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       The Friendly Group Members                          The Friendly Group                      The Friendly
Devon and Cornwall Healers Association
Tel 01626-772711                                           We are the Friendly Group;                 Group
Dorset Hants & Wilts Spiritual Healers Association
Tel 01202-389889
                                                           this is an informal group of
                                                        Associations who are together in
Email lorraine.dhwsha@ntlworld.com
'Healers 2006'
                                                     friendship and have a genuine concern           Healer
                                                         for the well being and future of
Tel 01754-610726
Email rainbowchoices@btinternet.com                                   healing.                     Associations
Home Counties Association of Spiritual Healers
Tel 01438–238977                                            We believe in keeping our
Email paula.staniford@ntlworld.com
                                                       independence and autonomy rather
Invicta Healers
Tel 01227-373804                                          than imposing our ideas on one
Lancashire and District Healing Association          another. We want to share your views,
Tel 01204-571791                                        information and expertise because
Email dave.roe@ntlworld.com                             they matter to us and because it is
Suffolk Healers Association                                 much more creative way of
Tel 01206-853055
Email christiane.mills59@btinternet.com               self-regulation. We are here because
Sussex Healers' Association                           we believe in the good of the whole
Tel 01424-218355                                         so there are no politics involved
Email beckyjdew.aol.com
Strathclyde Spiritual Healing Fellowship               Come along to our next meeting!             Truly generous
Tel 01417-721294
Email johngraham07@hotmail.co.uk                      For further information please contact the      in spirit
The International Healing Fellowship
Tel 01379–644043                                               Margaret Mittins-Ladd
Email dusk@waitrose.com
                                                              Phone 01379-644043 or
The Vivien Payne Healing Trust
Tel 0208–5505650
                                                             Email dusk@waitrose.com                Committed to
Email enquiries@redbridgehealingcentre.org.uk
                                                               Or visit our website                   Healing
Yorkshire Healers Association
Tel 07803-815114
Email marie@hypnotic.org.uk
                                                                                           Frequently asked Questions on
                                        The main aims of the Group are:                          Spiritual Healing

                                           to promote, and maintain, ideals                             What is it?
                                                                                   The Healing of mind, body and soul by means of
 The Friendly Group of Healer               and values that are shared rather      prayer and meditation. The Healer works with the
  Associations is a group of                than imposed;                          energy of the spirit by laying on of hands with the
                                                                                   patient or by means of prayer for absent or distant
  associations who are truly               to make decisions by consensus,        healing.
                                            not imposition;                                          What does it do?
      generous in spirit.                                                          Whilst no guarantee of part or whole of a cure can be
                                           to be well-informed about current      given, Spiritual Healing can be beneficial to sufferers
                                            national ideas on healing and          of any form of disease or illness. This form of healing
                                                                                   is often used to complement other forms of treatment
  Being prepared to share ideas,            subsequent politics;                   the patient may be receiving from a GP. It can help to
   information, knowledge and              to self-regulate and update            ease pain, to reduce stress and anxiety.
                                                                                              What does the patient do or feel?
 expertise, etc, for the benefit of         standards of practice by               Relax as much as possible. The healer may help you
            everyone.                       discussion and agreement;              with this if necessary. Sit comfortably. Have an open
                                                                                   mind. You may feel a sensation of heat, coldness, or
                                           to encourage other associations        a tingly feeling. You may feel nothing but enjoy the
                                            who, currently, are not part of any    time you take for yourself while the healer is with you.
  To be aware of current ideas,                                                    It is always advised that if you have medical
                                            national organisation to join us;      conditions, tell your doctor that you are receiving
events and attitudes that concern          to promote the healing movement        spiritual healing
healing for the purpose of mutual           to the public and to monitor the
                                                                                                 When can you receive it?
                                                                                   The two methods - Contact and Absent can be used
 benefit, whilst maintaining their          changing face of healing, on a         on a regular basis and are very often used together.
                                                                                   Contact Healing means that you and the healer are
  independence and autonomy.                national level, so that informed       present together, although not necessarily healing ‘by
                                            decisions can be made.                 touch’. Absent Healing is when the healer ‘sends’
                                                                                   healing to a patient by prayer, meditation or thought.
  We came together because we                                                      Healing complements and is not an alternative to the
                                                                                   treatment you receive from your doctor.
  are like-minded; we care what              The Friendly Group represents         Both Contact and Distant Healing are acknowledged
                                         approximately two thousand full and       as very effective especially by those who have
happens to not only the healers in          probationer healers. Whilst each       benefited. Virtually all Healers and Healing
                                                                                   organisations have an absent healing list, which is
 our own associations but also to         organisation is independent of each      regularly updated.
 all healers in this country and if,       other, all are covered by the same                          Healer Training
                                                                                   Healers complete a two-year programme of training,
 in some small way, we can help        insurance policy and share similar ideals   practise and development as probationer Members
                                                                                   before they are eligible to be considered for
to make a difference, we will try.        and values concerning the Code of        Registered Healer Membership.
                                            Conduct, Training Practices and        All healers are insured for the protection of the public.
                                                                                   Healers are also bound by a Code of Conduct, which
                                                Complaints Procedures.             sets standards for practising healer members, and
                                                                                   acts as a reference for the public.

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