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Indeed we must admit there is between the (individual) current younger generation who
prefer the easy emotional and muscular than the mind. We'll see, the fight is no longer a
student's junior and senior high school but has penetrated the world of college (still
remember the death of a student at Edinburgh University, the beginning of 2002 due to a
fight inside the campus). Or we rarely (or never) see a demonstration of courtesy and
does not interfere with other people, both spoken words and behavior are shown. We also
sometimes be a doubt whether the student demonstrations conducted purely for the
benefit of the people or the orders of the officers.

In addition, news of vehicle theft in both two and four wheels, or even drug dealers
penguna, extortion and robbery that almost every day coloring each line of life in our
beloved country is mostly done by the educated classes of persons. All this so a big
question mark why this did occur. Is the world of education (from elementary to PT), we
are no longer teach ethics and the principle of mutual affection - loving to the student or
students or the curriculum of higher education have forgotten the principle of harmony
between the members? Or is this the result of our education system so far? Is this due to
the behavior or our officials?

On the other hand, acts of corruption, collusion and nepotism that make this nation with
all its messy permasalahanya both in the field of security, political, economic, social,
cultural and education is mostly done by people who have high educational background
in both domestic and abroad. And worse, the era of reform rather than diminished, but
instead be added. So when this multidimensional crisis will end there are no signs.

You and I as very perihatin Youths with state of the next generation or future generations
Indonesia is currently the Nation, who live, lived and grew up in the earth of this
republic. To prepare the next generation of moral, ethical, courteous, polite, faithful and
devoted to God Almighty to do things that allow it to happen even if takes a long time.

First, through a national education immoral (I do not want to say that our current
education is immoral, but this fact in the community). So what does the National
Education and Self Generation Successor? Are closely interwoven. Education is
essentially a tool to prepare human resources and morally superior quality. And human
resources is a real reflection of what has been sumbangankan education for advancement
or decline of a nation. What has happened to the nation of Indonesia is a contribution to
our national education over the years.

National education had been mengeyampingkan many things. Our national education
should be able to create a private (next generation) is immoral, independent, mature and
mature, honest, noble, noble character, behave courteously, shameless and arrogant and
selfish national interests rather than personal or kelompok.Tapi fact we can see today.
Officials of corruption, collusion and nepotism in both the legislative, executive and
judiciary are all educated people who are not even half-hearted, they hold from S1 to
Prof. Dr. Another example, in the political field even worse, there is a twin party, a board
member involved with drugs, quarreling when the trial, gontok-engage in conflict within
the party because of fighting over a certain position (How would that fight for the
aspirations of the people in the party just is not compact).

And still remember when the sale and purchase of swear words ("bitch") in the case of
Bulog trial conducted by people who understand the law and highly educated. Do people
like this that we rely on to bring this nation forward? Do they not realize their behavior
will be imitated by young people today will be the future? In the realm of education
itself-perverts irregularities very seriously as the sale of an academic degree from S1 to
S3 even the professor (and oddly enough the culprit is someone who understands about
education), much class, the teacher / lecturer who cheat with it often comes too late to
teach, change the value in order to enter your favorite school, plagiarized thesis or a
thesis, bribed to become civil servants or bribed to move up so there is a promotion ala
Naga Bonar.

In basic education up to secondary level, as bad, the beginning of each school year.
Parents are busy taking care of her child NEM (untungsnya, NEM is not used anymore,
who knows what else the way they are), if need be inflated in order to enter your favorite
schools. Even if the children of low NEM, the most practical way is to find a lobby to
enter the desired their children to school, if need be bribed. Behavior of parents like these
(especially the rich) are not directly have taught their children how to commit fraud and
deception. (Not so weird today many corrupt officials to be a cheater and a liar of the
people). And many more that I need not mention one by one in this paper.

Back to the national moral education (I mean the education that young people can print
from SD to PT is immoral. Where the educational process must be able to bring the
students toward maturity, independence and responsibility, shame, not wishy-washy,
honest, polite, berahklak noble, noble character so that they no longer depend on family,
community or nation after completing pendidikannya.Tetapi contrary, they can build this
nation with the wealth we have and internationally respected in the world. If this nation is
no longer necessary to rely on debt to construction. So other countries are not arbitrarily
dictate this nation in many areas of life.

