Phoenix airport worker arrested in luggage theft

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					                                                                                                                                             Sunday, September 5, 2010 - BUTLER EAGLE B5

                                          C OUR T S                                                   Phoenix airport worker
      District Judge
      Sue Haggerty
                                  and court costs.
                                     Cory M. Santiago, 22, of
                                                                       Sabatino Marano, 19, of
                                                                     East Brady waived to court a
                                                                     charge of conspiracy to com-
                                                                                                      arrested in luggage theft
   SAXONBURG — District           Homer City, Indiana County,
                                  waived to court charges of         mit arson and three counts       By Associated Press             to find all the victims         Sky Har-
Judge Sue Haggerty recent-                                           of criminal mischief, filed                                      involved and the time           bor in an
                                  retail theft and conspiracy,
ly heard these cases:                                                Aug. 26.                            PHOENIX — A man who          frame in which the items        unrelated
                                  filed Aug. 18 by Butler Town-
   Richard Bauer, 32, of Gib-     ship police.                                                        worked at Phoenix Sky           were taken.                     case has
                                                                       Jeffrey B. Morrow, 54, of
sonia waived to court a                                              Petrolia waived to court
                                                                                                      Harbor International Air-          “There could very well       pleaded
                                     Tara Jo Selfridge, 28, of
charge of driving under the                                          charges of simple assault        port was arrested Thurs-        be hundreds of victims          guilty to
influence, filed July 26 by       Butler was held for court on
                                  charges of retail theft and        and harassment, filed July       day on suspicion that he        from across the country         five             Hegstad
Middlesex Township police.                                           19.                              stole hundreds of thou-
                                  criminal mischief, filed June                                                                       and across the globe,” Mar-     charges
   Sarah Gratton, 19, of          16 by Butler Township police.                                       sands of dollars worth of       tos said.                       stemming from the thefts.
Sewickley, Allegheny County,                                           Andrew L. Perry, 28, of
                                                                                                      items from the luggage of          Police plan to itemize all      Keith King, 62, pleaded
waived to court a charges of         Nathanial D. Teske, 23, of      Prospect waived to court
                                  Lyndora waived to court            charges of burglary, trespass,   passengers.                     the stolen goods, which         guilty Thursday to two
DUI, minors prohibited from                                                                              Officers allegedly saw
driving with any alcohol in       charges of theft of leased         theft, and receiving stolen                                      include electronics, figure     counts of burglary, and one
                                  property and receiving stolen      property, filed Aug. 20.         Michael Hegstad, 23, take       out a timeline of when the      count each of theft, drug
their system and driving at
an unsafe speed, filed July       property, filed July 22 by But-      Emily Sopel, 27, of Butler     two boxes from a luggage        items were taken, and set       possession and trafficking
11 by Middlesex Township          ler Township police.               waived to court a charge of      conveyor belt and take out      up a hotline for potential      stolen property. His sen-
police.                              Matthew R. Venturini, 34,       retail theft, filed July 19.     their contents on Aug. 26.      victims to call.                tencing is scheduled for
   Amber Pelkey, 22, of But-      of Butler pleaded guilty to          Chanc Swigart, 19, of          He was taken into custody          Police said Hegsted was      Oct. 1.
ler waived to court two           charges of public drunken-         Chicora waived to court a        and admitted to repeatedly      not employed with Sky              King and Stacy Legg
counts of possessing a con-       ness and criminal mischief,        charge of conspiracy to com-     removing personal belong-       Harbor, but was working as      King, 39, were arrested in
trolled substance, in separate    filed Aug. 17 by Butler Town-      mit arson and four counts of     ings from baggage, police       a contract employee with        November after a Phoenix
cases filed May 3 by the          ship police. Venturini was         criminal mischief, filed Aug.    Sgt. Steve Martos said.         Carrollton,     Texas-based     police officer said he saw
Butler County Drug Task           ordered to pay $678.16 in          26.                                 Officers retrieved a large   Elite Line Services and         Keith King walk into the
Force.                            restitution, fines and court                                                                                                        airport, take a piece of lug-
                                                                       Vincent A. Yaklich Jr., 26,    amount of stolen personal       passed a background check
   Brianna Wissinger, 23, of                                         of Butler waived to court four   items with an estimated         before being hired.             gage and leave. Authorities
Sarver waived to court a             Kaelynne M. Wenck, 19, of                                        value in the hundreds of           Meanwhile,       a   man     found hundreds of other
                                                                     counts of indecent assault
charge of possessing drug         Butler was held for court on                                                                                                        bags in his home after fol-
                                                                     and two counts of harass-        thousands of dollars, and       accused of stealing up to
paraphernalia, filed June 19      a charge of criminal mischief,
                                                                     ment, filed July 30.             say it will take some time      1,000 luggage bags from         lowing him there.
by Saxonburg police.              filed Aug. 4 by Butler Town-
                                  ship police.
      District Judge
     Kevin O’Donnell                    District Judge
                                         Tim Shaffer
    BUTLER TWP — District
Judge Kevin O’Donnell                 SLIPPERY ROCK — Dis-
recently heard these cases:       trict Judge Tim Shaffer
   Rudy C. Armitage, 20, of       recently heard these cases:
Butler waived to court               Marcia L. Gordon, 23, of
charges of driving under the      Johnstown waived to court
influence, minors prohibited      charges of driving under the
from driving with any alcohol     influence, permitting a person
in their system, and a light-     to drive without a license, a
ing violation, filed July 2 by    lane violation, and careless
state police.                     driving, filed April 15 by state
   Crystal D. Brooks, 24, of      police.
