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									Smoking is Dangerous for Health

Smoking is associated with significant mortality. Smoking still remains
one of the leadingcauses of preventable deaths. Smoking has the dubious
distinction of affecting all the systems from head to foot. The tobacco
smoke contains 4,000 chamical in the form of paricles and gases.

Approximately half the smokers nie due to smoking related diseases. But
it is not just the smokers who are at the receiving end. The passive
smokers too, often pay a heavy price. If you have still not kicked the
cigarette buts, then know the horrifying facts about smoking.

Smokers have an increased risk of the following diseases.
      1. Lungs Cancers
      2. Lungs Diseases
      3. Heart Attack
      4. Heart Diseases
      5. Hypertension (blood pressure)
      6. Stroke
      7. Oral Cancers
      8. Pergnancy Complications.
Children of smokers have an increased risk of the following:
      1. Sudden infant death syndrome
      2. Respiratory infections
      3. Lung cancer
      4. Ear infections
A non smoker in the presence of a smoker, specially in enclesed spaces,
is forced to breathe "side stream" smoke from the burning up of the
smoker's cigarette and "main stream" smoker that that has been inhaled
and then exhaled by the smoker. The passive smoking has following
      1. It causes lung infections in babies and young children.
      2. In a crowded resttaurant smoking can produce 6 times the
pollution of a busy highway.
      3. It causes 30 times as many lung cancer deaths as all the
different kinds of pollution combined.
      4. It causes, reddening, itching and watering of the eyes.

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