In other words, the process of transformation of knowledge to the learners have to do
with the style and manner are immoral as well. Wherein when the ongoing process of
transformation of science in elementary and PT the educator must have a morality that
can be used as role models by learners. An educator must be honest, righteous, noble
berahklak, do not cheat, do not obtrude, behaved well mannered, disciplined, not
arrogant, no shame, no wishy washy, fair and friendly in the classroom, family and
community. If teacher educators from elementary through PT has the properties as above.
Our country is not necessarily messy like this.

Second, changes in national education should not just focus on changing the curriculum,
increasing the education budget, facility improvements. Suppose that the curriculum has
been revamped, the education budget has been enhanced and fully equipped facilities and
salaries of teachers / lecturers have raised, but if the educator (teacher or lecturer) and the
education bureaucrats and policy makers do not have the same properties as above, I
think these changes will in vain. Implementation in the field will be far from the expected
and the impact the educational process in the young generation will be the same as now.
In this case I do not presume to corner the teacher or teachers and education bureaucrats
and policy makers as the cause of the decline of the educational process in Indonesia
today. But a person who behaves deviant and immoral behavior should be changed as
early as possible if you want a self-generation as above.

In addition, higher education budgets are not necessarily going to change quickly the
current state of our education. In fact, high budget would lead to more corruption if there
are no strict controls and high morality of the use of the budget. With a budget of around
6% only corruption is rampant, especially 20-25%.

Third, apply fair and Eliminate the difference. When I was in primary school, there are
some teachers I very often call my friend came forward to note dipapan write or answer
questions because he's smart and rich kid. It also goes to my college. All I feel is sadness,
low self-esteem, envy and despair that leads into the question of why the teacher is not
called me or the other. Is that smart or just a rich kid who deserves such treatment.? Is
education only for people who are smart and rich? And why I'm not so smart and rich
people like my friend? Can I be a smart person in that way?

With the example that I feel this (and many other examples that I actually want to
express), I want to give you an idea that we have a national education policies are not fair
and make a difference among students. So that our youth are not directly been taught how
to do injustice and make a difference. Thus, the opening of the superior class or grade
acceleration will only make the social gap between the students, parents and the
community. Entering the pre-eminent class is not necessarily superior, but there is also a
diunggul-unggulkan because of corruption. Are not going to class is not necessarily
superior because it does not excel his brain but because the funds are not superior. So
also accelerated classes, students are not busy, but their parents that their child find a way
how to get in that class.

If you want to make a difference, make a difference that can foster independent learners,
immoral. mature and responsible. Do not just adopt the system of other nations are not
necessarily compatible with the character of our nation. Therefore, opening of superior
grade and acceleration need to be revisited if necessary remove it.

Another example, a teacher angry because some students do not bring a dictionary.
Though he himself never bring a dictionary to class. And a student who had studied with
me coming up with tears told that the English was supposed to be 6 to 9. Because he
often protested to the teacher when lessons learned and did not come home teacher.
Inikan! The simplest example that our national education has not taught how to be fair
and eliminate the difference.

If we want future generations a moral, honest, noble, noble character, behave
courteously, immoral, shameless and arrogant and selfish national interests rather than
individual or group. Then all the officials who hold office either legislative, executive
and judicial branches must improve itself and provide examples of how the first honest,
noble, noble character, behave courteously, immoral, shameless and arrogant and selfish
interests of individuals or groups of people rather than to the younger generation from
now on.

Because they are all educated people and not a few officials who hold Prof. Dr. (Not a
title is purchased on sale). They must prove that they are the result of the national
education system over the years. So if they were proven wrong with corruption, collusion
and nepotism, do not look for reasons to avoid them. Show that they are being educated,
moral and law abiding. Do not lie and cheat. If they still do, as it indirectly they
(officials) have given an example to future generations that higher education is no
guarantee the person to be honest, noble, noble character, behave courteously, immoral,
shameless and arrogant and selfish interests of the nation not personal or group. So do not
blame if the current generation of easy to imitate what they (officials) have done.
Because they have felt, seen and experienced officer who has been doing to this nation.

Thus, if we want to print the next generation of independent, moral, and responsible
adults. Consequently, all involved in education in Indonesia should be able to provide
role models that young people can be role models. not only requires young people to
behave in an honest, noble, noble character, behave courteously, immoral, shameless and
arrogant and selfish national interests rather than individual or group.

But the leaders of this nation does not do it. Then the only hope of living hope. Therefore,
from now on, all the officials from the highest to the lowest level in the legislative,
executive and judiciary should immediately cease all forms of adventure who just want to
pursue their personal interests or the moment at the expense of state interests. Indonesia
so that the younger generation has a role model-a model that can be counted on to build
this nation forward.

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