Butler waived to court               Richard Haley, 44, of But-
charges of DUI, driving with      ler waived to court charges
a suspended license, and          of illegal sale or transfer of
improper disposal of waste        firearms, and two counts of
on the highway, filed June 28     unsworn       falsification   to
by state police.                  authorities, filed June 15 by
   Shana M. Daly, 30, of          state police.
Pittsburgh waived to court           Jerry A. Higley Jr., 18, of
charges of retail theft and       Prospect waived to court a
conspiracy, filed June 30 by      charge of escape, filed Aug.
Butler Township police.           19 by Butler County detec-
   Cheri A. Doerr, 32, of Indi-   tives.
ana, Pa., waived to court            Donald A. Huegal, 48, of
charges of conspiracy to          Butler waived to court
retail theft, conspiracy and      charges of corrupt organiza-
disorderly conduct, filed Aug.    tions, conspiracy to commit
18 by Butler Township police.     corrupt organizations, six
   James E. Haggerty Jr., 33,     counts of possession with
of Butler waived to court         intent to deliver a controlled
charges of DUI and driving        substance, criminal use of a
at an unsafe speed, filed July    communication facility, and
26 by Butler Township police.     three counts of intent to pos-
   Stephen C. Harrison, 48,       sess a controlled substance,
of Berea, Ohio, waived to         filed Aug. 17 by the Pennsyl-
court charges of terroristic      vania Attorney General’s
threats, resisting arrest, dis-   Bureau of Narcotics.
orderly conduct, and public          Ashley L. Jordan, 23, of
drunkenness, filed Aug. 22        Johnstown was held for court
by Butler Township police.        on charges of DUI, permitting
   John R. Hyatt, 36, of Ever-    a person to drive without a
son, Fayette County, was          license, a lane violation,
held for court on a charge of     careless driving, and reckless
bad checks, filed July 21 by      driving, filed April 15 by state
Butler Township police.           police.
   Adam J. Karch, 24, of But-        Peter W. King, 22, of
ler was held for court on         Valencia waived to court
charges of conspiracy to          charges of DUI, careless
commit trespass, attempted        driving, and a lane violation,
trespass, loitering and prowl-    filed July 7 by state police.
ing at night, disorderly con-        Andrew L. Perry, 28, of
duct, and public drunken-         Prospect waived to court six
ness, filed Aug. 14 by Butler     counts of burglary, trespass,
Township police.                  theft, and receiving stolen
   Jonathan D. Kurtz, 26, of      property, filed in six separate
Pittsburgh pleaded guilty to      cases Aug. 2 by state police.
charges of public drunken-           Nickolas Vincenzo-Samuel
ness and disorderly conduct,      Vuocolo, 26, of Lock Haven,
filed June 6 by Butler Town-      Clinton County, waived to
ship police. Kurtz was            court charges of DUI, disre-
ordered to pay $775.50 in         garding traffic lanes, and
fines and court costs             careless driving, filed July 7
   Melissa L. Mocek, 20, of       by Slippery Rock police.
Indiana, Pa., waived to court        Nathan C. Watterson, 27,
charges of retail theft, con-     of Hilliards waived to court
spiracy and possession of         charges of simple assault
drug paraphernalia, filed Aug.    and reckless endangerment,
18 by Butler Township police.     filed June 19.
   Travis W. Oday, 38, of But-       Gary J. Weber, 50, of But-
ler waived to court charges       ler waived to court two
of DUI, speeding, and driving     counts of intent to possess a
on the wrong side of the          controlled substance, filed
road, filed July 22 by Butler     Aug. 17 by the Pennsylvania
Township police.                  Attorney General’s Bureau of
   Crystal A. Reppermund          Narcotics.
waived to court charges of             District Judge
DUI, making an improper left          Lewis Stoughton
turn, and a lighting violation,
filed Aug. 2 by Butler Town-          CHICORA — District
ship police.                      Judge Lewis Stoughton
   Austin M. Rottman, 18, of      recently heard these cases
Butler pleaded guilty to a        filed by state police:
charge of criminal mischief,         Georgette Cahall/Fleeger,
filed July 22 filed by Butler     39, of West Sunbury waived
Township police. Rottman          to court charges of receiving
was      ordered     to     pay   stolen property and forgery,
$1,201.78 in restitution, fines   filed July 29.
                                     Timothy Fleeger, 49, of
New attorney in cop               Butler waived to court
                                  charges of driving under the
slayings appointed                influence, trespass by vehi-
   PITTSBURGH             —       cle, illegally parking within 50
Allegheny County Judge            feet of a railroad crossing,
Jeffrey Manning appointed         and improperly entering an
a new attorney to represent       intersection, filed June 18.
Richard Poplawski, who is            Rose Jenkins, 44, of Petro-
accused of killing three          lia waived to court charges of
Pittsburgh police officers.       DUI, disregarding traffic lanes
                                  and careless driving, filed
   James DePasquale was           June 18.
appointed to head the
                                     Renee L. Leitem, 42, of
defense team because pub-
                                  Chicora waived to court
lic defender Lisa Middle-         charges of DUI, failure to
man will now focus on the         keep right, disregarding traf-
death penalty phase of the        fic lanes, reckless driving and
trial.                            careless driving, filed June
  By The Associated Press         18.                                                                                                                                                         1097313