. Pandit Nidan Bandhu Banerjee passed away. Who was he?

Ans- Classical Vocalist
16. Olympian and ________ Asian Games gold medal winning football captain Sailendra
    Nath Manna died.

Ans- : 1951.
17. At present, _______ districts in the 18 states and 3 Union Territories are converged
    under National Horticulture Missione.

Ans- 372
18. P.K. Narayana Panicker Passed away on 29 February, 2012. He was a prominent
    Social leader in _____________

Ans- Kerala
19. Eminent ________ artist-sculptor Sobha Brahma died.

Ans-: Assamese
20. Air Marshal Rajinder Singh AVSM VM took over as Air officer Commanding-in-
    Chief, Training Command, _____________

Ans-: Bangalore.
21. Ravi Shankar Sharma passed away on March 7, 2012 who was he?

Ans-: Music director.
22. Joy Mukherjee died in Mumbai on March 9, 2012. Who was he?
Ans- Actor.
23. India and Indonesia are set to reach their target of trade worth US$25 billion by

Ans- : 2015.
24. Who has won the best actress award in the 59th national Final Awards?

Ans- Vidya Balan.
25. Who became the first district in the Karnataka to be chosen for the Nirmal Gram

Ans- : Dakshina Kannada.
26. The” Nirmal Gram Puraskar” award was instituted in __________ by Ministry of
    Drinking Water and Sanitation.

Ans- 2003
27. Which country has clinched the first Women’s Kabaddi World Cup Championship

Ans- India.
28. Which state Government introduced the Mamoni scheme in the state under the
    National Rural Health Mission?

Ans- Assam.
29. Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina Won his 10th career ATP by defeating ________

Ans- Michaek Llodra.
30. When was first Rail Budget announced?

Ans- November, 1997
31. Each year, on 23 March the World Meteorological Organization, its ________
    Members and the worldwide meteorological community celebrate, the World
    meteorological day.

Ans-: 189.
32. Finance Minister R.K. Shanmukham Chetty presented the first budget of a free and
    independent India in ___________

Ans- 1947-48
33. The Shakshar Bharat Mission was started by the Union Government in __________

Ans-: 2009.
34. India is the __________ largest cotton exporter

Ans- Second.
35. Gujarat and ____________ are two major cotton producing states.

Ans- Maharashtra.
36. A scheme for financial assistance promotion and strengthening of regional and Local
    museums is implemented by the Government since __________.

Ans- 1992-93
37. The “Malwa Trophy “is related to which sport?

Ans- Football.
38. The National Commission for Minorities was set up in ________ as a statutory body.

Ans- 1993
39. In cortex with banking related terms, what is the correct full form of PCR?

Ans- Provisioning Coverage Ratio
40. Census of India 2011 was conducted in _________ phases

Ans: Two.
41. Who has been appointed chairman of the Securities Commission of Malaysia?

 Ans- Ranjit Ajit Singh
42. Which bank appointed Madhukant GIRdharlal Sanghvi as its new chairman?

Ans- Syndicate Bank
43. The World’s longest railway platform in India. Where is it?

Ans- Kharagpur
44. Who has been appointed as director (personnel) of power Grid Corporation of India

Ans- R.P.Singh
45. Where did India’s first metro rail start?

Ans- Kolkata
46. Who has sworn in as the seventh chief minister of Uttarakhand?

Ans- Vijay Bahuguna
47. Who took oath as chief Minister of Punjab for a record fifth time?

Ans- Prakash Singh Badal
48. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee presented his first annual budget in ___________

Ans- : 1982-83.

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