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									                                Top 10 Movie and TV Cars

In movies and television, the cars that heroes and villains drive are more than just
eye candy. They define not only the time and place in which these characters exist,
but also represent their personalities, capabilities and aspirations. These vehicles can
deeply enhance the stories being told, and the best among them can themselves
become icons of the stories.

Accordingly, here are the ten greatest cars of all-time from movies and TV:

                 1. Back to the Future - The DeLorean Time Machine

It may be extremely cool to put a handsome man with a tuxedo into a Lotus Esprit,
but it’s also pretty easy. The same can hardly be said for making an iconic vehicle out
of a 1985 DMC DeLorean, a sports car that was basically the go-kart version of the
Lamborghini Diablo.

Nevertheless, with a few choice upgrades – a flux capacitor and a killer digital
dashboard – the DeLorean Time Machine stole our hearts with its unique ability to
travel back to simpler and brighter times; or at least until your mom hits on you.
                        2. The Dukes of Hazzard - General Lee

While most notorious cars are remembered for their features, the General Lee is
notable for its glaring omission: doors that open.

And while Bo and Luke jumping in and out of its windows made for an apt symbol of
their carefree and rebel spirit, the greatest jumping of all belonged to the General
itself. Producers of the Dukes of Hazzard estimate that 32 different cars had to play
the role of the General Lee, mostly because of the ‘stunts’ it had to perform.

                              3. Batman - The Batmobile

Though it might be hip to give a shout-out to the Batmobile from the original TV
series, it would also be insincere; that car wasn’t hardcore. It had fancy red trim and
goofy bubbles instead of windows. Batman and Robin looked like they were on The
Jetsons in that thing.

The Batmobile of the present-day films, however, is much more appealing. With all-
black paint, dangerous curves and seating strictly for one angst-ridden soul, the
Batmobile of today is much more in keeping with the persona of its dark and tortured

                            4. No. 8 Ecto-1 – Ghostbusters

What better way to confront the undead than in a car designed to transport the
regularly dead? With spinning lights and a piercing alarm, the classic Ecto-1 hearse
from Ghostbusters (actually a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor) was the ultimate vehicle
to accompany the emergency capture of ghosts, demons, and gigantic men made out
of marshmallow.

                                 5. KITT - Knight Rider

If you talk to your car, it probably isn’t because it’s awesome. More likely it’s that it
refuses to start, doesn’t warm up in the morning, or is rolling down a hill without you
inside it.
Imagine, then, how amazing it would be to have a car that not only never has any of
those problems, but that actually talks back to you: a car that literally helps you solve
problems, fight crime and cheat death.

As the only Trans Am in history to do all of these things, KITT became a beloved
symbol of the unstoppable partnership between man and machine, and a model for
robotic female voices everywhere.

                            6. GMC G15 Van - The A-Team

When you’re a member of The A-Team, what you really need is a pile of big, shiny
guns and a vehicle big enough to carry them.

While also used to haul around the occasional disguise or surveillance setup, the real
excitement of seeing the A-Team coming down the road was the campy violence that
no doubt followed close behind. Also amazing is that it had a spoiler which,
aerodynamically speaking, is a pretty useless thing to put on a gigantic rectangular
van – perhaps it was glued on by Mr. T as a way of daring people to mention it?

                                 7. Pontiac GTO - xXx
While not as infamous as some others, Vin Diesel’s Pontiac GTO from xXx is one of
the few cars to play a crucial point in the plot of the film it stars in. Asked by the
government to illegally buy a specific list of cars from a terrorist syndicate (as a way
of going undercover with them), Vin instead purchases an entirely different set of
cars, with the GTO as its crown jewel.

Asked by his handler why he changed the list of cars, Vin says, ”Those cars sucked.
They would have seen through it.”

                           8. Ferrari Testarossa - Miami Vice

In the seedy underbelly of the classic television show Miami Vice, the underworld is
so potent that even the vice squads drive cars that look like they belong to the pimps
and drug dealers they’re trying to catch. The way in which Don Johnson’s luxurious
Ferrari Testarossa came to underscore the thin, cynical line between cops and
criminals in the war on drugs made this car one of the most emblematic of its time.

                           9. Aston Martin DB5 – Goldfinger
As the original car driven by James Bond in Goldfinger and Thunderball, the DB5 is
most notable for being the car that forced the infamous secret agent to be at his
most devious. Without the much fancier modifications of later Bond vehicles, the
DB5 had to get by on little more than oil-slick sprayers, smoke screens and the
occasional machine gun. The price point is also nothing foolish, as one of these today
will set you back a cool $4.6 million; gadgets not included.

                       10. 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon, Mad Max

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a person can rely on few things to bolster their
morale as much as a sweet ride. In Mad Max, the already-cool Ford Falcon was taken
to new heights through the addition of extensive body modifications, including
massive flares and gigantic tires. Reborn as the Interceptor, a young Mel Gibson was
able to turn an ordinary muscle car into a muscle of justice; a symbol of vigilante
coolness that influenced antiheroes in films and life alike.

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