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									                                   Why is Stamps?

Collecting stamps is a better hobby than many other hobbies because first and
foremost it occupies very little space. The money required to start this hobby is very
less as compared to collecting ‘dinky’ cars or toy planes. This hobby is safer and less
hair-raising than collecting bugs or butterflies. All you need is to purchase a stamp
collection book and a pair of special stamp holding tweezers to handle your stamps.
You can immediately start collecting stamps by removing the stamps from your mail.
These can be steamed off the envelope so that they come out without any damage.
These stamps can then be inserted in your stamp collection book in the slots provided
or you can use hinges, which are basically small pieces of folded paper with a weak
gum on both sides. This weak gum ensures that you do not damage the stamp while
removing it.

Collecting stamps is a hobby without any limits or borders as there are thousands and
thousands of stamps being circulated throughout the world. So the chances of you
getting bored are negligible. Do not throw away any duplicate stamps, which you
might have received. You can use them in exchange for another stamp of your choice.
The infinite range of stamps covers famous personalities, cars, planes, historical
events, animals, birds, etc. The list is endless and this is what could make you into an
avid stamp collector or philatelist.

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